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Health Insurance for Travel with Naama O. Pozniak

admin November 16, 2021

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Health Insurance for Travel with Naama O. Pozniak

LifeBlood MAXIMIZE: We talked about health insurance for travel, the important variables to keep in mind when moving to a new city or state, or when traveling to a different country, and how to position yourself for overall health with Naama O, Pozniak, proactive healthcare strategist and President of Rightplan.  

Listen to learn why we’re not getting back to normal and how best to adapt!

For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 15:35.

You can learn more about Naama at RightPlan.com, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Naama O. Pozniak

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Come on strong powerful now I’m opposed Nick has returned to lifeblood welcome back nama

Naama Pozniak 0:17
Hello Hello.

george grombacher 0:19
I’m excited to have you back on is a proactive health care insurance strategic innovator she’s obsessed with lowering the cost of health care she’s a virtual mindful and mindfulness and stress initiative speaker and a meditation coach welcome back tell us a little about your personal life’s more about your work and why you do what you do.

Naama Pozniak 0:40
Thank you so much George it’s really I’m very honored to be back and share some space especially now before open enrollment but it’s been super busy here we actually this open enrollment 2021 in benefits in California never ended so as because of COVID you know, we kept enrolling people as this special enrollment for COVID or moving there’s a lot of moving from one state to another we have seen a tremendous amount of people moved from state to state i think that we’re seeing all over United States I think also outside the country and inside the country so we are getting a lot of requests for health insurance over across the board. Yeah

george grombacher 1:37
you know, it’s one of those things that certainly health insurance health care obviously so such an important part of our lives I wonder how much we think about that as we make decisions on moving

Naama Pozniak 1:53
I know right it’s like okay we move it we are moving and then we okay what are we going to do about that and and that’s Thank God you know, since Obamacare since 2014, moving from one state to another it’s an opening qualifying event and you can actually choose whatever coverage that you would like guaranteed issue so I mean, I think that’s it’s been in benefits as really factor you know, and of course if you move in with your employers, you know, employers are now a day really taken care of employees What have we seen in the last especially the last year more employers got coverage for their employees, employers are expanding coverage so adding voluntary and adding all kinds of options, I have been leading meditation on so many boards on so many open events in so many industries is like really become the norm to open your session your meeting your anything you do with few minutes of meditation, and of course, you know, conferences, be conferences and breaks between sessions because you know, we are from zooms to zoom or we are from event to event and I also really excited about what we are creating right now because we are creating the hybrid connection. It’s I seen hybrid and leadership hybrid in healthcare hybrid in connection the way we relate to each other, the way we treat each other the way we connect to each other. It’s so it’s becoming really exciting. So yeah,

george grombacher 3:44
I appreciate all that. And from negative stuff, hopefully some positive stuff does come out of it. And it sounds like that is certainly the case. when when when we are moving it’s it’s good that it is a qualifying event. So it gives us the opportunity without any kind of a penalty to revisit our healthcare. But what what are some things that people can proactively be thinking about? And maybe with domestic travel just from state to state but also and that’s a bigger conversation if we actually are going to be moving abroad?

Naama Pozniak 4:18
Wow, this is such a good question. George. I mean, it’s a perfect right there. And and the reason is, is when we are most of us are not taking care of ourselves unless we are sick. So I mean, this is happening all the time and taking actions and being proactive is number one, in order for us to really be happy, be healthy, but also experience health and being healthy is one thing, but then when you actually feeling the happiness, the joy, the connection to your body and your health. It’s a big deal. So choosing your providers from one state to another one place to another, even if you move from San Diego to not think California, you need to check out the providers around not just the online reviews, but also if you can access there. There is a you know, I mean website that allowing you to get the information about the providers and employees, he get referrals from people. But again, you more than more than that, you really want to make sure that you have your doctors set up when you move. Also, when you move from one state to another, you really need to understand that health care in the state because it’s on the federal level, we are all insured. But then you know, each state has different rules, different regulations, different options. So I think that, reviewing it and making sure we are good, it’s good in any age. And any time when you travel outside the country, no matter where you are insured in United States, you should travel with a policy now this was true pre COVID. So it’s not something new. But pre COVID, I would say maybe 30% of the people would travel with health coverage, where now I was seeing almost 98 I would say 90 set very high 90% of people are traveling with health insurance, it’s a coverage that is very affordable, it should be part of your the cost for the trip, you know, like you’re paying for hotels for for airline tickets, I mean should be again, not the trip itself, because the trip itself right now, actually constellation is really easy through the airlines, but I’m talking about the medical insurance portion, you have access for 24. Seven for nurse and doctors you have access to the doctors and providers to speak English. You know, if you’re going to Japan, for example, in the hospital, they don’t speak English. And we had several cases and claims there. If you have COVID, if you experienced COVID, you need evacuation I mean there is evacuation clause on on flying you from one one state to another or I mean, from one country to another or bringing you back home. I mean, it’s so easy. And the coverage is 100%. In most cases to a specific, there is a limit. But it’s 100% coverage, where in United States most of us are paying really high cost for out of pocket and copay and coinsurance. So it’s really a non brainer.

george grombacher 7:58
So is this something that? Is this a new policy that I buy? Is it a rider that I purchase on my existing policy?

