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Rejecting Sameness

George Grombacher July 13, 2023

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Rejecting Sameness

It’s time to rejecting sameness. If we all looked, thought, and acted the same, that wouldn’t be good. If all our art looked the same, and every basketball game ended in a tie, that wouldn’t be good.

George talks about why celebrating and appreciating differences is core to the human experience.


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George Grombacher

Episode Transcript

Eddie, what if everything is made of chocolate? What if everything was made of water, whatever everything was made of fire? These are questions that my six year old asks me. While there’s somewhat maddening to answer, I appreciate the curiosity and speaking to things that are maddening. What’s what were people wanting everything to be the same? What’s with this desire for sameness? makes zero sense to me. I wonder if people who want it have actually thought it all the way through, because that’s the case with a lot of bad ideas that just haven’t been thought all the way through. So I wanted to dig into this a little bit. Help those who think sameness is good to think it all the way through actually go through it. So what if everyone thought the same way? What kind of innovation would we get? Or would we stop innovation just dead in its tracks? It’s hard to say. But when was the last time anything cool came out of North Korea? Sure. There are other extenuating circumstances to that, but you get the idea. What about art? What if all the paintings in the world looked like they were painted by means that a Picasso? Yes, good artists copy Great artists steal? But let’s not get crazy. And beauty? What if all models were fives and sixes instead of nines and 10s? Would that be good? What about athletics and sports? What if everybody had the same athletic ability? And every game ended in a tie? I mean, I liked the MB w w NBA just fine, but let’s not get carried away. Just kidding. What about music? What if all music sounded like Nickelback? Or Maroon Five? Would that be good? No, that would fucking suck. Even if you liked Nickelback, and or Maroon Five, that would still can suck while we’re hot. Let’s keep going. What about theater? But if every play were like Community Theater production of Cats or our town, no more Hamilton are Book of Mormon, that’s for sure. And that would be a shame. I bet. You’re a lot more like me than you are different than me in regard to this. I like extraordinary things, not ordinary things. I like witnessing the highest and best expression of the human spirit, not mediocrity. I like listening to my favorite songs, watch my favorite athletes and teams eating my favorite foods, having engaging conversations with smart people and challenging ideas. See, you’re just like me. I like different. I like better I like exceptional. I like special treatment. I’d rather be VIP than general admission. I prefer to fly first class instead of coach. I’d rather drive a Ferrari than a Ford Escort. I’d rather eat a bone in ribeye than ramen. Maybe I lost you on that one. I’ll take expensive wine over the cheap stuff. Now I’ll still take the cheap stuff if that’s the only thing on the menu. I married a beautiful woman on purpose. I work out and eat right because I want to look good. I think you get it at least I hope that you do. So let’s pump the brakes on sameness and remember to be grateful for different and extraordinary. Do your part. I doing your best

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