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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy with Kari Pearce

George Grombacher September 22, 2022

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy with Kari Pearce

LifeBlood: We talked about how to get healthy, and stay healthy, the importance of core strength, why it’s so important to have a plan for your fitness and diet, and the value of consistency, with Kari Pearce, Fittest Woman in America, and creator of PowerAbs and PHIIT. 

Listen to learn why it’s important to find what works for you!

You can learn more about Kari at PowerAbs.Shop, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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Episode Transcript

leopard. This is George G. And the time is right. welcome today’s guest strong and powerful. Carrie Pierce. Carrie, are you ready to do this? I’m ready to do this. All right, let’s go. As I was reading that Carrie, I realized you are probably the strongest and most powerful guest that we’ve ever had on the show.

Unknown Speaker 0:32
Thank you, I appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 0:35
We’ll have to go back and research but there’s like a 99% chance that that’s true of Carrie was the fittest woman in America. 2016 1819 and 20, former division one athlete physique, competitor, weightlifter CrossFitter, she’s the creator of power ABS fit. And then there’s a brand new program launching today that I’m sure you’re going to tell us about Carrie, tell us a little about your personal life smart about your work and why you do what you do.

Unknown Speaker 1:00
Yeah, so my name is Carrie Pierce, I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, then yeah, I went to University of Michigan did gymnastics there. After that I moved to New York City, I wanted just to you know, grow up. And that definitely helped me grow up real quick. I found my passion for health and fitness slightly before moving there. But I think I really established it. When I was in New York, then yeah, I started competing in CrossFit, like you said, became the fourth time fittest American female, I moved to Las Vegas in 2020. Got to continue training. And in all of that, I started power abs in December of 2018, which is a 10 Minute core program, no put that needed. But I had gotten so many compliments on my abs because of gymnastics, and then just my athletic background. And I was a personal trainer. So I knew how the body worked. I studied movement science in college, and I realized I love working out and a lot of people don’t. So I wanted to find a way where I could help other people enjoy working out because I realize all the benefits that it has to offer it, it just makes me feel so good. It makes me confident. And I wanted other people to get to experience that that maybe like I said, didn’t have that same passion or enjoy working out like I did. And since December 18, we have power as we have multiple powerhouse programs. We have different body parts, glutes, legs, arms, and like you said, we have fit, which is a full body high intensity program. And then we also have fit strength with a strength training program. And today, we released fit strength Pro, which is our more advanced fit strength program, which a lot of people who have done fit strength one and more. So we’re like, Okay, well, let’s meet guys and create more. So that’s a pretty, pretty quick rundown of me and what I do. Awesome. Do you ever get sick of working out Carrie?

Unknown Speaker 3:00
I do. Yeah, there is there is times that I get sick. And everyone’s like, oh, like, how are you so motivated all the time? Like, I’m not always motivated. I’m disciplined. And I know like, sometimes some days, I just wake up in a bad mood like anybody else. And I just forced myself to work out. And usually like halfway through the workout, I can just like feel myself changing. And all of a sudden I’m like, Okay, we’re good now.

Unknown Speaker 3:28
It’s 100% sure that that really resonates with everybody have that feeling in the morning where you’re supposed to be working out, but you just don’t feel like it.

Unknown Speaker 3:40
Do you think that that’s for lack of a better term, like, like a muscle that as you push your way through those feelings of not wanting to do it that it gets easier and easier to do it?

Unknown Speaker 3:52
In a way yes. I think that, like, each person needs to find what works for them to like, get started as well. Like, for me, I’m like, okay, like, put on my workout clothes. And then I have like, music that I play on my phone and it just kind of gets me going. And then the most important thing too is just like, just get started. Like once I started my warmup and you start like moving a little bit, then you get into the groove, or like, just have what you’re gonna do, like, because some people are like, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Like, I know I need to work out, but I don’t know what to do. So it’s like, have that workout right in front of you. Like, even the night before, like Sunday night, whatever you’re gonna do on Monday, especially if you’re a morning workout person, like have what you’re going to do, then you’re not like thinking about it, trying to figure it out. And then by the time you realize like, what you’re gonna do, you’ve wasted like 20 minutes or whatever, just have a plan and just get started. I feel like those are always the biggest thing is like I said, especially for me, and you know, I feel like no matter how advanced you are, how long you’ve been working out, you’re still gonna have those days where you’re just like, I’m tired.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
I just don’t feel like doing this and but you always feel better after and you have to remember that as well. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 5:07
Yeah, I think that that that.

