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Eliminate Distractions to Find Wealth with Candy Valentino

George Grombacher January 13, 2023

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Eliminate Distractions to Find Wealth with Candy Valentino

LifeBlood: We talked about the need to eliminate distractions to find wealth, how success is available to everyone but hard for people to find, what keeps us from getting what we want, and how to get started with Candy Valentino, entrepreneur and author.

Listen to learn how the choice to be successful is exclusively yours!

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Episode Transcript

Unknown Speaker 0:00

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Bob Leffler the stores G the time is right welcome today’s guests strung up off of candy Valentino candy. Are you ready to do this? George, thanks so much for having me. Yes. All right, excited to have you on let’s go candy is an entrepreneur, she has been named top business leader, a top woman, a business leader who gets results, and a woman of influence. She’s the author of wealth habits, six ordinary steps to achieve extraordinary financial freedom. And she’s the founder of the founders organization. Can you tell us a little about your personal life’s more about your work? Why you do what you do? Yeah, well, I’ve been building businesses for longer than I haven’t even started my first company before I can legally order during. So I have been building businesses and investing in real estate generating wealth for almost 25 years. Hard to believe. So now I basically just have taken all that information. And I do my best to teach it to other entrepreneurs that are people that want to build wealth. Because, you know, like some people that are doing it, they have a lot of degrees, and maybe they were really smart, or they had rich parents, you know, I have no college education, I just have a high school diploma, I basically just had an SBA loan with a six week run rate to figure out how to build a business. My parents were both blue collar. And I just believe that wealth and success is here for anyone, regardless of your circumstance, regardless of the family you came from, or the level of education you have. And so that’s I’m really passionate about is helping people achieve that next level of success and wealth in their life in their business, and also to set up a life of contribution. Because I think that’s why we’re all here. So that’s kind of like the end of it all. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 1:52
I’m fired of of saying that financial success success is available to everyone. Yes, but it starts there certainly not guaranteed to everyone. And when you look across large numbers of people is the statistics. A lot of people aren’t finding that. Why do you think that that is why are people struggling with with with with money? Well, I think it all starts with understanding every single thing that we talk about the way we view money, the way we perceive people with money has all either been caught, or taught by someone else’s beliefs and not our own. These aren’t things that we learn about in school, they’re not things that we’re, you know, taught specifics about were either caught or taught these lessons throughout our life. So if someone listening hasn’t actually done the work to evaluate what they’re what they actually think about money, then we can give all the strategies and all the how tos but we’re gonna be swimming upstream together. So the very first step is really taking that minute to look at, is there something that you’re dragging into your 40s, or your 50s, that you heard when you were seven, or eight, and it’s actually what’s keeping you broke, or just keeping you from that next level of life. So you know, I’m not the person that sits like, you know, sit on your couch and think I’ll be rich, I’ll be rich, and you’ll be rich, like, you know, think and get rich is only going to get you so far you have to do to be wealthy. And a lot of times people don’t allow their actions to align with their goals. And it’s not a very popular thing to say, but it’s the truth. You know, building wealth building a successful business comes down to decisions and discipline. And not everybody wants that they want the magic bullet, the get rich quick. And really building wealth and having success is playing the long game. It’s doing little things consistently over time, that gives you the extraordinary results. Lots of really good stuff there. A lot of good stuff, you’re caught or taught by other people. What are you dragging with you into the next stage of life 40s 50s or 60s, and it’s oftentimes a lot. And if we’ve not done the work, then it’s sort of a waste of time for us to be talking about habits, tactics or strategy. And our actions don’t necessarily align with our goals. You mentioned that that wasn’t a popular thing. And maybe,

Unknown Speaker 4:10
and shame on society that is sort of not a popular thing. Because if we’re not able to take a hard look at ourselves and call ourselves out on our BS, while that I don’t think that we’re probably going to be successful anyway. Absolutely. And that’s what I found is like even coming from my last exit, I exited my last company in 2019. And then came into this world, you know, talking about business and wealth where I didn’t realize there were a lot of people talking about business and wealth that are just in their first few years of doing it. So that was a shock to me, but I realized that there’s a lot of BS that we hear that is not just you know, preventing people from going to the next level but it’s it’s costing them a lot of time. A lot of money. You know misinformation is really expensive, because it costs us our phone

