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Wholesaling Real Estate with Zack Boothe

George Grombacher January 4, 2022

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Wholesaling Real Estate with Zack Boothe

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Wholesaling Real Estate with Zack Boothe

LifeBlood: We talked about wholesaling real estate, why flipping a piece of paper is better than flipping a house, what’s required to be successful doing it, and how to get started with Zack Boothe, real estate investor, coach and podcast host

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Episode Transcript

Come on

we lead flow. This is George G. And the time is right welcome today’s guest strong a powerful Zach booth. Zack, welcome back. How are you? I’m doing awesome, man. Thanks for having me again. excited to have you back on. Zack is an expert real estate investor. He is a coach, and the host of driving for dollars mastery excited to have you back on. Zach, tell us a little about your personalized smart bucks your work and what you’ve been up to the past couple of years. Yeah. So, you know, last time I was on the show I shared you know, I was a window cleaner and got into real estate investing. And, you know, I don’t want to bring up the same exact things. But I was struggling, right. And I wanted to get into real estate. So So I did you know, and then I happened to get into coaching. And, you know, in the last year or so since we since I was on the podcast, we started my new podcast, I started a podcast called driving for dollars mastery. And really been pushing and helping as many people as possible did a challenge for my YouTube channel. That’s been awesome.

Zack Boothe 1:15
So yeah, I don’t know how much you want me to go in, into my story. Again, I’d be happy to share what you’d like. I tell you what, I know that everybody always loves the story, but humble beginnings.

But let’s talk about I know that you sort of teased the last time you were on that you were going to accept this crazy for lack of a better term challenge. And I don’t even know how that went. So why don’t you kind of recap and tell us what it was and how, how it went? Yeah, well, how about how about I start with why I did it, then like what, what what the challenge is about. So

back in 2000, and about 13, I was trying to get into real estate investing, I bought a duplex, I was trying to get into it, I heard about something called Real Estate wholesaling, where you’re finding properties 50 6040 cents on the dollar. And instead of closing on them and flipping them, right taking on the debt and the risk, you have an assignable purchase agreement. So if I’m gonna buy a house, let’s say I’m gonna buy a house for here from George, I put it under contract with a piece of paper that I can buy it for a certain amount, and George is gonna sell it to me for a certain amount. But then I have Bob the flipper, and I go to Bob the flipper, and I say, Hey, Bob, I have this purchase agreement. And let’s that purchase agreement needs to have the paragraph that allows me to sign it to Bob the flipper. I say, Bob, you know, I’ve got the house under contract for 100. Will you pay me 20 grand for this contract. So you’ll be in 120 grand on purchase? And he’ll say yes, because it’s worth 200. Right when it’s fixed up. So then I’m making 20 grand selling a piece of paper, not flipping a house but flipping paper. And I heard about this is like, too good to be true. Not possible. You can’t do this.

Trying to make this is short and sweet as possible to not bore everybody. I doubted it. I didn’t believe in it. And it also didn’t sit right in my belly. Because I was like if you’re getting properties that much of a discount, you’re taking advantage of people. So not only do I not want to take advantage of people I don’t want to

be scammed by some guru. Right. So I was washing windows for a wealthy gentleman. That’s what I did before right is washing windows in this giant mansion, scrubbing Windows day in and day out and found out he’s a real estate developer talk to him. I was so intrigued because I was wanting to get into real estate investing. How do you get there? What do you do when you’re poor like me? With no resources? Grandfather died with one tooth and a gun to his name kind of family like I didn’t. Like, I’m nothing special about me guys. And I was like, Okay, well, like how do I do this? And he’s like, Oh, that’s super convenient. I got these two properties I don’t want to deal with I’ll sell them to seller finance.

