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Who I Am with Pavel Stuchlik

George Grombacher December 6, 2023

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Who I Am with Pavel Stuchlik

LifeBlood: We talked about the importance of focusing on who I am, not who I’m not, finding the truth about the best way to live, determining your own path versus following someone else’s, and practical ways to start feeling and being better, with Pavel Stuchlik, Founder of NOA AON, and org equipping professionals with ancient and modern tools to achieve harmony.       

Listen to learn a a four-step process for becoming more present!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Pavel Stuchlik

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:02
Pavel Stuchlik is the breathwork guy he is the founder of Noa Aon, they are equipping professionals with ancient and modern tools to achieve harmony. Welcome. Pavel.

Pavel Stuchlik 0:14
Thank you so much. Super happy to be here.

george grombacher 0:16
Yeah, excited to have you on. Tell us a little about your personal lives more about your work, why you do what you do?

Speaker 2 0:23
Yes. Well, you know, that’s an extended, offloading part. But essentially, I’ll tell you the pivotal moment that got me into this where I am. I’ve been an avid seeker of Truth, my whole life. And I didn’t really fit into school systems, I didn’t really fit into the societal dorm. And I always kept on questioning more, you know, there, there. This is not the answer. This is not the way we live. And it’s not, you know, there’s so many other ways to life. And so we’re stepping outside of this box, it led me into a trip around the world, and essentially, committing myself that every three months, I’m going to do something out of my comfort zone. And you know, it started with simple things as seminar I camp in Japan. Then it led me into the Wim Hof, you know, course and training, which was ended up being a year long experience with the Iceman. I was 30 days with the psychics in Brazil. And it wasn’t until I spent 10 days in darkness, with no food in the middle of Thailand, that my light bulb just switched on. And it was the biggest pivotal moment that led me into the work I do today. And I came in there as busy intrapreneur as somebody, you know, that was living the American dream and had all of the things that people would checklist. But I was depressed, and I was burned out. And I like didn’t feel that this is, you know, this is it. So basically, day seven, inside of this cave, I lost it, I start crying and purging and moved into this complete state of bliss. And for the first time in my life, I have touched myself for who I am, not for who I am not. And basically, that’s the rise of no Aon. That’s when we created this brand, and I moved into, you know, retreats and workshops and everything we do today.

george grombacher 2:27
And hopefully, you’re going to help other people do that without having to go to Thailand and spend 10 days in a cave with no food.

Speaker 2 2:35
That’s exactly right. I, you know, wanted to be that guinea pig, if we can say it this way that wasn’t afraid to you know, go into really sometimes excruciating experiences. And, but then each experience taught me something. And each experience gave me a set of tools. And basically, system reset is something that we teach the system reset tools for us to basically put a button on our computer, and hold it there for two seconds and reset our mind, body emotional, and all of our health. So that way, we can take charge of the journey through self transformation, as I like to call it. Who I am

george grombacher 3:17
not who I’m not. That was that’s a pivotal thing.

Speaker 2 3:25
That’s right. You know, we’re taught right all throughout our life, what we should be and where should we go and parents and friends and everybody always has so much business in in our own business. And I was like, Who are you guys to dictate my life. And essentially, in that moment, I’ve just I, I actually created this thing called the process of unhooking which I basically unhooked myself from everybody’s thoughts and everybody’s ideas, everybody’s, you know, agendas. And what I was able to hear is my own agenda, like why I actually came here. And it wasn’t to make more money it wasn’t to continue living, you know, selfish lifestyle. It was to bring this to the world to the people and become selfless. Living in surplus.

george grombacher 4:19
It’s all really really powerful. I think, Who are you to dictate my life other people, parents, friends, people who love me, but more smothering and crushing and and preventing then really love at that sometimes most times probably.

Speaker 2 4:38
Again, it’s like it’s nothing wrong with it right? Like it’s a beautiful to have an outside loaf. But what is wrong with is when we’re constantly every minute of our day, you know in that and I actually you know what I what I’ve learned through this, I’ve I practice this process of unhooking in like segments. So once a day, the first hour of my day I spent just with myself, I do my morning ritual, you know, I do some breath work meditation, intention setting in, visualize the day in front of me. And then I really asked myself like, what am I going to live for me today. Then, once a week, I take full day off from everything. So digital detox physically dogs, I unhook from families, friends, and I spent a big portion of just with myself. And once a month, it’s three to four days. Because it’s like a cycle that I’ve learned that we always need a little bit longer, because just one day for extended periods of time per week is not enough. And then once a year, I spent 10 to 15 days completely off as well, which, unfortunately, in America, it’s not really a norm to block off, you know, time off. But in those times, is when I realized I reinspire, my passion, you know, what’s my purpose? And what’s the legacy I want to leave behind? And so I see them as alignment drops that allow me to hear and feel and what am I actually going to do?

george grombacher 6:08
I think that everybody who’s listening can identify with that, with the experience of, maybe you’re on vacation, I know, for me, when I’m staring at the ocean, it sort of has that calming effect of just zoning out and disconnecting from anything. And then you get home and you do feel like oh, wow, I didn’t feel like I could get away or I needed. I knew I needed to but I just feel so much better now that I did. So what is we’ve talked, you talked about unhooking, for, for us busy, busy Americans who are constantly driving and not taking any time off, how do we how do we enter this work?