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Okay, it’s time that we can’t get back. And so I think it’s really essential, the very first thing is to identify what sort of those Bs beliefs that you may have, that could be preventing you from having that next level of wealth or that next level of success in your business. And then from there, it’s doing the actions, right, it’s doing the tactics, it’s, you know, you can’t just fix the belief and then not actually invest or, you know, have a bunch of bad debt or overspend, right, there’s, there’s actionable things that we have to do that are going to compound any sort of belief or thoughts that we have, once we get those, right.

Unknown Speaker 5:35
How do I, so I couldn’t agree more

Unknown Speaker 5:39
people who are listening to like, Well, how do I know if I have limiting beliefs about money or negative beliefs about money? So how do people know? Yeah, well, I actually have an a quiz inside of the book, which I know we didn’t talk about. But I did write a book. It’s a very actionable book. It’s more of a playbook. And there’s a quiz inside that has like 25 examples of crap that we’ve typically heard, you know, where like, oh, you know, that person’s only going to be rich, you’re gonna be where you are, or money’s the root of all evil, or God doesn’t want you to have money, or people are greedy with money, or I’m not good with money. It’s just not something that I’ll ever have, like, all of those thoughts become programming in our mind that programming then dictates our actions. And then it could be the very thing that’s preventing us from taking that next step. So those are some of the things that you want to ask yourself, if you believe some of those things. Oftentimes, people think that wealth isn’t for them, that maybe they made some mistakes in life, and that they’re not where they want to be. And they carry a lot of shame and guilt. And so I would just offer if there is someone listening, that feels when they even hear the topic of money, then it makes them feel uneasy, or gives them anxiety or makes them feel less than in some way, there’s your indication, you need to start doing some work. Because what got you to this place, even if you’re not where you want to be financially, if you have a bunch of debt, if you have made bad decisions, if you have had foreclosures in your past, like what got you hear, if you continue to carry that with you, you’re never going to get out of that same space, you’ve got to be able to drop the shame, the guilt, the anxiety, and just attack it for what it is. It’s a very logical, methodical thing building wealth, and we tend to take our emotions into it. But our feelings are not facts. The facts are that wealth is available to everyone, depending on it doesn’t matter what your background is, it is available, but it’s up to you to do the work just like anything else, right? We can all have a great body and do wonderful in the gym. But if we don’t actually show up to the gym and do the work, it’s never gonna happen. building wealth and having a successful businesses the same. Yeah, I appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 7:53
We are, and I know that I personally had to, it was like, Why Why am I struggling with money? Why do I avoid a lot of these financial things. And I was able to trace it back when I was like five years old and experiences with with my family. So we have to do that. Because it is like an anchor that’s sort of keeping us stuck and holding us from getting the things that we want. Once we’re able to do that. How do you think about goal setting and creating a compelling vision for for for the future? Well, plans are everything, right? It’s, it’s kind of like not having a plan of every single step, but you got to have the destination. It’s like you can’t get in the car and just start driving and have no idea where you’re going. But also on the same side, if you had every single turn by turn step of exactly what you were going to do to drive the next 20 minutes, it would be so overwhelming that most people wouldn’t even want to start. So it’s always good to have the vision of what you want your life to look like. And also to remember that when you have that vision, oftentimes people see like, Oh, I really would love this house, or I would love just freedom, like most people think they want money, what they’re actually after is freedom and fulfillment. You know, they go for the cheap hit of the dopamine of driving the car, buying the watch or doing the thing, but really what they’re actually after, is that such a short short thing, the dopamine goes away really quick, you know, and the more money you have, the more things you buy, the shorter that dopamine hit actually is what people are actually after is freedom in Pat being able to do what you want, when you want as often as you want with whoever you want, like that’s true financial independence. And so I think that, you know, rather than focusing on these quick things, it’s like, let’s focus on what you truly want your life to look like and know that there is proof everywhere. Yes, there is proof that maybe every single person in your family never amounted to anything, but there’s also proof of people that you hear from or meet or never even meet that you hear about that

