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Maximize Your Potential with William Lam

George Grombacher September 22, 2022

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Maximize Your Potential with William Lam

LifeBlood: We talked about how to maximize your potential, why many of us are leaving a lot on the table, how to recognize limiting beliefs, and what to do when we find them, with William Lam, American Board Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor, and Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. . 

Listen to learn why you’re capable of having everything you want in life! 

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Our Guests

George Grombacher


William Lam

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:15
left with this is George G. And the time is right welcome today’s guest strong and powerful William lamb. William, are you ready to do this?

Unknown Speaker 0:22
Yeah, thank you for having me on.

george grombacher 0:24
George. excited to have you on. William is an American board certified hypnotherapy instructor, certified master neuro linguistic programmer, he is known as the Yoda of the West. William, tell us a little about your personal life’s more about your work and why you do what you

Unknown Speaker 0:40
do. Man? Well, first off, I really appreciate you having me on. I, I sometimes forget, that was what my marketing brights for me, my marketing team writes for me. Every time I hear it, I’m like out there. So what we do, we do a lot of trainings for entrepreneurs and investors. And then our executives, what we mostly trained them on our mentor success and our mental performance. One of the easiest ways to put it is that we, we update people’s operating systems, and we upgrade how they operate by doing so. So that their behavior aligns with their goals. And their minds align with what they really want, and therefore they outcome happens effortlessly.

george grombacher 1:40
Are most people’s not?

Unknown Speaker 1:43
Well, I would say a lot of people know what they don’t want. Therefore, what they’re really good at is creating what they don’t want.

george grombacher 1:53
Tell me more about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:55
Yeah, you know, when you ask someone, hey, what what is it that you want? And I faced a lot of clients, people haven’t been trained yet. Or just general public, you know, or even friends and family. Sometimes. I ask them, What do you want? They’re like, Well, I really want to quit my job. Or I really don’t like my boss, or I don’t want to do this anymore. I I’m like, wait, hold on. I’m asking what you want. They’re like, No, no, that’s what I’m telling you. I don’t want this. I don’t want that. And so what we’ve discovered over the years is, is that people are very good at not thinking about the pink elephant. It’s like, Oh, don’t think about the pink elephant. And they get really good at it. And as they focus more and more on it, what they end up creating is literally the pink elephant.

george grombacher 2:50
It’s, I think that that’s absolutely fascinating. Don’t think about a pink elephant, like, oh my gosh, now all I could think about is is is this pink elephant. Why is that? Are we just our negativity or is drawn to it more, it has more powerful pole force, or that’s just the way that we’re default wired until we change that.

Unknown Speaker 3:10
I think that it’s a lot of the environment that we experience, I wouldn’t say everyone experience experiences that I think that there’s a good number of, of people that do think of the media, right? Even really powerful, enjoyable Movies For Kids. For adults, they begin with a story of some tragic event, or they they, the hero has to go through so many trials and tribulation, I think everything around us points to you know, life is hard or or you have to work hard at sacrifice before you can create success. And I’m not saying that we don’t, what I am saying is if that’s what we focus on, oftentimes it becomes self fulfilling prophecies. And our unconscious mind is, is literally built to take direction from our conscious mind. So if we consciously focus on how things will go wrong, and what we don’t want, we’re adding to our unconscious micro behaviors list of, hey, here are the things that you ought to execute today, heart thinks, things that we don’t want to have happen. And the unconscious mind is like, how are you sure. And then all of a sudden, we begin to feel the stress, we begin to feel even more of the burden. And then we were like, See, I knew it, it’s gonna be hard. And so and not to mention, you know, how many of us grew up thinking or hearing that you have to work really hard and sacrifice before we can experience you know, the positive result that we want. So everything together, plus the system we’re in, I think that points to the way we think. And so if we were to want to change, it would require a system Change. And that’s why we created upgrade is to help people experience more of that effortless success.

george grombacher 5:09
Do people ever resist that? Like, okay, I get it. But maybe I, maybe I want to be like er and kind of mope around.

