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New Year’s Wishes 2023

George Grombacher December 28, 2022

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New Year's Wishes 2023

Did you know that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned by February? In this episode, George talks about his wishes for 2023.  


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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Episode Transcript

Unknown Speaker 0:00

Unknown Speaker 0:15
probably won’t surprise you. But reality of New Year’s resolutions is 25% of us. pull the ripcord and just give up after one week, spend a little bit of time some time, maybe even a lot of time thinking about what our New Year’s resolutions are gonna be. And just one week later, 25% of us say you know what, forget it. Forget the whole thing I’m done.

Unknown Speaker 0:41
Two months later, 80% of us have given up have abandoned have lost hope. Or just not going to do it. We think those were dumb resolutions in the first place, or I don’t really want it that bad, whatever, whatever it is. 80% of us just say, Fuck it. I’m done with it. No more, no moss. So

Unknown Speaker 1:06
why would I do that? Why would I set new year’s resolutions if 80% of people are not going to do it. So instead, setting new year’s resolutions, I thought to myself, why not do some New Year’s wishes. So the spirit of that, with my new approach to New Years, I wanted to write down for you. For me for us. Some New Year’s wishes on these pieces of paper.

Unknown Speaker 1:34
Don’t worry, I’m not going to read all of them go through all of them was kind of give you some highlights. Some of them just are not suitable for everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:44
For most people, some are just for me personally, who knows that we’ll just go through them.

Unknown Speaker 1:50
I wish for 2023

Unknown Speaker 1:54
Here are my wishes. My New Year’s wishes, I wish that everybody were kinder.

Unknown Speaker 2:01
I wish that we were nicer to one another.

Unknown Speaker 2:04
I wish I wish that I could eat pizza without getting a fat ass. Something else. I wish I wish the Tiger Woods would once again dominate the world of professional golf. I wish that drinking coffee would earn you money. I will be a rich, rich, wealthy man.

Unknown Speaker 2:25
Let’s see. I wish that I could play guitar without taking any lessons or working towards doing it.

Unknown Speaker 2:33
I wish our politicians were in such fuckheads I bet you wish that one too. You probably wish the pizza one also, there’s probably also something that you would like to be able to do but have zero intention of actually doing it. Like playing guitar. Just on a side note. Another one for me is calligraphy. I would like to be able to write calligraphy or do calligraphy. Do you do calligraphy or you write calligraphy you write in a calligraphy graphic style? Somebody can correct me on that. But there’s no way I’m ever going to spend any time doing it or learning how to do it. So be curious as to what some of those that you have. Might be. Let’s see.

Unknown Speaker 3:19
I wish that everybody would would embrace incremental change.

Unknown Speaker 3:23
While it is very, very possible for things to change rapidly, the majority of things in life demand slow and steady growth, they demand slow change. If you’re trying to lose 30 pounds, you’re going to lose it the same way you gained three pounds, which is a little bit every day, for a good little while. Do you ever really thought about

Unknown Speaker 3:49
how weight gain actually works? It’s not like you just put on 20 pounds, it’s no you put on half a pound for for, you know, half a pound a month. And then two years later. Well that’s that’s kind of how you get there. So incremental change is how we get how we solve most problems, how we get to where we want to go. You ever heard? I don’t know if it’s a it’s like a

Unknown Speaker 4:13
it’s that whole thing about if you replace every board on a ship, every single board on a ship? Is it a brand new ship? Well, that’s really what incremental change is all about is you are slowly but surely changing who you are.

Unknown Speaker 4:30
And that on guests over this past year who have talked about getting 1% better. And I liked that I liked the idea of working every day just to get a little bit better. And that 1% better idea. It’s something that kind of sticks with you. So I wish people would also embrace that to think about what can I do to get better today. And instead of comparing myself to somebody else, or the people that are around me or whatever, I’m just trying to get better than I was you

Unknown Speaker 5:00

Unknown Speaker 5:01
I don’t think that that’s extremely possible, particularly for a person like me, who is deeply flawed in so many different ways and requires improvement in so many different areas. That’s a pretty low bar. So easy for me to be doing that.

