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EMF Protection with Justin Frandson

George Grombacher January 6, 2022

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EMF Protection with Justin Frandson


EMF Protection with Justin Frandson

LifeBlood: We talked about EMF protection, how our bodies are equipped to deal with a lot but require assistance, what the impacts are of technology on our wellbeing if unchecked, and how to position yourself for a long and healthy life with Justin Frandson, Founder of Athleticism and EMF Rocks

Listen to learn about how to coexist with the impact of modern technology on our bodies!

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About The Episode

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George Grombacher

Justin Frandson

About The Transcript

Come on

george grombacher 0:12
the time is right the time is now welcome Justin Franssen. To life blood be well. George, thank you for having me excited to have you on. Justin is the founder and head performance coach at athleticism they are working with amateur and professional athletes have done so for the past 20 years helping people to achieve optimal levels, levels of performance and reduce levels of E M. F. Justin, tell us a little about your personal life’s more about your work and why you do what you do. Well, we love helping people and having an awareness beyond the average. And so about a couple decades ago, I started working with athletes and saw this increasing level of a bio stressor on the body of electricity, electromagnetic frequencies. And so I rolled out a product to help people and we’re selling this grounding bag at Dodger clinics all around the country help people sleep rappelling and mouth recharge their body, we’re converting a wave form from electricity is made one directional George and it wouldn’t work unless it was one directional, and we’re in the atmosphere and our environment is is used to scalar waves waves that distribute equally in every direction. So this man makes us different than how we’re made i. So we’re just using the tools that Mother Nature gave us with these hand mine crystals to convert that waveform to something that’s unhealthy, too beneficial for us to clear a bio stressor from the athletes. How did you figure that out?

Justin Frandson 1:50
Oh, yeah, well, again, awareness, awareness people, you got to keep diving in, hey, if you want to make an athlete better, the easiest thing in the world to do is to clear the stressors out of their world, and then all of a sudden, they get better. So again, there’s several stressors for athletes, the biochemical stress, or food drink, air EMF, EMF was the one that was growing at the highest level that wasn’t addressed. So that’s how we came up with it. And everyone knows that it feels good to go barefoot outside and get grounded. Go to the ocean, I mean, you love coming back to Newport Beach and and putting your toes in the sand. And that’s what happens is we pull those electrons from the negative ionic charge of the earth. So mother nature made us this way. So we can ground ourselves out from any potential positive charges coming from above and all around us. Okay, so there’s, there’s natural electricity is flying all around us. And those are not bad. But the ones that we’ve created in the form of cell phones, and just all all of it, that is negatively impacting our bodies, yes, in a basic form. So the universe is electric. George is this we’re all electric beings, we all have a resonance of frequency. Everything has that. And so we are built the exact same way as Earth. We were built on viruses, fungus, bacteria, those are our adaptive systems. And then I love the analogy, Dr. Tom Cowen used it in a video that went viral. But when you pollute the ocean as let’s say, you’re setting these dolphins, and you pollute the ocean, the dolphin start getting sick, you’re gonna say who polluted the water, you’re not gonna say that that dolphin give out dolphin viruses. These are, you know, environmental areas that we’re in when they’re polluted, you know, we adapt to it. So

Unknown Speaker 3:45
that’s what’s going on right now with the world and and we’re adapting to frequencies and toxicity. But everything has a resonance. And so that’s just how it all works. If we wouldn’t be able to talk with you in Arizona, and me and Newport Beach without this waveform.

Unknown Speaker 4:07
And at the same time, it’s benefiting us, but it’s also having a really negative effect.

