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Transformational Change with Rachel Fiori

admin November 16, 2021

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Transformational Change with Rachel Fiori

LifeBlood BE WELL: We talked about transformational change, why traditional approaches fail to get to the root cause of the problem, why it’s common to revert back to old habits and how to break free of vicious cycles with Rachel Fiori, MS, OTRL, Occupational Therapist, Transformational Coach, author, healer and CEO of Masters of Self University.     

Listen to learn why real change is a difficult process and you must embrace that reality!

For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 18:06.

You can learn more about Rachel at MastersOfSelfUniversity, Facebook and  Instagram.

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Rachel Fiori

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Come on. Rachel fury is an MS ot. She is a CEO of masters of self University. She’s a mystical therapist, and elite coach for high profile people and couples with a Masters of Science and occupational therapy, a BA in business corporate communication as a psychic, intuitive empath. And as a highly sensitive person, Rachel has spent the past 23 years empowering individuals, coaches, and high profile people across the world to heal their lives, and relationships at the soul level. Now, finally, a guest on life blood complete. Welcome, Rachel.

Rachel Fiori 0:47
Thank you so much for having me, George. It’s a pleasure. I’m excited about today. Yeah, excited

george grombacher 0:51
to have you on. Rachel, tell us a little bit about your personal life, some more about your work and why you do what you do.

Rachel Fiori 0:59
Yeah, I do what I do, because I used to get really frustrated with all the techniques that are offered all over the world, that claim transformational healing is what people are going to receive. And then the crap doesn’t work. Doesn’t work. And it’s so frustrating, and you waste your money, and why doesn’t it work? So the most exciting thing it that I offer right now is a mystical life coach certification program. And I offer that because of the question you just asked, tell us about what you do and why I’m very passionate about leading people empowering them to actually find the root causes of their pain and their suffering. And to heal it for real, no more bullshit, no more bs of over promising and under delivering. So that is what drives me. That’s what I offer. That’s what we offer here at masters yourself University. And when you see the results that people can actually ignite within themselves by learning these methods. Oh, my gosh, and everybody wants to be a part of it. Because you see what really works, you see what really works. So that’s my passion. Nice.

george grombacher 2:12
I appreciate that. So the the problem with transformational healing that’s been sold by gurus, and it doesn’t really work. What are they missing?

Rachel Fiori 2:26
Yeah, that’s a great question. So I really want the education to get out there. First, we have to understand what transformational healing is not what does not heal, and what does not actually heal the root cause of your pain. Your conflicts are suffering, what you’re struggling your relationship with your life with does not heal our coping skills, or supportive tools. So supportive tools. Examples of that are breathwork, meditation, energy, healing, yoga, all these wonderful things that do have a place, but they are supportive on your journey of healing, they are supposed to nurture and support you, they aid you when you’re doing actual transformational healing work. So to understand why people get so stuck, you know, traditional psychotherapy, talk therapy, talking about your problems, and your struggles doesn’t heal them. But here’s the confusion. Here’s the trap. What it does create is connection. So it’s like, why does it feel good, though, after I talk about it and let it out? Isn’t that a relief? No, it’s not healing. But what it did create was Heart to Heart connection with another person. So if it’s with an expert, your coach or therapist, even even a friend, when you’re sharing that creates connection, we then think, Oh, my God, I feel better for this few minutes after I shared that. That must mean I healed? No, it doesn’t. It’s why you’re in therapy for 515 20 years, and you’re still struggling with the same stuff. If we take nothing else, but that right there away from today, that will start you on a path of actually healing to understand what doesn’t work?

george grombacher 4:14
Well, that certainly makes sense. That certainly makes sense right there. Is it a function of? Is it nefarious, that people just want to keep coming back? Or is it is it honest that people just don’t know any better?

