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Love Consciousness with Dr. Teri Baydar

George Grombacher November 21, 2023

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Love Consciousness with Dr. Teri Baydar


LifeBlood: We talked about love consciousness versus war consciousness, inner and outer human engineering, the value of focusing on reciprocity, and how this applies to business, with Dr. Teri Baydar, leadership coach, human consciousness expert, and author.       

Listen to learn how long it will take for you to move to your next stage of consciousness!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Dr. Teri Baydar

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:02
Dr. Terry Vadar is leadership coach. She is a groundbreaking thinker and expert in the field of consciousness, personal growth and the underlying forces shaping our world. She is the author of flip your switch A User’s Guide to A Whole New Mind. Welcome, Terry.

Dr. Teri Baydar 0:17
Thank you. Happy to be here.

george grombacher 0:18
Yeah, excited to have you on the show. Tell us a little about your personal life more about your work, why you do what you do.

Dr. Teri Baydar 0:26
I do what I do, because I figured out something that I think a lot of people haven’t quite put their finger on. And I believe it is essential for the future, which is understanding consciousness, which is not some woowoo thing. It’s awareness, what are you aware of? And how are you creating narratives from that awareness. And I have boiled it down in my book to two fundamental states of being which is what I call war consciousness, where we think that the world is out to get us some somebody has to win, we need to capture, contain and control something, or someone and we have to win. And that is war consciousness, it is based in duality and conflict, both inner and outer. And then the other end of the spectrum, is what I call love consciousness, which is a fundamental understanding of the interdependent nature of all things, be it business or life. And this is how we are complementary. And we in love consciousness, we seek to comprehend to understand the greater picture or the interconnections between different functions or processes, and how they work together to create value for the greater good with in a constructive and creative fashion. And that mindset that goes with it. So as a leadership coach, I figured this out. Now, I have to say, I’ve been working at this for 35 years. And I started out in social engineering studying the function of the unconscious mind. So that gave me a head start understanding how the unconscious mind works, what are the social and psychological constructs that regulate our choices that we don’t really understand. And I worked for an organization that wanted to plug into those things in order to influence or manipulate certain parts of the population to make certain choices that were in their minds for the greater good. But that could be question, you know. So that’s what I do, why I do it. Because it makes people fundamentally happy to be in love consciousness, it makes them fundamentally successful. Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to create an awesome product or service, your fun, you’re going to come most likely from a place of love consciousness. Now, the minute you step in, and you want to deal with an IPO, or you want to deal with a venture capitalist, and all of that, you’ve got to face a war consciousness, because war consciousness is ubiquitous in the world of work. Now, this is where it gets tricky. Most people think, Oh, well, that’s the way it is. But it’s not in the world of work. The transaction is beneficial to both parties, most of the time. When we’re in that state, we’re doing well. Now. If we over focus on profit, we fall into war consciousness, and we start to calculate manipulate how we can extract for our good, regardless of the employees or the clientele. Now, that is an over focus on profit. And that over focus of profit makes people think, well, that’s the way it is. No, actually, profit is a natural phenomena. It stems from business that’s being done well. It’s a byproduct. It’s a byproduct of a healthy transaction. That’s the way the laws of nature work. The fruit on the tree, it’s interdependent between the Sun and the water and the earthworms and the soil and the nutrients like that’s how we get apples. So we can’t squeeze the tree more than it can actually produce now, can we help it? Yes. Can we augment its its, let’s say profitability or produce its yield? Yes, we can do that. But we can also kill it in the process. If we over squeeze it. And that’s what that’s why I’m also many startups because I work a lot in the startup sector. I work a lot with CEOs of social entrepreneurs. So Children, you know, social enterprises who want to do something to add value for the greater good in some shape, or form. And so that’s how, anyway, I’m going on and on. And you’re just not saying anything.

george grombacher 5:16
Oh, it’s awesome. I love it. I appreciate you going on and, and going a little bit deeper. And just simply saying that you’ve broken it down into the love and the war and explaining it, it makes sense to me. And I’ve been thinking a lot about this engineering, trying to engineer different scenarios and outcomes. And as a parent, you can and I see parents trying to engineer their kids. And then I recognize that the work then once the child is grown is to an engineer all the BS and all the crap that adults pled tried to put on them.

Dr. Teri Baydar 5:51
Yeah, exactly, exactly. And so much of that is understanding your, the human, mental, emotional landscape. Unfortunately, we are incredibly ignorant as humans, about our emotional and mental landscape. So that’s the first part of the book, we’ll call it the basics of mind. It’s not psychology, it’s, it’s useful. applicable, understanding baseline stuff about how your mind works. And we’re not going to go and don’t go into like, brain science or anything that doesn’t help anybody. It helps the academics, it helps the scientists figure out and go deeper into their expertise, that’s great. We can lean into that and learn. I’m an expert. That’s what I do. I read the stuff, but I wouldn’t expect my clients to. That’s what I’m there for. To give them the pithy instruction of how the mind works. This is what you need to know, how are your narratives getting in your way? What are the formulas like the the, the happiness formula lie, where you line up the right diploma, you get the right spouse, you get the right car, you get the right job, you get the right title, you get the right dress size, you know, and you get the right handbag, or whatever it is, and then you’ll be happy. And that is a lie. And it perpetuates constantly constant because there’s, every time you get one factor of the formula, supposedly, hypothetically, right? Another one pops up. And marketing and marketers use this. I mean, at nauseam, to get to create need. And I say create need, because that’s there’s needs that we don’t actually really need that are being created. And then there are real needs that we do need that are being ignored. And if you’re in love consciousness, you’re going to go, you’re going to have this understanding that, oh, there’s a need right there, I can see it. Because you’re in a state of understanding you’re in a state of comprehension, you’re in a state of understanding how how relationships work, how humans work. And then you can create products and processes that align with actual needs that have that are not being addressed. And you can let go of trying to create needs just for the sake of profit.

