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Living Well with Danielly Rocha

George Grombacher September 2, 2022

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Living Well with Danielly Rocha

LifeBlood: We talked about living well and being healthy, the challenges of modern living and the impact on our bodies, how to become more aware of ourselves, and how to break negative habits, with Danielly Rocha, Founder of Danielly’s Fitness. 

Listen to learn a simple breathing technique that can make a big difference!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Danielly Rocha

Episode Transcript

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Come on

Unknown Speaker 0:11
well blood for this is George G and the time is right to welcome today’s guests strong and powerful. Danieli Roccia Danieli. Are you ready to do this? Yes, I am. All right, let’s go. Daniela is the founder of Danielle’s fitness they’re an organization providing corporate wellness training programs to help people to train not only their bodies but their minds as well. Daniella, tell us a little about your personal life some more about your work and why you do what you do. So my personal life I’m I’m from Brazil, originally from Brazil came to United States 2009 And came I start as a regular immigrants, I got to know fast food. Our game became my best friends. I can remember those times buy one, get one free for lunch. And I got to know first one in some countries like Brazil, it’s really really expensive. So I started eating a lot. And who the life here is really fast. Go Go, go. Park as close as you can. And they start getting a lot, a lot a lot of weight. And there was a regular person that tried to lose weight. I bought a diet books. Did I finish reading them? No.

Unknown Speaker 1:30
I went to Treadmills for like one hour like a regular person, do it. Go to the gym, sign up for the gym, just to go to the treadmill for one hour and go home. And then I’ll know how to eat because I my diet was a lot of black beans and rice. Do you like vegetables. So I did not know how to eat and really stress of life. So I on this really, one day I woke up. I was watching TV. And I remember, you know, like the course is really popular in WWE. Sure. I know I was watching that. I still remember I saw those ladies working out if I want. And and then they I was like, that’s done. I’m done. I’m gonna start working out. So I started studying and studying studying a lot about nutrition, about mindfulness, about like, how to lose weight, and everything for for me never go back. And I lost a lot of weight 45 pounds, and start helping people for fun. Until someone asked me can you train me of like now, if I don’t pay and then yell? Sure when? And that was like, Oh, wow, is this can become a part. I didn’t know we can get paid for that. And that’s how you know is a passion. And I was like because once break, what do you think you do something for free. When you get paid? It’s so much easier.

Unknown Speaker 3:04
And I got a lot of certifications understand more about mindfulness. And I started this company five years ago. Now we have few employees and helping people all around the United States.

Unknown Speaker 3:19
Nice. It’s always fascinating. So I don’t mean to sort of ask a weird question but so in Brazil fast food is fairly expensive. is so expensive.

Unknown Speaker 3:33
You have no idea how expensive it no right now today’s kind of expensive too. But it is so expensive. It’s more thorough. I have I come from a family. Really well like family, but it’s too expensive. You are a medium to high class and I am I am middle type class members. But But No, you go for people that makes their homemade hamburgers because it’s not something that you’re going to have everyday here. You can get one for like $2 That’s never happened there.

Unknown Speaker 4:09
Yeah, well, that’s a whole nother conversation about potentially the value of making fast food really expensive versus really inexpensive. But anyway.

Unknown Speaker 4:19
Alright, so. So, wellness, I talk to people all day long about financial wellness, and it seems like it’s on the tip of everybody’s tongue lately, which I think is nothing but a good thing. But what is what is it really? What are you trying to help people to do? So, what I understood from my whole thing of my process, that people are able to drive a car, they’re able to use control, a lot manage a lot of things, but they’re not able to manage their own minds. They are not able to control the minds people use know how to use the brakes of the car, to stop the

Unknown Speaker 5:00
See a stop sign, okay, I’m going to use the brakes, I’m going to stop. But they cannot do that to for their own minds, that you’re not able to control or to get that power to exercise, or they power to stop themselves to have their thoughts control their cortisol control. So the fight and flight response. So that’s one thing. I realized that why I created wellness, I was able to teach people how to have the power to exercise, how to have the strength to understand the fight and flight how to calm down, make sure they know explodes.

Unknown Speaker 5:39
So that way they’re King bring themselves understand the situation. Think before they say something. And before they sold their courts is always not really high in the morning there, they’re not so stressed out. So they’re in more control to manage their emotions. And that’s one technique that will teach

Unknown Speaker 6:05
you to learn how to eat too. Yeah, for sure. So how does the fight and flight fight versus flight plan? So okay, so let’s say you were stressed, in your day. And when you were stressed, when you something happened, you have there, the hormone cortisol goes up. And of course, normally, you either go hunt for your food, or someone or you’re going to go for someone ie trying to attack you, you’re going to run or you’re going to fight. Exactly, you’re going to run run or you’re going to fight for something. When this is cortisol, this is when you stress out, today’s days, we’re leaving so stress. And that’s how it’s supposed to be you suppose to be hunting or, or running. But

Unknown Speaker 6:58
sorry, let me get my foot thought here. So what do we do, we are keeping the stress and keeping the stress of cortisol up. And that’s imagine that you either run a run or flight, your sugar, blood goes through your body and stalks there, the sugar goes to the muscles, the stomach, they, they stay there, and people start gaining weight from that because they suppose use that glucose to run for their lives or fight for the lives. And they sometimes can cause headaches, people are having headaches, they’re more stressed out. They don’t, they can’t sleep. Because the cortisol is so high, the melatonin doesn’t bring them down. And they’re so worried about life about everything.