I turned around sold those properties a year later for over $100,000 profit. And I’m like, holy crap, this dude is way more educated way more wealthy. Like I wasn’t wealthy. I was poor. He had money. I had no money. He’s like, Could you put 10% down for this half million dollar purchase price is like, No, I can give you a couple 1000 bucks, though. He’s like, Sure, right. And I was like, Holy crap. This is a deal of a century. This is the stuff they were talking about. Plus, I didn’t take advantage of the guy. The guy knew he didn’t want to deal with it. Right. He could have listened to he talked about all of his options, but he wanted to work with me. He wanted to give me a chance all those things. So I was like, Alright, if I can find this deal of a century every week, I’m a business. Yeah, right. So after that experience, it made me a believer. So fast forwarding and you guys can hear my story if you want to in the previous podcast, but I started teaching other people how to do this. You’re right quite a few years down the road. And I started noticing that I kept encountering Zachary Many years before the skeptic, you know, the very cautious. And the problem with that was not that I wasn’t signing them up as students. The problem was the students that did sign up, they went in, kind of with one foot, they were kind of putting their toe in the water, they weren’t 100% confidence, that 100% They could be successful too. And since they lacked that confidence, they didn’t give the effort that needed to be success when I was like, How do I empower my students? And how do I empower other people? How do I serve people? And give them that confidence that I had was like, Okay, what took me from a skeptic from you know, from being cautious to going in 100% walking away from window cleaning, before I ever even did a different deal. You know, and it was, oh, I met Stan, I did that deal. I saw it happen. So I wanted to give that gift to other people. Right, I wanted to let them look over my shoulders at what it looks like to be able to make 2040 5060 grand on one deal on selling a piece of paper. Right. And so I did it, I took 1000 bucks. And I flew to Tampa, Florida never even been there. I went there in January, the height of the COVID. Shut down right like pretty crazy, very intimidated by all of it. And

the goal is to make 40 grand because 40 grand is what the average American makes per year. But I had to start from scratch. I didn’t have any resources, no connections, it was 100% from scratch, and so landed in Tampa and went to work. And I don’t want it to be, I don’t want to be a spoiler to the show. It’s a 40 day challenge that I documented day by day and it’s on my YouTube channel for free. You guys can watch it. But I’ll say this, I blew the goal out of the water. Right. So so grateful that I did. And I remembered before I prayed, I said, I said God, please allow me to find a stand. Right, it was more important for me to show people what I had seen to empower people to give them that belief, to see that there’s a hell of a lot of hard work and a lot of effort. A lot of rejection, a lot of getting sworn at like really it’s hard, right? It’s, it’s a selling and prospecting type business. But the rewards are amazing. You know, in everything that I wanted to show and more, I was able to make a huge sum of cash, I was able to pick up two rentals with over $100,000 in equity, my net worth went up by over 100 grand by two purchases. And and I make a very nice cash flow on those two properties right on top of making all that cash, everything that I had hoped for happen. But on day four, the challenge might, you know, I feel like God answered my prayers. I got the wrong phone number. The guy’s like, Honey, do we own the property at XYZ address? And I was like, This dude’s got a lot of properties, let me know which ones he owns. You know? So I was like, well, it’s okay. Jerry, if you don’t know what houses you own. I was like, Do you have any in particular you would like to sell. Right? That’s, and you can hear it day four of the challenge. You can watch it and hear this conversation, right? And he’s like, Oh, matter of fact, I do have these three properties come on over, and I go and meet with them. And three, four hours later, I walk out of their house with three purchase agreements. Right. And I’ve since had Jerry on my podcast and shared his story. And he was a wealthy real estate investor as well. And he just had three properties of many that he didn’t want to deal with anymore. Right. And he was completely okay with selling them at a discount for the convenience. And so the the challenge was incredible, a huge success. And I hope that the audience if you have any interest in real estate investing of any kind, I really, really think that you would learn and understand a lot by watching that challenge.

george grombacher 8:44
Amazing. Well, congratulations. I mean, I always appreciate when people put their money time attention where their mouth is kind of a thing. And they actually you went and and you put it on the line. And what’s even better is that it worked out and now we get to watch it. So yeah,

Zack Boothe 9:01
I’m glad I did a shell miserably. Right. I did. I thought I might I was nervous. I’m not gonna lie.

george grombacher 9:07
Yeah. Well, you mentioned that when you’re landing or you got there that you were intimidated. Were you really?

Zack Boothe 9:14
Oh, yeah, dude. Because you got to realize most of my deals, even in my business today, because we’ve already made over a million dollars a year doing this, right. But I have a whole team now. Right? I haven’t I hadn’t even gone on an appointment over a year myself. I hadn’t cold called in two years. Right. So there’s a bunch of stuff that I’m like getting trained by my team before I go down there. I hadn’t done all like I had, you know, done all the grinding in the beginning. But I didn’t know how to do a lot of the stuff. I didn’t even know the systems. I don’t even have logins to my CRM. Like there was a lot of things I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. And so there was that but then there was also the timeframe. So the majority of my deals are from the first time I identify the house, and then start my Marketing, the majority of my revenue is six months out. So 40 days is not six months, that’s less it way, way less in size. Like, I’ve got to, I’ve got to get some contracts in the first two weeks. I mean, I’ve got to find some low hanging fruit, I’ve got to find some like, oh, wow, you want to buy my house? I didn’t think anyone would want to buy my house kinda lead. Right. And I didn’t think that would be possible, especially because Tampa is a huge competitive real estate investors market. And I picked I picked Tampa, not because of the opportunities, you know, this can be done anywhere. But I picked Tampa because it was sunny. And it was January and I want to go somewhere cold, you know. And so yeah, I really thought that I could fail miserably. And I was going to show it regardless, right? Because I had announced it, I had shared it on your podcast, I shared it on many podcasts in many places that I was going to do this. And I started uploading videos before I ever even ended the challenge.