Unknown Speaker 5:16
And then I got this idea about just sort of thinking about human being as a case study. And if over the course of 20 years,

Unknown Speaker 5:27
if this human being exercised for 20 minutes a day, or ran a mile every day, and did 100 Push ups every day, and ate a healthy and reasonable, had a healthy and reasonable diet, whatever that diet might be, I’m agnostic, if you’re into keto, you’re a vegetarian, you’re vegan, you only want to eat meat. As long as you had a healthy diet, or a healthy form of whatever diet you chose, over the course of 20 years, would that human being be healthier, or not healthier. And obviously, that person would be healthier. And that person is you.

Unknown Speaker 6:05
We get so wrapped up in living our lives and the day to day that. And we also kind of forget that 20 years is going to go by a lot faster than we expect it to.

Unknown Speaker 6:18
Getting older is a very, very abstract thing until you start getting a little bit older and you recognize Oh my gosh.

Unknown Speaker 6:28
These things do take time. And embracing incrementally, the work that I can be doing on a daily basis is the way that you will tackle problems. So got a little long winded on that one, I wish people would embrace incremental change. And recognize that that is the way to do it.

Unknown Speaker 6:50
I also wish that people would behave as though they were worthy of doing that incremental change. Because the things I just described, were exercising for 20 minutes a day, or running a mile every day, or doing 100 pushups every day. That’s That’s not easy. But we’ve all sort of agreed that that creates a healthy person over the long term.

Unknown Speaker 7:15

Unknown Speaker 7:16
I wish that you that everybody, myself included, would embrace that. And embrace that I am worth being a healthy person, I am worth the sacrifices of time, and attention or whatever it is, that will help me to actually do that. So I wish that for you.

Unknown Speaker 7:36
I wish that that each of us had a greater sense of urgency very much related to the last one. Because we do tend to think about time as very abstract. But the reality is, is Life is too short not to be treating ourselves, like we’re worthy of being treated well. And it’s also way too long, to not treat ourselves in a way that’s going to benefit us now, but also over the long term. Because you are 100% worthy of that you’re worthy of being a healthy person, you’re worthy of feeling good every day. And therefore adopting those small healthy habits, mix and sleep mix in some form of health care, self care, self care.

Unknown Speaker 8:27
That was a merger of self and health, self care, to doing all those things, you are 1,000% worthy of that. And it’s essential that we get started on those things. Because it’s all going to get here sooner than we realize that it’s going to get here.

Unknown Speaker 8:46
And I wish that we would all

Unknown Speaker 8:50
pursue personal excellence more. And this is for me as much of this as it is for everybody else.

Unknown Speaker 8:59
That personal excellence is the only way that we’re going to get through all the problems that we’re experiencing. So it’s the way through. And personal excellence is the way forward.

Unknown Speaker 9:11
We, you and I are keenly and acutely aware of all the problems that are going on in the world. There’s a lot of them. And there’s more. There’s so many problems that you and I are not even aware of. And there’s just constantly more and more and more and more problems. I just listened to the Joe Rogan podcast about about cobalt, and how essentially the Congo has 90% of the world’s cobalt. And Cobalt is necessary for anything with a battery. So think your telephone that you’re using your your iPhone, your Android device, your electric car, that we’re all eventually going to be driving

Unknown Speaker 9:53
all of it. And because of that the conditions for getting the cobalt out of the ground are atrocious.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
It’s essentially human slavery going on in the worst possible conditions. And because we’re all using iPhones, we’re all driving electric cars, we are complicit in these in all this horrible stuff. So

Unknown Speaker 10:19
the whole thing here is, I didn’t know about that. I didn’t realize the atrocities that were going on. Right now, like, literally as we speak, there are children who are digging in a cobalt mine with their hands for all intensive purposes. So if we wrap ourselves up, and we let in, we get ourselves all twisted up, constantly worrying about all the problems that we’re aware of, and then all the new ones that are coming along, we’ll never get anything done. All you you and I can do is do the best that we can, and tend to the parts of our garden that we can reach to a very famous Jack Kornfield, quote, each and if each and every one of us did that, if we pursued personal excellence in our own in our own lives, and got our own acts together, got our own houses in order. And then we started helping our families, and then we moved on to our communities. And then our cities and our states and everything else. That’s the solution to all of this. So the most actionable thing is to get cracking on those New Year’s resolutions, and or your New Year’s wishes, whatever those might be. And to pursue personal excellence and greatness.

