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Steps to Success with Maria Brito

George Grombacher December 16, 2021

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Steps to Success with Maria Brito

LifeBlood: We talked about steps to success for bringing your business idea to life, the tools and resources people need to be successful, and why grit is the key to entrepreneurship with Maria Brito, Corporate attorney turned art advisor, entrepreneur, creator and author of How Creativity Rules the World.

Listen to learn how to find your riches in niches!

You can learn more about Maria at MariaBrito.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

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Maria Brito

Episode Transcript

Come on

we’re left with this is George G. And the time is right to welcome today’s guest strong and powerful Maria Brito. Maria, are you ready to do this? I am ready, George. All right, let’s let’s go. Maria is an art advisor. She’s a curator, creative entrepreneur, author, speaker, she is a corporate attorney turned art advisor, excited to have you on. Maria, tell us a little about your personal life more about your work and why you do what you do.

Maria Brito 0:38
Thank you, George. Yes, I used to be a corporate attorney and 13 years ago, I Iran as far away as possible from that career, because it was not what I was meant to do. And you may ask, Well, why do you go to law school and spend all that time money and whatnot, it is because my parents had an idea for me that I needed to pursue a dependable career and something that would have set the path for the future. And so when you’re young, you get a lot of information that sometimes it’s not that accurate. And I don’t think my parents meant wrong, I just think that do understand me. And they didn’t understand the world that we live in either. And, but you know, I think that I, I was very attuned to my feelings at that time, because I was getting older. And after nine years of corporate practice, I said to myself, I’m going to just start something that I really love, and I feel passionate about, because I can spend the rest of my life in an office, working for big banks, and clocking in 16 hours a day, or whatever. It’s just not, not for all the money in the world, I want to do this. And I have, you know, I did concentrated studies and art history in high school. And I put a lot of my free time into understanding artists and how things work in the art world. And, look, it was not enough to be honest with you, but I went with it anyway. And I open a company, as I said, before, 13 years ago, and I had to do two things, I had to know how to run a company, while at the same time knowing a completely different industry. And I think that what I had that helped me the most was this inexhaustible ability to come up with ideas in it. That’s obviously my creativity and coming up with ideas is also something that helps you become very, very resourceful. And so that’s the, the topic that consumes me the most is creativity. And that’s why I wrote a book that comes out in March. And it’s called how creativity rules the world, the art and business of turning your ideas into gold. And it’s all about how the readers and you and anybody can actually capitalize and how to come up with ideas of value and where to find them and how to dig deeper into those intuitive nudges that you have, that you don’t know how to read, or how to actually pay attention to what’s happening in the margins and how it doesn’t really matter the industry or where you are and what you do, because I wanted to make, I wanted to write this book to help most people who are feeling in this day and age of you know, the great resignation, incredible shifts, and conditions, pandemic, societal shifts, political shifts, etc. So they can actually find everything that they need it to succeed in any area within themselves, but basing their decisions on a structure and a variety of tools that I am proud to have used myself to grow a business from zero to seven figures in a completely unrelated field that I had no practical experience, no connections, no sugar daddy, no trust fund, right. And so I think that that’s one of the most important contributions that I can give to people is packaging all those ideas in a way that are easy, fun, accessible, actionable, and help people make gold with their ideas. And believe me, if I can do it, people will be able to do that too. And I’m not saying this lightly. I know that all of us have very different circumstances. But if you are able to have right now, a smart phone and

You’re listening to this podcast, I think you have already more than many and access to information, which is absolutely important. And people who listen to podcast Hello guys, folks are people who are very interested in growth and self actualization people who want to be better at what they do. And so I’m all for supporting that with my own ideas and giving the the formula work for me, and also a very timeless blueprint. Because when I was writing this book, I decided that I really wanted to, to write a classic in the sense that I want it to work 10 years and 20 years from now. And that’s why it feels timeless and timely in the sense that this is a bunch of habits of skills and techniques that anybody can work on. And if it worked 500 years ago, and it worked 100 years ago, and it works right now, it’s going to work again in the future. So I want people took it mining this information for themselves. And to keep coming back to the pages and extract value. And I, you know, I’ve had a few early readers, and they are so thrilled with the content, because at the end of each chapter, there is also a an what I pull an alchemy lab, because alchemy is transforming some materials into gold. That’s the that’s the, you know, the original origin of the word, it was applied to people who can turn something into gold. And so I have an alchemy lab at the end of each chapter, where the readers can practice what they learned in that chapter. And so it’s highly actionable. And I’m excited to bring this to the world.

george grombacher 6:56
Well, I’m excited to read it. Certainly congratulations. How long did it take you? How long did it take your folks to to stop hand wringing when you told them you were leaving corporate attorney life?