Unknown Speaker 10:00
have also accomplished so many things in their life, and maybe had a rougher childhood or a more difficult experience in their life than you. So there’s always proof of whatever it is that we want to accomplish. It’s all what we focus on. And then it’s really just reverse engineering that like, when I was 19, starting my first business, I was like, I want to do this for 20 years, and I want to retire. Now I did that I didn’t retire. But I did make work. Optional work is totally optional. and has been since I was 39. Some people don’t go in with that intentionality. So they end up starting a business or working somewhere and they end up instead of building a business, they create a job for themselves, something that they have to show up to everyday something that they have to trade time for money. And there’s no freedom in that. So I think it’s about being really intentional about what it is you want to build. And what it is you want your life to look like, so that you don’t wake up when you’re 4060 or 80. And realized, oh my gosh, I just did this for 50 years, 60 years, and I totally missed the mark, I think the more intentional we are about what we want, and knowing that it’s possible, then we can build and craft our life however we decide. Yeah, I love it, I think it’s really important. What you’ve been talking about is sort of showing us or giving ourselves proof that the thing or the things that you want, or whatever that is, is actually possible by identifying some of the human being that has or is doing something similar or exactly what what you want. Do you need to actually know those know those people and have a personal relationship? Not at all? No, I mean, you know, I always say that like it myself, like I didn’t do anything special. I didn’t do anything unique. I didn’t charter a rover to Pluto, or, you know, like innovate some crazy thing like these are all very normal, ordinary, and quite honestly boring things of what actually it takes to be successful. So in my little small town of less than 2000 people, I didn’t know anybody that was really, really wealthy. But when I was 15, I was finally interacted with somebody through an infomercial because the internet didn’t exist back then. So anyone that’s doing the math, it was a really long time ago. But you know, we had infomercials and I would hear about people where I would meet someone. And I’d be like, well, if they did it, like rather than asking the question, Who am I to do that? What if you just flipped the question? And say, if they didn’t, why can’t I? It’s kind of like if you want to build a multimillion dollar business, as opposed to saying like, Well, who am I to build a million multimillion dollar company? Well, if you can look on the internet and find hundreds 1000s 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of people that have built multimillion dollar companies or multi million dollar net worths, why not you? Like why not you? And rather than take all the crap that your brain will spit out in that moment? Just ask yourself, What if, like, what would I do? If success was guaranteed? I think we oftentimes look at from you know, we have these ancient old brains that are just always trying to keep us safe, and not trying to keep us happy or successful. But if we ask it the right questions, we’re gonna get a completely different result in our life. So I think rather than seeing all the things that you know, people have, or what we want, like really define like, what would this look like? How could I do this? How would I make it easier? And really ask yourself the right questions, and it’ll be amazed with what you’re able to accomplish, and figure out how to do even if it’s beyond your current level of intelligence or experience. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 13:48
Our brands are fantastic, but they don’t use them enough.

Unknown Speaker 13:54
Yeah, we consume, you know, all this social media, and all these distractions, and our attention is so valuable. It’s so valuable. And so I just I challenge anyone that’s listening, like, take the next 30 days, and instead of consuming more content, instead of consuming more information, what would you create? Like what would you create in 30 days, because when we’re always consuming, we have no space to open up to create something new, a new thought to be able to even dive in with side of us and ask like, what would I do these next 30 days, it will radically shift your life to anybody that actually does it and challenges themselves to hold themselves accountable. Again, actions gotta line up with the goals. Yeah. So when you say create, that can be writing, it can be singing, it can be making video listing? Yeah, it could be investing. It could be a business. It could be a new stream of income, which I talked about all through the book is like how to create multiple streams of income so that regardless of whatever’s happening in the country’s economy,

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Do you have your personal economy locked in, because let’s be real, anything that happens in the next quarter of the year, there is nothing that happens in the country’s economy that will ever matter more than what happens in your own personal economy. And in your own personal mind, your your mindset, your focus. So this, you know, creating could be a whole new revenue stream, it could be a way to earn more money, it could be a way to save more money, it could be a way to invest into something new that you didn’t even know existed yet, it could be a way to to create and just, you know, write if that’s your outlet, but I think that people are capable of so much more than they give themselves credit for. But you got to get rid of the distractions and the noise in order for that to come out. Yeah, work in service of you, instead of just giving away your attention and your energy to things that aren’t serving you at all. It’s just sort of not making, you know,

Unknown Speaker 15:56
stop scrolling through social media, candy.

