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6 Tips for Women Entrepreneurs to Embrace Their Inner Leader

Angie Monko May 24, 2023

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6 Tips for Women Entrepreneurs to Embrace Their Inner Leader


Women leaders and entrepreneurs are having a greater impact than ever before.

It’s important to embrace your inner leader for the same reason the captain of a ship needs to have her own navigation system or compass.  When the fog sets in and you can’t see even one foot ahead of you, do you want to depend on your favorite compass and other devices to safely get you where you want to go, or do you want to ask your fellow travel campaign who’s also blind?

This blog defines inner leader and gives you 6 tips to embrace your inner leader and improve your personal and professional life.

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What is an Inner Leader?


An inner leader is someone who is aware of her strengths and struggles; she knows when to trust her higher knowing and take appropriate action; and she invests energy into caring for her mind, body and spirit because she knows this will give her the greatest return on investment than any other investment.

Qualities and Characteristics of an Inner Leader


An inner leader knows herself well, including her strengths and shortcomings.  She trusts her intuition to guide her even if it’s contrary to what others are telling her. The inner leader knows how to manage her energy, keep her spirit and vibe high even in the face of adversity. In other words, she is resilient.

She keeps investing in herself through a daily grounding routine because she knows her impact will be greater if she stays calm and focused.

Why is it Important to Embrace Your Inner Leader?


How can you benefit by embracing your inner leader? The world is working overtime to get you to comply with its rules, restrictions, labels, numbers, statistics, and religion of “who you should be.”

If you’ve been raised to please others and be acceptable, attractive and charming, as most women have been, you may be confused as to what you value.  Maybe you’ve not ever considered what you value or what sets you apart from others.

Becoming familiar with your inner leader or inner compass can improve ALL of your relationships, both personal and professional.  Happy relationships are the foundation of a happy, supported life.

People can sense if your inner authority is strong, if you feel grounded and centered. You become a trusted authority to them, one of the highest compliments you can receive.

6 Tips to Embrace Your Inner Leader

Tip #1: Practice Self-Awareness


You’ve probably heard the saying, “Know Thyself.” By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you feel grounded in who you are. People can accuse you all day long of all the “wrong” things you’ve done and why you are a bad person (I just heard a woman leader describe getting hate snail mail for the 5th time). As long as YOU know the truth about yourself, then their opinion cannot sway you to betray you.

You are going to be disliked by SOME people SOME of the time. The more success you garner by being true to yourself, the more “haters” you’ll have. So it’s critical to be aware of your stuff versus their stuff. Otherwise your issues will get entangled, and when that happens, it’s easy to project. Projection is a fancy term that means attributing emotions or traits that we don’t like about ourselves onto someone else. In essence, we see negative stuff in others easier than we do in ourselves.

Tip #2: Practice Self-Care


Practicing self care is super important because it helps ground you in who you are and know yourself better.  You go to the gym to build physical muscles, right? Well, you go to your daily self care routine to build mental and emotional muscles.

Self care includes such practices as getting in touch with your feelings and your body (gotta feel it to heal it). It means having a journaling routine, where you journal your true thoughts and feelings, to release them. It may include a meditation practice that allows you to quiet your mind. You may like walking in nature, reading some inspiring literature, praying to a Higher Power, keeping a gratitude journal, drinking hot tea and really being present to the taste on your tongue. The variety of practices are endless. Choose what feels right for you.

Tip #3:  Develop a Growth Mindset


We are either growing or dying, so the saying goes.  A long time ago, I decided that growth was an essential value of mine. I knew it would make my husband and others around me uncomfortable if I continued to learn, grow and evolve.  However, the downside was far worse–betraying myself and living a life of regret and disappointment.

As an effective leader, you must be true to you. This means people will leave you, and you’ll leave people.  Do you really want them to be part of your inner circle of life if that means wearing a mask all of the time? That is draining.

Tip #4: Practice Mindfulness


Mindfulness is getting very present to what you’re feeling and sensing in the present moment without judging or reacting to it.  How can this help you? You become the Observer of your life and are much better able to choose what means what.

Does it serve you to believe that you are powerless, lacking, incapable, not able to respond to life, a victim? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s up to you to decide which lens you’ll perceive yourself through. Warning: this practice may be challenging if you’ve had a lot of trauma. So it becomes important to find a way to heal and feel safe in your body first.

Tip #5: Set Goals and Take Action


Our society loves to set goals and take action, but did you know this actually sets your nervous system up to feel dysregulated, ungrounded? The moment you set a goal, you begin to feel anxious and ponder how you’ll fail.

Yet, it’s vital to give your mind direction with a well-stated goal. The trick here is to balance setting your goal and then letting it go. Let go of the outcome. Let the desired goal be a preference. No matter what happens, you are still OK. The focus is always on the deliciousness of your journey of life, not the destination.

Tip #6: Connect with a Mentor or Coach


Connect with a mentor or coach who’s a step or two ahead of you. The key to picking the right mentor or coach is how you FEEL in their presence. Do you trust them? Do they get you and are they for you? Only you know this in your gut.

Once you intuitively feel the coach is right for you, hire them. We all have blind spots, and though you can get there without a coach or mentor, it will take MUCH longer. Besides, you’ll feel much more safe and supported, and they’ll be able to see your patterns much easier than you.

I am a coach and would love to see about working together. Click here to book a free chat to explore options–No Pressure.



To be an inner leader, you need to know yourself, trust yourself, and develop the capacity to do tough things. When you develop confidence in yourself to do the hard things, you inspire others to follow.

When you go through difficult life events, you prove to yourself that if you can do it, so can others. To be a strong leader, you practice self-awareness, self-care and mindfulness. You are always seeking to learn and grow. You set “goals with soul” without attachment to outcomes. You seek a mentor or coach to traverse the exciting journey with you.

I encourage you to embrace your inner leader. You’ve got this!



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I’m here to support you like you’ve never been before. I mean that. I won’t judge your past.
Much Love,
Angie Monko,
Life Coach for Intuitive Women Leaders

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