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Your Relationship with Yourself with Tracy Litt

George Grombacher February 8, 2023

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Your Relationship with Yourself with Tracy Litt

LifeBlood: We talked about cultivating your relationship with yourself, why it’s essential work to engage in, how to generate your own reality, your impact on others, and how to get started, with Tracy Litt, success mentor for women leaders, CEO of the Litt Factor, Speaker, author, and coach. 

Listen to learn why giving yourself grace is so important!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Tracy Litt

Episode Transcript

eorge grombacher 0:15
Why put this George G in the time is right welcome today’s guest strong and powerful. Tracy lit. Tracy, are you ready to do this?

Tracy Litt 0:21
I am ready to do this. Good morning.

george grombacher 0:24
Good morning. Let’s go. Tracy is a success mentor for visionary women leaders. She’s the CEO of the lit factor. She’s a TEDx speaker, a thought leader, Best Selling Author, amongst many other things. Tracy excited to have you back on, tell us a little about your personal life more about your work and why you do what you do.

Tracy Litt 0:42
Thank you. Thank you. I love being back here with you. We had a great greenroom chat, if you will. So I’m Tracy lead. I’m the CEO and founder of the lift factor. A little bit about me personally, I have three fabulous daughters two in college one about to be leaving high school to go to college. So yay, me, I feel like singing I will survive right now. Three daughters, no laughing matter. And wonderful, super supportive husband for which I’m super grateful. Because behind it, every incredible woman is an incredible man, as I like to say, are an incredible partner. And I get to wake up every single day and hold my clients and my community in the highest version of themselves. So that they can step into that and see what’s possible. That’s at the core of what we do as a company is we guide you coach you and teach you through the how of within, so that you can be in your evolving becoming process, which is what this whole lived experience is all about.

george grombacher 1:57
We don’t want to just be the same. Well, you’re evolving and becoming.

Unknown Speaker 2:01
Yeah, I mean, and that’s an interesting thing, because you can if you want you can say the same like and when I’m about to say this, it’s not coming from judgment, it’s coming from truth. You can choose shallow and comfortable. That’s fine, not shallow through the ego association of that word, but just shallow through the depth right? How deep do you want to go with yourself? How deep do you want your relationships to be? You know, how deep do you want to explore the possibilities within you, etc, etc. So you can and it’s actually very easy to live comfortable and shallow. That is easier straight out. However, it is a disservice to you to everyone around you to your unique call for the world, and to your ability to experience the elevated emotions that are available to you in your inner environment, right to live in joy and bliss and love and pleasure and ease. And that’s part of the journey of becoming an evolving so it’s either comfortable and shallow or wickedly uncomfortable and deep. You get to choose.

george grombacher 3:19
I love it. And I’ve certainly I’m a person who’s who’s who’s chosen that harder path. And I believe that the unexamined life is not worth living and we do need to dig into this stuff. Man. I certainly had a guess I don’t begrudge anybody that doesn’t want to do that. That’s their choice. And they get to do that. And I’m gonna do what I’m going to do. Yeah. Due to some people really just innately or whatever the term is know themselves, or, you know, is is there a spectrum on that?

Unknown Speaker 3:50
You mean without working on themselves? Yeah. Not unless you have a very, very, very, very unique enlightenment experience. Right like Eckhart Tolle speaks of his sitting on a park bench boom and Lightman experience, it’s beautiful. That’s not happening for the masses in that way. And the only way for you to have some sort of open enlightened experience is to start to open yourself up and work on yourself. It’s not like he had done nothing on himself. And then one day enlightenment just dropped down upon him. Right there were there were things that were going on prior. So to truly know thyself, because when I hear that, I interpret that as self actualization, self evolution, right? Which means identity shifting, to really, really get to the soul of who you are. Because if you’re not doing the inner work, then who you know, is simply the identity that was created via who raised you and The beliefs that were pushed into you and the programming that occurred, and the household that you were raised in, and the circumstances, right, all of those things you don’t actually know you, you know, the identity you became. And that is not the truth of your wholeness, the truth of your divine love, and the truth of your capacity.

george grombacher 5:29
That’s powerful stuff right there.

Unknown Speaker 5:31
And that’s only on meat. That’s me on a half a cup of coffee, you guys, I’m just gonna say, I’m gonna give myself some props.

george grombacher 5:39
We are out of the gate, we are out of the gate fast. Like it? Mm hmm. Yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s an interesting one to kind of get your brain around.

