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The Value of Hard Work with Bill Gammon

George Grombacher August 5, 2022

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The Value of Hard Work with Bill Gammon

LifeBlood: We talked about the value of hard work, getting clear on the future you want, why mentors are essential, and how to get started, with Bill Gammon, Advisor, Coach and Author. 

Listen to learn why you paying close attention to your cash flow is essential!

You can learn more about Bill at GammonAndAssociates.Net, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Our Guests

George Grombacher


Bill Gammon

Episode Transcript

eorge grombacher 0:00
Come on left with this is George G and the time is right welcome today’s guest strong, powerful bill, Gavin. Bill. Are you ready to do this?

Unknown Speaker 0:18
Let’s do it now.

george grombacher 0:20
Let’s go. Bill is a CRPC and eight WMA ch FC. He is the founder of gammon and Associates. He’s helping people formulate and surpass their financial goals. Bill, tell us a little about your personal life some more about your work and why you do what you do. Wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 0:41
Well, my personal life. I have to go back two years ago, my junior year of high school. My parents were divorced when I was very young. I didn’t know my father hadn’t seen him for 10 years. He asked me to go live a year and the Philippines when I did, I spent my junior year of high school there. While I was there, I made friends with a young man in a class named moto Leto Diaz at the American School, played chess with him every day, he used to beat me unmercifully. Because his father and grandfather were both grandmasters. But what better way to learn not only a game, but about life than the know that failure is just an episode in life of one tab of the head. When I came back, but my senior year of high school, I could take on the entire chess club at the same time and not lose match. I bet. I have a lot of experience in failure. And in life, we all run into that. And the secret is, don’t be stopped by that. The most successful people that ever lived in the world have had a myriad of failures. Einstein, Edison your name. If they stopped that a failure, they would never have achieved what they did. Or given us the gifts that they gave the world. And along my path in life. I’ve run into many coaches. Now business career basically started with United Airlines. When I first went to the Philippines, I got on a plane in Baltimore, Maryland and went to San Francisco went away. And we spent a week there. And then we got on a panamerican Stratocruiser with the beaters going across the Pacific have jets flying across the Pacific at the time. Docked a week away week in Guam on the way and came back.

Unknown Speaker 3:06
A year later.

Unknown Speaker 3:09
The people that United Airlines had made an impression on me the friendly skies. It was a different world at that time. So when I graduated from high school, I went to an aeronautical school. And I had a goal of working with United Airlines. They offered me a job. I started out on a ramp at Kennedy went through several different jobs. Raleigh Durham is stationed agent in Pensacola, Florida is an industry representative not just for United, but the whole industry at Naval Air Station, a lot of the Blue Angels there.

Unknown Speaker 3:50
From there,

Unknown Speaker 3:51
took over management of a job at Fort Riley, Kansas for the airline industry. And while I’m there, I’m working on more education. And every time you add value, you seem to get a promotion in life. And that’s what businesses look for and what people look for. But I’ve had good coaches along the way, whether they were bosses or secretaries I learned from

Unknown Speaker 4:19
them. And I had some great ones. One of them

Unknown Speaker 4:27
that the Norman Vincent Peale told me something that I’ve been able to share with lots of folks share it with you and yours now. He said this, say God for the bottom, because there there’s no way to go but up. You know, when he delivered that statement, he was given a sermon to our church that had one trip to the United States for going over and rebuilding a little church in Pascagoula, Mississippi. That had been taken out when Camille Kane’s room. And so I ran into him several other times. And we’ve talked him, I read his books, of course. And I’ve read lots of books. And see lots of books behind you. progressed in airlines, to where when I left them, I had a sales territory in Iowa and was responsible to Chicago, vice president who was the son of one of the men that was large in building United Airlines. And the President. Also, from there sat in for the regional vice president in Colorado. And I would have been the next vice president there. Matter of fact, when I left them, they said, Bill, there’s always a place for you if you want to come back. But United had changed and so at the times, and I met a couple that had a small regional airline British Airways. And I joined them as their director of sales. And while they are became responsible for not just sales, but reservations,

Unknown Speaker 6:21

Unknown Speaker 6:23
scheduling, and pricing, and then we have built it from where, when I joined them, there was about 1500 employments a day who changed that to 15,000. He started that airline with a couple of $100 in his pocket. We helped him build it to where he sold it for 35 million cash. But he sold it to Don Burt People Express. Don Burr didn’t want just the airline or the people. He wanted to seven two slots, arrivals and departures, each that we had at O’Hare, he wanted the 37 we had at St. Louis, you wanted we had help build in Philadelphia with Eastern Express and in Houston with continental Express. And after going into a few meetings with the people running the company,

Unknown Speaker 7:27
I decided

Unknown Speaker 7:30
their Kool Aid wasn’t for me. I just couldn’t take it. They had a totally different philosophy from man.

