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Urges and Urgings October 2022

Taylor Kosla October 5, 2022

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Urges and Urgings for October 2022

We’re excited to bring you our first edition of Urges and Urgings, LifeBlood’s monthly message. Each month, you’ll get an update on the last 30 days of podcasts and blog posts, as well as a curated list of some of our favorite things.

Urges are more fun. Urgings are more beneficial.

This month, Contributor Taylor Kosla was kind enough to make a submission.

Urge: Peloton

Peloton bicycles have brought great innovations to home workouts, but for a price. For some, the experience of a gym workout within their homes is an invaluable asset, while for others, such an experience is not worth the price tag.

Of course, you’ll know exactly how long your workout will be, which is important to someone like me with a very busy schedule. Every minute of the day must be accounted for, and with a Peloton bike at home I know that I will get a good sweat in 30 or 45 minutes, and without time spent commuting to the gym or working around fitness class schedules.

As a true innovation, the Peloton’s large touch screen allows for actual exercise classes taught by real instructors who strive to make fitness fun. Cody is my personal favorite: while he may not have the “hardest” classes, I feel as if I’m working out with a friend and I often catch myself laughing at his silly jokes and dance moves. Not a cyclist? Neither am I. What is also great about Peloton is that it provides more than just cycling classes, the app contains a variety of workouts from strength to yoga. Some classes include exercises both on and off the bike in the same class, such as the “bootcamp” class, which is a great go-to for a total body workout.

The most common criticism against Peloton is the cost, which, to most, is rather high. Costs include not only the bike, shoes, and hand weights, but also a monthly subscription fee. Conveniently, Peloton offers interest-free financing. If you simply compare the monthly subscription fee to a health club membership, the Peloton is the more economical choice.

If you are a true cyclist, you may not want to be on an indoor bike in the first place. I live in Chicago and I use the bike less in the summer simply because I prefer to run outside when I can. And yet, I still use it. When I get home from a run, I might even use the app to do a strengthening class for core or arms.

Overall, I love being able to hop on the bike at home and get a good workout that fits my schedule. I urge you to give it spin! 

Urging: Maximize your Insurance Coverage

People need to look at insurance coverage differently. Generally speaking, people seek insurance coverage to protect their assets, such as their home and their savings, in the event they are sued. The reality, however, is that you also need insurance to cover yourself when you are involved in an accident with someone who is uninsured (no insurance) or underinsured (not enough coverage).

As a personal injury law attorney, I see million-dollar cases come through the door each week and there is simply not enough insurance coverage to compensate the injured person. I live in Illinois, where the minimum insurance coverage a person must carry is $25,000 (most states have a minimum requirement which can vary). Imagine a scenario where a person is injured in a car accident caused by a driver with the minimum insurance coverage. Regardless of how significant or catastrophic the injuries are, the injured person can only recover $25,000 from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. 

Why is $25,000 not enough insurance coverage? The more injured you are, the higher your damages tend to be. You are entitled to economic and non-economic damages stemming from an accident. Economic damages include medical bills and lost income. Medical bills from hospitals, doctors, physical therapy, and pain management care can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. A lost income claim allows for you to be compensated for absences from work in the past and future. Non-economic damages may include pain, suffering, emotional anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium. These are just some of the damages you can recover from an accident.

How much insurance coverage do you truly need? Call your local insurance agent and ask how you can maximize your coverage. It may cost you only an additional $10/month or so to receive the maximum coverage offered by your insurance carrier. Just an extra $100 extra year for hundreds of thousands of dollars in more coverage? That is a no-brainer and that is why my urging is for you to maximize your insurance coverage. 

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