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Expanding Consciousness with Christi Myers

George Grombacher January 13, 2023

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Expanding Consciousness with Christi Myers

LifeBlood: We talked about expanding consciousness, the role psychedelics play in this process, the benefits to ourselves and everyone around us, and how to engage in the process with Christi Myers, Founder and CEO of Flow Interactive Psychedelic Wellness.

Listen to learn how much of our brains we’re actually using!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Christi Myers

Episode Transcript

nknown Speaker 0:00

Unknown Speaker 0:15
wait for this George G and the time is right welcome today’s guest strong and powerful Christy Meyers. Christy, are you ready to do this? Yes, indeed. All right, let’s go. Christy is the founder and CEO of flow, interactive psychedelic wellness, their ketamine psychotherapy practice helping clients deal with mood disorders and substance abuse. Christy, I’m excited to have you on tell us a little about your personal life’s more about your work, why you do what you do, what I do.

Unknown Speaker 0:45
Thank you for having me. I, I hold a lot of different roles. I’m a mom, I have two children, 10 and 12. They are definitely my greatest teachers. I’ve been in emergency medicine for the last 22 years, I received my tenure as a professor Additionally, I just recently, actually about three years ago, at that same timeframe as when ketamine found me. I’ve entered my classroom, my drug box and my professional awareness at a much deeper level of comprehension. I currently transitioned out of the classroom and that professional realm to fully embody flow, and do my very best to help reduce suffering and pave the way psychedelics are not new, but we’re definitely getting another go at it. And the mission is to bring awareness to the human species and collective consciousness

Unknown Speaker 2:08
with the main goal of, you know, moving our species forward so that we’re more humane and nicer to Earth.

Unknown Speaker 2:17
That’s truly, that’s truly the mission and a little snapshot, right? I love it. But it’s only mildly ambitious, do you think you’re gonna be able to do it? Kristen? Might you to George, I mean, give it everything I got right or die Tryin. That’s, that’s it. There’s not a plan B in this we’re

Unknown Speaker 2:37
moving that way. It is a story of commitment. So So I certainly appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 2:46
So yes, you’ve you have a lot of interests and have enjoyed a lot of success and respect and appreciate all of that. I know that it requires grit and hard work and determination.

Unknown Speaker 3:00
why or how psychedelics, why and how ketamine

Unknown Speaker 3:05
we are psychedelic. If we go back just a couple years, one of my most fascinating lectures that I put together was the awareness that we are the drugs, right. And that can be a trigger word drugs can be definitely taken in many realms of understanding. But in the big picture, we are a schedule one drug, we are made of DMT are made of endocannabinoids, what are all those things mean? It means that we are psychedelic, we are not separate from just like they are not separate from us. It’s the route of entry. It’s the mechanism of action. It’s the set and setting. There’s multiplicities to how we experience ourselves. psychedelics are a catalyst into our own inner awareness, period. And that really became the mission how do we truly embody our species and move our consciousness forward or expand our consciousness, which is where psychedelics are the big piece in this so then why ketamine? Well, ketamine is FDA approved, ketamine has been around longer than I have, and ketamine is a very safe medicine. And so therefore, in my grown up years, my choice is to do legal things.

Unknown Speaker 4:37

Unknown Speaker 4:39
And I’ve been on this mission to also really bring accessibility to this medicine, so that it’s not an upper echelon, or we think that it’s an obtainable medicine, which is where we’ve been working on insurance coverage and the exciting piece of this

Unknown Speaker 5:00
George is that we just finished our first world war coming up on our first year of being the pilot clinic for the world’s first insurance company for psychedelics, where ketamine is the primary mechanism, because again, it’s legal. It’s safe, and it’s FDA approved.

Unknown Speaker 5:26
So you are,

Unknown Speaker 5:29
we’re gonna mean has, has,

Unknown Speaker 5:33
has, I was just gonna say, I’ll just go ahead, sir, you can, you can correct me in my language, it is super practical,

Unknown Speaker 5:41
and has very, very practical and pragmatic uses, like dealing with depression, and anxiety and PTSD. And it gives us the opportunity to explore our consciousness as as individuals and then collectively, so you are doing both of these things. Absolutely. It’s symptom reduction. That’s the byproduct of expanding your consciousness, which is where this is something that I work on, in my mind in conversation all the time. How do we really truly express this? Well, we, it is said to be we only use 5% of our conscious mind. So what the hell’s going on with the other 95%? Right? And at what point do we become satisfied with only using 5%?

Unknown Speaker 6:33
And so therefore, how do we expand it? Well, first is to recognize that we are it.