Rachel Fiori 4:30
I think it’s a combination of both. I think there’s, you know, especially in the coaching industry. You know, we function at masters of self University and our coaching certification program functions on what I call the golden three. That’s Integrity, Authenticity and expertise. If you are not those three things, you should not call yourself a coach period and very strict when it comes to that. So that’s first so some people, you know, they they want to make money, they want to make different And they call themselves coach, whether they actually have moved through a transformation themselves or not gained the training, the expertise, the education that’s really required the trauma training that’s really required to be a coach or an excellent therapist, they don’t have that. And then they’re out there doing, you know, marketing and earning money off of people. I think there are a lot of people that have really wonderful intentions. The sad thing and very disappointing thing is much coach, most coaching certification programs truly do not teach actual transformation, they don’t know any better. And because they don’t know any better, they can’t teach any better. And then people pay money and invest their time. And they go out, and they’re like, I thought this was gonna make a bigger difference, you know, Why are my clients not having deep transformation. And we’re stuck in that in a pattern of that out there. So one thing to keep in mind is if you really, really don’t want to be stuck anymore, you really want to heal, then you need to understand this key thing. The first step to that is self awareness, you have to gain an acute level of self awareness, to realize how you are actually showing up in the world versus how you’d like to think you’re showing up. That’s number one. And number two is healing, transformational healing, completely changing your relationship, your life, your anxiety, your depression, whatever it is that you have, that you no longer want, it is a process, you’re not going to go to a retreat and everything. After that weekend is completely healed in your entire life, you may have made shifts, but if you don’t integrate, and you don’t learn the process of healing yourself, all you’re going to do is recreate the original problems over and over and you’re like, I felt great a month ago or six months ago. Why do I feel so bad? Why are the same problems coming back? Because we’re not teaching transformational healing. And we’re not teaching people how to do it for themselves. We shift people at masters of self university to true empowerment, you learn step by step how to do this for yourself so that you can heal everything.

george grombacher 7:12
Nice. So you, you as as a person, as an individual, have have what I would imagine to be unique gifts and abilities, you have the ability to perceive the unperceivable. Is that is that transferable? to others?

Rachel Fiori 7:30
Yeah, that’s a good question. So I do have some, some pretty unique gifts, a lot of psychic gifts. It is transferable. It’s through the mystical life coach certification program, you can gain all of the gifts that I have, if you are willing and devoted to the process. It’s a six month program. And every person can gain and learn how to do these things to a lot of people, when they hear about certain things, or they know that are a little intuitive, or they know they’re a little psychic or healer. And they really want to enhance that. The problem we have the mistake we usually make is we go to try to increase our psychic abilities. That’s not the way to approach it, we do it backwards, we learn the wrong things. In this program, you learn how to do it in a way where your natural gifts open up and bloom in a very quick way. Number one, but it happens organically. You have to learn to get the other stuff out of the way. And when you learn how to heal your wounds, heal the programs that are blocking that stuff, then you teach how to open up this stuff. Oh my goodness, yes, it is very transferable when you know the process in which to teach it to others. And they’re willing to receive it in that way.

george grombacher 8:45
Nice. So are there key problems that that you consistently fix or two people come to you for? I imagine that come to you for this enormous spectrum. So I’m curious about that. And I’m curious what it takes for somebody to actually want to to transform.