Unknown Speaker 5:22
Of course, I think that, especially when there’s so ingrained, some people do resist it in the beginning, we find it to be pretty easy to help them remove the resistance, because at the end of the day, what they really want is the result. So why would they want to delay the result? Right? So once we have a very simple a reasonable conversation with them, and ask them, what’s the ultimate purpose of you wanting to achieve your goals? And then, you know, what’s the purpose of having that hardship before you achieve that goals? They realize at the end of the day, that’s the same. So if we can just remove the hardship from their mental program, not saying that, it will eliminate all hardship. That’s not what we mean, right? But completely getting rid of that mental program, but dramatic reduce dramatically reduce a lot of the hardship, then most people readily say, yes.

george grombacher 6:19
So we say, yes, let’s, let’s do it. What is what is the process? What? What are the principles?

Unknown Speaker 6:27
So typically, we run through a structure that is about three steps. It begins with this thinking, first off, every single behavior begins with a belief, and every single belief begin with a decision. Oftentimes, these decisions were made, you know, in a very short moment, very, very quickly in the conscious mind, and, or even unconsciously, and, and then it becomes unconscious, even if it was conscious. And then the person doesn’t even remember they made a decision. So if we were to want to remove a unconscious behavior, or a belief, what people may call limiting beliefs, we must find the very first point of origination, the moment where the thought began. And so as we as we asked our client clients this question, when did you decide for this to begin? And or, you know, there are variations of this question. But essentially, when was the first time you ever experienced this? And we help them take responsibilities, even if it seems like sometimes has nothing to do with them? Because the responsibility of how we can think about the event rather than Oh, yeah, of course, we created it. That’s not what we mean. We mean, how can we respond to this, we can take responsibility. And as we do that, the individual take back the power of how they can modify that decision. So the first question is always when, if there’s something they don’t like, if there’s something they don’t even know that they don’t like, but it’s causing something. One, right. Second question is, what can we learn from it? What can we learn from it? And now, it may seem like a simple question, or one of those age old cheesy questions, but what can we learn from it is actually the very question that unlocks the hidden message behind why certain negative emotion success, because emotions exists as a message message delivery mechanism. So if we understand that, we’re able to extract the hem message, therefore letting go of the emotion, or any sort of stress that we feel when we are experiencing a negative pattern. So we explore what one can learn from these, these decisions. And then finally, we redirect them. And this is the basis of mental reprogramming. It’s what do you want instead? What do you want instead, so directing their thoughts from what they don’t want, to what they really want. And so in fact, what we have created is a course to help people direct their thoughts to go from what they don’t want to what they really want. And it’s like a three hour course, it’s our first most basic course. And a lot of the individuals that go through it will find themselves having an easy time changing that and, frankly, everything we do at upgrades about reprogramming that but the focus course that we’ve built is specifically to help people that but essentially, if someone wants to reprogram those three steps when and then, you know, what can I learn from it, and what do I want instead? This is the basis of all mental reprogramming that we do hear it upgrade?

george grombacher 10:05
I love it. That makes a ton of sense. Or people commonly surprised by it or? Or is is there an age that people commonly have these experiences? So when you say When did it happen? Did it often happen? Or is it all over the board?

Unknown Speaker 10:28
Brilliant question. Yes, indeed. And I mean, it, this is not a question that people think about oftentimes, until they observe the pattern. And the pattern is, it is zero to seven. So typically in the input period as what William James would call it. And so, zero to seven is when a lot of these and if you were to ask someone, and of course, some things to happen later, in someone’s teenage years, or 20s, or 30s, but a lot of decisions are made in zero to seven, as we observe our surrounding our family, or our schools. We just were like, literally unconscious by absorbing everything. So that’s the typical period that we have observed.

george grombacher 11:14
It’s pretty wild, to think that the that is, my, my operating system, or the way that I’m wired is from childhood experiences, but, you know, carries with us through through such through so much of our lives. It strikes me that, that, that a lot of people are for lack of a better term, sort of arguing for their limitations, they defend the reasons that they’re acting in a certain way, and they hold on to victimhood. Am I off base with that?

Unknown Speaker 11:46
No, no, I think you’re totally on point.

george grombacher 11:50
And so that’s just again, it’s sort of like, this is my comfort level. This is, it helps me explain why I’m at where I’m at.

