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Stock Options Trading with Mark Yegge

George Grombacher April 1, 2022

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Stock Options Trading with Mark Yegge

LifeBlood: We talked about stock options trading, how money doesn’t need to be a cause of pain, how to create safe and reliable income, and what it takes to get started, with Mark Yegge, the Wealth Architect and Managing Director of the Wealth Investors Club. 

Listen to learn how to take control of your financial life!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Mark Yegge

Mark Yegge

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Come on one leopard, this is George G. And the time is right welcome. Today’s guest is strong and powerful Mark yaghi. Mark, are you ready to do this?

Mark Yegge 0:18
Let’s go, George. All right. Oh,

george grombacher 0:21
how to hunt Great. Mark is known as the wealth architect. He spent his entire life teaching people about wealth and the importance of success mindset. He’s one Small Business Person of the Year has been a Deloitte Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. He’s the Managing Director of Wealth investors club, the premium trading membership program for making money using options Marc excited to have you on. Tell us a little about your personal life smart, but your work and why you do what you

Unknown Speaker 0:49
do. Wow, cool. Well, my personal life is basically I do a lot of traveling, I love to travel around the world meet new people experience new cultures. And it for me, it’s all about learning. So anytime I can learn something I’m excited. It’s also about creativity. And, and that’s what my life is really all about. But it’s become you know, as you get a bit older, George, you start to want to help people a lot more. So I’ve had some success in my life and doing some things, mostly in the stock market. And now I have a system where I teach people how to do it, or I invest for them depends on what people want. But I love to see the way people’s faces light up when their finances start going in the right direction. Because so often, as you probably know, I mean, finances are a big source of pain in families and relationships, the number one cause of divorce. And so if you can get your handle on your money side, then your life gets a lot easier. Now, it’s not all about money, right? But money is a component in our Western society for making people or helping people become more happy. So I would say money isn’t the only thing but it makes things a hell of a lot easier. You know? And we don’t we’re not taught about it in school. Like we’re how many money classes that you take, you probably took way more Shakespeare classes and you took on money. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not you Shakespeare everyday. But I assure you is money. So I think it’s pretty important to learn about, you know,

george grombacher 2:04
yeah, yeah, I think that that’s really well said right there. Money is not the only thing but it sure does. Sure does make things easier. And it is the number one cause of divorce. And so it’s it’s this huge, important thing. And it’s it’s probably doing a lot more harm than good. But it need not be because you are we were talking about yoga, we were talking about yoga beforehand. Getting started is hard. But once you sort of figure it out, then it’s a little bit easier. Is is is that from your perspective, pretty similar?

Unknown Speaker 2:34
It is and actually it’s it’s a fascinating world, right? So one of the worlds that I’m delving into right now is cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. And that’s a whole new realm of things. But once you just start to get a little, you know, get your foot in the door, your toe under the blanket, however you want to look at it, you start to realize, you know, it can be as complicated as you want to make it or as simple as you want to make it. What but the problem is, most people just don’t know what they don’t know. And so they turn on CNBC, they see Cramer screaming about a stock, they think that’s the greatest thing ever. And they just it’s so easy now George to click a mouse and invest $100,000. Like, it’s too easy. It’s like, it’s like marriage, it’s too easy to get married, it should be really hard to get married and easy to get divorced. And we have it the other way around. Right? So it’s the same thing with the stock market’s like you should know what you’re doing before you click that mouse because you work hard for that 100,000 You don’t know what you’re doing, have rules around it have a system around it so that you have confidence around your money. And that’s with anything, right?

george grombacher 3:33
I like it. It is a it is too easy. And our phones are weapons of mass destruction for probably everything. But I hadn’t really thought about it from an investing standpoint. Yeah. And I can remember being in my 20s Sort of, but losing losing so much money in individual stocks watching Cramer and Fast Money and just not really understanding that they’re required to do new information all the time. So just because they’re excited about a stock doesn’t mean that it’s a good stock for me to be investing in at the time.

Unknown Speaker 4:08
Absolutely. Yeah. And we have to remember that news. News sources are there to catch our eyeballs to get our attention so they can sell ads, the more controversial and more exciting, the more they can appeal to your greed, the better their ratings. And so we have to remember that so there’s some been some statistics on how well Kramer’s performed. It hasn’t been the best. He has, you know, he’s a former hedge fund manager. He runs a hedge fund now, and you know, he provides a service but the service is around entertainment. It’s not a brand investing advice. And there’s way more to it than clicking that mouse. It’s what happens after you click the mouse that makes a difference in your investing, right? When are you selling when are you when are you buying more? What is your target? You know what, in what situations would you get out what happens when the market goes against you? Those kinds of things that most people don’t think about when they click that Ask for the first time.

george grombacher 5:01
Yeah, I appreciate that. So, tell me about, tell me about option trading. For using options for investing.