Unknown Speaker 4:15
Well, so this is a thing. Everybody’s built differently, George. So depending on your age, your predisposition, your blood type, if you have an Rh blood negative, you’re going to be more resilient. If you have positive blood type, you’re gonna be a little more sensitive. If you’re a fetus and you have no blood brain barrier, no skull, you don’t have the protection until you’re about 25 years of age when your skulls fully developed. If you’re over 50, you know, and your lifeforce is starting to go the other way. Yeah, you’re not going to be as resilient. So

Unknown Speaker 4:50
we don’t do breath work all day and build our CI and life force up so

Unknown Speaker 4:56
the stuff just chips away at you. But again, Dr. Martin Paul

Unknown Speaker 5:00
From Washington State University figured out that low level radiation whether it’s electricity in your wall to the cell sites that you know, from 5g that operated 60 to 90 billion waves per second when we sleep at one to eight, but this stuff is not enhancing no matter how low it is or how strong it is. It’s a one directional away from that cause of vibration that opens up our voltage gated calcium channels, let’s excess positive calcium into a negative cell that’s not good causes tremendous cell and DNA damage. Then you go into all the cognitive stuff, your body just breaks down. And wherever it’s the weak links are so cognitives of first focus, energy, sleep behavior, anxiety, stress, fatigue, fear, all like all these things kick into gear, then you go into ringing in the ears, bloody nose is more massive migraines, nausea, muscle twitching, and then you go into the bigs, cancer, suicide, diabetes, heart disease,

Unknown Speaker 5:59

Unknown Speaker 6:01
And then now fertility is lack of fertility is the big challenge. So yes, the stuff chips away at us at what level it depends on how long the duration of it and how our life forces going into it, and what the extent of the exposure is for what period of time.

Unknown Speaker 6:19
And I think that you’ve already told me but the remedy is

Unknown Speaker 6:25
just the grounding backs, you guys were converting waveform, it’s actually so I do a couple prong approach to or just get grounded by nature. And so get outside get barefoot get tree touch tree,

Unknown Speaker 6:38
jump in the ocean jump in those that that those elements that have that negative ionic charge, so you can pull the electron because we have that charge coming up from above from below us from the earth. And we have a positive charge coming from the sun. But those are scalar waves, they distribute equal in every direction. If the Sun were a beam coming right at you. Yeah, we wouldn’t be here right now. But that’s what they’re rolling out with this satellites, hundreds of 1000 satellites in the sky, their beams coming straight down. Not a great recipe for our help. So we want to combat that make sure we’re grounded from below. And we can convert that waveform coming in our home. So the grounding bags, you put them on or under your bed, you use it as is keep it sealed, there’s no need to open it. They’re handline crystals, they have moisture, magnetic properties, the combination of the two, George with the moisture in the magnet, light and shung guide amathus Black Tourmaline No, those are the magnetic properties. But the they don’t have the moisture. No one’s ever seen this before, because when they mined it, it turns to dust because they don’t seal it. So we’ve found the right properties, these koi crystals that have that moisture content to repel any amount. So we can convert a waveform, make your home a healthy home, make your desk healthy. Even if you have solar on your home, that’ll kick off lots of dirty electricity, these things help convert that wave form. So the static doesn’t bother our bodies. And then if you’re driving an electric car, again, put put a handful of them underneath the back of your seat, convert the wave form in the car. And then for your home, have proximity awareness. So turn off your routers, and I get them on a time or you can buy a $9 timer at the hardware store. And you know, plug the outlet into that and

Unknown Speaker 8:26
book according that outlet and all and set your timer. So when you’re sleeping, these things aren’t tapping you on your shoulder all night long saying talk to me talk to me, because that’s what smart devices do is they’re always looking for a signal for you to talk to them to tell them what to do. So again, have some proximity awareness. If your beds a metal frame and it’s touching the wall, it’s going to be charged the level the outlets going to be more of a conductor.

Unknown Speaker 8:53
Coil mattresses, same thing. Yeah, ear buds, there’s an airway canal to your brain, there’s no skull. So if you have earbuds you’re having 2.4 or 5 billion waves per second directly localized in your inner ear, not a great recipe over a long period of time have a positive charge one directional waveform right there. That’s looking at cancer and some acoustic nerve challenges in the long term. So smart devices, that’s radiation. Again, 2.4 5 billion waves of one directional wave form positive charge 10 zeros faster than how we sleep revenue optimized. Not a great recipe, again, where it’s so different than how we’re created is this manmade stuff so we can live and coexist with it. And that’s what the grounding bags do best. They’re a manmade device. They’re not a mandate device attempting to keep up with manmade signals. George, they are nature’s way to protect us. And how, how how did you? How does one measure that? Or is

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Is that possible? No, that’s a great question. So everyone looks at meters and you can measure electricity with a MILA gas meter dirty electricity with with GST and it’s amps volts. That’s a Stetzer electric meter. And then you can measure wireless signals with acoustic meter, but there’s no meter George to meter chaos. So how do you measure this stuff? Well, you look to the body to see how it affects the body. How is your sleep? Well, when we track it will improve 3% to 50%.

