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Gardening as a Good Investment in Your Kids

Patrice Porter November 28, 2021

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Gardening as a Good Investment

One of the best investments I’ve ever made was the setting up of my gardens, especially with the rising costs of food, concerns about the quality of foods that were available and disruptions in our food distribution systems.

Now when I want fresh produce, instead of going to the grocery store I just head to my garden. Let me tell you, that food that I pick fresh from the garden taste way better than the store bought stuff and I have peace of mind knowing what goes into my food. 

What does it take to get gardening and growing your own food?

To me it’s tuning into nature and letting Mother Nature and her super heroes of seed, sun & soil (plus soils counterpart water) do a lot of the work for you. It’s quite miraculous to be part of the growing process with things like seeds that are built to grow, and plants which have a certain potential and when given what they need, when they need, they thrive and reach that potential. 

You can start gardening simply with a sprout garden or growing microgreens, expand from that to have a container garden which can be as simple as growing some herbs on your windowsill. Experience the added flavors those fresh herbs can add to your dishes.

When you are first starting out it’s a good idea to start small then expand as you get more experience and as you figure out how gardening can fit into your lifestyle.

If you have kids get them gardening at an early age for it is a skill that can serve them very well and serve them for a lifetime.

To get you and your kids started gardening I created the Gardening for Kids playbook. It is geared for kids but great for all beginner gardeners.

Pick up a free copy at:

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