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Fuck You Money: What Would You Do With It?

George Grombacher January 7, 2022

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Fuck You Money: What Would You Do With It?

According to the Urban Dictionary, fuck you money is “the exact amount of money required in order to tell an individual or organization to go fuck themselves without facing repercussions.”


Essentially, it’s having enough money to do whatever you want, and to not have to do anything you don’t want to do. 


How much money is that for you?


Does that sound good to you?




What would be different about your life? What would you change? What would you do differently? 


Would you become a different person? Quit your job, or pursue something entirely different? 


Where would you live? Would everything be different? 


I think you should figure out what the answers to those questions are. Get crystal clear on them.

Once you’ve done that, spend time to figure out how other people have made them happen. Then get laser focused on making them happen in your life. 


As you’re doing all that, why not start living your life as though you already had all of it?


In fact, let’s do that now. Here’s what we’ll cover:


  • What you want

  • Why you want it

  • Achievement versus identity

  • Your current patterns

  • Making it real


Let’s get started. 


What you want


You wake up, check your bank account balance, and discover you have fuck you money. 


Get a pen and paper and start writing. Be honest with yourself. 


What do you do first? 


When you run out of things to write about, go through these six prompts. 




Now that you’ve got fuck you money, what do you want for your family? 




Now that you’ve got fuck you money, what do you want for your community?


Money and career


Now that you’ve got fuck you money, what will your work be (if anything)? What will you do with your money?




Now that you’ve got fuck you money, how will you care for your mind, body and spirit?


Personal development


Now that you’ve got fuck you money, what will you learn for the sake of learning?


Peace of mind


Now that you’ve got fuck you money, how will you nurture your peace of mind? 


You can access our Goals Course at no-cost if you’d like to dig deeper. 


Why you want it


When was the last time you wanted something really badly?


Something you wanted so badly that you focused almost exclusively on it. Your desire for it consumed your thoughts. 


What was it? Did you get it? What did it take to make it happen?


No doubt you overcame adversities and worked hard in service of getting it. Why did you do it?


Keeping our reasons and motivations top of mind is important, especially when what we’re doing is hard. 


Going back to that list of things you wrote down in the previous section, why do you want those things? Think deeply about why you want what you want. 


Achievement versus identity


Once I win the Super Bowl, then I’ll start eating right and training hard. 


After I get funding for my business, then I’ll start getting up early to read and exercise. 


Sounds silly when you put it like that, doesn’t it?


We have a tendency to think about our goals the wrong way. We think, “once I have that, then I’ll feel this way.” And we go on living the way we’ve always lived, and getting what we’ve always gotten. 


Why not start living your life as though you already had all of it?


This is one of those things that sounds really simple, but does really hard. I think a major key to getting what we want, in this case, living as though we had fuck you money, is becoming that future version of ourselves. 


You know what you want. You know why you want it. Start thinking and feeling like you’ve already got it. 


You’ve heard the phrase “start as you mean to go?” That’s what it means. 


Your current patterns


We all have patterns, AKA habits. 


When and how you start and finish your day. What you eat and drink. The things you do for fun. What you do to maintain your fitness. We’ve got patterns for everything. 


After going through the thought exercises you just went through, are your current patterns going to get you where you want to go?


Pay attention to how you spend your time, attention and money. Recognize how you respond when things don’t go your way. Be mindful of what you’re triggered by throughout the day and what you do when it happens. 


Making an honest assessment of your current behaviors will help you determine what changes are necessary. 


Making it real


We’ve talked about what you’ll do. You’ve thought about why you’ll do those things. 

Now, let’s figure out how other people have made them happen. 


Who has done what you want to do? Maybe you know someone personally, but you don’t need to. It can be a well-known or even famous person. The key is to let your brain know that what you want to do is actually possible. 


From there, think about what small actions you can start immediately taking. That’s the key. 


You’ll know what you want. You’ll know why. You’ll know it’s possible. And, you’ll be doing the things required. 


You’ll have made it your identity.


The life that fuck you money provides is available to you. 


Get started. 


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