Unknown Speaker 10:34
Dr. Barry Lando Alpha Vedic LFA V DIC encourage all your listeners to check him out. He has dual impedance antennas to measure your qi because Bruce Lipton, many other amazing physicist, feel that your life force and your health your health of your body lies in your qi in your energy field. So he measures your waveform of your energy. And if there’s any distortion in it, it supersedes your chemistry. So your your lifeforce is where your health is, your chemistry is second, so he reads your energy field, our grounding bags, clinically passively treated 91% of the markers that were off, that was the highest marker treatment for the grounding bags with this patient.

Unknown Speaker 11:25
So is your house just just covered in crystals?

Unknown Speaker 11:31
Yeah, I mean, it’s unbelievable. My wife had some early menopause stuff going on night sweats, wasn’t sleeping through the night, her menstrual cycle completely stopped. The second we loaded up the home with crystals. Everything normalized cycle returns. Normal. It’s that profound.

Unknown Speaker 11:50
Nice. And you mined them yourself? Or you have somebody mined them, like where they’re mining them. And we have we have our crew that mines them. And we’re these are naturally occurring where where do you find them?

Unknown Speaker 12:06
We are in the Western US. We don’t share the location. But But yeah, we’re Western. Yeah, so it’s all made in the USA, just handline natural natural stones. And there’s plenty of it. And we do it the right way. By hand minded we don’t we preserve the quality of everything without machinery going in there. And don’t leave a big footprint. So yeah, it’s it’s super fun to feel the energy of these crystals. Nice. Well, I think that you’ve sufficiently probably terrified, most people can. And also including myself, because I walk around with with with earbuds all the time, I’m listening to stuff and so I’m essentially, for lack of a better term frying my brain or whatever. And then there’s devices everywhere. So

Unknown Speaker 12:53
for somebody who’s not necessarily going to fill their house with crystals, how what’s uh, what is something just to kind of get started with it.

Unknown Speaker 13:04
Take the smartwatch off, get rid of your electric car, take the earbuds out, get corded, your buds are recorded, you’re set and just get the timers for the routers, make sure your electricity in your home is wired properly, just ground everything out. Got a really I mean, people even go the extent of shutting down electricity in their bedrooms or in their home at night, when they’re sleeping just to get a lot of the signals out, avoid getting solar on your home, because that’ll cause lots of sparking and aligns. Make sure you’re outside getting barefoot and get grounded enough to counter any of usage on cell phones or computers. You know, that’s a big thing. So, again, Tom Callen, MD, huge supporter of us. We’re one of the biggest selling products on his site. He told a story when when I was on his podcast about one of his patients that was an electrician and was a surfer. And he got hurt and had to put a rod in his body and was out of the water for several months and then started having all these health challenges. Always the the the water when he was surfing was enough to counter the electricity work. But now that he had that massive rod and conductor and wasn’t in the water, he was starting to see the effects of the electricity on him. So do your best to counter and ground. But again, I mean, I don’t want you to get scared of this. George, I want you to understand that, hey, we can coexist with this man made stuff. It’s awesome that we’re talking. I stayed away and I have a new friend. But we don’t want to give our power away. And we know we have to know that this is physics. You can convert a waveform from something that’s unhealthy to healthy, and that’s a Mother Nature. That’s how she designed the planet. And that’s how

Unknown Speaker 15:00
How we’re designed. And that’s what our products do. It’s a futile effort to have a manmade device attempting to keep up with manmade signals. Because literally, we have 50 times 5g Right now 50 times 5g, with nuclear, the smart grid, the Internet of Things, all this stuff, your smart meter on your house, well, yeah, convert that to an analog meter, that’ll help a lot too. But