Unknown Speaker 7:40
And man is to love people and use money.

Unknown Speaker 7:46
And theirs was the opposite of that. Love money and use people. We find a lot of each type of people in the world as we go through our journeys.

Unknown Speaker 7:56
And we need to be cautious of that.

Unknown Speaker 8:03
As we make decisions, and involving people in our business, or becoming involved in there, because we work a lifetime to earn a reputation. And it can go up in a puff of smoke in minutes. Look how much of that has happened in the last few years at various companies. Because people have not been transparent and truthful with your employees or with their investors.

Unknown Speaker 8:31
And so I think it’s very wise

Unknown Speaker 8:35
to do what I’ve done. I’ve always used to coach. And what I found is a mentor coach has been able to help me avoid the quicksand and the trips where I fall on my face. And helped me keep the right attitude. In getting over the setback, some of the obstacles that life hands us all from time to time.

Unknown Speaker 9:02
That’s why

Unknown Speaker 9:04
I wrote the book that I did. Fast Track your business journey and thrive along the pathway to fame fastest way to fast track a journey. And any business is to have a good mentor coach. That’s what I’ve discovered. And that’s the first real nugget I’ll share with you and your listeners. Because a coach has been there before or seen it before in people that they have worked with. So when I retired from the brokerage business, because once I left that company, I met a man in Indianapolis named Jonas it he was head of Shearson Manhattan. He said Bill you know, you can do pretty good for yourself and your family and your clients if you just work half the time. So that’s it Wonderful job. He says that Tell me son, which 12 hours would you like to work and reading the gotcha, didn’t get me. He told me the secret.

Unknown Speaker 10:13
The secret is

Unknown Speaker 10:16
to work to improve yourself, and to help your clients. My philosophy with clients is this. Turn your clients into French, instead of your friends and the clients. A lot of people go about it the other way they start with their friends to build business. And I found that

Unknown Speaker 10:40
once you prove yourself to your clients, not only do they trust

Unknown Speaker 10:47
you with more all of their assets, they then tell their friends about them. And life gets easier to bring in new business from lots of others. And it’s a whole lot

Unknown Speaker 11:04

Unknown Speaker 11:05
to bring in someone that’s referred than to go chasing people. Now, when I first started in the brokerage business, I made 300 cold calls every day, in addition to talking to people that were my clients, and I stroked every one of them would have been

Unknown Speaker 11:26
dowels and smiles. Hard work, no doubt.

Unknown Speaker 11:32
And so in building any business, it takes hard work. That’s why if you go visit my website at gammon and, and you look at the about page that tells you about me. You don’t start off by saying, I help serious entrepreneurs and business people.

Unknown Speaker 11:54
Here’s why. I found it.

Unknown Speaker 11:58
A lot of people say they want to do something. And don’t follow through with it. Look at all the new year’s resolutions, they’re broken. And a simple reason is

Unknown Speaker 12:13
in most cases,

Unknown Speaker 12:15
it was a wish and a dream, rather than something that they were committed to do. And so one of the first things that you need to understand is when you change from doing one thing to another, there are roadways in your mind and mind neural pathways, highways. And in order to make a decision for any of us 95% I’m already up there and paved wide superhighways, new ones are like a small road that needs to be developed and widened and created to replace the old road.

Unknown Speaker 13:08
And so fall back takes over when problems appear.

Unknown Speaker 13:18
And problems will appear in

Unknown Speaker 13:19
life. And in order to change any habit.

Unknown Speaker 13:26
If you work with a coach, and if you have a plan, and that coach is holding your hand and lighten the pads and working along with you on a consistent

Unknown Speaker 13:37

Unknown Speaker 13:41
When you get to a fork in the road, you don’t take it like yogi, you take the right one instead of the wrong one. And you avoid a lot of mistakes. And by avoiding mistakes, you cleared up to go further and faster. And by working with a coach, that coach can help you clarify and review what your goals really are, and help you focus on the one right thing you should do next. Here’s how you get there. Most people today, you find in any business are in this state of mind. Overwhelmed. Would you agree? For sure. You talk to a lot of people, I talk to a lot of people and all of them say I’m so busy. I don’t know what to do next sometime, or I want to do this but then I have to be there. So let’s take that and put it on a piece of paper unless you utilize a real rule the Pareto Principle 8020 And you’re familiar with that rule. I’m sure I am polar. So if you had 100 things to do on your list, and you just focused on 20. Right, now, you got a better chance of getting those 20. But if you take it to the second level, and take those 20 and put the Pareto principle on it, now you only got four.