Unknown Speaker 5:51
What does that make you contemplate? Where does that where does that take you?

george grombacher 5:55
What made me think about was the whole Allegory of the Cave, right? We’re all sort of stuck in the cave. And our idea of the reality is we’re seeing the shadows on the wall. But we’re not really, you know, that’s not really what we’re seeing. That’s not what reality is. We need to venture out past that. And to actually get out into the world be like, Oh, look at that. I’ve, I’ve left my echo chamber, my upbringing, the baggage and crap that people piled on me. That’s, that’s, that’s that that’s where my brain went. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 6:25
I love it. And and that’s a beautiful analogy. And we can add to that when you go even further to, like, remove the veil, right? Because that’s what it is, is like, what, what what, wow, right? When you remove the veil, then you realize, at the highest level, you’re actually generating that reality. Because nothing’s real, unless you make it real. That’s the depth and the breadth of the power that each one of us hold. We simply there’s two things we weren’t raised to learn it right. There was no school teaching us our own evolution and enlightenment and personal power. And it wasn’t available. Right? I mean, how cool is it that we get to hang out and have awesome flow conversation on topics that weren’t even, you know, like a flitter in anyone’s eye. When our parents were growing up and when our grandparents are going growing up? I think that’s cool. And, and it it really affirms the divine responsibility that our generation has to show up fully with this. And recognize that we are way past the days of you know, I’m feeling anxiety, I need to find a therapist. Right, we are now in the consciousness revolution of your soul priority. As a spiritual energetic being having a human experience, which is a scientific truth is our main purpose is to grow is to come in as a spiritual energetic being having a human experience is to tap in and heal and grow and ascend into higher levels of ourselves. Right? Like, did you play Mario Brothers? Of course. Okay. So right, so anyone that’s in our like, age range, you totally play Mario Brothers. So thank you. And if you don’t know what Mario Brothers is, I am so sorry for your loss. Go google it because it was like the classic classic Nintendo game. And in Mario Brothers, you jump levels, right? And you’re jumping levels ultimately for the prize of saving the princess which we don’t do, because that’s old school patriarchal stuff, and no one needs to be saved. And we understand that. But to really be able to play and recognize this opportunity, and this game, if you will, of expanding and healing and jumping those levels right from maybe you’re in a little bit of powerlessness. I know I was, I mean, who I am now is is 203 levels up in that game from where I started as a single mother with an eight month old baby right on a you know, food stamps, tons of worth issues, right? I’m the I’m the proof of the work that we do. And it’s only because it’s like great let me go within and continue to learn and grow because when you do to the PC said before, about, you know, coming out of the cave and reality, as you will let’s just call it level up. The way you see the world levels up, right, the lens through which you perceive things levels up what you see as available to you, what you tolerate who you spend your time with your belief in yourself your conviction about what’s been possible, you know, all rises as you rise. And the most magnificent byproduct of that is not what happens for you. This is my perspective. It’s the ripple effect that occurs, because you leaned in and showed up, because when you up level, your frequency up levels, your energy, your level of consciousness now, if you are, let’s say, This marker is me, or you if if I’m the variable that just leveled up and change, which means that everything around me is being perceived differently. The natural ripple effect, you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to be like, Oh, my God, read this book, I’m changing my life Come with me, okay, which we can talk about, do any of that. You just keep doing you. And then science science says that than anything in proximity to this variable changing has to shift in accordance to this variable shifting. And now we have a ripple effect. Right? And now it’s like you’re co regulating with people, you’re co resonating with people. You know, eventually my husband came over while I was on this journey, and he was like, What are you doing over there? You seem really calm, you’re not talking shit about our friends anymore? What’s going on with you? Right, like I wouldn’t I wouldn’t commiserate the way that I used to. And then all of a sudden, oh, you don’t? You’re not control. You don’t care where we go? Nope. Right control and judgment, were the first two low level things that I worked on. And that’s that’s the whole point. That’s the whole point, right? Because we are so conditioned to think that the answer is outside, right? We’re so conditioned to go well, it’s her or it’s him. Or it’s that, or, you know, once I x, then I’ll feel why. And it’s not it’s it’s an inside job. Right. And I will close this rant with this. And it’s not enough to know that. And it’s not enough to hear it and be like, yeah, it’s an inside job. And then do nothing. It’s like saying, oh my god, there’s a gym over there. If I go there, I’ll have a six pack and I’ll lose 20 pounds look at the gym. But I never got a membership or drove my ass there and walked in repetitively day after day after day to change. So, there we go. I love it.

