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How to Get in Shape with Bryce Henson

George Grombacher April 1, 2022

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How to Get in Shape with Bryce Henson

LifeBlood: We talked about how to get in shape, how to make real and lasting change in your life, why so many programs fail, and how to get started, with Bryce Henson, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp. 

Listen to learn why getting up a little earlier could be the change you’re looking for!

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Episode Transcript

Come on

george grombacher 0:11
Bob Leffler This is George G. And the time is right welcome. Today’s guest is strong and powerful. Bryce Henson. Bryce, are you ready to do this? Yours? Let’s go. Thanks so much me on. Let’s go excited to have you on. Bryce is the CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp. He’s a fitness expert, coach, author and inspirational leader. Right? Tell us a little about your personal life some more about your work and why you do what you do. Holy smokes Well, I’m a fitness guy wasn’t always the case. I spent the first 10 years of my life in Atlanta, Georgia used to talk like this when I was a little boy. And through a series of events actually, really bad situation. When I was younger, it was actually a blessing disguise is tragedy. My father was a drug addict, alcoholic and addicted to gambling, not necessarily conducive for a good family upbringing. But thankfully, by the grace of God, my mother escaped with her three children intact. And we move to the state of Michigan where I spent the next 10 years of my life and graduated school, you know, Michigan State University. And really, I guess this is where the the fitness kind of journey comes, comes into play. Michigan’s a great place amazing people, not necessarily the fitness capital of the world. So when I graduated, and I got a job in Los Angeles, California, I was excited the palm trees, the blue skies, the beaches, but I was 3000 miles from home. And I was not a fit, Guy lacked confidence, enthusiasm, self esteem, and realized that I had a lot more dark days than good. And that was kind of a big awakening for me that I needed a change in my life.

Bryce Henson 1:46
So from that perspective, that kind of, you know, took us through the big pain point in the need. And then we were just talking offline George that we both lived in Orange County for a period of time ended up moving to Orange County and the fortuitous situation happened to me, one of my good buddies from college, was not on the cover of Men’s Health, but certainly could have been he had the six pack abs, the RIP body, the energy, that confidence, enthusiasm. And I really looked up to that and after we live together, I finally mustered up enough courage to ask him how he got fit or how he stays fit. I knew we went to the gym, and George what he did, he said, I will be glad to help you. However, you’ve seen this all my buddies that are all of our friends in college asked me how to get fit, very few actually did it. So if you’re going to basically follow my guidance, I’m going to ask you and get you to commit to at least 90 days, you’re going to do everything that I asked for you in terms of falling to the gym and doing circuit training and clean eating. And that’s what we did. And I’m glad he made me do that commitment. Because Giorgio if I’m honest, you do the first 30 days were absolutely brutal. I thought about quitting every day. But thankfully I stuck with it. And what he did was introduced me to to lifting weights, to circuit training to clean eating nutrition, a different lifestyle, but more importantly, to coaching and accountability because I would love to look you in the eye and say I could have done it myself. I don’t know if that’s the case. But thankfully I stuck with him. And after about 90 days I saw progress but really about six months later, completely transformed transformed, transformed my physique lost 20 pounds of fat put on 20 pounds of muscle. But if your audience here of course, like in the self help and self self help and loving love, realize that fitness walk can change your physique, which is certainly positive. It actually changed my life. It gave me more energy, more confidence, more enthusiasm, it really sparked my interest and lit my fire to get into fitness industry. Nice. Well, certainly. That’s that’s that’s quite a story from from where you started. The accent piece did that just go away on its own? Or was that like, I am weird here in Michigan because I talk differently. I better get rid of that or how it all worked out a little bit of both. I was young. I was about 10 years old at the time. So you pick things up and you lose things really quickly. But yeah, I was literally grew up I say Atlanta, Georgia. And that’s it. That’s a stretch. It was really the the suburbs in 30 plus years ago. So when I first moved to Michigan, the first six months kids would ask me, How do you say y’all are yella and things like that. So I think it was a combination. I was young, I picked up quick, but I also kind of felt awkward. I didn’t really want to be that guy. So I think it was forced to as well. I certainly appreciate that. So and then your buddy being a wise person getting frustrated by people saying, Hey, how’d you do it? And then he would spend a lot of time and energy telling them this is how I did it. Yep. And then to have people just not do anything with that information. What What was it that you think made it stick for you?

