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Next Level Gratitude

George Grombacher November 22, 2022

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Next Level Gratitude

In this episode, George talks about asking and getting more out of yourself and why you ought to do it.

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George Grombacher

Episode Transcript

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It’s time. It’s time for you to start doing more. You need it. And we need you to do it. It’s time to show not tell. Remember that from school, your writing teacher, English teacher, tell you show, don’t tell show don’t tell the traditional practice gratitude to great thing. It’s very nice. It’s nice to spend time thinking about the things that you are grateful for. It’s not only great thing to do, there’s also other benefits to not only you, you know, but what about the rest of us? I mean, it’s awesome. You’re grateful. You’re better to be around, you’re better human being. That’s nothing but a good thing. But I want more from you. Are you grateful for your health? If yes, I want you just show us by getting stronger. Show us by being lean. By having a healthy body. Show us the practice of exercise, lift weights to cardio? Show us through the practice of discipline by making healthy food choices. Not stuffing your face with crap food that tastes good. are you grateful for a sound mind? Show us by using it to thick? Show us by using your brain? To make up your own mind to formulate your own opinions about things? are you grateful for your family, your loved ones for your community? Well then show us by giving those people your full 100% undivided attention. Show us by nurturing and deepening those relationships. are you grateful for your freedoms? Show us by vigorously exercising them? are you grateful for your ability to express yourself? Now, I’m not talking about virtue signaling, making posts on social media talking about combining your thinking, with your ability to express your thinking I’m talking about courageously expressing your authentic views on the things that are most important to you. Now maybe not the dinner table today. But I want you to pick your spots. You get the idea. Finally, are you grateful for what you have? You ought to be you have a lot I have a lot if you listen to this podcast, you have a lot you have a an immense number of things to be grateful for. Being grateful means advocating for the things that you’re grateful for. Let your life be evidenced to others. Everything that you are grateful for do in a way that compels others to do the same. Happy Thanksgiving for I forget where I forget my my book. Did you know I wrote a book. Be Your on CFO businesslike approach to your personal finances. Great Gift for those in your life that are smart, intelligent, hardworking people that are doing the things I just talked about. And for those people that are on their way to doing that, or for those people who aren’t anywhere close to doing that. Happy Thanksgiving

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