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Peace of Mind: How to Find it

George Grombacher December 30, 2021

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Peace of Mind

What threatens your peace?


I spend a good amount of time thinking about peace of mind. I think about financial peace of mind. I think about professional peace of mind. I think about spiritual peace of mind. 


Here’s a couple of things I’ve come up with. 


I’ve discovered regret for the past threatens our peace. 


I believe anxiety for the future threatens it. 

I think procrastination keeps us from it as well. 


A beautiful and dangerous mind


Our minds are amazing. They’ve made us and kept us the apex predator on planet Earth for a really long time. 


But, we need to pay attention to what they’re doing. 


Because, when left to its own devices, it will lead us further from our desired peace of mind.  


Danger of a wandering mind 


Did you know that the human mind wanders roughly half the time? 


Not your mind, I’m sure. But most everyone else’s. 


It’s true. 


And that’s a lot. 


The human mind will bounce around from thing, to thing, to thing, to thing.  


It loves the figurative “squirrel!” 


Danger of letting your mind wander back


When your mind wanders backwards, where does it go? Does it take you back to awesome experiences? 

Mine doesn’t.


Mine goes to things I regret. Or things I feel shame over. Or times I feel I was treated unjustly.  


Not good. 


Danger of letting your mind wander forward


Where does your mind naturally go when you allow it to wander forward? Does it go to a happy place?


Or does it go somewhere that triggers anxiety and uncertainty? 


That’s one of the key features of the future. It’s uncertain. 


Also, not good. 


Human being versus human doing


Have you heard this one? I’m a human “being,” not a human “doing.” 


I remember thinking it was very clever the first time I heard it. And I remember thinking it was correct. 


I don’t anymore.  


I think I’m a human “doing.”


I’m constantly doing things. Right now, I’m podcasting. Earlier, I was cooking my kids breakfast. 


Then, I was writing. At some point, hopefully soon, I’ll be sleeping. That won’t make me a sleeper. 


And it didn’t make me a writer, or a cooker, or a podcaster. 


I focus and commit to what I’m doing now. In the present moment. 


I’m not talking about being mindful or present. I’m talking about focusing on my current work and immersing myself in it.  


I’m talking about taking it like you mean it.   


I believe this is a key to contentment and peace of mind. 


Figure out what you want to be doing


What do you want to be doing? Do you know?


It’s not an easy question to answer.


We’re all under the weight of expectations. We’re all under the weight of assumptions. 


In this instance, “the work” is to figure out the work you want to be doing. It’s what you want to focus your attention on. It’s what you want to spend your time on. 


The only way to live how you want and to do the work you want, is to know how you want to live and to know what work you want to be doing.  


Think and write about it. That’s what helped me figure it out. 


Remove the things that stand in your way


Once you’ve figured out the work you want to be doing, remove anything that’s standing in the way of you doing it. 


I know. Sounds easy, does hard. 


But start small. 


Pay attention to whatever “it” is that’s pulling you away from your desired work and cut it out. 


Do your work now


Forget the past.


Don’t worry about the future. 


Do your work now. Peace of mind will follow. 


Additional resources


Our Goals and Values courses can help you on your path to peace of mind. You can access them at no-cost. 


The LifeBlood podcast has a ton of great episodes on this topic and much more!


I welcome you to have no-cost call with one of our Coaches and would love for you to check our our Courses.


Peace of mind is available to you!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

George Grombacher

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 16:00
So if I want my iPhone, and my Tesla and my Bitcoin to work, we need to get the metal out of the ground.

Pierre Leveille 16:07
Absolutely. Without it, we cannot do it.

george grombacher 16:13
Why? Why is there a Why has production been going down.

Pierre Leveille 16:21
Because the large mines that are producing most of the copper in the world, the grades are going down slowly they’re going there, they’re arriving near the end of life. So and of life of mines in general means less production. And in the past, at least 15 years, the exploration expenditure for copper were pretty low, because the price of copper was low. And when the price is low, companies are tending to not invest more so much in exploration, which is what we see today. It’s it’s, it’s not the way to look at it. Because nobody 15 years ago was able to predict that there would be a so massive shortage, or it’s so massive demand coming. But in the past five years, or let’s say since the since 10 years, we have seen that more and more coming. And then the by the time you react start exploring and there’s more money than then ever that is putting in put it in expression at the moment for copper at least. And what we see is that the it takes time, it could take up to 2025 years between the time you find a deposit that it gets in production. So but but the year the time is counted. So it’s it’s very important to so you will see company reopening old mines, what it will push also, which is not bad, it will force to two, it will force to find a it will force to find ways of recalibrating customer, you know the metals, that will be more and more important.

george grombacher 18:07
So finding, okay, so for lack of a better term recycling metals that are just sitting around somewhere extremely important. Yeah. And then going and going back to historic minds that maybe for lack of technology, or just lack of will or reasons, but maybe now because there’s such a demand, there’s an appetite to go back to those.

Pierre Leveille 18:33
Yes, but there will be a lot of failures into that for many reasons. But the ones that will be in that will resume mining it’s just going to be a short term temporary solution. No it’s it’s not going to be you need to find deposit that will that will operate 50 years you know at least it’s 25 to 50 years at least and an old mind that you do in production in general it’s less than 10 years.

george grombacher 19:03
Got it. Oh there we go. Up here. People are ready for your difference making tip What do you have for them

Pierre Leveille 19:14
You mean an investment or

george grombacher 19:17
whatever you’re into, you’ve got so much life experience with raising a family and doing business all over the world and having your kids go to school in Africa so a tip on copper or whatever you’re into.

Pierre Leveille 19:34
But there’s two things I like to see and I was telling my children many times and I always said you know don’t focus on what will bring you specifically money don’t think of Getting Rich. Think of doing what you what you like, what you feel your your your your your, you know you have been born to do so use your most you skills, do what you like, do what you wet well, and good things will happen to you. And I can see them grow in their life. And I can tell you that this is what happens. And sometimes you have setback like I had recently. But if we do things properly, if we do things that we like, and we liked that project, we were very passionate about that project, not only me, all my team, and if we do things properly, if we do things correctly, good things will happen. And we will probably get the project back had to go forward or we will find another big project that will be the launch of a new era. So that’s my most important tip in life. Do what you like, do it with your best scale and do it well and good things will happen.

george grombacher 20:49
Pierre Leveille 21:03
Thank you. I was happy to be with you to today.

george grombacher 21:06
Damn, tell us the websites and where where people can connect and find you.

Pierre Leveille 21:13
The it’s Deep South So pretty simple.

george grombacher 21:18
Perfect. Well, if you enjoyed this as much as I did show up here your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciate good ideas, go to deep south resources, calm and learn all about what they’re working on and track their progress.

Pierre Leveille 21:32
Thanks. Thanks, have a nice day.

george grombacher 21:36
And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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