george grombacher 12:34
And what was sort of bouncing around my head? Is is, am I ever done? I need to hide how do I how do I think about it progress. That’s my that’s that’s that’s, that’s that’s like my achievement person coming out. But I don’t want to just focus on

Unknown Speaker 12:55
I love this. So great. George, okay, this is so great. Because we’re all wired to be achievers, right? Not only just like straight up wiring of our brain. But the society under which we were all raised for the most part, all as a loose word is you are as good as what you do. Right, the last good or bad thing you did outside of you will indicate whether or not you’re enough, whether or not you’re valuable to achieve, achieve, achieve achieve achieve. And then when you’re when you’re done achieving that don’t even celebrate and talk about it go What’s your path for the next achievement? Right? These are all of the old school stuff that we’re starting to disinvest right our energy from? We’re never done. Doesn’t that feel so much better? It’s like, oh, no finish line. No one’s waiting for me. You know, at the end or rah rah rah, I’m gonna rah rah rah myself and every tiny victory and every micro victory progress. It is practice and progress and practice and progress, and an outrageous amount of grace. Right? When we fall off when when I’m not being her right and in the way that we teach, because we in our inside of our group programs and events, we are specifically working with women leaders and entrepreneurs. When we do corporates or trainings, it’s different. So it is your progress and your embodiment of her that next level version of yourself. And it’s even progress. For example, if you’re a meditator, which I hope you aren’t, if you’re not, please explore that. There are some days where I’m doing meditation and I am literally like 72 times in a thought coming back in a thought coming back and write victory victory every single time. It’s like yay, progress, progress. We’re never done. Because this is about our soul. You’re not evolving your meat suit. You’re not evolving your physical body. Right and you get to decide what you believe after physical death. I don’t I don’t have an opinion for anyone. And on that I’m still like exploring that while myself. We’re never done. So now think about how great and energetically yummy that feels just be like sweet. There is no finish line. This is about my progress. Spiral progress cool. Now it like literally takes away all of the perfectionist stress, you’re gonna get a grade on it. How did you Are you done right? Which drives that hole? I’m not there yet. Oh my god, I joined this program and and I’m still thinking the way that I used to think and it’s been three weeks, what’s wrong with me? Right, it’s like you guys, any anything you invest in, in the world of human potential, nothing is a fast pill, because it is the unbecoming of decades, decades and percentages of generations before you that had those ways of being. Right. So it’s like cool, we’re not going to completely evolve, or hit enlightenment in this physical body lifetime. Great. Let’s just have fun, play the game, show up, do the work. And I will promise you that when you do come inside to do the work, the work the how within work. All of your perceived problems will eradicate and not because you actually solve the problem. But because you understand that as you rise and expand who use how you see yourself and the way you think and the way you see the world. Problem is perspective. And that’s part of race consciousness.

george grombacher 16:50
Problem is perspective. I love the

Unknown Speaker 16:52
problem is perspective I do I have a whole class on it? Because it is one of the most important things to really realize. Right? Problem is perspective. And perspective is malleable. And choosable.

george grombacher 17:13
We have choice on that one for sure.

Unknown Speaker 17:15
Right. Right. Right. So you know, no matter what it is like, Okay, so my daughter’s father and I talk about this openly all the time, didn’t turn out to be the man that I had hoped he was going to be. And my daughter has gone through a lot of abandonment issues and things you know, now she’s a freshman in college. As a result, I don’t see that as a problem. Because my perspective is, is that her journey, she her soul’s journey, needs certain lessons we all do. Right? And is it? Do I not as a mother and my mama bear to of course, I don’t want her to feel pain, but that’s also low level, because that’s not real. Right? lived experience is contrast. It’s pain. It’s resilience. Right? It’s learning how to grow through and recognize that what has happened in her existence thus far has happened for her. And it has made her the woman she is. Right. So I mean, that’s something I was like, oh my god, what a problem and and then what happens when we focus on problems? We pick a problem, we talk about the problem. We call everybody about the problem, we fixate about the problem, we hold the problem, we rub the problem we coddle the problem, I gotta have this problem because the barber ah, and now everybody is like commiserating and complaining and low level and your energies in the shitter. And then you perpetuate the problem. Because where you place your focus and attention is where you place your energy. Right. So I could rant about this one for days. But yes, that’s my example.

george grombacher 18:53
Yeah. That’s a really good one. And I think we can all we can all identify probably at some level with that and and we are in love with our problems a lot of the time.

