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Your Better Tomorrow with Tracy Litt

George Grombacher May 18, 2023

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Your Better Tomorrow with Tracy Litt

LifeBlood: We talked about how to have a better tomorrow, breaking free of the feelings and situations keeping us stuck, why we all deserve to have the lives we want, and how to start living them, with Tracy Litt, Success Mentor for woman leaders, CEO of the Litt Factor, and author.     

Listen to learn why we’ve been conditioned to accept what we have!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Tracy Litt

Episode Transcript

eorge grombacher 0:01
Well hello, this is Georgie and the time is right welcome today’s guest strong, powerful. Tracy, let Tracy, are you ready to do this?

Tracy Litt 0:08
I am ready to do this.

george grombacher 0:10
All right, let’s go. Tracy is the success mentor for visionary leader, women leader. She’s a CEO of the lit factor. She’s a speaker, and author and transformational leader, her newest book is expander. For trailblazing women building a new world, Tracy, so excited to have you back on, tell us a little bit your personal life’s more about your work, and what motivated you to put pen to paper for the new book.

Tracy Litt 0:32
Thank you so much. I’m so excited about expander. And the impact it’s already creating and what it’s going to do. So expander started as an article, right, like I was gonna, I was gonna write a few paragraphs or something. And then I kept writing. And I was like, Okay, maybe it’ll just be a longer blog. And then it became a white paper, because now we’re up to like, you know, it’s nine pages and 10 pages. And I was like, You know what, let’s just go right into it, and make it a beautiful, small but mighty ebook. And that’s how it was born. One of the things I know, like I know, like I know, is that I am here to lead women into building this new world, this world of more higher consciousness, elevated frequency, open heartedness. And to do that, we have to call out and eradicate the outdated paradigms that are detrimental to us reaching our unlimited potential. And that’s the basis of the book, it is calling out seven of the most limited paradigms that masquerade as the road to success. And then I’m introducing seven brand new paradigms, progressive that can allow us to build this new world that I know we all desire and deserve.

george grombacher 2:06
So paradigm is an amazing word. What’s this paradigm mean?

Tracy Litt 2:10
Here’s what’s so great. I’m so glad that you asked that. So inside of the book, I explain and break down and share an anatomy of a paradigm, right? Because really, at its core, there’s, it’s often that words are thrown around, right? But when we really, really look at what do they mean, and why do we need to understand them? A paradigm in its simplest form is a construct. It’s a model. It’s a way of seeing something. And when we look at the paradigms that are social paradigms, it’s important to understand how did these originate? Right? So if the paradigm itself is an example, or a model of understanding, a way of seeing something, and I’m talking about paradigms, like, mothers should do everything for their kids, you have to earn your worth? Being emotional is weak. Your happiness depends on things going your way, we get to take a look at how did these paradigms get created? And what lives inside of the actual anatomy of a paradigm? What makes up a paradigm? And if they’re harmful? Why do we keep perpetuating them? Right behaviorally, mentally, and emotionally. So yes, that is what a paradigm is.

george grombacher 3:27
Why do we keep doing the same stuff over and over again, even though it’s pretty clear that it’s not serving us.

Tracy Litt 3:35
So good. Because growing through and shifting your identity takes intentionality. And it takes doing deep work, it is uncomfortable, and it calls you to look at certain things about how you were raised, and the belief structures you hold, and the wounds that you experienced, that you suppressed and the way that you’ve disassociated with your body, right? And at the core Shifting Paradigms lives in the art and science of change. And change is about making the unfamiliar, familiar, and the familiar, unfamiliar. Right, and our current identity and belief structures and ways of being aren’t allowing you to ship them without a fight.

Unknown Speaker 4:36
Yeah, so

george grombacher 4:38
it’s, I’m just gonna leave well enough alone. Just gonna keep doing what I’m doing. And it’s and it’s good enough.