Unknown Speaker 6:40
And there’s some really famous quotes, right? Gandhi is one of them, it says, you become the change that you want to see in the world. Well, that’s the truth. Because we’re collective in togetherness, I’m not separate from you just as much as you are not separate from me. So if I suffer, you also suffer because it’s a collective unconsciousness just as much as there is collective consciousness, right. And so the every time we sit with this medicine or when we sit with psychedelics, we become aware of ourselves, meaning we have a deepening of the relationship of either where we hold trauma, tension programs, patterns, perversions, distractions, distortions, whatever they may be, in your human being, each person is the variable,

Unknown Speaker 7:33
we 99% of abuse comes from the home, meaning that none of us came out of childhood unscathed, right. And depending on the depth of the trauma, depending on our coping strategies, and our ability to navigate waters, we all have

Unknown Speaker 7:55
different ways and different symptomology presentations, whether that’s physical or psychological, whatever it may be, the variable is the trauma, the variable is the human right. So first, we we really have to work within awareness that psychedelics are simply an opportunity for you to go within. And then you make of it, what you make of it.

Unknown Speaker 8:26
You just want to put yourself into situations where you have an experienced guide, and you know, the medicine is safe. And that’s what this mission is, it’s how do we become accessible to the majority. And we do the work and togetherness, meaning recognizing that we are in this together and for each thing that we work on, you’re mirroring me just as much as I am mirroring you. And so therefore, it allows us to come together, it allows us to embody a frequency of love

Unknown Speaker 9:06
as the greatest gift that we can give each other.

Unknown Speaker 9:09
Amazing, thank you. So we are we’re currently operating 5% That’s of our conscious mind or our subconscious mind, our conscious mind, of our conscious mind. And,

Unknown Speaker 9:23
and I certainly, we as as as collective human beings on earth, or or whatever we are, are, are all experiencing lots of problems. There’s lots of bad things in the world. And the idea that the more we can access and go inside of ourselves, the in this example psychedelics, we can increase that 5% to higher and that will help me to heal past wounds, trauma,

Unknown Speaker 9:55
elevate myself and in me, elevating myself. It elevates the collective

Unknown Speaker 10:00

Unknown Speaker 10:02
That’s good. That was beautifully said, Heck, yeah, it’s good.

Unknown Speaker 10:08
We start to see that the more we give our power away, or we allow the outside influences of problematics to impact our human being. It’s a waste of our time and energy, right? The more we give things that are poor, our attention, our anger, our resentment, whatever it may be, it actually is doing more impact to us individually, right. Another quote, with anger, it’s like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die, right. And so truly, the more we turn inward and do our work, and the more we resonate, and truly use our hearts as a frequency are vibrating love, we are doing our best to show up as better human beings, the greater impact we have to the collective which in totality, it will raise the vibration of earth and all of its habitants which then we can step into a place where it’s not so scary to go outside.

Unknown Speaker 11:21
That makes sense. So

Unknown Speaker 11:25
catalyst to our own inner awareness. Is the prohibitive because it scares people. Is that exploration? Is that journey is looking inward, too much for people or? And if it’s not, or, I guess, how do we get started with that? What does that look like? For sure? Ketamine is definitely one of the more gentle medicines to sit with. So if you are curious, the intravenous or IV route of ketamine allows you

Unknown Speaker 12:01
to have an experience that can also be readily shut off, if you are having something or you come into your own problematics. Right. I mean, one of the number one questions we ask people is, How familiar are you with your nervous system? If you’ve never sat with yourself before, it can be uncomfortable. And so to your first question, some people are not ready for it.

Unknown Speaker 12:30
It’s not, we have two choices, right? And one is either we suffer so incredibly, that there’s only one choice and that is to endure the suffering or to become so aware of our suffering that we can no longer avoid it.

Unknown Speaker 12:47
Or we’re witnessing the suffering and we’re stepping in to our own actualization. Even if we’re scared.

Unknown Speaker 13:02
That’s it.

Unknown Speaker 13:05
I like it. Thank you. Thank you. Is is?

Unknown Speaker 13:11
How does that relate to to to grit? Oh, because it when I’m in flow, don’t need grit, or am I wrong?

Unknown Speaker 13:23
Well, I believe it’s the grit that gets you to flow.

Unknown Speaker 13:28
Grit is the longevity of adversity, right. It’s continuing, regardless of circumstantially, regardless of how you feel you keep showing up that allows you to have grit, or a gives you grit, it’s not something that you know, you get really good at or it just goes away.

Unknown Speaker 13:52
And at some point, you find grace in that, which that’s where flow occurs.

Unknown Speaker 13:59
Because you are now able to look in your past or your what’s behind you as wisdom, and no longer from a place of contention, right to where now I’m just ruminating and reliving and blaming my right now on my 30 years ago. It’s like okay, hey, this is the cards that I was dealt, they were pretty shitty hand. This is how I’m gonna play them. Knowing all the things that I’ve learned for the past 42 years or however old you are. It’s at what point are we going to take accountability for ourselves, and recognize that the words that are coming out of our mouths are the creations of our realities.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
Each person independently creates their own reality. And then we have commonality right? We all like genres. We all like places to eat. We all like sporting things, whatever it is.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
There’s a collective of what we like and togetherness, but we all still have our own observations of what’s occurring. So once we recognize that each person individually is creating their reality, then we would honestly stop caring what other people think. Because we know it’s an impossibility, to be in someone else’s reality and show up the way they want us to show up, because we’re creating our reality of how we see them. It’s a little bit of crazy making right now, which is what keeps us in this trauma loop History is repeating itself blatant Lee. And yet here, we are still participating in it, as if we don’t have the capability to create a brand new reality.