Unknown Speaker 15:16
And if you put those

Unknown Speaker 15:20
on a piece of paper 1234, it’s easy to identify out of those four, what’s really, most important, and focus on getting that done first. And so you will accomplish more of the right things as you go along the path. And I’ll see you shaking your head up and down. So you’re agreeing here. It’s a simple rule. But how many people really keep it in their full brain and follow

Unknown Speaker 15:54
it? Probably very few. When I talk

Unknown Speaker 16:00
to an entrepreneur or business person, the first thing we do is try to understand and crystallize their goals. And then we look at what they’re doing in different areas. And we look to see which of those things are important, and which are not as important. And if you took a piece of paper, and you split it, north and south, and east and west, there are only four things to do another four quadrants on that piece of paper, to change anything. I’m gonna make it real simple, because as I simplify things for you, and your guests or others, it’s easier for them to get to where they want to go. And that’s my goal is to help them get from where they are to where they want to go. So the easy way to start is first, understand

Unknown Speaker 16:58
what they want.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
And let them always grab the bus. Don’t tell them what to do. But help them really clarify what’s important to what you’re doing, and what really needs to be done to get where you want to go. So simply, the more I can help you simplify something, the sooner you can get beyond whatever’s keeping you from getting there. And you’re shaking your head like you agree. So so far, we’re all together here, George agreed. clarity in goals, is the best starting point.

Unknown Speaker 17:42
The next thing is I have tools to use that

Unknown Speaker 17:50
cost a couple of million dollars plus to develop over the last number of years. That helps me look at a business. Can we start out with a dozen things, but we had another 28 to get the 40. But we first start with 12 to accomplish in the first several months to a year and then add the others. The second 28 are a deeper dive. But the first 12 are pretty simple. And there is a tool that people can get free on my website. I’ll share that with you last. Because you asked me to keep something in my back pocket for the end of the show. And I think I’m gonna share the simulator with you last, because any person can go there, put in their numbers privately. And we’ll get to talking about it. But it will show you what you’re doing. And then it’ll take

Unknown Speaker 18:54
a lot of AI

Unknown Speaker 18:58
almost fattening and looks for me and plus looks at everything you’re doing a pretty thorough medical examination in the business world is like going to the Mayo Clinic for your body. You get really looked at close. And so then we can order those things as to what you should look at first to get you the most profit as well as new business. But first attacking this one and then attacking the others. pretty sensible. But it has a plan and a clear plan that gets us anywhere

Unknown Speaker 19:50
Eisenhower had

Unknown Speaker 19:51
a wonderful plan. Would you know what he said?

george grombacher 19:55
What’d he say?

Unknown Speaker 19:57
He said

Unknown Speaker 20:00
When you get punched in the face, all plans tend to change. And I can tell you that there will be punches in the face to all businesses from time to time. Some expected but most more unforeseen and seen that really harm people. The biggest one that harms businesses is not paying strict attention to their cash flow.

Unknown Speaker 20:31

Unknown Speaker 20:36
simply, if you know where your money is coming from, and where it’s going to, it’s a whole lot easier to manage it than if you don’t know. And it’s not uncommon to talk to clients in the business world.

Unknown Speaker 20:56
And they have products

Unknown Speaker 20:59
that are not making money.

Unknown Speaker 21:02
But they’re still not raising the price

Unknown Speaker 21:05
or doing what they need to do to make those unprofitable products profitable. So that’s why a thorough look is very important.

Unknown Speaker 21:18
And that’s why

Unknown Speaker 21:20
taking the steps to look at what’s happening and understand in your business is not to be different from mine, and someone else from both of ours. And so without a clear look at what’s going on and what’s happening. And understanding that someone could mislead. And misleading is not what a mentor or coach should ever do. Agreed, I would not have accomplished what I did without a lot of good mentors. And that’s what put me in the business doing what I’m doing. And my goal for the rest of my life is to help as many people as I

Unknown Speaker 21:59
can to

Unknown Speaker 22:02
achieve what they want. Because others helped me get to where I am. So you know me. And now you notice why I am doing what I’m doing. And you’ve heard a little about some of my skills to help people do things. When you go to my website, it says I can find any business people are some

Unknown Speaker 22:26
are grand in less than one hour. And I can

Unknown Speaker 22:31
but it would be better. Instead of finding that money, and it’s already in your business, most of the time.