Unknown Speaker 12:02
I think so, you know, this may be a good way to, to explain some of this too. I think that, you know, just like back in the day, when we had DOS, the das System, instead of, you know, before the Windows and macOS days before the graphical user interface. I remember talking to a friend of mine, who, who taught me how to use it. And you know, I was much younger back then. But, you know, I had some friends that were quite good at it. And I’m like, so do you think the machines will ever progress past this? I asked him, and I asked him, Hey, you think the operating system, you know, will ever get better? He’s like, now this is the state of the art does nothing ever. Yeah, this is it, there’s no need to progress anymore. This is, you know, unbelievably useful. And I was like, Oh, my gosh, this is so hard to use, right. And not to mention, if we were to compare that to current day, you know, graphical user interface. So what upgrade is doing is essentially creating this graphical user interface. Because if we have a multi multi million dollar machine, and all it runs is DOS, it may be hard to utilize all of his potential. But when you have graphical user interface, it’s much easier for you to be like, well, I can just drag and drop, copy and paste, I can go browse over here, I can use the software that’s very complex that normally wouldn’t be easy to use. But now I can. Because we like to process graphically. So

george grombacher 13:46
I think it’s super, super powerful and synth and really exciting that they are, if you’re listening to this, or people who are listening to this, there’s an opportunity to certainly nobody’s saying that, that, that you’re broken, but there’s an opportunity to optimize and to really live the life that you want to live. And it’s just it’s going through these what I’ve considered to be a very straightforward process to be exploring. What What are things that I could be preventing me or blocking me or slowing me down from getting the things that I really want? And the solution is available?

Unknown Speaker 14:30
Yeah, I totally agree. And, you know, I appreciate you bringing that up that the broken versus, you know, optimize conversation because, really, at the end of the day, it’s we are so capable and so powerful, but most people never get to explore how far we could go. And so really the premises, you know of upgrade how we perceive the world. Our motto is, humans are so magnificent. You We are going to provide a way just like the graphical user interface of the computer industry, we’re providing that in the personal development, mental training mental Success space, so that we can actually move humanity into the next era. So that we can experience that ultimate success by actually accessing what we’re capable of.

george grombacher 15:26
Just imagine, you’re already having a pretty good life, in which I’m which I hope you are, that it could be even better, just with a couple of couple small tweaks here and there. And, and going through this process, I’m sure you get great results.

Unknown Speaker 15:49
Yeah, it’s, it’s one of those things where, you know, I just think that the analogy is really easy to use, right, just thinking back to when I was trying to delete a file back in DOS online, type this type that and if I forgot the space, or forget to type in one of the, you know, one of the symbols or whatever it is, and then I miss something. Well, nowadays, it’s like you have a visual indicator, the way we build upgrade, you know, the three step process is built into a graphical experience. And, and some may call it meditative experience. And or, but there’s a number of processes that we do, when we’re fully awake to when we’re in a meditative state. Long story short, we’ve been able to map a lot of processes that used to be more complex, and or would require someone to be an advanced user of the mind. But now, even a child can follow the process. And it allows us to experience more of our potential, because what is what is stress, right stress, as defined by a lot of very sophisticated practitioners of meditation, they would say, it’s really an indicator that the internal potential, right, or the available potential does not meet the external demands. But when we remove that, that problem that bottleneck and or give ourselves more access, all the sudden, there’s no such bottleneck, therefore, dramatically reduces stress. Because some people can be extremely successful, and many listeners probably are. And that, that doesn’t mean they don’t have stress. So imagine being able to remove stress, and induce euphoria, and excitement and happiness and all the good feelings. Because now all of a sudden, we open widely. What is available?

george grombacher 17:50
I think it’s excited, beloved. Well, William, thank you so much for coming out. Where can people learn more about you? How can they take advantage of the course and connect?

Unknown Speaker 18:02
Yeah, you know, although our site is being remodeled right now, but they can get on our site. It’s And it’s spelled differently. It’s spelled as you Up And we have received free resources as well as courses that we we’ve constructed and curated. So feel free to check it out. And you can get in touch with our team as well as you know, check out our our free podcasts and or the courses I mentioned earlier, briefly.

george grombacher 18:35
Excellent. Well, if you enjoyed as much as I did show, William, your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas. And I really see no reason why you wouldn’t explore this. I know it’s something that I spent a good amount of time thinking about and I’m excited to dig into the course as well. So go to up g r And check out the great resources. Check out the podcast and everything else that William and the team are working on. Thanksgiving lamb.

Unknown Speaker 19:04
Thank you yours. That’s been wonderful to be with you.

george grombacher 19:08
Thank you. And until next time, remember, do your part by doing your best

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