Unknown Speaker 16:01
Right. I think that that’s that that’s incredible advice.

Unknown Speaker 16:06
30 days isn’t so hard, is it? It is insurmountable for people. It is. But just like everything else in life, if you can’t stop a behavior, and create a new habit, you aren’t controlling your time, your time is controlling you. It is controlling you, this device is controlling you I see it in entrepreneurs with I call it destination addiction. It’s like they’re always addicted to the next thing, the next tactic the next level, the next goal, as opposed to really getting intentional about what they want to create. And you can’t create in chaos. You can’t think and plan and chaos, you can’t create vision where you when you have so much things coming so many things coming at you. So I think it’s really important, especially just as we’re coming into the you know, this new year and everything that’s going on in the world, take some time and actually decide what type of life you want to create. So that you’re not years down the road, realizing that you either build a cage for yourself or a life that you don’t love. success, wealth is here for everyone. And it’s here for anyone that’s listening as well. I love it super powerful, and true and simple. But so hard for us to actually do that. And I don’t know why it took me until I was like 35 years old to actually write down goals. I forever knew the value of of writing down goals. I just never did it. It’s such a such a human thing to do. And I think so many other people are just like me, and it’s what you’ve been talking about. It’s like if we don’t have any idea, or we don’t know what we want our life to look like, well, you know, it’s just a crapshoot. It’s just gonna end with a tail is gonna like a dog. Right? Yeah. And if anyone’s thinking like, Oh, I’m not where I want to be right now, like, When is the last time you sat down and decided, like, literally decided no more. This is not what I wanted my life to look like, this is not what I want my net worth to look like, this is not what I want my business to feel like, like we so often back ourselves into a cage and put ourselves in these golden handcuffs. But yet all along, we’ve had the key, like not only did we put ourselves there by our actions and our choices, and most people will then beat themselves up for that perpetually. But the thing is, you just get to choose again, we can’t control any of those decisions or things that got you into that place. But you do get to control what decision is next. And that’s where I believe, like, truly our life power comes from, is knowing that we have a choice like, regardless of what you’ve experienced, what you’ve been through that got you to this place, we get to, we get to choose and make that next choice. And I think that that’s really understanding that we have held the power all along, that we do get to decide is is really where it’s just the sky’s the limit for anybody that that wants it. I think it’s exciting. I think it’s super powerful. And it’s it’s right there at our fingertips. So well Kenny, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How can they engage with you? Where can they get a copy of wealth habits, six ordinary steps to achieve extraordinary financial freedom? And whatever else you’ve got going on? Yeah, so the book is Amazon anywhere books are sold. Find out more about, you know, me and the book and candy valentino.com And I’m most active on Instagram and Tiktok at Candy Valentino. So all the places. But you know what, I think money is a difficult topic for a lot of people to talk about. And I just want to elevate the conversation about wealth and business and make people understand that it’s not complicated. And it’s not anything that’s even that like shiny or hard. It’s a lot of boring, ordinary things that anyone can do if you’re willing to do the work. So I appreciate you having me on George, thank you so much. Yeah, it was a pleasure. If you enjoyed as much as I did show care to your appreciation and share today show the show

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Do also appreciates good ideas. Go to Kandi valentino.com and candyvalentino.com Pick up a copy of wealth habits, six ordinary steps to achieve extraordinary financial freedom wherever you buy your books, and find her on Instagram and Tiktok as well. I’ll link all those in the notes of the show. Thanks again candy. Thank you. And until next time, remember, do your part by doing your best

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