Unknown Speaker 5:10
Do you think people overcomplicate things Life Fitness, exercise?

Unknown Speaker 5:16
Yep, way over complicate. And especially, that’s one reason that I got into fitness as well. And all of my programs are 10 minutes, the strength programs are 10 minutes of work with additional built in rest. And I think people overcomplicate they’re like I have to go to a gym for hours on end to get results, to look the way I want. And with these 10 minute programs, don’t get me wrong, they’re very intense. So it’s like it’s hard to eminence. But you can get results from 10 minutes a day, like just like focusing on it, and just getting after it and giving it your best. And being consistent. I feel like consistency beats perfection, every day of the week, especially when it comes to working out, just make up, just show up for yourself and get after it and don’t make excuses. And you’re gonna see results. And same thing with nutrition, like drink more water, eat more whole foods, make sure you eat enough protein, limit your sugar, limit your alcohol, things like that just go such a long way than trying to like, create all these fancy things, or this new fad diet or whatever it is, like I said whole clean foods is gonna get you results and any little bit of working out. Like it adds up. Like I said, 10 minutes at a time, we even saw study from Mass General Hospital that showed the benefits of working out with just 10 minutes a day. So it’s like, even like these highly respected universities are doing or like hospitals. And then we’ve seen from Harvard to are doing studies on the short the benefits of shorter exercise, because a lot of people don’t have hours and they have jobs, they’re tired. It’s like it’s something better than nothing. And they’re showing that yes, it is.

Unknown Speaker 7:00
I think that’s such a, it’s such a powerful thing. And I’ve certainly found that to be true in my life.

Unknown Speaker 7:07
I don’t know where I fall, probably on the spectrum of humanity, probably somewhere in the middle because I don’t love working out, but I don’t hate it. And I’ve just been doing it consistently for essentially my whole life. And I am a proponent of everything you just talked about of those small bites and just being consistent with it.

Unknown Speaker 7:27
The promise of that, of not having to spend a lot of time and getting great results. I feel like you that people probably take advantage of that. And they probably a lot of programs out there that say, you know, oh, it’s three minute apps. It’s two minute apps. But it’s there’s there’s probably a lot of things that aren’t real out there.

Unknown Speaker 7:50
Yes, I agree. And honestly, like when we started Power Apps, and we’re like get results in 10 minutes a day, there were a lot of people that like came back at us and like no, you can’t get 10 minute results in 10 minutes a day. But then, after we had been out for a little while we saw all these amazing women that were getting results from doing Power Apps. And it was really cool too, because there’s some people that worked out and they had never had abs in their life. And then all of a sudden they’re doing Power Apps that are starting to see definition. Or there’s people who are like getting off the couch and getting back into fitness. And they’re like, I’m starting to like lose inches, and I’m feeling better. And so it’s cool. Like we’ve had like, opposite ends of the spectrum do power abs. And just like I said, you’ll better be more confident, get rid of back pain, we actually had one of the New England Patriots, he’s now on a different team. But he did Power Apps, and it got rid of his back pain, which is really cool. And there’s like a triathlete that was doing the programs. And he said he was riding his bike. And he always had so much back pain did Power Apps, and it reduced his back pain because I think a lot of people do ab exercises in the gym. But they either like don’t know what to do, or they do the same thing over and over. And they don’t know how to actually work their abs. And that’s a big thing like that we do in power ABS is go over every movement, what you should be doing and what you should be feeling.

Unknown Speaker 9:13
So I think that’s important, important in the program as well. For sure. And I think that we we just regular folks who who aren’t thinking about fitness full time, really discount or underestimate or don’t appreciate how important just our core is talked about back pain. Speak a little bit on that. Yeah, like any, you know, you you sit all day long, like a lot of people don’t necessarily have the best posture. So then you’re you’re rounding out your back and your core is not being worked. If you can strengthen your core. It’s going to take some of that stress from your back. And then even like, if you’re going to like work out like if your core isn’t activated when you’re doing say any sort of squats