Unknown Speaker 7:44
So when we learn to teach your techniques, meditation, mindfulness to know what’s going on with you how to bring down your cortisol goes down and you start feeling better not even lose weight, but feeling better about yourself about understanding all this about your resilence

Unknown Speaker 8:07
so the thing that’s kept us alive as human beings for millions of years or however many years we’ve been on the bench on planet Earth, is that fight or flight response which is naturally triggered when we’re gonna get eaten by an animal or we smell smoke in the building, but it’s not serving us today because we’re just so stressed out so we’re still getting that that fight or flight instinct triggered by traffic or a bad email. And then cortisol spikes in my body which is designed to help me run away or fight but I’m not doing those things. I’m just sitting in my cubicle and therefore I’m not it’s it’s it’s it’s having a negative impact on my body and hurts my sleep and it makes me fat. Exactly. One of the things was saying Brazil

Unknown Speaker 8:56
with only your son when you stress out, you can contaminate all the people around you we say the fire never starts so big, it started small. So one is stress here a little more stress, they’re a little more stressed there. That’s when people start having anxiety or

Unknown Speaker 9:15
panic attacks or all the things related to the mental health. And in you also it can you can do the other people around you. So let’s say you stress off for work and you kingstar come home for your kids and not having to pay attention and sews stressing out from work and sometimes even exploding on them for a small things that you not because you’re so stressed out. So how to bring yourself out and let me tell you exercise does will increase the cortisol, it is normal, because again is a fight and flight you will your your sympathetic your your sympathetic nervous system is all the way up. So you need to

Unknown Speaker 10:00
to bring down you need to bring the parasympathetic, the parasympathetic, as soon as they stop, you go and calm yourself down. So how do you do that? That’s the thing. Sometimes you need help. You need help from other people to help you some techniques, some breath techniques, how to bring your conscious, because a lot of times things you start so stressed out, that things start coming up out of your mouth is stressing people around you. Having problems with your relationships around you unconscious. So be aware of them, makes a lot of difference.

Unknown Speaker 10:40
Yeah, if I’m just, you know, sort of

Unknown Speaker 10:44
constantly doing it, and not recognizing that it’s happening, then that just becomes the way that things are. I’m just a stressed out person. And I’m a jerk to my family and my kids and my co workers. And it’s just a sort of a death spiral that continues and continues until I recognize Oh, I guess I am a little stressed out. And instead of yelling, or eating, or drinking or smoking, I need to have these positive interventions like breath work, or exercise or meditation or something like that. Yes. So we combine everything, you combine meditation or mindfulness to know the what is really going on. And the thing is, we are not therapists, you will find your own answers, we will ask you where you find your own answers through techniques of meditation. Like for example, one thing that we do call shaken dance is one of the meditation there is so many types of meditation out there, meditations, mindfulness, control of your mind. So

Unknown Speaker 11:51
we like chicken, this you put a song in, you let feel any most they shake, after they fight after they they run. As animals have the big fight, they do shake the body to release that, that the sympathetic, that like the nerve system to release the nerve, they stress and they come now after big brown or big fight, they do that even animals. So we do this. That’s why a lot of people when they do Zumba, they feel so good. Because they’re releasing everything. And we do a genogram behaviors that you learn from your family, that sometimes you’re not aware, but when you put in a paper, you start to become aware that can be generations after generations, after generations, I have clients that came to us. And they so they showed that relationship with his spouse comes from the family, the the father, the siblings, everyone the family were have having a bad relationship, patterns that you learn, or even behaviors how to eat, you learn that your your family is not overweight, obesity can be a DNA, but again, can be awakened, you can wake up now, or it’s our lambda DNA be there but you can still have a healthy eating. And don’t wake up that DNA that obesity. So that gene don’t wake up the gene. So you start looking they behave as how the family eats. And it’s like my generation like that to my to my family, my grandparents and start noticing. Even so is more either. I’ve got added addictions. You see that a lot in the family too. So patterns that you start to know. Okay, let me stop.

Unknown Speaker 13:46

Unknown Speaker 13:48
of course, there’s so many types of meditation that we work on, and we show you how your mind can be so powerful, you can sense things even through your mind. Athletes have been doing this.

