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Belief in a Higher Power

George Grombacher May 4, 2023

http://lifeblood.live/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Belief-in-a-higher-power-FINAL.mp3 Belief in a Higher Power Younger people’s belief in a higher power is increasing. As many of us struggle and search for answers, could we find them there as well? Where are you finding purpose? Are you clear about your future? The more we can explore the biggest questions, [...]
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The Grand Shift: from Separation to Unity

David Schwerin May 3, 2023

The Grand Shift: from Separation to Unity Good luck attempting to put a positive spin on world events. Societal divisiveness swells, the ecosystem deteriorates, and personal relationships fray, often beyond repair. How can we move from conditions most abhor to those we seek? More of the same won’t do it. [...]