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Embracing Change

George Grombacher September 16, 2022

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Embracing Change

In this episode, George talks about some changes to the show. 

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Episode Transcript

Unknown Speaker 0:15
things must come to an app, good things must come to an end, bad things inevitably invariably come to an end. Go through different seasons of life, the seasons themselves change. We move from spring to summer, from summer to fall, from fall to winter cycle repeats from birth to youth to adulthood and old age.

Unknown Speaker 0:43
And also podcasts past podcasts also change.

Unknown Speaker 0:48
Shows not coming to an end, no new new, new new, but we are making some changes, what’s coming to an end, which you probably already discovered, if you’re listening to this as our original opening music, we are retiring it.

Unknown Speaker 1:03
But again, you probably already figured that out.

Unknown Speaker 1:08
Want to say thank you so much for the support that you’ve given to the show. We started the show in 2018. And it was called Money savage. And the whole

Unknown Speaker 1:22
electric guitar,

Unknown Speaker 1:24
the COME ON THE DIFFERENCE making tip. Those were all, I think really fun and important parts of the show and stuff that I really felt gave a lot of the character to the show. And as the show has evolved and morphed and transitioned, I wanted to make some changes to help more closely align with lifeblood. And really complete the migration away from money Savage, which was a really wonderful show. It was just wonderful experience was all good.

Unknown Speaker 1:58
So I know that a lot of people found the show back then. And certainly a lot of people have found the show as lifeblood.

Unknown Speaker 2:08
So lots of changes in 2018. Bottom line, I’m immensely grateful for everybody. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:18
Not just because the show is is becoming a little bit more grown up or sophisticated, if you can even consider that that’s fair to say or it’s not certainly doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop making awesome jokes or being super funny, because there’s no stopping that. Obviously, it’s not more of a force of nature, like the whole seasons thing I was talking about earlier.

Unknown Speaker 2:42
So don’t don’t worry about that. That’s always going to be there. Whether there’s an electric guitar at the beginning or if it’s a violin, still gonna be mean because they’re gonna have awesome guests. One last thing, we’re also retiring the difference making tip

Unknown Speaker 2:59
more important than that also means that we are retiring the Camilla which follows the difference baking tip. So

Unknown Speaker 3:10
I would have felt bad about just stopping doing it all together. People that depend on like, what happened to the Come on. It’s the whole reason that I listen to the show. So I wanted to give it to you one last time.

Unknown Speaker 3:23
Like I fucking mean it.

Unknown Speaker 3:25
Come on.

Unknown Speaker 3:27
Thanks a lot.

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