george grombacher 10:57
You put yourself on the hook. I have all the respect in the world. So like that. That’s awesome. So is this evidence that the system works?

Zack Boothe 11:08
Yeah, 100% you know, but it’s also evidence that if I can do it, you guys can do it. Yeah, you know, you’ll be able to see that I’m no one special. You can see that I rolled up my sleeves and put the time in. Right. But you can see that I made mistakes like one of the one of the mistakes I made wise there I sent out a deal to my cash buyers list to see if they wanted to buy my purchase contract. I put the price $100,000 too low. I sent it out, like 97,700 97,000 to like 11,000 emails. So my phone and my computer’s just like blowing up and I’m just like, I want to cry it I’m overtired, overworked, right, I made a bunch of stupid mistakes. Right? And it’s okay. Like people need to realize that like, that’s kind of part of the progression like I love the challenge so much because it was like, people get to see the Zacks nothing great, right, that doesn’t take the smartest guy, the most well spoken guy. He takes someone that has a heart and a desire to change their life or to do something great. And yes, the process works. I mean, if I didn’t believe in the process, I wouldn’t have tried in the first place. Right? I already knew that I’ve already made millions off the process. I’ve already seen students make millions. My very first student I ever brought on. You know, I started coaching with the goal of putting a million dollars in 10 people’s pockets right. And I might have shared this on the previous podcast, I read a self help journal called living your best year ever. First 100 pages, you create three big goals and talks about what you got to do to accomplish those goals. The rest of it’s a journal day by day journal for the year. One of those big goals I created was making a million dollars. So my wholesaling business. At that time, I’d only done about a half a million, like okay, well how do I get there? Right. I felt like I had tapped myself out. Like there’s no way but it said I had to give away whatever I wanted to receive wanted love. I had to give love if I wanted money, I had to give money. It’s like, well, how the hell do I give away a million dollars when I don’t have it? Right? So I was like, Okay, I don’t know what to do. We thought about it long and hard. My wife and I it’s like, Okay, I’m going to take 10 people on I’m going to teach them my systems. I’m gonna give them everything. Teach them exactly what I’m doing. My very first student Scott or not Scott Dowager Michael McLeish. He texted me four weeks ago. He’s now made over a million dollars from what I taught him the marketing system that I taught him him alone. Right. And that’s just a couple years. Scott Dowager, His first deal $113,000 profit. You know, he’s in Portland. Michael McLeish is in Greenville, North Carolina, right there, South Carolina, two different markets, completely opposite ends of the United States like this is being done all across the country in your backyard. All the time. The only difference is they’re doing it and you know, you’re not if you want to be right. But yes, the process works. I had no doubt about that. Just the timeframe, which was hard. Yeah, yeah.

george grombacher 13:59
I get it. So the belief and the desire to change your life is required. You mentioned it’s a selling and prospecting business. So sales skills, tough skin, those are required.

Zack Boothe 14:13
Yeah. But I don’t think so. The whole selling right of of getting the discounted property and selling the purchase agreement, right? Yes, it’s a sales and prospecting business. It’s a marketing business. But I believe all real estate investing is marketing. All of it. Because you know, whether you’re flipping you’re keeping as a long term rental you’re doing Airbnb is you’re flipping it you’re you’re doing multifamily syndications, you have to start with a discounted opportunity, and how do you start with one without a process and marketing system in place? Right. All of the other stuff that everyone wants to talk about all the cool ways to make money with real estate. Those are called exit strategies. That’s what you do with a deal once you have it. But if you don’t have a deal, you’re never going to Make Money you’re not going to be in business or at least not for long. If you don’t have a way to find deeply discounted properties, I teach people wholesaling. And I started with wholesaling, because I didn’t have money, I didn’t have debt to income ratio, I didn’t have down payments, I didn’t have rich uncle’s, I didn’t have connections, I didn’t have all those things that that are needed to do some of the exit strategies, right. And so wholesaling was that barrier to entry. And now I love it more than anything, because I cherry pick the best ones now for myself for rentals, and growing my net worth and cash flow, and I sell the rest of the lemons. You know, I don’t get stuck with bad deals.

george grombacher 15:39
I love it. So your advice to people who are thinking about it?