Rachel Fiori 9:12
Oh, yeah, that’s a good one. So yes, first of all, we see a lot a lot of different struggles, problems, different types of pain, through couples, coaching, struggling relationships, anxiety, depression, PTSD, you name it, we pretty much treat it like masters of self university with our coaching programs. And here’s here’s what I wish was not true. And I’m going to challenge people out there to be different and at some point prove me wrong when I say this. A lot of people are We are so accustomed to looking for the quick fix the one thing that one little thing that I can do and apply in 10 seconds later I’m going to be completely healed and if it didn’t work in that 10 seconds I’m off to the next thing. Here’s the problem we have, we’ve become a society where we want to attain and gain knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge will send a 4000 podcast read 5000 books go to 5000 classes, it’s just never ending ongoing. And the problem is, we never stopped to learn the process of integrating the knowledge, knowledge means nothing, knowledge heals, nothing, it heals nothing, it actually traps you in your mental programs. So it doesn’t mean knowledge is bad. Because we do start there. It’s just that we’ve become a society where we don’t go any deeper than that. And that’s a big trap. That’s where people are stuck and can’t heal. And so we want to learn what it means to go much deeper to actually integrate. And when we integrate the knowledge, that’s where transformation starts to occur. So healing transformational healing truly is a process. And if we get out of the quick fix, tell me this one thing, and boom, I’m going to heal, we have to let that go. Because otherwise, to get back to your question, what forces people to transform or to want to, is the guru of suffering. And if you can’t just choose, I’m going to do the real work. Anybody right now, in this moment, in this moment, can choose to do the real work, it is warriors work, it is hard work. If it were easy, everybody on the planet would be enlightened. This is warriors work. So most people unfortunately don’t choose it. Instead, they don’t realize it, but they’re choosing pain and suffering every single day. Because they want the quick fix. If you want to truly authentically heal everything you can you. That’s the good news you can, but you have to be willing to do the work. And that means you have to be willing and devoted, willing to learn go deep work hard and devoted to that process. Otherwise, suffering long enough, is what then finally makes people want to take the plunge to do the real work.

george grombacher 12:11
That makes sense. So much good stuff. How do you think about time I’ve been I’ve been I think that time is probably always on a lot of our minds. But it’s the whole thing of life is really, really short, I need to maximize everything I need to learn now. But at the same time, I’m unwilling to actually spend the time that it’s really going to take

Rachel Fiori 12:35
Yeah, yeah, it’s so interesting. And the funny thing about that is if we actually spend the time that’s required, you create more time the rest of your life, the more time and your every single day, more quality time with loved ones, more quality time has created. Otherwise, when we don’t spend the real time doing the work and doing what it takes. Because it is a process and it takes some time. We end up wasting all of our time spinning our wheels, and then we lose time, our time is not valuable at all. Because we’re spent every day we’re spending our hours our days or weeks or months or years in suffering in agony, not healing the anxiety, not healing the depression, not healing our relationship when it could be a magnificent one if we just learned how to heal our inner child wounds, for example. So time is if you’re willing to do the work, you actually create time that is quality, wonderful, emotional freedom filled time, and it is just abundant at that point. But you have to do the hard work first.

george grombacher 13:42
Right? Yeah, it is fascinating, right? That, that we go through these these yo yos, and it’s probably true of everything of our physical bodies of our desire to have peace of mind, our desire to learn when we go super hard in this direction, and then we stopped doing it because we burn ourselves out and it snaps back the other way. Yeah. And I imagine that that all of these things if it’s being overweight, or if it’s being broke financially, or having bad relationships, well, does it all stem back to early life experiences?

Rachel Fiori 14:24
Almost always, almost always. And to understand at least a glimpse of why that is, is because our programs everything in our subconscious mind that become our personality programs, our fears, our fear of abandonment, our rigidity programs, our lack of progress, no matter what they are. They were put in place from zero to seven years old. And it all has to do with brainwaves and how our brainwaves change between the ages of six and seven but once that occurs between the ages of six and seven They are locked in there, we already have our programming no later than the age of seven, which is just incredible. If you think about that, then then we spend the rest of our lives, reenacting our childhood over and over and over again, in every single aspect of our lives. That is the beauty of this work that we offer. The mystical life certification is you learn precisely what programs are running and where, why and how it was put in there, that’s hiding in your blind spot that’s in your subconscious, you see it for what it is. And once you see it and understand it, that’s where you can easily change it. And that part, that process, when you get to that point, does not take long at all that part is the healing part is actually really fast. It’s what takes some time as learning the process to get there. And then once you’re there, it’s like, oh, my God, I can just heal this. Yes. But we reenact our childhood over and over everybody. Unless and until you go in and learn how to see it and heal it. You are reenacting your childhood in some way.

george grombacher 16:11
Groundhog Day over and over again. Yes, yes. Talk about pain, right? Just constant suffering the same stuff for for an entire lifetime, potentially.