Unknown Speaker 11:32
Next, I wish that everybody would stop giving a shit when anybody thought about them. This is 100% for me, because

Unknown Speaker 11:42
I fancy myself a thoughtful person. So I’m constantly over analyzing, well, what are people going to think about what I say about this, and I shouldn’t say should have fuck, and podcasts because I don’t want people to be offended or turned off by that, even though that’s language that I commonly use. So there is a term in fighting in combat sports, where it will be getting towards the end of a fight, let’s say it’s a five round fight. And it’s been very, very close, or one of the fighters is behind. So he’s losing the fight. And he’s got one more round to get out there and try to win. And his coaches or his corner, the people in his corner will say, gotta let your hands go.

Unknown Speaker 12:27
And so I think that in my mind, and that simply means start punching, go for broke, lay it all on the line, don’t hold back, don’t leave anything on the field, let your hands go.

Unknown Speaker 12:40
So oftentimes, when you do that, you’re you’re pursuing more offense than you are defense and you leave yourself exposed, but you’re already losing. So therefore, leave it out there, let your hands go. That’s really what I’m talking about doing here is when we stop being so concerned

Unknown Speaker 13:00
about what other people are going to think about us.

Unknown Speaker 13:04
Then we hold everything back. And it prevents us from really being the person that that we are or the person that that that we want to be.

Unknown Speaker 13:15
Where are you playing small in your life that is preventing you from doing the things that you want to do.

Unknown Speaker 13:25
From trying things you want to try throwing it out there. Now your hands go. Again, earlier, you get one crack at life, life is way too short, wait too long to be walking around on eggshells and tiptoeing around worrying about what everybody else is going to think about you. Let your hands go.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
Let’s see

Unknown Speaker 13:50
a little bit more on that. Stop tolerating other people’s bullshit. Just stop doing it. I remember when I was a teenager, and one of the people in my friend group, it would just annoy me to no end the way this person behaved. And another one of our friends would say, well, that’s just so and so being so and so. And I thought, well, that’s really dumb.

Unknown Speaker 14:13
You like, life is again way too short, wait too long to tolerate other people’s BS, particularly if it’s negatively impacting you.

Unknown Speaker 14:24
So stop putting up with other people’s bullshit. Life is way too short.

Unknown Speaker 14:31
I wish you and everybody else me would stop being offended by what other people say.

Unknown Speaker 14:40
I wish people would stop being stop pretending to be offended by things other people say I wish that we would remember

Unknown Speaker 14:50
the thing we used to say when we were kids.

Unknown Speaker 14:54
Couple things. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Hurt remember that one. And here’s another one. Your rubber, I’m glue, but you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.

Unknown Speaker 15:10
I never read that book everything I need to know in life I learned in kindergarten, but I imagine, I imagine there’s wisdom contained in that book along those lines today. I mean, today, it’s been going on for a long time now cancer culture bullshit, thought police,

Unknown Speaker 15:28
trigger warnings,

Unknown Speaker 15:30
aggressions microaggressions, macro aggressions big aggressions.

Unknown Speaker 15:39
Again, life is way too fucking short

Unknown Speaker 15:43
to, to be doing that to be doing that to one another. So I wish people would stop that. Stop being offended by what other people say.

Unknown Speaker 15:53
Stop pretending to be offended by what other people say. Just words, move along. Mind your own business. Go about your day.

Unknown Speaker 16:04
I wish that

Unknown Speaker 16:07
I wish that people remain remembered. I wish that we knew.

Unknown Speaker 16:13
We don’t know. I wish that we knew. And I wish that we remembered that we each have choice.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
It’s a superpower. That you get to choose how you’re going to think, respond behave to the circumstances in in your life. I know you know that we don’t have very much control over the things that happen to us. But we have absolute control 100% control over how we respond.

Unknown Speaker 16:43
And that is a legitimate superpower. So we need to exercise that I wish we would exercise that more. Stop being so affected by the words, behaviors. Anything else,

Unknown Speaker 16:56
we have the ability to choose.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
I wish

Unknown Speaker 17:02
that people would spend some time thinking about these questions.

Unknown Speaker 17:09
I wish people would know what their breakeven number was.

Unknown Speaker 17:15
Do you know what your breakeven number is? Do you know what your monthly expenses are. So that’s really what your breakeven number is discovered that most people don’t know that. So I wish most people knew what their breakeven number was. I think that that would go a long ways. And helping people have greater peace of mind, particularly around money. So I wish that people knew that

Unknown Speaker 17:37
I wish that people would spend a little bit of time thinking about

Unknown Speaker 17:42
what a great day looks like for them.