Speaker 2 6:48
Yeah, so So I’ve actually created a very simple four steps to the journey to self transformation. And what it’s based upon is when I went into the cave, you know, I used to be a victim of situations and blaming others, and, you know, living from this place of what is happening to me. And so when I went into the cave, I was able to see things that I didn’t before. And essentially, what happened to me is I treat now every situation in every life opportunity as a as a way to receive things from, you know, what it was before. And I used to learn through the gutter, you know, I told that if it doesn’t hurt that if it’s not hard, it’s not good enough. And, you know, it led me into burnout and not being happy. And so now I learned through balance and love and joy. And it’s this, like, Why did I start this way? Well, what happened was, I had to first look at all the different things. And so I’ve got this very simple four step process, that can help you look into any of those areas in your life that are important. It all starts with Wake up, it’s the first phase of awakening, what is not working? I like to apply this on my mind, what is my mental state, my body? What’s my physical state, my emotions, you know, what is it that I’m feeling, and also my spiritual connection with with the divine, with my meditation with my practice, then I also like to look at my relationships, and the environment that I’m living in. Because all of that, you know, surrounding us, whatever its air, water, food sources came, that all has an effect on us. Now, in each of this area, I essentially first that to do like a heart self assessment, you know, waking up, why am I people thinking I’m not worthy of, you know, why is my energy level so low? Why can’t I sleep at night, so it was like a heart, you know, let’s wake up. When I had this data I cleaned up, which is the second phase, I had to let go of the old, let go of the non serving, you know, toxic mind. I called her mind the software, you know, bodies, the hardware, it just like when we have a computer, we can download new software and new apps as we wish. But we gotta be connected to the internet. Now in the work that I do, we got to be connected to the inner net. So we can hear those non serving thoughts, and delete them. You know, just like when we hold the app, we exit out of the app. The same thing is with our mental patterns, with our emotional patterns with our physical patterns, if we’re constantly tired, there’s a reason. So wake up, clean up, and then power up. The third phase is power up. This is when you supplement new vitamins and minerals if you if you need to. This is when you bring relationships in this is when you go into offense when you take the driver’s wheel and you’re actually accelerating. And then rest up is the fourth stage, which is the process of unplugging. So that’s what I was describing is you got to take time off for yourself. You got to take time to integrate and you got to take time to re assess you know where you’re going next. Because this journey and never ends. You know, the minute that I ever thought that I mastered something, the whole new set of skills, or opportunities, you know, shows up. So I always say I’m not mastering anything, but the transformation itself where we can take each step and bring it to our hands.

george grombacher 10:17
How do you feel about that? I don’t know, if you think about that as a reality, that it’s never over.

Speaker 2 10:26
You know, if I start thinking too deep into, like, universal law, and like, why are we here and the start, our minds are not simply able to comprehend that. So I just quit doing that. And I surrender into just Can I have the best moment? You know, every moment? Can I have, you know, positive mindset and great emotions? And and if I don’t, you know, what can I do to fix that? Because what type of choices have I made, that made these consequences to what I feel or, you know, I’m hearing today. And what’s really exciting for me, is that as long as I continue seeing every situation as an opportunity, then you know, there is no need for any mastery, because you will be constantly living, the greatest expression of who and what you think you are.

george grombacher 11:17
In this four step process, do you find that there’s a stage or step that is most commonly difficult for people.

Speaker 2 11:28
It’s the resting up, it’s the unhooking, because we are living in a world of doing and every single part of our life is now designed to keep us keep our attention and continue, you know, buzzing, quick reward system, you know, through the polling. And whatever it’s notifications on email, phone, social media, it really matters not it’s like we’re we’re addicted to short reward system. And because of this, we have to find way back inside and unhook and slow everything down. Because in the process of doing living externally, you know, outside of our bodies, we first have to just call the energy back like, so we are breathing, we are in a relaxed state, because we most people are over breathers. You know, we’re constantly chronically in fight or flight. And it could be sequence with simple things like giving your consciousness to a device. And so what I teach is, how can we come back to something called instant presence. And, by the way, anybody can do it right now, all you have to do is just follow a breath extended, about five and a half seconds, don’t inhale, five and a half seconds on, exhale, in and out of your nose, all throughout the day, as much as you can come back to this extension, because more and further extended your breathing, then a higher heart brain coherence you’re experiencing, and lower the stress release that you that you have. And so that’s the power of breath. The other part is I always ask myself, Where am I, because most of the time, we’re in the past, in the future, we’re on our phones, you know, we’re thinking about what we need to do for our children. And so every time I get outside of myself, I bring the awareness back into my body. And I just practice the simple imagination, that you have this shame thing like bubbles bubbling up around your whole body, not just your mind. So that way you extend the awareness into almost as if you were breathing through all of your pores of your skin at the same time. So it helps you relax into it. And the third tool is can you be aware of the stillness and silence beneath the noise. So let’s say that you’re in a music festival, you know, you can still be aware of your breath, you can still be aware of your body’s awareness, so you’re inside of your body. And you can still hear the little stillness and silence beneath the sound beneath the noise. And if you do this, it completely changes the level of awareness of every situation. Now you’re present listening to someone, now you present talking to someone. And so I use this practice as often as I can remember, because it’s a remembrance of not living outside of ourselves, but actually being deeply inside in our beingness instead of doing this.

