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How to Practice Gratitude

Lindsay Johnson November 13, 2022

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How to Practice Gratitude

This post will show you how to practice gratitude.

Grateful is a feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the good things in life—for example, gifts, favors, affection, and other types of generosity we receive. According to Courtney Ackerman, gratitude is a positive emotion that has an important role in a better and healthier life, so we need to cultivate it every day.

Being grateful may be the hardest thing to do because not everyone can see positive values ​​in life. Therefore, learning how to be grateful for all the blessings you have received is very important. Although it sounds simple, many people sill complain, constantly compare themselves with others, and think negatively of others.

This is what causes you to be less grateful for everything you have. So, here are ten ways to help you become more grateful and positive so that you can enjoy the happiness of life.

1. Start Your Day with a Focus on Thankfulness

The first thing you can do is start your day with gratitude that you can still enjoy life and wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee while reading a book or watching tv. When starting the day, always remember that there are still many things in this world that motivate you and be grateful for, such as having friends, family, and work. Being grateful can help you boost your mood and refresh your mind to stay positive.

2. Smile and Laugh More Often

The next positive way is to smile and laugh more often. Researchers at the University of Kansas found that smiling or laughing can positively affect the human body, such as reducing stress and lowering heart rate in intense situations.

You can start doing something that can make you smile and laugh by talking to your friends at school or work, watching funny videos on popular YouTube channels, or reading comic books in the library.

3. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Humans can certainly be forgetful about the blessings that they have received. Therefore, writing a gratitude journal can be helpful to remind you about all the good things and blessings you have received, either in a pocketbook, cell phone, or laptop.

You can start writing a gratitude journal every day before going to bed. Firstly, write down all the things you are grateful for today. For example, getting up early in the morning with a healthy body condition, working at the office successfully, traveling home safely. Then, make a list of 5-10 things you are grateful for in one day.


4. Say “Thank You” More Often

Saying thank you every time you receive kindness can change your life to be more positive. This is the simplest way to help you stay grateful and positive. This can also be a form of appreciation for others to continue to do good things.

5. Try Not to Compare Yourself to Others

Most people are unhappy and always feel less grateful because they compare their life with others. This is what causes most people to get stressed, and negative.

Keep in mind that everyone has different conditions and ways of life. You never know what people have been through in their life. So, try not to compare yourself to others and be grateful for what you have, no matter how small and big it is.

6. Never Lose Hope and Stay Positive

Hopelessness is an emotion or feeling when you have a lack of hope, optimism, and enthusiasm. People who experience this condition have no hope in their life or have given up their beliefs about success.

The only thing that holds you up when things get tough is hope because it can help you stay positive and motivated. That’s why it is important never to lose hope and stay positive. So, the bigger your hope, the bigger things you will achieve your dreams.


7. Be Around Positive People

People around you can determine your behavior, whether positive or negative, because human behavior can be contagious. When you are around positive people, they can bring positivity, for example when you have a very bad run of luck but people around you are still supportive and cheer you up.

Therefore, it is really important to make sure to be around positive people who can bring out your good side and influence you with positive things. Keep in mind that who you surround yourself with is who you become.


8. Help Others

One of the powerful ways that can make you more positive and grateful is when you can help others. Your heart will feel happier whenever you can make other people feel happy.

You can do simple things like helping a neighbor who is just moving house next to you, listening to a friend’s problem, or volunteering in social activities. You will realize that you may be luckier than others and be more grateful.

9. Focus on the Good Side

Any problem can come at any time in life. When facing a problem, you can focus your mind on the good things behind it, even if it’s just a small thing. This can help reduce stress and make you become a more positive and grateful person.

For example, when a friend suddenly cancels an event, you should look on the bright side: free time to relax or rest. Avoid upset or disappointed feelings that may ruin your day because they will fill your mind with negative things.

10. Learn Meditation

Meditation is a way to relax the body and mind to release stress and bring out positivity. You can go anywhere to do meditation, like sitting around nature, walking on the beach, or being inside your room.

The benefits of meditation are so great that it can even make your mind much more positive and prevent various kinds of physical and spiritual diseases.


Gratitude is the best way to help you feel peaceful and live a calmer and happier life. Being grateful for what you have will make you feel enough, and you will never worry about everything that will come to you or what will go away. So, now you know better how to be positive and grateful. Start with appreciating the good things in life and expressing gratitude to yourself or those closest to you.

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