Unknown Speaker 15:23
we’re looking to mother nature to solve this challenge and not give our power away and know that you can do breathing and eat clean,

Unknown Speaker 15:32
keep, keep loving and touching and smile and and get out there and hugging people and build up your life force. There’s nothing to fear in regards to a virus because, you know, we’re built in this environment. As far as worse, our environment is air and plasma. And these waveforms and particles travel through that plasma. So when someone pollutes our atmosphere, whether it’s glyphosate or 5g or what have you, and the both of them, our bodies just adapt to it, but there’s nothing you can hide from. So I think that awareness of understanding how the universe is made, how we’re made, we sleep at this low level rate waves per second, the Schumann resonance of the Earth is 7.83 hertz, or waves per second. So we rev with that resonance. So and understanding all that proximity awareness to that is how we’re going to be able to sustain our population for a long time. Nice.

Unknown Speaker 16:30
I love it, it’s always important to take an integrated approach to things there’s never going to be just one thing that’s gonna fix it. So doing all of those things and then get the get the

Unknown Speaker 16:42
what is the name of the bag that get at least one grounding bag and put it under your bed? Yeah, can can you take out some of the crystals from the grantee bag and put it and spread it out through your house, put some in your car.

Unknown Speaker 16:56
No, you don’t want to do that you’re gonna have to get more grounding bags. So the grounding bags, you use them as is. These are designed for to clear a bed or dust or a car. And then when you put five of them together on the floor, your home you’ll clear a whole house like 2000 square foot area, we do have many’s for a purse pocket or backpack. So the minis would be you’re on the go protection, this is about one pound, this is about two to three ounces. So crystals in it, I saw that in my pocket and put my phone on the outside of it. So I’m protected and the private part area and then not having bone density, you know, challenges with my femur with my phone in the same pocket all the time. So we can do that. We also have Faraday bags, Faraday bags are awesome. They, they, my phone’s pretty much always in them. And it it slows down the data harvesting protects your battery of your phone. And that’s one of the biggest things are batteries are meant to last, literally 10 days or more. And they’re only lasting. Right now they’re only less than a couple hours for most people. So it predicts contact Tracy and you need to double up your location won’t show up on the map you need to have to we have a cell phone size for you. As well as a little bigger one, you could slide a bunch in but there’s a lot of different areas to look at this EMF and understand tracking tracing waveforms kicking off your phone, not the best thing to have Nerea Did lots of studies on it. The list goes on and on as far as where you could find the studies that show what I’m saying is accurate. And they had a couple 100 Scientists from over 40 countries do 1000s of studies and and

Unknown Speaker 18:55
yeah, there’s there’s a lot out there on it. Smoking took like 17,000 studies, we’re getting close to that to show people that the understanding of how the universe works amazing. Well, this has been this has been super cool, man. I’m excited to to get some of these bags for sure. So I’ve got two little kids and I’m interested in not

Unknown Speaker 19:16
not messing them up any more than I already am from my parenting skills. Justin. Well, it’s not you it’s just we’re just surrounded by all this stuff. There’s not much we can do about it. So I we’re excited to get you some great products.

Unknown Speaker 19:32
Well, I appreciate you coming on. Tell us where people can learn more about you how they can engage and where they can get a groaning bag.

Unknown Speaker 19:40
Thanks, George. EMF rocks calm is the site that most people get it on. You can also check out athleticism comm for our curated health and performance products from lean oil, the jump bands to soil enhancers and soil force and I have a book recently published on athleticism

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Whole body plus whole brain equals performance so you can get all that on athleticism calm and this is this really is like the this is the lifeblood of of where you need to be as far as understanding awareness and, and how the universe works and how we work. Well.

Unknown Speaker 20:20
Well if you enjoyed this as much as I did show Justin your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas, go to e m f And pick up a grounding bag. Go to It’s at HLTI ci Pick up a copy of Justin’s book and check out the other products that that he’s developed and learn more about him in general. Thanks. Good, Justin. Thanks, Josh. Appreciate you. And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. It’s we’re all in this together.

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