Unknown Speaker 10:00
pushups lunges like, whatever movement you think about your core is probably engaged unless you’re like sitting doing bicep curls. But then you’re still sitting tall. So like, no matter what you’re doing, your core is in like is being worked. So if it’s stronger, it’s going to just help support everything. And like I said, if you’re, you know, trying to get stronger, and get your back, squat up, get your deadlift up, get your shirt press up, or if you’re a weightlifter, your core is being involved. So no matter what you’re doing,

Unknown Speaker 10:31
your core is working. So if your core is stronger, you’re just gonna be healthier. Or if you’re a mom, and you’re carrying your kid, like, what connects the ground to like, where you’re carrying your kid? Yeah, there’s your core. And so it’s just, it’s so important in everything we do. And I feel like a lot of people do core work, but like I said, they’d like feel their lower back while they’re doing it. And they don’t know, like, even if you’re sitting here don’t know how to activate their core. So I think that’s, you know, something that’s just very basic, but it’s hard for a lot of people. Yeah, what, uh, I mean, if you are somebody who experiences back pain, which I think is a lot of people, because of the reasons that you just laid out. I mean, just imagine not having that pain anymore. And being able to live pain free like that, obviously, it’s great to have a great looking body, but just to be pain free. sure that that’s got to be just one of the greatest benefits that you hear so much about.

Unknown Speaker 11:27
When somebody says to you, are you here? I’ve just got bad genetics, and I, I, I can’t do this. What do you think?

Unknown Speaker 11:36
I think that you, I mean, you can always outwork bad genetics, and it’s like, have you tried, I feel like, you know, you can look to your parents. And some people look at their parents or whatever. They’re like, they don’t want to be healthy, like, they don’t eat well, they don’t exercise, I have bad genetics. But you see people also that may have parents that aren’t into fitness, or don’t eat well, and they’re in extreme shape, because they’ve used their genetics as motivation. And it’s like, okay, like I get, you know, genetic makeup is definitely part of where you hold body fat, you know, like how like your metabolism and things like that. But that sounds like an excuse to me, like, you can always get better. And you can be healthier. And I tell people do like, it’s not necessarily always about the looks like it’s just about being healthier and feeling better. There’s times where, you know, I don’t work out due to whatever’s going on. And I can feel myself just like, everything does start to hurt, and then I feel more tired. And so I’m like, it’s not necessarily just how you look like, there’s a lot more that goes into play of why you should work out, you’re just going to feel better, you’re going to be able to think clearer. And I mean, it’s one of the best, like, stress reducers, there is out there. So there’s so many reasons to work out not just because of how you look, or you know, you have bad genetics will try, I promise you’re gonna see results, even if you have bad genetics, if you make healthier changes. Yeah, I think that that’s really well said. And there are so many so many secondary byproducts that are are so important that I think so many of us could really benefit from, you know, I think we could always be more confident and when you start working out, you’re going to be more confident, and it’s nothing, nothing but a good thing.

Unknown Speaker 13:27
So, genetics is one thing, how about diets, how important is what I’m putting into my mouth with my ability to be physically healthy.

Unknown Speaker 13:37
It’s equally as important as working out.

Unknown Speaker 13:42
And that’s what I say like, you know, a lot of people try to complicate it, and it’s like, just eat more vegetables, eat more lean protein, you know, try and eat those whole grains, and find foods that you like, I think that’s the most important thing like, oh, well everybody says I need to eat broccoli and grilled chicken and playing sweet potatoes or whatever it is. And it’s like, no, like, if you don’t enjoy that don’t like you can. I’ve seen people get very creative with vegetables, whether they stir fry them or add like you can add healthy fats like olive oils. I love I love like basic garlic powder. I love everything but the bagel seasoning. And we need salt to like I feel like that’s something a lot of people are like, Oh, stay away from you can’t have salt. And it’s like, you need a little salt. Especially if you know we live in hotter climates, you’re going to sweat

Unknown Speaker 14:32
and you need to replenish that. So seasoning foods the way that you like and finding those vegetables that you like I love. I love almost all vegetables but like, especially like peppers and spinach, things like that. Like I really love eating and even fruits like five foods that you enjoy. That’s the biggest thing it doesn’t matter what like if someone’s like like I said, I feel like grilled chicken breast and broccoli and plain sweet potatoes are what people always told me especially when I was competing