Unknown Speaker 15:46
And the reality that I choose to embody is love as a frequency. And every single day I self reflect on how I can be a better me.

Unknown Speaker 16:00
That’s the journey, right. And so psychedelics, when you sit with them, they allow you to see you. And so again, coming back to that last question, it’s an uncomfortable question, right? What happens if you’re not ready to sit with yourself? Well,

Unknown Speaker 16:16
the universe will crack you open when it’s ready.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
And historically, we say it comes in threes, which is also a travesty, right? Like, how many things do you need to endure, before your heart is breaking so clearly, that you have no choice than to sit in that suffering.

Unknown Speaker 16:39
And that’s when we start to do the inner work, or I would hope that we are doing the inner work. And if we’re not, that’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 16:50
All of us are in this together, there were 100% or one.

Unknown Speaker 16:56
And so therefore, each person is doing the best that they can

Unknown Speaker 17:03
with what they have, and what they know.

Unknown Speaker 17:08
Lot of really great stuff.

Unknown Speaker 17:11
The idea of the relationship between grace and grit, I love

Unknown Speaker 17:16
because, probably, well, I know that I’m certainly guilty of it. And I’m trying to not beat myself up over past indiscretions or mistakes or whatever just be,

Unknown Speaker 17:28
you know, have negative feelings about my behaviors in the past and to appreciate that you transition to wisdom, when you just let that be a teacher and are constantly trying to improve. And that

Unknown Speaker 17:43
becoming a better version of me, that’s a big part of what this journey is.

Unknown Speaker 17:49

Unknown Speaker 17:51
I makes me think that I can do all this work. And I just wrote down online versus offline, it’s not really necessarily correct, but that I can be doing all this work consciously and thinking about past trauma, that’s that’s that I’ve experienced and working on that, while I’m just actually actively thinking about it. But I’m going to reach a limit to some point. And that’s where the catalyst of psychedelic is my opportunity to, to unlock new and different levels of learning and consciousness. Absolutely. And then to be very clear,

Unknown Speaker 18:33
again, to that beginning statement that we are the drugs, right

Unknown Speaker 18:38
breathwork and meditation

Unknown Speaker 18:43
it’s all we need.

Unknown Speaker 18:45
So how do you get there, right? For a lot of us, we don’t even know we’re breathing, let alone the important seas of how to fully expand and allow breath to become an endogenous and beautiful experience of Dimethyltryptamine, which is DMT. We can cultivate that through breath and mechanical application of pressure against the pineal gland.

Unknown Speaker 19:17
Meditation allows you to become familiar with yourself and allows you to hear the inner dialogue and allows you to tame your physical body. If you can’t sit still, it’s a sign that you need to sit still, right? The physical body is also unconscious. It’s a relic of the past. And so therefore, if you’ve ever told yourself, I’m going to start in the morning, and then the body the next morning, like

Unknown Speaker 19:47
you can see the disconnect between the mind and the body. And so truly, it’s allowing people to expand at their level of awareness for some of us, meditation and breath work.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Work is an absolute no and sounds woowoo.

Unknown Speaker 20:04
But when you have a psychedelic experience, say for example, ketamine, it’s a disassociative, meaning it separates you from your body. When you come back into your body, you have a new relationship, a new awareness. For some that’s like, Oh, my God, I didn’t even recognize what it was like to breathe until I recognize that I didn’t recognize I was breathing, whole new awareness, right. For others, they become aware of where they hold tension. For others, it’s a newfound awareness of how to treat the body. Because that’s also part of this human experience is how we truly treat our vessel.

Unknown Speaker 20:50
I love it to psychedelics are helpers. It’s a tool in the grand scheme of all of it. But what’s really groovy is that tool is lock and key with a lot of mechanisms in our physical body

Unknown Speaker 21:05
that are gifts from Earth and have been around longer than the humans.

Unknown Speaker 21:16
A fantastic fungi with open your eyes. Great way to that.

Unknown Speaker 21:23
But Christie, you’ve you’ve certainly given me a lot of things to think about and digest and some new ideas, lots of new ideas. And I imagine a lot of people who are listening a lot of new ideas. So thank you so much. And thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more? How can they engage with you and your work?

Unknown Speaker 21:46
You can call me at 909735 flow.

Unknown Speaker 21:58
Or you can find us at flow integrative And we are located in Encinitas as well as the Bay Area in San right by Half Moon Bay in San Mateo.

Unknown Speaker 22:18
Awesome. Yeah. If you enjoyed as much as I did, sure, Christy, your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas. Give her give her a call at 909735 flow and or go to flow interactive Thanks again, Christy. I appreciate you. And until next time, remember, do your part by doing your best. And we’re certainly all in this together.

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