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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

George Grombacher October 27, 2023

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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Could a change in your perspective really change your life? Yes. In fact, it may be one of the best and easiest ways to do it. 

George talks about the transformative nature of a healthy perspective, the dangers of a bad one, and how to cultivate yours in service of the life you desire. 


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George Grombacher

Episode Transcript

Once it happened that a traveler was traveling along, as travelers often do, and she came upon a worksite. And at this worksite, there were three stone cutters working away. She was curious as to what they were doing as to what they were building. So to satiate that curiosity, she approached first stone cutters, she said, Excuse me, can I ask you what you’re doing? Man looked up at her very angry, said, What does it look like I’m doing cutting these stupid rocks, got the worst job in the entire country. All I do is cut these dumb rocks all day long. My hands hurt, my head hurts. My back hurts. Everything hurts. She said, I’m so sorry for your trouble. I hope that things turn around for you. And I hope that your life improves and you get what you want. She cautiously moved on to the second stone cutter. She said Excuse me, can I ask you what you’re doing? He looks up at the very serious look in his eye. He said, I am working to become the best stone cutter in the entire country. She said Oh, that is a admirable and worthwhile goal. I wish you luck in achieving it. She moved on to the third stonecutter, she got about halfway to him that she thought is whistling could he possibly be whistling a happy tune? Sure enough, he was she’d got next to him. She said excuse me, I hate to bother. You seem to be really enjoying what you’re doing. Can I ask you what you doing? He looks up at it with this gleam in his eye. He says I’m building a cathedral. So three people doing essentially the same thing. But having completely different experiences. The more the story is, how you look at something makes all the difference. All the difference? Yeah. All the difference. You could think that you have the worst job in the entire world. And you might, but you’re choosing to think about yourself as having the worst job in the entire world. And it’s truth of success. It’s true of money. If you’re somebody who thinks I’m just bad at money, I’m probably going to be bad at money. Somebody who thinks I’m just not good at relationships, probably not going to be good at relationships, your perspective, how you look at things, makes all the difference. So who needs to hear this? Well, lots of people need to hear this. Lots of people need to hear this. If you are somebody who is lamenting to yourself or on the Internet, about how bad your job sucks, and how crappy life is and how things just aren’t fair, that this is this is really for you. You think that you’re one of those people that talks about how hard adulting is we say that you got a case of the Mondays and everything sucks, kind of work, gotta go to work, and oh, my God, this is just a terrible thing. This is for you. What if things were different? What if What if your circumstances and your circumstances situation of your life were different? Because the majority of people have different lives than you do? Fast majority. For half the earth’s population lives on less than $5.50 a day. massive number of people don’t have access to clean drinking water. They live under oppressive government regimes, they live in war torn countries or are living in a country that is at war as we speak. There are literally more people living as a slave today. Then back back historically, when there was actual slavery in the United States, so lots of folks, lots of people but half have it way, way, way different than you do. You’ve got it better than the majority of people. If you ever heard the term immigrant mentality, do you know what that means? It is pretty simple thing. And if you arrive to the United States, as all of us at one point did save Native Americans, you came into a world that was foreign to you strange, maybe you spoke the language, maybe you didn’t, maybe you had money or connections, maybe it didn’t have any at all. But you were here, probably, maybe to escape some of those circumstances I was talking about before the promise of a better life, for the promise of something better for yourself and your family. And when you have an immigrant mentality, you make things happen. You make the best out of every situation, you do the best with what you have, which is essentially the opposite perspective of what I was just talking about, of what so many people here in the United States currently have. So we have choice. We get to choose. I have very little control over the circumstances on my life. I cannot control what most things that happened to me. I can’t control geopolitics or what My politicians in Washington seem to be doing, I can’t control inflation, the stock market. But what I do have control over is how I think, feel and respond to the circumstances of my life. So getting back to that idea, how you look at something makes all the difference. And it does. Since make a small shift, instead of talking about, I have to do this, I got to have to go to work today, I have to do all this extra stuff, I have to do these things. No, you get to do this. You get to do these things. And this, you get to do this is whatever you’re unhappy with. This is your life. Whatever you choose, if you’re not happy, well then revisit it. And find of saying the only way to live how you want is to know how you want to live. So do you know what you want your life to look like? Or are you just belly aching and complaining about what your life currently looks like?

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Just a tiny shift really is such a small shift?