Unknown Speaker 5:10
Yeah, so we do a combination of stock and options trading. So what I like to explain to people is it’s we it’s like, if you have a house, right, let’s say you have a house, and you rent the house out, right? You’re not checking the value of the house every day, but you are getting that income, if you’re renting it out, we do the same thing with stocks, we can take a stock like Amazon or Facebook or, or in this case, lately, it’s been Tesla, and we buy the stock. And then we find gamblers out there that are willing to give us money to take risks, you know, so we’re kind of the house. And we let gamblers pay us rent for the ability to buy our stocks at a later date. So it’s, it’s a program called covered calls. And you can find all kinds of stuff on covered calls on YouTube, lots of free stuff. The problem with the free stuff, just like the Fast Money, just like the Kramer or whatever, is it’s free. And information wants to be free. But good information is a little bit tougher, there’s there’s more work in it, anything worth doing is worth doing well. And so we have a program that we actually teach called the cash flow machine, which is a set of rules around you know, trading stocks and using options to create safe, reliable income and we target two to 4% a month. It doesn’t sound like a lot. But when you can add that together, get it compounding, try not to lose money, although sometimes you do lose money. It’s a better to me, it’s a better, safer way of investing your money. And over time, it does really, really well.

george grombacher 6:37
Nice and walk me through your journey to where you are today.

Unknown Speaker 6:43
Oh, man, well, I’ll probably give you the journey because I’m a money guy. And so the journey starts when I was 12. Now, we don’t have that much time. But um, you know, when I was 12 years old, I took my lawn mowing money. My dad taught me how to invest in the stock market because I was you know, he was reading the papers every day. And I was curious what he was looking at in the Wall Street Journal, he was circling all these companies. He taught me what they were and they were investments in America, basically. My first stock was a company called Aileen, which was a women’s clothing store. And I put my 300 bucks in that and it became 600 bucks. I was like, Well, this is pretty cool. You know, here I was mowing yards for five bucks a week, you know, and, and then my second stock was actually called US Airways. It was, it was when Allegheny Airlines turned into US Airways. And it went from 17 to 35. And I double my money again. And I’m like, wow, this is easy. This is a piece of cake. Like anybody could do this. I’m you know, 15 years old, and I’m doing this right. It’s like hitting that drive down the middle of the of the of the fairway right when you first pick up the club, and then you think you’re Tiger Woods. Well, life doesn’t work out that way. But I’ve been investing ever since. And so I invested all through high school and college. And you know, ran my own brokerage firm on Wall Street. Now I run three hedge funds, ones in crypto ones in this exact program that we talked about the safe, reliable income called the cash flow machine. And so to me, it’s all about, it’s all about empowering people. So I’m a wealth architect, I help people understand money from basics all the way to complex strategies that hedge funds use. And I have a heck of a lot of fun doing it. Because most of the time I’m behind my computer screen. And I’m just buying and selling stocks. And that’s kind of boring. I mean, not for me, I’m I kind of geek out on but for most people would be boring. But I also have a mastermind group around this thing that I teach. And every week we get together on calls, and I mentor them and that’s where I get some human interaction. So it’s it’s a heck of a lot of fun for me to see people’s eyes start to open when it comes to understanding finances, because I know how much power there is in transforming their lives. It’s really cool.

george grombacher 8:48
Yeah, really? Yeah. Amen. So why why did you settle on the structure that that you did? Because you’re doing all this stuff in the world of money, right? And you could teach in could focus on whatever you want it to be, you’ve decided to focus on this this cash flow machine concept.