Tracy Litt 4:45
Yeah, yeah, well, and so many things. This is the way it’s always been. This is what’s the model model for me. This is what most of the women in the world are doing and subscribing to, which is why I’m so excited about the mission of building this new world because you get enough women And enough humans shifting their paradigm shifting their behavior, and then it silently gives permission to the people around them to shift as well. And before you know it, we are all operating at a higher consciousness and a higher frequency.

george grombacher 5:15
That permission piece is such a big deal. Because if I don’t feel like I’m deserving of having more than I have, that I’m not going to take those initial steps, because I feel like I either. I feel like I don’t have permission, because I don’t feel like I’m deserving or not maybe seeing people who are doing it.

Tracy Litt 5:40
Yeah, it’s i Well, and at the core of that is, and this is part of the becoming an expander. You learn how to operate from your inherent wholeness. And when you operate from your inherent wholeness, you don’t question your deserve unsee because, you know, you deserve nothing less than the heights of your capacity. Right. And another part of our limited conditioning, especially for women has influenced and programmed us to say, You should be happy with what you have. This is enough, right? But that’s not what’s real or true. You’re meant for more, you know, you’re meant for more, you can have more, it’s safe for you to actually have it all you don’t need to have one area of your life in a quote, shitty position, right? Because it’s like, well, it’s not okay, if everything’s thriving at once. I have abundance and love and money and in my team and in my parenting, and in my sex life, and in my friendships, who am I? Who am I? To have that level and depth of blessing, right? Who are you not to claim that space, that’s part of this whole expansion journey. I

george grombacher 6:50
think that that’s such an important thing. And I can, I can really identify with that. Early in my life, I was doing lots of things and lots of good things. But I was just feeling like there was more. And so I’m sure that there’s a lot of people that are probably like that.

Tracy Litt 7:09
Absolutely. And it’s and it’s not necessarily the more in the external and enjoy those things and have the have purses and houses and vacations I love it all enjoy, enjoy. But that call for more is a souls call. Your soul has an objective. And it knows it’s meant for more it knows you have a gift and more often than not, you have these gorgeous gifts when you were young and you used to play with imaginary friends and make dirt pies and you know, all of these fun things before your conscious mind sort of judging you and putting you into the control matrix of society etc, etc. It’s tapping into that more like you just like you George and you and me and Tracy, our soul came in this form of the people that we are and there are unique gifts that are only I can bring and unique gifts that only you can bring and unique gifts that every listener can only bring and when you have that call that more is about answering what your soul is asking for.

george grombacher 8:24
So why why not explore it?

Tracy Litt 8:27
Exactly. That’s it That’s exactly right. And the only thing apart well not the only thing that’s that’s too simple. The the main things that prohibit us from that exploration is our humaneness is our conditioning is the way our society functions is the is the is the warped, masked depth of lack and fear and separation that we were all indoctrinated into.

Unknown Speaker 8:57
Who am I?

Tracy Litt 9:00
There is not enough. Why should I go after that? Right? Because it is so foreign to most of us to be connected enough with our bodies to feel our souls and listen, right? And it would it would eradicate the is that responsible? Right? Like there’s so many different things that we were raised with are responsible, is that good? Is that going to be secure? And all of these things, is there pure limitation or pure limitations part of what kept me in my corporate job for two years before taking the leap? I was in a secure right i i was under the the misinformation that my security was my paycheck. And it is not my security is me. Yeah,

george grombacher 9:54
so it’s I’m scared that if I step out away from what I have even if it’s not what I inherently know that I want that the pursuit of the abstract unknown will leave me wondering, lonely and I’ll die in the desert or something.