Unknown Speaker 22:36
Planning is that much profit

Unknown Speaker 22:40
would even be better.

george grombacher 22:43
That would be better

Unknown Speaker 22:44
preserved. If I find you 100 grand a profit and a lot of businesses, that would be like fine annual million dollars, for sure. Revenue. For others, it’s less. But it depends on what business you’re in as to where the profit margins are. And in most businesses, the business, not the market sets, the price and the profits. And most people pay for that. Because what people really bad

Unknown Speaker 23:17
is value.

Unknown Speaker 23:20
Not price with value. And if you try in any business, to have the lowest price and keep going in a price cutting business,

Unknown Speaker 23:32
sooner or later, the people in that business

Unknown Speaker 23:36
are all pretty much going to bleed to death. Because cost is always going to be there. And any business has to cover their cost and make a profit in order to be able to survive and pay their employees a fair wage and do what’s necessary to provide what people need. But here’s the truth.

Unknown Speaker 24:03
If you look

Unknown Speaker 24:05
at the most profitable businesses out there, they’re viewed as the best in the business. What kind of watch do CEOs wear

Unknown Speaker 24:18
Rolexes or more

Unknown Speaker 24:23
expensive than Rolex? You know what the most expensive Rolex? So for at an auction just recently, I don’t think it was so from the estate of Paul Newman. $17 million Nice.

Unknown Speaker 24:46
Now the person that bought that,

Unknown Speaker 24:50
obviously values time. But he could value time just as much With a cheaper watch, but he also that values, the image and the ability to wear that watch on his wrist. Because nobody in the world can wear that. Just that person. Person. That’s exactly right. And quite honestly with the billionaires in the world today, there are a lot of people with a lot of money. Do you know what type of vehicle that the Dubai police

Unknown Speaker 25:35

george grombacher 25:38
I don’t like any guess Range Rovers?

Unknown Speaker 25:40
Lamborghini even better wonder if they’re I wouldn’t want to try to speed around? And then you know what a speeding ticket cost over there as north of $1,000. So we’re gonna have a way to pay for the Lamborghinis.

george grombacher 26:01
Yeah, that makes sense. Well, Bill, let’s, let’s let everybody know where they can get take advantage of that simulator you were talking about?

Unknown Speaker 26:10
Okay, since it’s getting up to that hour, that simulators on gamma GA MMO. N and Associates,

Unknown Speaker 26:18
spelled And if you go there,

Unknown Speaker 26:26
you will be able to put in

Unknown Speaker 26:29
the story numbers, what would you say are

Unknown Speaker 26:34
what your cost is, and then we’ll show you the profits. And then it’ll be a little slide bar down below it. And I suggest three to 5% in 12 Different areas there that you will go through. And it’ll show you that report. And if you want to go deeper, and a lot of people do just look at it. It’ll show you that also, and what the changes of 3% on those numbers are small differences make big differences, but there’s not a company out there, they can’t get 3% more prospects 3% better improvement in their costs 3% better conversion rate from their sales force, a better way to advertise all kinds of things that will bring them more business. And they need my help. I can help them get there quicker than they can themselves. But if they don’t, they are the things that are on that site. Also, without the splash simulator, you can get my book, fast track your business journey and thrive along the pathway. It sort of tells you how some of those things have worked for others, and how they will work for you want to ask me a question? There’s a way for them to do that. If they want to counsel with me, there’s a way to do that. And until they see things that I know that I can live up to in helping them achieve. I want to ask him to be a client. And here’s the question, I’ll ask him. Would you

Unknown Speaker 28:18
like my help.

Unknown Speaker 28:21
I’m not a high pressure person. But I am a very gifted and talented and experienced mentor coach. And I can help people get there quicker. And I want to thank you and your audience, for taking time to listen to us today. And I will tell you

Unknown Speaker 28:44
that if you do reach out, you’ll be amazed

Unknown Speaker 28:50
at what we can accomplish together. And if you want to do it on your own, it’ll take you longer, but you can get there. It’ll just take you years instead of months.

george grombacher 29:04
Perfect. Well, Bill, thank you so much for coming on. If you enjoyed this as much as I did show bill your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to gammon and To find the similarity simulator go to Gavin and can also pick up a copy of the book Fast Track your business journey and thrive along the pathway and find the opportunity to reach out to Bill and have a conversation as well. Thanks again,

Unknown Speaker 29:34
Bill. Thank you, God bless you and your family and your claims. And until

george grombacher 29:39
next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all

Unknown Speaker 29:42
in this together.

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