Yeah, that’s a great question. I think you know, like I said, for two to situation we live together. So I think I had that like in person accountability. So I had to room with my buddy and I’m gonna see him every day so that that accountability was really helpful.

and I just wasn’t paying. I honestly, you know, George, I tried a few times in the first year and a half when I lived in LA, with minimal success. And actually, if I’m being very honest and transparent, there was a really key factor. And you know how young people I guess humans in general, but young people specifically are more, I guess, susceptible to social pressure and all that. And I remember about six months before a few months, actually, before this happened. I was at a pool party with some of my other friends, and I my shirt off, and I wasn’t obese guy, but I definitely was soft and didn’t have a definition of my physique. And one of my buddies calls out in front of a crowded pool of girls, Bryce, it looks like you have islands for nipples. And I stopped, and I’m like, I don’t even know what that means. But it was so embarrassing. And I think just a combination of being in a dark place, you know, knowing that I wanted something different seeing that my buddy had that, living with him, and then really going through a very emotional pain point, which I look back. Now. I laugh, it’s trivial. But those are few things that really kind of lit a fire and maybe stick with it. Yeah, well, that’ll do it. Wherever that guy was, or that gal? FM for sure.

george grombacher 6:10
Oh, good, better far, right. So yeah, well, it’s whatever it is, that sort of makes us do something. Right. I’m fascinated by it. We were talking a little bit before we started about how I work in personal finance. And it’s not easy to get people to proactively make change. Sometimes it is a function of, I’m carrying around immense shame, or I had an event or I’ve gotten a health scare or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 6:40
As is you and Fit Body Boot Camp, you’ve decided to structure your program in a way to talk to me a little bit about why it is that you believe that what you’re doing is going to inspire the change that people want or why it does. Oh, holy smokes. I mean, what we do, and this is a labor of love. So I kind of talked to my transformation story. That was really the first moment in time after I went through that transformation. I realized that, you know, circuit training and lifting weights in you know, nutrition, coaching, and clean living really worked for me, but more importantly, the personal accountability and the coaching. If that worked for me, it could work for other people. And that was really when the light bulb went out. So it wasn’t until a couple years later that actually discovered the Fit Body Boot Camp model. And I’m not the founder, although a dear friend and mentor and a business partner of mine is Pedro’s cool, Ian, B for short. So when I saw the model, you know, back in 2012, and when I knew I wanted to, you know, take a step in the right direction to make fitness actually a lifestyle and not only lifestyle, but a profession. When I was doing a lot of research and diligence, I realized that this model is exactly the support system, and really what worked for me, so I knew it worked for other people. And that’s kind of from my perspective, how, you know, that my confidence ensued and ended up basically taking the first step became a Fit Body Boot Camp owner, I still own two locations in Orange County in Yorba Linda in Mission Viejo. But, you know, after taking that first step of business ownership, then, you know, looped in my family ended up hiring it or bringing on my wife, my mom, my brother, my sister, and made it a family thing, if you will, and just over the course of the handful of years just worked incredibly hard to just seen a huge change in our communities in the lifestyle and, and to really take take a step back in terms of the pain point because I really strongly believe that people take action and behavior change for two reasons. One is either to avoid pain, which I did, or two is to seek pleasure. And certainly, I think fitness can provide both of those. But if you look at take a step back, and we’re shooting this in early 2022, and all the craziness that’s going on in the world last two years.

Bryce Henson 8:48
If you look at the data perspective, the pandemic that we actually should be most concerned about statistically is the obesity pandemic. In fact, it’s affecting 50% of our population, 3 million people nearly die of obesity on a yearly basis according the World Health Organization, and that’s more than COVID for not only for the last two years, but of last 15 years. So for me this is why I have a duty obligation responsibility to really bring our programs to the world bringing our programs to life because people are suffering right now. And we need to focus on health and fitness and go away from the fear and and all that craziness that our media is pumping out Yeah. Well I certainly appreciate that avoid pain seek pleasure is are the these are the drivers the motivators for us to to make change.

Unknown Speaker 9:35
You mentioned weights circuit training, accountability, coaching nutrition. Tell me about the program and how it actually works. Yeah, so our secret sauce is we run 30 minute sessions we like to say we provide personal training in a group setting. So if you’re looking at our program, like where it fits in the industry, you have a big box gym, which really, you know, is very, very cheap, but you’re just have access to weights. There’s no

