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The Reality is that Video is a Reflection Of You – The Real You

Kellsie Moore November 4, 2021

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The Reality is that Video is a Reflection Of You – The Real You


The Reality is that Video is a Reflection Of You - The Real You

It’s obvious that video is recording us, what we look like, what we sound like, our body language, but too often people forget that it also captures our energy.

The portal of the lens is an incredible tool that shares your essence, your meaning, and your intention behind the words you say to the audience in a profound and captivating way that can transform the viewer in an instant.

Has a movie ever made you cry? Or Laugh, or feel Loved? What about a touching Tiktok? That’s what I’m talking about. Video can transform people in an instant. 

I hope that feels a little daunting. It’s a fairly grand responsibility when you think about it, it’s a powerful resource, so you have a responsibility to be diligent and intentional with how you wield it.

Because there’s so much noise, and so many videos online now, it’s also our responsibility to ensure that we show up with potency, conviction, and passion so that we can stand out by sharing our true essence. Only with this level of authenticity can we actually resonate and connect with the individuals we want to inspire, impact or work with.

So when I say that video is a reflection of you, I mean the real you. Your essence. There’s that word again. Who you actually are and what you truly stand for. Because when that’s not the case, and we water ourselves down and let our insecurities run the show, or “put on a voice” and remove the sincerity from our expressions, that’s when we blend in with the rest of the noise.

If you’re a Leader in your industry, an Influencer, or a Personal brand but “playing a character” when on video, that’s how you lose trust from your audience and things begin to crumble. 

I help my clients hold that level of potent energy that translates their genius to the camera so that when they are on-screen filming media interviews or recording content by themselves at home, it doesn’t lose its weight. 

My goal with our work together is that my clients reach this place of such deep conviction in their message that regardless of the circumstances, they can show up powerfully as the competent, skillful, brilliant industry expert and the leader that they are. 

Have you ever heard the saying that people show up as the best versions of themselves during a job interview? So then the assumption is if you’re terrible in the interview, it’s unlikely that you’d have quality job performance. It might not be fair because some people may simply interview poorly. But it’s a similar deal online. Your video content is essentially your interview. Because your potential clients are shopping around and “interviewing candidates” for the best person to help them solve their particular problem. You might be just as skillful at providing the same solution, but if you have a terrible interview, how am I supposed to know that you are the right fit for me? How do I know that our personalities will connect and that I can trust in the efficacy of what you’re saying? Am I even willing to move to the next step and ask you for your testimonials and results you’ve gotten for other clients if I don’t even know if I like you yet or not? It’s unlikely.

The reality is that video is a reflection of the true you. It’s imperative that you’re putting your best face forward in a way that’s actually genuine and an accurate representation of who you are when you work with clients. The version of you that knows you can get the results, provide incredible solutions, and deliver outstanding quality, that is the version of you that the camera requires.

So, are you ready to film? 

xo, Lady Kellsie Moore

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