george grombacher 8:39
Is it safe to? Or is it accurate that once I as an individual figure this out, then I can, for lack of a better term, scale it to an enterprise?

Dr. Teri Baydar 8:50
Yes, more or less. But it does work now. Okay. So that’s why I say things like, you can’t scale your company. If you can’t scale yourself. You have to do it first. Right. And so thinking, Yeah, I’m working with social entrepreneurs, they’re my sweet spot or l&d professionals in HR in corporate, they’re my sweet spot as well. And it’s, so you have to be able to create a higher level of consciousness, you know, Einstein said, No problem was ever solved at the level of consciousness that it was created. So when you elevate to this new awareness, which is it’s a larger awareness, and it’s a deeper understanding of how the world works, how humans work, and what is fundamentally there to fold into, not necessarily exploit, but fold into like riding the current or riding a wave that’s already there. So once you elevate, you can do that. But there’s a couple of things you have to bear in mind. Other people need to be educated, which is why I wrote the book. I can only coach so many people Hmm. So there needs to be a passing on of this understanding of this basic education of what this is and how it works. And so you make the fundamental mind the heart choice. Oh yeah, I’m going to basically lean away from the war conscious narratives and lean into more love conscious narratives, which doesn’t mean you become a doormat or anything woowoo, silly like that. No, you understand fundamentally how things work better on a large and often on a larger scale. Right now I can identify whole industries that are screaming to be born for the future, that are being ignored, that are wonderful places for investors, entrepreneurs to look into tap into because we need them. Now, thing things like anything to do with basically regeneration, regenerative medicine, regenerative agriculture, regenerative waste management, cyclical economies, there’s also a pulling back of structure on a macro level economically, where we will go away from the pyramidal extraction model at all cost, the centralization of the extraction model is reaching a tipping point, which means we will have a sort of decentralization de industrialization of certain things, where we start to use the technologies that give us great logistical abilities to decentralize. I mean, and what we’re doing right now is a perfect example, we are in completely different areas, physically. And yet, we’re creating this product called a podcast together, we’re decentralized, we’re using this technology called Zoom to create this podcast, and then you’re gonna go and you’re gonna post it in different real estate online. So these are just examples that are that we’ve already accomplished. And we’re going to continue to go in that direction. So the,

george grombacher 12:20
the love consciousness, its, its, its happiness, it’s contentment, it’s better.

Dr. Teri Baydar 12:28
It’s way better. And it’s also more powerful. You can have vision, well, you can’t have vision, if you’re in war consciousness, you’re in your petty self. You’re sitting there calculating how can I make more money? How can I make more money? What do I need to do? What’s my next step? What am I how tos? If you’re in love consciousness, you sit back for a minute, you’re going what’s needed? Where would I go from here? What do I have this my best? My best chance? Where’s the low hanging fruit that can get me to the next step? What do I need to invest in? What is the bigger picture look like? What is my purpose? What problem am I actually trying to solve? So you’re actually thinking, you’re in your right mind, you’re actually thinking you’re creating you’re you’re Who do I need? What are the relationships that I need to develop in order to accomplish this thing that I want to do? Who can help me Who do I know? It’s comprehension over that stressed out being in the weeds state of mind.

george grombacher 13:29
That makes a lot of sense. And it should have nothing to do with the amount of money I have.

Dr. Teri Baydar 13:40
No, it doesn’t. Some of my clients are very wealthy, and some of them are not. And I have an ongoing joke with some of them that are what I call karmic billionaires. So I have entrepreneurs who function on a planetary scale. They’re my clients. A couple of those. I’m talking in over like, functional in 120 cities worldwide. Okay, that’s pretty big. For sure. Okay. Now, though, they have invested everything into their growth. They are not VC backed. They don’t want it. It’s it’s 100% organic growth in less than a decade. What are they doing? Well, they’re leaning into all of the questions that I was just talking about. All of the ones that are all the open questions of who, when, how, where, that I just threw out there. They’re constantly leaning into that now. And they’re constantly creating value, and flipping that value to serve a community, which is then creating value, which is then flipping that value to create without necessarily monetizing, over monetizing. So they’re stepping away from the pyramidal extraction model that we traditionally have inherited. But I mean, but for better or for worse, I have no judgment. And it’s just what, that’s just how we’ve been functioning for a couple 100 years. Now moving away from it, they’re going into this pod, kind of like these, this pod connectivity, where it’s a de centralization. And yet, they’re all connected. And of course, technologies make this a lot easier. You couldn’t do it 200 years ago. But now they can, they can have 120 cities, working in tandem on the planet all over the world. So it’s very feasible. It just you need to be in the right mindset, because you can’t fall into the normal trap doors of what it means to go out, get financing, come back in, how do we monetize monetization should not be your first and foremost foremost? Idea. Its value creation, and how do you continue the ripple effect of value creation, and I say value, not money. Money is keeping the score. Money is stored energy, it is not value. We I think it’s a misnomer. And in a lot of ways now in the financial markets, we always refer to money as value, because it’s the financial markets. But in a regular company, we have to look at other kinds of value. What are you creating? How is it helping people? Who do you serve? How effective is it? What is your next step? How will they create value from what you’ve created? What is that value? Make sense?