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Coaching accountability. And that’s the reason why many people have gym memberships, but they very little use them. And certainly, they don’t get results. By large, right? Statistically, on the other side of the industry, you have one on one personal training, which is very highly effective yet that coaching and accountability, but can be cost prohibitive somewhere between 813 100 bucks a month if you were to see a personal trainer a few times a week, and that doesn’t even include nutrition coaching. So we’re fit by the boot camp kind of falls in the program. And in the industry. We provide personal training in a group setting. So we have structured sessions, so they’re 30 minutes in length, their full body workouts, we have three types of workouts, a classic workout, which is even blend a blend of strength and cardio training. And we have a strength day, which is really focused more on strength, but also has cardio. And then we have a cardio day, which is more predominantly cardio, but also includes strength. But in a case, it’s a full body circuit. And, you know, typically our clients come at least three if not four times a week, and through our coaching and accountability are able to drastically change the physique. But Georgia, as we were talking about earlier, fitness can provide an incredible physique transformation. But really, that’s the surface. It provides, you know, a person identity transformation from mind, body and spirit. And that’s really how our program works and why we’re so successful. I appreciate that. So you have a blend the strength, the cardio, those are the three sessions are is cardio the lightest day of the week, rice? Well, I mean, you could say it’s the lightest in the sense of it’s not, it’s the least amount of resistance or strength training. But I tell you don’t let the 30 minute cardio session for you because it packs a big punch. And typically speaking, I train at least three times a week I leave just a hot, drenched, sweaty mess. Oh, I’m sure. Yeah, I would think that’d be the least popular. So alright, so I think that, from my perspective, you’ve set a lot of really important things. And the identity piece of it is such a huge thing. I think that we get goal setting wrong. We think once I’m fit, then I’ll start doing all the things that I want to do. Or once I, you know, get to this thing, then I’m going to feel a certain way versus recognizing Well, you may never get there. So it could take you years to start feeling that way. Why not shift your identity and the way you’re thinking about something now. And that’ll get you to where you want to go? Yeah, amen. And there’s a few ways you can do that. I completely agree with you, George, the biggest thing for me, and I believe I’ve heard Tony Robbins talk about this is one of the foundational ways to change your identity. Actually, first and foremost is to speaking up with podcasts, like you put in really strong inputs that’s going to lift you up and be very positive to help shift your mindset and your identity. But the second aspect is the immersion. It’s like getting into a place that culture community. And for us at Fit Body Boot Camp, like the support group, the energy, the community, the culture, is really what helps people make that identity shift, because that’s really what you want to get to long term to help you keep, you know, healthy and fit for a lifetime. Not just a short, quick fix. Yeah, I think that that’s that that makes sense. From a coaching and accountability standpoint, how does that how does that actually factor in?

Unknown Speaker 13:13
Well, I think the value of our program in music coaching based program, so you know, you have to come and make an appointment, we typically in every Fit Body location is a little bit different in terms of schedule based off their local market. But roughly speaking four sessions in the morning, four sessions in the evening to choose from. So it’s not a big box gym concept where you can just kind of show up at any time, you have to come to a pre booked session. And again, it’s group training. So you’re typically working out with anywhere from 15 to 25, upwards of 30 people per session, you have that group built in energy, but really, it’s led by a certified personal trainer or coach who’s provided our program, the workout provided instruction demonstrated, you know, the movements and then providing you energy and motivation in addition to form correction. So that really coaching is everything. Because let’s face it, I mean, you’ve been in the personal finance industry for a long time. How many people need help with personal finance, probably the vast majority of people, especially if they’re not working on a day to day basis. And that’s the same here with fitness. Most people are not, you know, sitting behind their computer crafting and programming different workouts they can do. They’re busy, they have school, they have work, they have kids, they have a family, so they just need to pop in, get the coaching, get the hard workout and really get a strong result and let our coaches accountable or coaching, accountability and support. really help with that success. Yeah, I think that that’s great.

Unknown Speaker 14:34
For sessions in the morning for sessions in the afternoon or evening, so there’s certainly plenty to choose from, and is it seven days a week. So typically we have we’re open six days a week on Saturday, we have morning sessions only, but a lot of times our clients are you know, busy parents and they have you know, school practice or excuse me, soccer practice to get to with their kids or whatever the case may be. So we have for three to four sessions in the morning on Saturday and

Unknown Speaker 15:00
program would be six days per week. Nice. I appreciate that. It’s uh, I’m just I’m fascinated by how organizations go about structuring the programs and what you talked about with your big box traditional gyms that people sign up for in January and then stopped going in February. And then on the other end is the personal training, which is amazing, but prohibitive from a cost perspective for a lot of people. So whereas that, that, that, that that gap, were probably really the sweet spot for effectively helping people to change the behaviors in a way that actually works and fits into their life.