Unknown Speaker 9:08
I mean, it really, I mean, I’ve been doing it since I was a kid, my dad gave me a book called beat the market. And it was written by Edward Thorpe and he was really the backstory on Edward Thorpe. I know we don’t have a huge amount of time, but he wrote a book called beat the dealer. He was an MIT professor that figured out a way to beat blackjack you know, the blackjack tables in Las Vegas, and he brought his whole team from MIT, you’ve probably seen the movies out there. And he got kicked out of Las Vegas. But before he got kicked out of Las Vegas for Blackjack, he got kicked out of Las Vegas for figuring out how to beat the roulette tables. I still haven’t figured out how he did that. So he’s really like a mathematical genius. He was the the impetus for what I’m doing. And you know, we’ve the markets evolved and changed and we’ve changed along with it. But it’s mentors like that, that have studied things for you know, 100 years and the best stocks and the best performing stocks. And we take all of those things. We put him in our system. And I mean, I could do anything. I sold my company in 2006, George and I retired. And I realized how boring it was right? I needed a purpose in my life. And the purpose for me was helping people understand money better, right? Helping that not just money, but what money can do for you, how can transform your life, how you can, you know, what I do is I like to travel, that’s my thing. So I can go around the world, and I have my laptop, and I can work anywhere. And that’s becoming a popular thing now. But maybe it’s just spending more time with your family and not waiting until you’re 65. To do it. Maybe it’s you know, being able to enjoy things now, climbing that mountain that you wanted to climb when you thought you were gonna have to wait to do it. So it’s, it’s that I love it. It’s fun. And and, you know, when you help people, that’s what life is all about. So that’s, that’s where I come from there, right? Yeah,

george grombacher 10:50
I’m sold. How do I? How do I, let’s just use me as an example how I say, Yeah, this sounds awesome. I’m interested in financial freedom, spending more time with family being able to not be locked into a desk somewhere, I can go wherever I want. But how do I get started?

Unknown Speaker 11:08
Yeah. So it’s, you know, like I said, it’s, it’s not, it’s not easy, it’s simple, but it’s not easy, right? In life, you know, you have to put in some work to get some things out. And so we, you know, we kind of make it easy that we look, I run hedge funds, and I have, I enjoy doing that. And I handle, you know, seven and eight figure investors who want to play offense and defense. And, you know, I set them all up with with these strategies, but not everybody can afford to be in my hedge funds take takes a special, you know, qualification by the SEC. And so I teach a program called the cash flow machine, and it’s got over 100, video modules in it and all that kind of stuff. I’m not here to talk about, you know, all the things that we teach and how great it is. But if you are willing, if you want to get started, I have a page that I’m setting up for, for this. And what I’ll do is I’ll just start you off with a little book that I wrote called regular paychecks, it’s called so it’s how you can take regular paychecks out of the stock market. And so the page will be is set up good go Destiny creation, that’s my company, Destiny creation.com, forward slash, lifeblood. And if you go there, we’ll have you know, links from this podcast, we’ll have you know that that book, and you’ll be able to kind of get into our ecosystem, and just try some certain things out, I put out lots of content, try to teach people about what we’re doing. And if they’re interested and want to go, you know, the next step, then we’d love to have you.

george grombacher 12:31
Great. And so I read the book, I say, Yeah, I’m interested in doing that. How much how much money and time is it going to take for me to get started?

Unknown Speaker 12:40
Well, it really depends. So if you’re a beginning investor, that we don’t want you to throw a ton of money into it. But you know, you’ll probably need to do our program, you’ll probably need, you know, 25,000. But to really do our program, well, you’ll need 150,000 to be part of our mastermind group. And our mastermind group is a full ecosystem, you get mentorship from me, you get weekly calls, I tell you what I’m buying and selling in my hedge fund, we have a chat group of people that will support you, and you get all the courses that we have. And so you know, that is a bigger commitment. But it’s also you, if you have enough money to trade it, it can, it can change your life. So we’ve got one guy that that put in, and this was below the recommended amount, when he started, he put in 67,000, it’s worth over 350,000. And I have lots of stories like that. And that, by the way, that was about in a year, just a little over a year and a half. So those kinds of things can happen. But the main thing is just to get educated, no matter what you do, whether it’s you know, coming to that link, or going to somebody else’s link or getting on YouTube, instead of taking, you know, four hours to binge on a Netflix thing, this is your money. This is your financial life that’s going this can transform the way you live your life, you can watch more Netflix later, on bigger TVs, if you just invest a little bit of time every day or every week into your financial education. That’s really the most important thing for me. So it’s how do you get that information? How do you get that education so that you can transform your life at whatever level you want? Most people I have a saying, George it’s, it’s never give up your power and your health, your wealth, or your time, right? Most people go, they’re not feeling well, they go to the doctor and he goes, I’m sorry, you got six months to live. And you know, six months to the day is when they die, right? They give up their power, right? But a lot of times the doctor is wrong, right? And the same thing with the French financial advisor, you’ve got to take control of your life or at least have the power in it. So you can know if you’re doing the right thing. Or if you know that you need to change direction. So that’s all I want to talk about is is how you can learn what’s right for you and what what best practices and things that you can do in your life right now.

george grombacher 14:46
Yeah, I think that that’s I think that that’s right. Nobody is coming to save us after all, mark as is it’s incumbent upon us to to grab the bull by the horns or whatever metaphor we’re interested in using. Just take ownership over our financial future and our health future and all of the other things that you were just talking about. So I appreciate that very much. So the the idea is safe and reliable income. How is that possible in the stock market?

