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The Most Important Amenity Multifamily Residents Look for is WiFi

Veena Jetti November 28, 2021

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The Most Important Amenity Multifamily Residents Look for is WiFi

One of the greatest conveniences of the modern day is WiFi.  Almost all of us use the internet at least once a day and the millennials practically live in a WiFi world.  For them, online searches are the norm.  They depend on it to such an extent that to be without WiFi connectivity is unthinkable from their perspective.  When deciding to Lease an apartment, of all the amenities that the multifamily unit offers, potential renters are most interested in the WiFi connectivity that is available.  However, many multifamily unit Managers have not woken up to this reality and they are missing out on potential leads.  

At times, cost limitations may prevent WiFi being provided to areas outside the common spaces.  However, those multifamily units that have provided common WiFi access to go beyond the common areas and into the residential units themselves, have scored big on the amenities front.  With work from home becoming the norm during the current pandemic, it is a convenience that most prospective residents welcome with open arms.

Even before the onset of the current Pandemic, surveys have shown that in excess of 90% of apartment residents looked towards the availability of high speed internet connectivity, as the foremost reason for leasing an apartment.  Even older residents use the internet often and spend a good part of their leisure activities on the internet. This makes a high speed, seamless WiFi, essential to attract prospective renters.    

With WiFi becoming ubiquitous, it has become essential in the day to day life of most people.  With the onset of the Pandemic, the internet has become a valuable tool, to keep the economy moving along. It has also mitigated the prospect of widespread disruption to some extent.  Work from home has become the new normal and may even continue after things return to normal.   A multifamily unit, which provides high quality internet connectivity 24×7, will attract a lot of leads, which more often than not, can be converted into a lease.   

The remote workforce has grown by leaps and bounds and it is predicted, even after things return to normal, businesses may opt to have a substantial part of their workforce working from home.  This will save them enormous establishment costs.  Currently more than 300 million Americans work from home and it is the internet which brings home their paycheck. With such a large percentage of workers working from home, it is easy to see the tremendous advantage a well connected multifamily unit has over its competitors. 

With isolation due to the Pandemic, interactions both business and social are over the internet.  Virtual business meetings, video calls, streaming of movies, ordering food, online medical consultation etc. have all become commonplace and routine.  Even schools have been able to function with online classes.  Due to this we have been able to maintain some semblance of normalcy and it is thanks to the wide availability of WiFi connectivity.    

Looking ahead, it is clear that giving a high speed, high quality WiFi amenity in a multifamily unit, is the way forward.  Even though the initial expenses may be high, over time, it will pay off.  WiFi is an amenity, no sensible multifamily unit Manager, can afford to overlook.   

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