Unknown Speaker 19:07
Yes, yes. Yes. Because most of the time, our ability to coddle our problems, affirm and emotional addiction that we have somewhere along the line. It also provides some attention. Right? It’s it’s like it’s like I said recently in our certification training, that focusing on problem and commiserating is a disempowering form of connection. Right? Because like, let’s really go there, something’s coming through my body, if what we desire at our deepest and highest level as beings is connection. And it’s so unfamiliar and vulnerable for most beings. To be vulnerable through the lens of support, love, help, honesty, truth And it is so much more common, sadly, in our society to have something negative say or have something problematic to say or lay something out there for someone to fix with you, or bitching about something or commiserate on something. But what are we receiving in that problem, focus and commiseration. We’re receiving the connection we crave. But we’re doing it in a really, really low level way. where nobody’s winning, and only old paradigms are being perpetuated. Right? So what would it look like to be like, oh, what I really want here is connection. I don’t need to like complain or whatever about this. I can just say, I would really love some connection right now. Do you want to meet up? Can we talk? This is what’s really on my heart. And that loops us back to therefore you’re choosing the uncomfortable and deep option versus the comfortable and shallow option. What a trap. He Oh, yeah.

george grombacher 21:14
What a crazy trap. That’s so I mean, it’s the easier option. It’s like, I want to be hanging out. Want to grab a beer or a glass of wine with my friend or whatever, you know, grab a coffee, and you know, jeez, I really just fall back to talking about, you know, nonsense bullshit. Everybody’s sort of stuck. He’s

Unknown Speaker 21:34
absolutely right. Such as it’s just like, I feel like we need to give a challenge to your beautiful audience now or something because and I want to say this too, it doesn’t mean that you’re not just Yes, you also shoot the shit. This isn’t about like, you gotta get together for a beer or coffee. I’m like, go, Oh, my God, go deep into your inner child like that’s, you know, I My body’s telling me to say that. It is about when you are sitting down. Being open to what’s real for you? How are you feeling? What’s going on? Right? And when you’re exploring it an opportunity, it’s not a problem. It’s a there’s this opportunity I have helped me brainstorm. Right? If I’m gonna, I’m choosing to see this this way. Where can I take this from here, start to write help the people that are in your life, to think at a higher level. Share what you’re been grateful for. And keep the topics on you and the other person. We so quickly navigate into to hear what’s happening with so and so Oh, my God, such and such? No, just just No,

george grombacher 22:45
no. I love those. Having different tools in our toolbox to be able to have a good conversation, I think is super helpful. Because otherwise we just revert to talking about you know, sometimes vapid nonsense or you know, other people, or what’s you know, like a toothache that’s been bothering, whatever. So I appreciate that. So help me brainstorm on this thing I’m working on just something to be grateful for and make sure that you’re keeping it about you and the other person and not talking about that. A whole Randy back that you work with her that pitch, Stacey.

Unknown Speaker 23:23
Exactly. That’s right. That’s right. Amazed, you’ll be amazed we do a no complaint agreement. Inside mine magic, our core program. And when the women come through and sign it, which is scary. They like most a lot of them delay. They’re like I didn’t sign it yet. Right? Because you’re like so afraid. But then what they find is number one, their energy and frequency goes through the roof in a great way. They’re also like, I have so much time back. Like, I have so much space, because I was so focused on other people’s shit. Oh my god. Right. I was so focused on that complaining piece. So try it on. It’s been magical.

george grombacher 24:06
Yeah, I love it. Well, Tracy, thank you so much for coming back on. Where can you Where can people learn more about you? How can they engage? Ah,

Unknown Speaker 24:15
come on over to the lip That’s our website and it’s li TT and it’s also at the lip factor on Instagram. And if you are curious to see where you are in your growth and ascension journey, Quantum Leap is a gift that we have and it’s a really really cool assessment that they’ll deliver back to a lot of insight about where you are and then some just direct gifts of meditations and some some guidance on what you can focus on to continue to jump levels. Love it.

george grombacher 24:50
If you enjoyed as much as I did so Tracy your appreciation and share today share with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to the lit It’s th e li TT G Find them on Instagram as well and then check out the checkout quantum leap. and start on your path. Tracy. That’s right. Come be uncomfortable with us. Yes. Thank you. Good, Tracy. Thank you. And until next time, remember, do your part by doing your best

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