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Have you ever turned picking our screwdriver, turn the screw, a couple rotations. And it’s really difference all the way in there to add a little bit. shifting your perspective, I like to think about it just a small rotation and a small turn, you don’t really need to change that much. You simply need to change the way that you’re thinking about the circumstances of your life. Are you able bodied? Are you do yoga? Do you have a functioning human body? There’s a lot of people that don’t? Are you intelligent enough to be able to interact in society? There’s a lot of people who aren’t Are you currently living? Are you alive? Probably, you get to do this, you get to choose. Again, not a lot of control over the circumstances, but absolute control over how we think feel and respond. That is a human superpower that far too many of us are squandering. But to do it has requirements, the life that you desire, has requirements. I really do believe that you that everyone is worthy of living having the lives that they want. We are even deserving of it. But we are not entitled to it. Life that we want the things that we want have requirements. The first requirement is you must accept personal responsibility. That it’s not things that are constantly happening to me. That’s not fair. There are forces way beyond my control that are stopping me from doing the things that I want to be doing. Well, are there really. Because in other parts of the world, currently, there are actual circumstances and actual forces that are keeping and oppressing people. Is that really happening to you? I don’t, maybe it is. But I think that needs to be interrogated. If that’s what you feel it. That’s what you think you need to interrogate that reality and that perspective and see where you might be incorrect. Think about where what could I be wrong about? Am I right about all this? Am I wrong about it? What what could I what could I be incorrect about? Then you must stop arguing for your limitations. So once you accept personal responsibility, you need to stop arguing for your limitations. Are you able to let go of the love that you have for the problems in your life? Or is that the stuff that lights you up? Do you just love bitching and lamenting and complaining about something that happened yesterday? A year ago? 30 years ago, when you were a kid? Are those things still defining you? Are you still arguing for them? We have the ability to rationalize anything. It’s again, it is a superpower. But it’s more of a weapon of mass destruction. Because we rationalize things and explain them away based on our limitations or some stuff that happened to me years ago. Stop being a victim. Stop letting things that happen to you. Define you become a survivor. Stop letting just life roll over you stop getting carried along by the current start happening. Start being proactive, start creating. You’re fully capable of it a couple years ago, Lamar Jackson, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens wore this amazing shooter at a press conference said nobody cares to work harder, it’s true, then it’s true 200 years ago is true 1000 years ago, it’d be true tomorrow and it’d be true five years from now, it’d be true 50 years from now and 1000 years from now. Nobody cares, work harder, get to work. That’s really the third thing and is required is that you must put in the work, the time, the attention, and the effort to channel your energy into something productive. Start building things. Way too many of us taking the opposite approach, or professional critics, we are tearing things down, we are destroying without the courage without the potentially ability, without the desire without the intention of actually building anything back. And really easy to pick up a brick, throw it through a window, really hard. Start a business and actually have that business be an enterprise that requires a storefront that has a window. And you got some fucking asshole walking by throwing a brick through it. takes zero effort zero time. Nothing. Be a builder. It’s hard to be a destroyer, a wrecker? Easy. What are you doing? Are you channeling your energy into anything productive? What are you building? Are you building a strong body? Are you building a strong mind? Are you building a strong spirit? Are you building a strong family? Do you have strong friendships that you’re building? Do you have a strong career? Do you have a business a strong business that you’re building? Or nothing? What are you building? Here’s somebody who’s just complaining all the time and bitching. And fighting with people on the internet. You are in need, from my perspective of a shifting your perspective. Because we do get to do this. We are currently living through. We are living in an environment. I live in the United States of America, I was born here, very fortunate. If that’s you, or if you’re fortunate to have your parents come here or you came here, as an immigrant, you’re extremely fortunate you’re here, you have the opportunity to live in the best place the best time that’s ever been for human beings. You get to do these things. You get to do it, you get to work every day, wake up, wake up, and get to work at building a better life. Being a contributing person. There’s a dumb internet meme going around. Yeah, there’s a dumb internet meme going around. And there’s a lot of different forms of it. But fundamentally, it’s disappear for six months become unrecognizable to these things. It’s dumb, but it’s true. It’s true. The life that you want, you are a lot closer to it than you think that it may take a little longer than you want. But the first step to getting there is making the decision on what that life really is. The only way to live how you want is to know how you want to live. Get super clear in that. Figure out what it is that you want, what you want to build, what life you want to build for yourself and those you care for. Then get to work building it. shift your perspective. You get to do these things. You don’t have to life isn’t happening to you. You are an active participant in it. You start doing the things that are within your control. Change your perspective. Change your life. You get to do this, suck it up, act accordingly. Do your part by doing your best

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