Unknown Speaker 15:00
am physique. And so I always go back to that. And it’s like no, like, you can eat other meats or things like, if you’re vegetarian, like any kind of beans and tofu and things like that and just season it up, find things you like, and find things that you can stick with. And, you know, if you’re craving a cookie, eat a cookie, the worst thing is, you’re craving a cookie, you starve yourself, or you like, don’t let yourself eat that cookie from and then all of a sudden, you eat all the cookies, all the ice cream, all the cake, everything in sight. And so like, you know, treat yourself a little bit. And like, as far as like getting results, like, physically, we’ve seen people get results, you know, from just adding in, like our programs, and eating what they are eating. But they definitely get results faster when they change their eating, and they start to eat more clean. And I think part of the beauty of working out too is you’re doing all this hard work when you’re working out. And then all of a sudden, you start making healthier choices in the kitchen, because you’re like, I just did all I just worked so hard, like I don’t want to, you know, negate the fact the, all the good work that I did by eating bad. And so people start to sleep, or they start drinking more water because it’s like, I just worked out like, I’m thirsty. And so I think when you work out, it makes you want to make those healthier choices in the kitchen as well. Yeah, I think it definitely creates virtuous cycles for sure, instead of those vicious ones that that we want to avoid. What sounds like it sounds like our diet or nutrition is not dissimilar from exercise where it’s valuable to have a plan and to be consistent with it. Do you do meal prep? Carry? Is that something you’ve done?

Unknown Speaker 16:44
Yes, I do. I just find that to be super beneficial and just set you up for success. I’m the kind of person I’m like, right after I workout. It’s like for the next 10 minutes. I’m like not hungry. And then all of a sudden, I’m like I’m starving. So I find that meal prep just helps me to be prepared for those times when I get hungry. And then it keeps you on track and you’re not eating out. So I know a lot of people you know, end up eating out because they don’t have something or like especially on their way home from work for dinner. It’s like I don’t have anything at home. I’m just gonna stop and grab something. And like I went out to eat and got fajitas the other day and people in my story. I was like, oh, like a cheat meal. People like oh, that’s healthy and I was like, but they put other oils and stuff in it too. Like you don’t know what’s going to be in the food when you go out to eat and like on paper it looks healthy chicken, grilled peppers, grilled onions, some rice and beans, guacamole, tomatoes, let it like it looks like it’s healthy. But like I said you don’t know what they’re putting in it. And when I do meal prep, I know exactly what is in it. I also get a meal prep service. That helps me with some of my food Rosie Joe so she sends a lot of meats and lean proteins so that I can just add my vegetables and then have my carbs

Unknown Speaker 18:00
on the side as well. So I think just setting yourself up for success is is huge. Whether you meal prep yourself or whether you have someone that does the meal delivery that tells you exactly what is in the food. Yeah, I love it. I’m all about positioning myself and people for success and the more we can do that and control those controllable things, probably the more success we’re gonna have. So stop overcomplicated everything Carrie

Unknown Speaker 18:30
said simple as best simple as best. Well, Carrie, thank you so good. Just yeah, for everybody like finding what works for you, you know, trying different things. See what you can stick with and

Unknown Speaker 18:44
do that.

Unknown Speaker 18:46
Yeah, it’s a

Unknown Speaker 18:49
one size does not fit all with anything in life and certainly with with everything we’ve been talking about. So. Okay, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How can they engage? Where can they take advantage and find out about power ABS fit and then the new program fit strength Pro?

Unknown Speaker 19:06
Yeah, well, thank you so much for having me. That was fun. And my Instagram is Carrie Pierce CrossFit. So just my name and then cross it. My Facebook page is Carrie Pierce, CrossFit Games athlete. So very similar. And then our website with all of the programs is power abs, dot shop, pow, er abs, dot s h o p Perfect. Well if you enjoyed as much as I did show, care your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to Power ABS dot shop and find our Instagram at Carey Pierce, CrossFit and Facebook Carrie Pierce, CrossFit athlete. Yeah, CrossFit Games athlete. My pen literally ran out of ink as we’re talking and I’ve been trying to like scrub

Unknown Speaker 20:00
We’ll but there’s no anyway it’s it’s a me problem so I will list all of those in the notes of the show and I just I such a believer in in in exercise and fitness so if you are in a position that this resonated with you definitely check out everything that carriers working on just got an amazing Instagram page and and these products are incredible so check them out. Thanks again Carrie. Thank you and until next time, keep fighting the good fight is we’re all in this together.

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