george grombacher 17:09
For the most part, certainly. Certainly, you’ve been doing this for 35 years, I’ve been doing it for about 18 minutes. Okay. Is it in unlimited an infinite number of levels? It seems like if I’ve never engaged in this line of thinking, then simply engaging in the line of thinking and considering where I’m at would be a different level to go back to that Einstein quote. But is it there’s a trillion? There’s six? Oh, what do you mean levels of me of me advancing up getting closer to complete love consciousness away from complete war consciousness? Yeah, I

Dr. Teri Baydar 17:50
mean, okay. Could be a dumb question. You could say that, you could just say that. No, no, there is a spectrum. And it’s more of how we how we, how we kind of go in and out of it on a daily basis as human beings, because it’s tied to our mental narratives to our emotional intelligence to, you know, our physical wellness, there’s a lot of things that are happening there, how much you can lean in and out of it. And also, you know, if you’re a meditator, if you’re not a meditator, big difference, if you are, you know, how you have trained your peptides, because your peptides will hold the thought pathways, what experiences you have had in your life? How easily Will you let go of a belief system and adopt a new one, and then keep switching, switching, switching, switching? We have every human being has limitations. But it is a fundamental switch. Meaning if I’m in war consciousness, I cannot create things that I would create in love consciousness. My mindset is too small. I’m in the weeds. I’m probably frustrated and banging my head up against the wall being like, why won’t the computer do it? These kinds of things that we get into where you know that you’re in fundamental war consciousness, because you just can’t get out of your loop. And you think that it’s the computers fault or something. So you have to shift out of that now, how well you train yourself, how much you understand, and you educate yourself. How do you find a coach like me? How do you read a book like this? There are fundamental principles that I have boiled down over 30 years, I spent 10 years writing the book, so that anybody can use this. If you’re bagging groceries, or if you’re Elon Musk, it’s the same thing.

george grombacher 19:48
I think that that’s so exciting. Going through the frustration with the computer, what was going through my head is that that will more often than not and this has certainly been me throughout probably the majority of my 20s is then I cope, and I drink too much right? eat too much, or I just I screw around and watch TV. And so there’s so many opportunities for where I’m at now to listen to you and say, Wow, I’m going to be able to take so many positive steps in the direction of being happier and towards this love consciousness. And as somebody who wants to improve and get incrementally better, I see just massive opportunity. Now, it’s a life’s work for sure. But I think it sounds like it’s a lot closer than then maybe people think

Dr. Teri Baydar 20:38
it’s a journey. And it’s a fundamental choice. Being at choice is incredibly important here. Knowing you know, educate yourself. The book is in three parts. One, the basics of mind. Two, how to shift three, this is what’s available to you, once you embody embrace this process. And I can only coach so many people. That’s why I wrote it.

george grombacher 21:05
You know, I love it. Well, Terry, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How can they engage? And where can they get their copy of flip your switch A User’s Guide to a whole new mind. The book flip your switch

Dr. Teri Baydar 21:19
A User’s Guide to A Whole New Mind is on Amazon. That’s the best place to go. Right now. It is not yet in the bookstores. It’s only been out for a few months, you can find me for my coaching practice at White Lily You can find me also, I have some new online real estate which is love conscious where I plan to be doing group q&a sessions around the book for people who want to come along and ask questions like What did you mean by this? You know, to deepen their understanding to develop themselves. Where else can you find me definitely on LinkedIn? Dr. Terry Vadar, on LinkedIn, and you can find me on Instagram, Dr. Terry Vadar, one on Instagram. That’s mostly it. I’m on a lot of other things too, but those are the ones I look at most.

george grombacher 22:21
Excellent. Well, if you enjoyed as much as I did show, tear your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas. Pick up your copy of flip your switch A User’s Guide to a whole new mind on Amazon. I’ll link that in the notes go to White Lily Check out love conscious you could read if I could read my own handwriting. What is the last one there?

Dr. Teri Baydar 22:45
Love conscious

george grombacher 22:48
didn’t write that can’t possibly say human? Love conscious and then find her on LinkedIn and Instagram as well. Link all those the nights of the show is Dr. Terry t t e r i bade RB a YDAR. Thanks again, Terry. Thanks. Till next time, remember, do your part by doing your best

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