Unknown Speaker 15:39
So that probably makes sense as to why you’ve decided to form your program the way you have. Yeah, absolutely. And also comes down to our target demographic, right, our dream client, we call her Mrs. Jones, although we have male clients as well. But typically speaking, sometimes guys, myself included, could be a little hard headed, so you know, resistant to the coaching, but about 75 80% of our clientele are female. But, you know, they’re, they’re not high performance fitness athletes. I mean, certainly we have fit people, but you know, it’s really an everyday type of person program, you know, someone our dream client, you know, is a mom has a couple kids has 4050 pounds to lose, maybe it’s worked out, but it hasn’t done that a long time, she’s probably tried a few different programs, and pills and potions and all that kind of stuff, looking for a better result in a better life. And finally comes to us, you know, having tried exhausted a lot of resources, just looking for help looking for coaching and accountability. And that’s where to your point that we provide that sweet spot. And we take a you know, someone who’s busy has work schedule, a very limited time to focus on this, but we asked for 30 minutes, at least three times a week, which is just 2% of your day. And if you give us that, you know, we’re able to really you know, over the course of the long term really affect someone’s health and fitness in a very positive way. You mentioned for you that first 30 days was was rough. And if you had been living with your buddy, you may have thrown in the towel, which is an experience I’ve certainly had it’s probably a very human experience. It is what what what do you see as once somebody gets over this hump? We we oftentimes see that they’ll see it all the way through and reach their goals.

Unknown Speaker 17:17
Yeah, that’s a great question. And I when I gave you George to overview the program, I was really spoken focused on really the training program, the modality, the three types of workouts that we have the nutrition coaching that we provide, but from a timing perspective, we structure a program where typically speaking, we bring in a client and a trial program 28 Day Jumpstart is are typically go to program for most of our franchise locations, but not all, every location had to depending on the time of year has an introductory offer which they can welcome a prospect and and try their program. But really after that introductory program, the length of membership that we have is 12 weeks. And the reason that we have 12 weeks is number one, I mean 12 weeks, as we know from being adults a time moves quick. So it’s not a long term, you know, commitment that you’re locked in for years on end. At the same token, 12 weeks is just enough time where we actually are able to show you results. So you know, are you going to rapidly transform your physique in 12 weeks? Well, it depends on the person and kind of where you’re coming from. But for the vast majority of clients that need to lose 40 or 50 pounds, know you’re not going to hit your goal in 12 weeks, however, you will build enough repetition and habit and muscle memory and get to a point where you start seeing that progress. And as Tony Robbins is famously quoted saying progress equals motivation. So if you can get someone to stack a couple wins, see the progress, and they’re more likely to continue. And I think from a I think I know, from a timing perspective, that’s the reason that we’ve structured our program where our memberships are 12 weeks and again, the goal is our clients stay with us for at least five years on end because fitness is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Yeah, there’s no doubt about that. Certainly, in 12 weeks, you can go from somebody who is never thought of themselves as an athlete to I’m an athlete, and I work out three times a week, if not more. Yeah, that identity shift can happen within that period of time. We find that we need that’s just enough time at the minimum to really start seeing those changes both physically and mentally. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 19:13
Well, Bryce, the people are ready for that difference making tip. What do you have for them?

Unknown Speaker 19:17
Oh, I love this. And there’s quite a few but I’m going to share something that’s just really worked well for me in my life is to get up early. Get up earlier than you think is needed for me. And it’s been an evolution. I’m an early riser. I go to sleep really early, but I’m up usually quarter for every day. And for me that gives me the time the mental clearness the still stillness. Especially, I mean, let’s face it, I’m busy. George, you’re busy. If you’re listening to this podcast, I know you’re busy too. But by basically getting to bed, you know at a decent hour by getting a jumpstart in your day. It gives you the ability to get a workout in stacker when maybe you know meditate, go for a run or read and really just

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Set your day up for success. And let’s face it, let’s face it, if you’re looking for a life of success, it starts with every single day, which then turns into a week was Spencer mud. So if you can stack your wind and get up just a little bit earlier, and is it have to be quarter for like me? No. But how about starting a half an hour earlier an hour earlier? For me, that’s been a difference maker in my life. And that would be my strongest strong recommendation that certainly well. Well, I think that that is great stuff that definitely gets come up. Bryce, I’m a 345 guy too. So you’re gonna We’re reading out the same script. speaking my language. I love it. Well, Bryce, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How can they how can they find Fit Body Boot Camp? Yeah, well, absolutely. So our website is Fit Body Boot Camp, calm fit, Body Boot Camp calm and if you want to connect with me more than happy to connect with you on both my social media channels and my website, which is real Bryce Henson, not to be confused with fake Bryce Henson. So real brace senses were my social media and then real bright is my website so you can find more about Fit Body Boot Camp there but also directly to our website as well. Love it. If you enjoyed this as much as I did show, brace your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to Fit Body Boot and get involved with the program. make that shift from wherever you are today to healthy living through the coaching the accountability and everything else that we’ve been talking about today could find Bryce at real Bryce Henson BRYCHEN S O n website and social media. I’ll list all those in the notes of the show. Thanks, Kim. Bryce, George, loving it. Thanks for your time. And tell next time. I think the good fight is we’re all in this together.

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