Maria Brito 7:08
I think that they still do not understand very well what I do. Still, today they are. Right, it’s been 13 years, I think they know I’m successful. And I think that they know that I make money and because they know and I think that you know, sometimes like my dad will say, you know, my daughter, the lawyer, you know, or like my daughter, the attorney, you know, and things like that, I think my mom is a little bit more attuned. And, and, and, you know, it’s like the kind of things that you work throughout your life in therapy or whatever. I mean, I don’t have to work on that anymore. But it’s like, I am not here to please my parents, right? Like, I love them to death. But I am here to live my life. And that’s why I took that enormous bet on me. And because it’s it was about me, and it was about time, and I had already dedicated too much of my time to something that it did not resonate with me, my heart was not into it, you know. And so I think that, if anything, the past two years have left a lot of self reflection and a time, unimportant time for us to reevaluate what we do. Because, you know, as you can see, things can change very fast. And they can shift quite dramatically. Right. And so what is this telling us is that we do have, each one of us has a variety of very interesting skills, talents and experiences that nobody else has. And so I’m, I’m so interested in seeing really what people can come up with, to provide solutions to problems that did not exist even two years ago, right? I am to express ideas, whether it is in the form of a book, or it’s a movie, or it’s a new product. It’s a process that has been improved. I am excited to be able to experience again at the rise of the small entrepreneur, that you know, it’s not just a content creator, but he’s it has a bigger and more interesting stance, there is more ambition. And I think that it’s fascinating, particularly because the United States has had all this experiments since its inception. And one of the most incorrect most incredible things is that really, this is a country that values ideas like no other country in the world. And I can tell you that with a lot of strings because I’ve traveled the world I’ve met with people everywhere. And there is no other place where great ideas the have a forum to be extra cuted have, find the support, whether it is financial, or critical, or, you know, the media or consumer that you find in this country. So it’s really the conditions right now are right to have all, you know, all sorts of people creating new things, or improving where they are, or even being better within if they are in big companies or small companies being better within those structures becoming more intrapreneurial, if that is what they want to do, if they are part of a structure where they are not necessarily running the show. And I think that I’m excited that they they will get their hands around my book, and you know it, I think that the value of a book is so relative because you end up spending, I don’t know, 28 $28, rep, hardcover and $15 for an e book. And you can learn something that will trigger a million dollar idea. And so I think that the investment is so little anyway, you know. So I’m excited to see what happens with that. And I’m giving away my creativity course online for free to people who preorder the book. So just preorder the book, and send confirmation to book at Maria Brito calm and you get free access to 40 videos on creativity that are organized by modules. They have PDF recaps, and I’m super generous about this because honestly, I feel very such a ripple effect when you pour your ideas out, and they find root in people. And so I think that for me, that’s incredibly meaningful. And that’s why I’m so invested into this.

george grombacher 12:00
I think it’s awesome. And I’m, I’m grateful that you’ve obviously taken an enormous amount of time to, to distill down all the different variables that it takes to become an entrepreneur. Because there’s a there’s, there’s a lot, it’s the emotional stuff and the relationships, he talked about dealing with your family. It’s the actual learning about the industry that you’re working to get in on it’s, it’s the accounting, and it’s, it’s, there’s just a lot, and you’re obviously an intelligent and educated person. Do you need to be super smart? Do you think to be able to to have your own business?