Unknown Speaker 14:03
Kobe Bryant and so many other other athletes, they notice them every time they use a guided imagery, because the body can sense they started having better the better performance at the place and the game for all the athletes that they didn’t do it. So I have clients, their athletes,

Unknown Speaker 14:24
we do meditation every day, after the session every day for them to meet notice how their mind is so powerful.

Unknown Speaker 14:37
I love it. And you work with organizations. So what what is sort of the business case for this?

Unknown Speaker 14:46
So the organization’s we teach them again, they stress because they’re so stressful we show them. Mindfulness, we learned we teach them how to because we have 30 minutes to eat

Unknown Speaker 15:00
And they’re swallowing the food. But they do this five times a week, what are the cheers of them to do on the weekends because they are creating a habits, not connected with the food. And we teach them mindful, mindful eating, be connected to the food, even for 30 minutes, learn how to the time they were going to answer that email. Because you can read an email to two ways. You can read an anger voice in on your aching, you can read anything or in a happy voice. You decide how you want to read the email. So we teach you how to breathe, if you’re stressed out how to breathe, it’ll read that email. And understand the other person next to you. Understand your coworker have sympathy, you’re going to learn that everyone going through things to you not the only person so I have a sympathy for others and exercise exercises big thing on our company. So we do have a trainer,

Unknown Speaker 16:05
the person any person can come for private personal training or if companies we do a group classes. It can be bootcamp and yoga. So 30 minutes of bootcamp and yoga, their way they are even working out, even group or I can do via zoom, they can we can record it for them, and they can draw their own time. Love it. It’s so it’s so fascinating. The things that we think are

Unknown Speaker 16:37
that we take for granted that we think are so obvious, like breathing. But there are so many different ways that we can make changes and techniques that can improve our life. So vastly. But if we don’t know if we don’t do it, if we’re not paying attention, then we’re not going to know that, then we’re not going to do it. So, so many little things. And those little things add up to really big things. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:05
Yeah, it’s really big how, and I have clients that came to us that are dealing with big things, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and small things, for them was a big deal. And through those classes, they were doing personal training during exercise and still with us, and they were part of the groups they were listened to, during the program. They’re able to do small things like go in the bathroom was a big deal.

Unknown Speaker 17:40
And they are able to do without pain, releasing the pain through their mind and just breathe. Calm yourself. Notice I have clients that are driving and starting middle of the driving, having a panic attack,

Unknown Speaker 17:58
which is really common panic attack doesn’t wake up like Okay, right now you today’s the day you’re going to have a panic attack, panic attack just happens, right? So you have so when that happens, you have be able to control breathe, calm yourself. And it’s hard to say whenever he was like, when he tells him it’ll come come down does not work like that. It was dollar but I was never telling them and never tell a woman that that was the worst thing that man said to a woman when they’re stressed out fighting come down. Never say that. Just breathe. Breathe in that when again, there is so many techniques we do soft belly breathing is one of the techniques we do count 10 to one eye, square breath and other types of breath or going to go into a safe place in your mind. And things like that. Love it.

Unknown Speaker 18:57
Well, Danieli people are ready for the difference making tip. What do you have for them?

Unknown Speaker 19:02
One of the things I tell them, the breath. When you if you have ADT most of people’s America’s now they’re having the because of technology. It makes us pay attention to many things and it makes worse to focus on ourselves.

Unknown Speaker 19:23
Easy breath that I teach them called soft belly. When you inhale, just imagine the word soft.

Unknown Speaker 19:32
When you exhale, say to yourself belly, soft belly

Unknown Speaker 19:40
to words because when you have a disease too hard to focus on your breath is the hardest thing and I have it so I can tell you.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
So when you focus on two words, it makes easier for you to start imagining and noticing everything becomes more and more

Unknown Speaker 20:00
relax and let the exercise in nutrition be part of your life. You only have one body treat them right if no later they would sit there welcome for that there’s they’ll tell you hey you did not cheating right? So don’t complain right now. And we’ll come we don’t know when but so just treat them right so in the future you have less and less problems. Well I think that that is great stuff that definitely gets caught, then yeah, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How can I engage with you so they can go to the Nellis? And there we’re going to hear you’re going to see few programs our personal training, we do online in person and in the programs in mind body transformation.

Unknown Speaker 20:55
They can see that and also via our E. We can also do Instagram or Facebook. Danielle is fitness. The mo l m y

Unknown Speaker 21:06
Danielle is fitness. Yeah. Excellent. Well, if you enjoyed as much as I did show Daniella, your appreciation and share today share with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to Danielle’s It’s da N ie l l y s Find her on Instagram and Facebook as well. I’ll link I’ll link all those in the notes of the show. Thanks again. Danieli. Thank you. Thanks for having me. And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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