george grombacher 14:29
I think that those are really solid practices. So do you advocate that? That I try and just schedule these in, which kind of sounds exactly the way that somebody like me would say that as somebody who was a human doing over a human being and working towards being more of a human being but, you know, maybe that sounds really dumb that you probably understand what I’m asking.

Speaker 2 14:54
No, honestly, I do the same. So before I adopt new AI neural pathway. I mean, ultimately, right? We’re like computers. And that’s that was kind of my point with early on is that we literally can program ourselves to whatever we wish, right we have a consciousness inside we’re spiritual beings living in physical experience. And so we have to realize is that we are so much more than just this flesh of body. But at the same time, if we understand how to operate this body, this tempo and the mind and the emotion, then you can use it in your advantage, and you can use it in your power. So, you know, maybe you start with morning, midday evening, right, you just set it in. And even just a short three second drops, like let’s say that you just remind yourself before every call, or before every meeting, that you do this little pause, you’re one step closer to who you are, and live in that state of choices and consequences, right? Like you’re in your power, when you bring this power back to your awareness. And the minute we forget, you know, it’s okay, right? It’s like, this is why this is a beautiful practice round. But it is not okay, when we just keep on doing doing doing and moving from the next place. Because what happens is, there’s a certain brainwaves that we actually activate, and it’s the high beta, the overly active thinking mind, that makes us think that we continue in you having to think all the time. And what happens is, if you close your eyes, even just for five, not two minutes, you know, even just for a little bit, you’re one step closer to the alpha, you know, that creative mind. And so there’s many different ways that we teach people how to trigger these different states, because it’s all in your hands. It’s all in your power. But do we know that we have the power? That’s the question, I think most of us as

george grombacher 16:42
we have access to all of these tools, they’re probably we probably came with them built in. But unless we’re aware of them, and we know how to play them, if they were instruments, or use them, if they were tools, then they’re just going to sit there. So

Speaker 2 16:59
absolutely. And you know, and that’s really what happened. For me, it was like, you know, I, I’ve learned all these tools. But then for me, you know, I was the type of person that wants to embody that, right? So I would go into some sort of retreat, workshop or training. And then I’d be like, Okay, if this is your path to happiness and health, show me the way, right, then I come in there with an open heart and mind. And if it works for me, I add it to the toolbox. If it doesn’t work for me, simply move on. And that’s the beauty about self growth, and also beauty about what you’re doing. By the way, with the work, you’re opening a channel of education, which creates inspiration, which makes motivation, and that brings new results to people. And so thank you on behalf of all the people as well.

george grombacher 17:47
Well, you are welcome. I appreciate that. And it really everything you’ve been talking about really resonates with me. And the simple thing of doing a morning, midday, and then in the evening, that’s going to be a good starting point for me. So I appreciate it. Thank you so much for coming out. Where can people learn more about you? How can they engage with you tell us more about that?

Speaker 2 18:16
Absolutely. So you know, we teach workshops, retreats, and lectures and immersive experiences all over the world, about about 150 of them per year. So we spent half of the year literally on the road teaching. The second half we spend integrating filming content. And so with today’s recording, we’ll we’ll make sure we include a free online library where you can find all of these different tools, practices, meditations, all at no cost. And then we also have a conscious ecommerce products that are all around basically, consciousness expansion, helping you you know, dive in deeper frequency and beyond. And it’s at the NOAA Aon and OA, eo And no AON official for social media.

george grombacher 19:14
If you enjoyed as much as I did show Pawel, your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas, go to an and check out the great resources and everything else that Pablo has been talking about. And then follow them on social media at N O A O N official, and I’ll link all those in the notes. Thanks again. Pawel.

Unknown Speaker 19:38
Thank you so much as well. It was an honor. Till next time, remember,

george grombacher 19:41
do your part doing your best. Of course, it’s probably not true. Maybe being your best to Val would be better.

Unknown Speaker 19:49
That’s the next stage we’re going into but it’s totally perfect. Thanks again.

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