Zack Boothe 15:48
Stop thinking that’s a problem. Most people just sit around and watch a ton of YouTube videos and a ton of podcasts and like, they want to understand everything there is to know about real estate before they take action. I think it’s a huge, huge mistake. So then people are like, Okay, well, where do I start? And how do I know how to start? If I don’t do the research, my advice is this. If you want to find success in anything in your life, you find someone that’s done it, it’s doing it consistently helping other people do it number two, and third, that their core values align with you. Right that you could have coffee, they could be your friend, like, you understand that that person is a lot like you. So you know that they’re not going to ask you to do anything that’s outside your moral compass. Right. So if you do those three things, and you find that mentor, and you say, This is my goal, and they know 100%, how to get you there, they’re going to give you the steps, they’re going to be support, and they’re going to help you accomplish that goal. The problem is too many people try and figure everything out on their own or figure everything else. Everything out on their own. And they they hit so many roadblocks and they, they get a property under contract. But then the there’s fire damage or there’s liens or there’s something that happens and they don’t know who to go to. And they go to these feet free Facebook groups and get horrible advice from people that are in the same process they’re in and they have no idea what they’re doing. Right. Like I think the biggest mistake that people make is they just sit there and in in in research, research, research research. What you should be researching is who do you hire as a coach? That’s what you should be doing. And they’re going to tell you what to do and how to do it. You’re going to be doing deals.

george grombacher 17:35
I love it. And for people who are who are wanting to do wholesaling and to get into this. Are you somebody who it sounds like that could be you. You could be the coach to others.

Zack Boothe 17:46
Yeah, I do coach and I feel like I fit that criteria. Yes, but I don’t give you guys that advice, because I’m trying to sign you up as a student. Sure. If you think that I tell this all the time. If you think that’s why I said that. Do not hire me please, seriously, don’t hire me. There’s a lot of coaches out there. Start looking into real estate wholesaling, real estate, wholesaling, YouTube videos, most of the YouTube channels, there’s a coach behind it, right? Find that mentor, find that guide, but don’t go out it on your own.

george grombacher 18:18
I love it was ech congratulations on on successfully achieving or winning your own challenge completing your own challenge. I think that that’s awesome.

Zack Boothe 18:29
I’m not failing at my own channel, right.

george grombacher 18:33
I’m super excited to to watch all of it even though I know how it ends. But give us the give us the name of it again, give us the channel they can watch it on and just let us know how people can can connect with you.

Zack Boothe 18:47
Yep, so it’s a real estate investing with Zack booth is a YouTube channel. You can you can find my youtube channel there. I do want to give you guys a free gift though. So if you go to d f d mastery comm stands for driving for dollars. Okay, d f d mastery comm forward slash the number seven in free. That is the seven reasons why driving for dollars is the fastest way to make an absolute fortune in real estate investing. That’s a mouthful there. But it’s it’s it’s a it’s a PDF form and it breaks down the seven reasons why if you’re going to get into this business, you need to be doing driving for dollars. That’s how I’m finding all of my deals. That’s the strategy that I use to find all my deals on the challenge. But it there’s lots of ways right you know, radio and Facebook ads and PPC and all those things. There’s lots of things out there and I’m doing most of them and I make some money on them but I’m making I’m making four times more profits with that marketing channel than any other marketing channel that I have or tried. Right and so it is the best channel not just because I make money. There’s a lot of reasons why it’s the best. So make sure you guys get that free resource Give you some good guidance when you’re starting out so DFD mastery comm forward slash the number seven and free but you can follow me everywhere you want my podcast driving for dollars mastery is my podcast I break down a lot of this stuff and a lot more detail have guests on and students on that share what they did and how they did it you guys can duplicate the results Instagram Facebook website DFT mastery, calm lots of places

george grombacher 20:26
Awesome. Well if you enjoyed this as much as I did, she was at your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas. Check out the real estate investing with Zach booth booth with an E on the end on YouTube. Check out or go to DFT mastery comm slash the number seven free for that resource and then listen to the driving for dollars mastery podcast wherever you listen to your podcast. Thanks again, Zack.

Zack Boothe 20:55
Thank you. Thanks for having me.

george grombacher 20:56
And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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