Unknown Speaker 15:16
Well, just a tag on what you said a second ago, what we say in our program is, nobody’s going to give you the money, you got to go take it, right. So you have that’s, that’s that taking, taking control of doing it, you ask about safe, reliable income. And the best way that I could explain what we do is with real estate, because most people, stock market is a bit intangible, but real estate, you can walk in, you can look around, you can touch the walls. So imagine, across the street from you, there’s this guy named Jim, and he’s got a, uh, you know, a city block, it’s for sale. And it’s $100,000. Just assume that Jim has a property, he’s got a sign on, it says for sale for 100,000. And, you know, there’s another person, maybe it’s you. And you say, hey, you know what, I heard that there’s going to be a huge Hilton put on the property next door to it. I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen, but you don’t have $100,000 Ga, so you say, You know what, I’m going to go to Jim, and I’m going to tell him, Hey, Jim, I’ll buy your property sometime in the next six months for $100,000. But you got to take it off the market, and I’m going to give you $10,000 to take it off the market. And he goes, Wait a minute, you’re gonna give me $10,000. And then anytime in six months, you can buy it from me for 100,000, which is what I’m asking for anyway. You said, That’s right. So he goes deal. So he takes the $10,000. Now what happens two things happen, either the big Hilton gets put up next door, and now that $100,000 property is worth a million dollars, and you take your $10,000 investment and you turn it into a million dollars, that’s high risk, high reward, right? You spent $10,000 Do it. Or the other way is that nothing happens, you were wrong, it was a rumor, which most of the time it is, and nothing gets built on the property. In that case, Jim just kept your $10,000, you didn’t get the 100,000, he still keeps his property, he could put it back on the market and find, and maybe you do it another six months, right, or maybe somebody else wants to do it. So that’s what we do with stocks. So we do it, let’s say for Tesla, we have a position in Tesla. And we say to the gambler out there, yeah, we’re willing to sell you our stock at you know, $1,000 a share if stock is around that price. And you give us $40 To be able to take that stock off the market for a week or a month. Fine, we’ll do that. If in that period of time, you want to buy the stock from us for from that for $1,000. Great, we’ll sell it to you most of the time, that doesn’t happen. You just get to collect the option premium that $10,000 that you gave to Jim, in this case, you get to collect that that $40. So you’re basically taking your asset just like you did with a lot or like Jim did with a lot. And you’re using it to create income. It’s just a way of playing a little bit of defense, you bring in income that lowers your cost on your stock gives you more of a cushion on the downside. Now you give up the big upside run, right? But you and I both know that the people in the Hall of Fame in baseball are the ones that get on base. They’re not the ones that hit the homeruns sure we hear about the Babers and the Hank Aaron’s but it’s the guys that are consistent and have the nice high batting average because they get on base. That’s all we want to do. We want to get on base consistently, and not swinging for the fences and strikeout. So that’s a long analogy I know. But it’s basically a way to take your stock, and you sell options against it. And when you sell options against it, you give up that huge home run. But you do get on on base a lot. A lot more you get on base every time you sell the option.

george grombacher 18:35
Love it, singles and doubles. That’s it. Well, Mark, thank you so much for coming on. Give us the website again for how people can come into into your universe.

Unknown Speaker 18:46
Yeah, sure. Thank you. It’s a It’s go dot destiny creation.com. And then forward slash lifeblood li Fe Biello. Do I know you know the word. So just go on there we have, you know, we’d love to have you stick around on there, take a look at our website, get the regular paychecks book, see if something like that is for you. But the bottom line, what I’ll tell you is that you know, I want to leave everybody with a tip. And I know you do this on your program. And the one thing that you should take away from anything that I say or anything anybody says is take control of your financial life. Go out there and get financial education. It’s the most important education you get. It’s so important in our lives, and I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to go out and just get educated. Well, I

george grombacher 19:30
think that that is great stuff that definitely gets a Come on. Mark, thank you so much for coming on. If you enjoyed this as much as I did show, mark your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to go dot destiny creation.com/lifeblood and pick up a copy of the book and check out everything that Marc’s working on and figure out if this is the right thing for you to be checking on pursuing. Thanks again, Mark.

Unknown Speaker 19:59
Thank you, George. Thanks everybody

george grombacher 20:01
and until next time keep fighting the good fight is we’re all in this together

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