Rachel Fiori 16:23
Exactly. And what we learn is we try to change it at the behavioral level, just set goals, put this in play, you know, get it Get, get a partner that’s going to motivate you. The problem is you’re not healing at the core at the source, you’re not healing it at the root. And that’s why people struggle so hard, spend waste their money, spend so much time trying very hard to heal things. And then they’re like, well, this, this is just the way that I am No, it isn’t. It is the program that’s running, that is not the truth of who you are. Even if it’s a really ugly, dark program where you’re you’re cheating all the time on your partners, it’s that isn’t actually who you are, that is the program that’s running. And you can’t heal that by trying to just not cheat. That’s not how it works. It’s much deeper than that. And that’s the beauty of this work, you get to see what is actually going on at a deeper level that then the behaviors that we have are nothing more than symptoms of a deeper problem. And our behaviors, they’re terrible, because they’re the ones that get us in trouble. They’re the ones that get us the divorce, or get us landed in prison, they get us fired from our job. But the behaviors, those behavioral programs are symptoms, they are not the root cause. So you learn in this work to go down to the absolute core of what’s causing all of your sabotage, whether it’s in life, relationship, career purpose, you go right to the root, and then you change it there because that’s where transformational healing actually occurs. Never no healing occurs at the behavioral level.

george grombacher 17:58
musics my ears right there, Rachel, I love it. Rachel, the people are ready for your difference making tip, what do you have for them?

Rachel Fiori 18:05
Ah, so I want to remind you, one quick tip isn’t going to heal things. That’s actually the first tip I’m going to give you that you can you have to stop looking for something that’s going to transform your life in five seconds. That’s my first tip. So I’m going to give you a free I’m going to give you two tips. The second tip that you can at least start to head towards authentic healing. And I really challenge you to listen very closely for those of you listening. When you are triggered by anything in life, and trigger doesn’t just mean angry. You can be frustrated, sad, afraid, worried in anxiety, deeper depression is starting to come on. It doesn’t matter how. If you put your hand in your heart, when you realize you’re triggered and you take a deep breath, and you breathe into your heart center, and you command your heart to open. Now, why is the thing important? Because the second you’re triggered by anything in life, no matter what it is big or small, the reaction of your body and your energy system is shuts down and completely closes off your heart center. There is no chance of healing anything no matter what if your heart center is closed. So one step towards authentic real healing is to begin the practice of commanding your heart to open to everything no matter how painful scary no matter what it is. Open, breeze, open, slowly breathe. And continue to command your heart to opening every single time you’re triggered. If you start that one thing, and actually integrate it and make it a daily all day long practice, you will actually just as a byproduct without having to do Anything else, some of your programs, some of your pain, they will start to heal as a byproduct of you making this a habit. And just to reinforce, just like you can’t go to the gym one time and you’re suddenly fit and lost 50 pounds, you have to make this a part of who you are so that your heart remains open, open, open. You don’t want that thing closed, only a closed heart can break. So command your heart to open

george grombacher 20:30
with it that that is great stuff that definitely gets Come on. Come on. Only a closed heart can break. powerful stuff, Rachel, thank you.

Rachel Fiori 20:39
Thank you.

george grombacher 20:40
Thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How can people engage with you?

Rachel Fiori 20:45
You can go to masters of self masters of self University comm you can check out our mystical life coach certification program on that that is the deepest level of transformational healing humans have access to in this lifetime. And it is the only one of its kind in the world and it is an international program. So go check out masters of self University comm you can follow me on Instagram at Rachel underscore Fiore or on Facebook at Rachel Fiore dot m s u for masters yourself University. Thank you so much George, love it.

george grombacher 21:27
Well if you enjoyed this as much as I did so Rachel your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to masters of self and check out the great resources check out the mystical life coach certification. It is the only one of its kind in the world. You could find Rachel on Instagram and Facebook. I will list all of those in the notes of the show. Thanksgiving Rachel,

Rachel Fiori 21:50
thank you so much for having me, George.

george grombacher 21:52
And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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