Naama Pozniak 8:05
Yes, so it’s a new set? Yeah. But it’s like it’s a new policy that you buy just for the days that you are travel, you know, I mean, it’s specifically to the days you are outside of the country and are some policies are available like for very affordable cost, like $260 a year that you can go in and out of the country. And I mean, limitation on the number of days, but but you can go in and out of the countries for unlimited time. So for just 260 $50 a year, you are covered. And you can travel with the peace of mind. And I think that this is mentally also it’s very important because people are like really, it’s it’s it traveling was easy. I mean for some of us before COVID, but who some of us that now back in traveling know how it’s no longer easy. It’s complicated, and the ads take longer in the airport and everywhere and and we should really make sure we are good when we are traveling.

george grombacher 9:13
Yeah, that sounds like a no brainer that if we are traveling abroad, then 260 or some dollars to be able to have that peace of mind. And just in case something happens that that seems like seems like a no brainer. So I appreciate that. In terms of certainly one of the things that I’ve learned over the past couple of years, or however long COVID has been going on is that it’s so important for us to be to become more resilient. So I need to be physically stronger. I need to be mentally stronger. I need to be emotionally stronger. And this is a huge question, but how do you talk to people about taking a more integrated approach to their their overall well being?

Naama Pozniak 9:55
Lately, I’m calling it a wellcare journey. So Healthcare to well care. And I think that the silver lining of the pandemic is one very clear about the health care that we all realize that we have to take care of ourselves, if you wouldn’t, we are not going to take care of ourselves, we’re not going to be able to actually access care in many of the, you know, COVID situations. So I think COVID was that the fear from COVID was a lot larger in many cases, then then then bigger, I mean, a larger than the actual, you know, taking care of yourself. So being well, it’s not just physical. And I think that the mental conversation with all the anxiety that COVID brought, and anxiety that we already been building be pre COVID because we all have stress, and we all are stressed over something and it’s not going to change only the relationship that we have to experiencing the these moments. So I think that really again, and I can say, you know, it’s a great thing to have COVID around in order to push us into from the comfort zone into the uncomfortable zone and then start taking care of ourselves. But you know, people really realize that they need to walk outside every day. 10,000 steps a day is a must, you know, you have to move especially now when you are so much on the computer and everything is through the computer, and drink excessively amount of water every day, you know, question question, do I really need to take this medication and I’m also relating it as you medicate or meditate, you know, so meditation and spending time in nature, but also in stillness and quiet. And being mindful about how you do and what you do. And, again, taking care of yourself, of course, physically, but also mentally and understand that you know, you need to access therapy, that are professional that can really help us, we can prevent the stress from blowing up. And I think that what happened now is we also brought all the professions together, I think there is more conversation right now I see movement into the web 3.0 I see transparency and and things are really happening very quickly. And I also see the economics, you know, and collaboration, go into the blockchain and changing a lot of things and, and art is being, you know, communicating through health and the future of our own, you know, wealthy

george grombacher 13:01
appreciate. When people are feeling, feeling overwhelmed, because just thinking about one thing, how am I going to get 10,000 steps in Okay, now I need to think about water, I need to pick up meditation. Or I could just do nothing, right? How do I make this a part of my life actually so so it actually fits and works.

Naama Pozniak 13:26
baby step, baby steps are huge steps. You know, you take one step, every day, you take one positive, you change one positive thought from a negative thought you you spend two minutes, one minute in quiet space in stillness, I don’t think there is there are rules, specifically, and each and every one of us will, can will will tweak and we’ll have to tweak, you know, if it’s ordering, you know, tofu instead of meat once a week, I mean, it doesn’t matter what it is for you, but we have to tweak it and we’re not gonna live forever. We also I think that this is one thing that we also in healthcare, we really need to push into the conversation of how to die and the journey of dying because we are right now not really on the living. Right, we are on the dying ride and we all going to go We are going in one direction you know, I mean, it’s not that we are going to live forever, but what will be the quality, what will be the connection, how social we can be with each other. And you know if anything, if I can set sail share or what I seen is love is everything. And if you do everything if you treat yourself with love and you treat each other with love, and you connect with people on a social level, it’s social is so important, and sometimes even myself, I find myself I don’t want to go places because I’m very comfortable at home and it’s more it’s safer and it’s you know but you know reach out and and just even even ask someone how is it how how are they doing and how are they what how does the week look like so i think it’s it’s yeah it’s really important but love is a solution in my life

george grombacher 15:27
yeah no I totally agree Well now that the people are ready for your difference making tip What do you have for them

Naama Pozniak 15:35
oh my god so number one tip we are living in a hybrid life we are no longer living one size fits all so it’s no longer what we know in the past and I mean the conversation about going back to normal is making me upset actually. So we have our new now this is a new chapter a new book. Love it. Love it. Love it and love the hybrid make sure you are doing a little bit on the zoom a little bit on the social a little bit of the family a little bit of taking care of yourself and spend time in stillness and quiet space

george grombacher 16:23
well i think that that is great stuff that definitely gets come up come on. I thank you so much for coming back on where can people learn more about you How can I engage with you?

Naama Pozniak 16:32
So I am on social media all all around right plan that calm is the website so right plan that calm and on social media is an AMA Oh pozniak and the O stands for or for light.

george grombacher 16:46
I love it. If you enjoyed this as much as I did show Anoma your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to rate, plan, calm and check out everything that nama is working on if you’re going to be traveling, reach out and make sure you have the right coverage in place and follow her on social media. I’ll list all those in the notes of the show.

Naama Pozniak 17:09
Yes And one more place that you can find me it’s on the blockchain on open sea. Also with nama Oh pozniak and on Discord.

george grombacher 17:19
Excellent. also find her on discord and the blockchain of it. Thanks good nama. Hands on till next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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