Maria Brito 12:38
You know, that’s a very, it’s a question that goes in many different directions. But like, why is that we don’t really have any more a real definition of what it is to be super smart, right? Because you can be street smart. And that is true, sometimes much more valuable than if you have already, you know, written 5000 books and gotten seven PhDs and whatnot. Right. I mean, I think that throughout history, also, we have demonstrated that there are a lot of people without a lot of education, who can break through barriers, you know, go through opera limits, we have a ton of hip hop stars who barely graduated high school, and you know, they are sitting on millions and millions of dollars, because they had street smarts and they had a way of expressing themselves. And they were hustlers. Right. And so what is it that is made it for people who want to have their own companies, or businesses or whatever it’s more grit is the determination. It is the the resilience of doing things, because it’s not an easy path. And it’s filled with minefields, and issues and backstabbing and problems, and you’re going to encounter everything along the way from financing issues to customer issues, too. If you’re in the business of manufacturing, the legs, fat fights with factories, I, you know, manufacturing is a whole other monster. And but if that is what you this is the thing, and it, let’s make it very clear, if you are burning inside with passion, about that a specific thing that you choose to do. None of these other problems should take you away from your vision and from attaining, whatever you are set out to do. But then again, it’s we go back to the issue of having grit, and resilience and, and creativity because every time that something happened, you may have to adjust and that doesn’t mean give up it means how do I shift this particular part of the business or what do I have to do and pivot so that I make it better? Or sometimes you have to get rid of entire portions of you know, your business that do not work and that it’s like it hurts, right? It’s like cleaning a limb So, the smart question is just No, you don’t need to be highly educated or know everything about everything. First of all, nobody dust. I think it’s more important to have the mentality of taking action, and, and being persistent and determined. And that’s it every time. I mean, it’s hard to not succeed, if you are so strong in your convictions that you can make things happen for you. And that is the mentality of a real entrepreneur that, you know, you stay in it. And yeah, sometimes things don’t work. That’s the truth. And then you reevaluate. And you go into the next with a lot of learning that you wouldn’t have gotten out of any book. Actually,

george grombacher 15:53
amen. Amen. Maria, really well said, love it. Well, Marie, that people are ready for difference making tip, what do you have for them?

Maria Brito 16:02
Ah, well, you know, what is an interesting tip for people who want to make a difference in the world, I think that it’s important to, like I said, before we live in also the time of distraction. You know, all these things are the weapons of mass distraction. Right. So I think that if people would be paying attention, particularly to the margins, right, what’s happening on the margins? What is it that people aren’t not necessarily talking about out loud yet? Or have you seen, let’s say, kids in your neighborhood, in a particular trend or doing something that you’re puzzled about why they are taking that behavior, right. And so I think that if people want to make a difference, and they want to invest time and effort into something, they should really be paying attention to what’s happening that is not in the mainstream, because once the once it is in the mainstream game becomes slightly competitive, right, and more difficult to obtain. And that is the same thing as well. It’s cliche, right, but the riches are in the niches, right? I mean, like, what are you looking at right now? And why are those little more interesting, tiny spots where you can make a difference? Right now, if you were to tap on that particular group of people, and serve a particular, you know, need and satisfy a particular need? What could you do really, by looking at the overlooked, and that, I think, is an incredible space to find the things that are meaningful, and are also spaces full of money and upside?

george grombacher 17:56
Well, I think that that is great stuff that definitely gets come up. I love it. riches are in the niches what’s not in the mainstream. Pay attention. Love it. Well, Maria, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you and give us the name of the book again, where we can preorder it and how we advantage of your free course as well?

Maria Brito 18:17
Yes, I you can find me at Maria brito.com, that’s B R I T as in Tom, oh, the book is available everywhere where books are sold, Amazon Barnes and Noble bookshop, indiebound bucks a million. And also an old, you know, you can preorder in your favorite local, independent bookstore, which is you know, they all are so important, honestly. And so to recap, the name of the book is how creativity rolls the world. And the preorder offer is if you preorder it and you send confirmation to book at Maria brito.com brito.com, then we will give you a free access to my online course which is valued at $297. So you get that for free. And yeah, and I’m excited to also be able to make a difference in people’s lives and this is how I want to make a difference in people’s lives.

george grombacher 19:23
Love it. If you enjoyed this as much as I did summary your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to Maria brito.com Ma Ri a br ito.com Pick up a copy of or pre order how creativity rules the world wherever fine books are sold. And when you preorder shoot Marie an email at book at Maria brito.com for access to that Creativity course online as well. Thanks him Maria.

Maria Brito 19:55
Thank you, George. That was great. Appreciate your time and sending a lot of Love to everybody who’s listening I love

george grombacher 20:02
it and until next time keep fighting the good fight we’re all in this together

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