Unknown Speaker 17:46
The only way to live how you want is to know how you want to live. So I wish that you would spend, everybody would spend a little bit more time thinking about what do I want my life to look like?

Unknown Speaker 17:58
How do I want to be spending my time? What do I want to be doing? And then take that one step further. I wish that people would think about what freedom really means to them.

Unknown Speaker 18:09
You do credit, the great Jamie Hopkins was just a guest on the podcast, who wrote a wonderful book.

Unknown Speaker 18:18
It’s called Find your freedom. And that’s one of the questions that when we were talking on the show the other day, he brought up. So I want to credit Jamie and I want I wish that everybody thought and ask themselves that question. What does freedom mean to you? This is a really, really, really powerful thing.

Unknown Speaker 18:36
And then, I guess, almost finally

Unknown Speaker 18:41
caught more.

Unknown Speaker 18:43
A couple more.

Unknown Speaker 18:45
I wish that that that that you would play it out. I wish that you would play out everything you’re doing in your life.

Unknown Speaker 18:55

Unknown Speaker 18:57
is your current your current behaviors? What are they guaranteed to get you?

Unknown Speaker 19:02
Your current financial behaviors? What? Just play it out 1020 3050 years from now? What are you going to end up with?

Unknown Speaker 19:11
What is your current diet, your current exercise program guaranteed to get you?

Unknown Speaker 19:17
Is it gonna get you where you want to go? Or is it gonna get you nowhere? Again, close to what you want.

Unknown Speaker 19:23
I wish you would think about that. So think about that for every aspect of life, your relationships, your family, your community involvement, the way you treat other people, the way you’re eating the way you’re exercising the way you’re spending money the way you’re saving or investing money or not at all. It’s played out what is what are your behaviors guaranteed to get you

Unknown Speaker 19:44
think about that.

Unknown Speaker 19:47
And then finally,

Unknown Speaker 19:50
I wish that you would and me I wish we would all ask ourselves. Is this

Unknown Speaker 19:58
the life that I want to bring with me into

Unknown Speaker 20:00
The next year

Unknown Speaker 20:03
is this the body that I want to bring with me into 2023 to 2025, and it’s 2033 into 2043, and to 2053. If it’s not, we’ll do something about it.

Unknown Speaker 20:17
Again, you’re worth it,

Unknown Speaker 20:20
you’re able, assuming that you have the physical ability to exercise, and to push yourself away from the dinner table, or to stop snacking, or whatever it might be to stop your bad habits. Ask yourself that, is this the body that I want to bring me with me into the next stage of my life? For me, the answer was definitively No.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
And I’ve been working really, really, really hard over the past.

Unknown Speaker 20:47
Well, 15 1215 months, I’ve been exercising a lot more, I’ve been eating a lot better than just working hard to not snack and lots of different stuff. And I’m going to spend some more time talking about that, in the new year, at least once a month, just give me updates on where I’m at with some of my some of my wellness habits and routines, and probably more for me than it is for anybody else, just from an accountability standpoint.

Unknown Speaker 21:19
So that’s maybe the final one. I wish that each and every one of us had more accountability in our lives. Because that is to degree the glue that holds a lot of change together. Because change is really, really hard. It’s really hard, if not impossible to do change on our own.

Unknown Speaker 21:39
I think that we all intellectually know a lot of things.

Unknown Speaker 21:42
intellectually understand that I need to spend less money than I make, I need to I intellectually understand I need to not eat foods that are terrible for me, and I know what foods are terrible for me. I know I shouldn’t drink a lot. I know that. Insert this that the other thing, I shouldn’t do things that are bad for me.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
So the glue, such a big piece and actually closing that behavior gap between what I intellectually know and then what I actually do is accountability. So having somebody around and it can be many people could be in every different thing that you’re trying to get better at or improve. Having somebody to help hold yourself accountable and hold you accountable and vice versa. You can help hold them accountable in different aspects of their life. That’s nothing but a really, really positive thing.

Unknown Speaker 22:28
Finally, I wish and hope that you have an amazing 2023 And I hope that 2023 is your best year yet.

Unknown Speaker 22:42
Remember, do your part by doing your best

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