Tracy Litt 10:13
Yeah, yeah. Are we too much of a risk? Or people are going to judge me? And who do I think I am? And what if it doesn’t work out? Because our minds are wired for the problem, right, your mind is always going to show you all the reasons why you should not it is always going to take you right down the rabbit hole of hell in the what if direction of disempowerment, right. And you as the being that is directing this whole show your mind, your body, your nervous system, your heart, all the things, you need to show up for yourself, you need to show up for yourself and recognize that those are just options. That’s not what’s real, it’s not factual. And your purpose as the spiritual being having a human experience, is to answer the call is to heal is to grow is to ascend is to expand and stop perpetuating all the limited ways that we were alright. Just

george grombacher 11:09
I think that expander is such a great name. Because we can see people like you’ve been talking about the more people who are engaged in this work, it helps to get permission, but we can actually see an example of a look, it’s another human being that is not so different than I am. And so that is what is possible. And it’s evidence, it’s giving my conscious brain evidence and my subconscious.

Tracy Litt 11:35
Yes, 1,000%, thank you, you totally get it. That’s exactly where that name came from. Expand or when you are an expander, you’re expanding possibility for self, you’re expanding possibility for the collective, you’re expanding possibility for everyone who’s paying attention to you, right. And when we think about this through the lens of parenting, who’s paying attention to you, your kids, and you say you love them more than anything, and you want them to be incredible, independent, empowered, are contributing members of this collective world. But then you are anxious, and you’re flipping out and you’re being short sighted, and you’re not prioritizing yourself, right? It’s like, whoa, whoa, what am I expanding for them? Right? When you have a team, you’re running a company with clients, you are always modeling something. And when you model being an expander, your modeling, compassion and open heartedness and prioritization of self and connection to energy, which ultimately drills down to unlimitedness unlimitedness, when you and I were unlimited, actually, actually. And the more of us that continue to expand and become expanders, we start to expand the world.

george grombacher 12:49
Is it okay, if my motivation to step outside of what I’m doing away from the old paradigms and into the new is because I want to be an expander for my kids? Does it matter instead of I’m good at this for me?

Tracy Litt 13:02
That’s a good that’s like a really, really good rich question. And it feels layered for me. So anything that allows you to start to go within and work on yourself is a big yes, I don’t care what the origin is. Because now we’re in motion. Now we’re paying attention, right? Then as you peel back a few layers,

Speaker 3 13:26
that catalyst will change.

Tracy Litt 13:30
And it will realize that honoring it for you does become important, right? It can start because of your kids that could be like the elbow to do it. But then once you start to do it, and you actually realize that relationship to self is what’s driving all of your outcomes, then you will allow yourself to say, I’m doing this for me. And that’s beautiful. Love it.

george grombacher 13:54
Did you give us one of the one or two of the new paradigms that you’re introducing?

Tracy Litt 13:59
Yes, absolutely. So they’re set there seven of them that I introduce. So let’s see which one okay, my one of my favorites is conditional happiness into unconditional joy. So one of the limited paradigms that we all operate under right now, or most of us is conditional happiness, because we were raised to believe that the outside creates the inside. And we were raised to believe that the answers are external, right. Which has created this interesting for Matt of when this happens, then I’ll feel why. When I lose 10 pounds, then I’ll feel sexy. When I hit seven figures in my business, then I’ll feel successful. When I have clients in my program, then I’ll feel worthy. And not only is that limiting because That model pushes those things further away, because you’re making your emotion conditional on their arrival. It’s also worked because the feeling comes first, in the new model of unconditional joy, we realize that we get to choose how we feel. And we get to cultivate that state from our insider inner environment. And when we do prioritize how we feel it flips that model that format on its head

Unknown Speaker 15:28

Tracy Litt 15:30
when I, when I feel why, then I generate X, right? When I feel successful, then the business grows. When I feel sexy, then I love my body, and the weight sheds off, right, because your emotions are frequency and vibration. And the higher you are, that’s really high vibe, good vibes. Only all that stuff comes from that space, we are looking for a high vibration. And when you’re making your emotions conditional on external events, not only are you lowering your frequency and pushing things away, that’s why there’s so much dysfunctional overachievement because you think that the next job or the next office, or the next spouse is going to

Speaker 3 16:20
be the thing that finally makes you feel whole. And nothing could be further from the truth.

george grombacher 16:27
There’s a lot of super powerful stuff there. I’ve always loved the idea of choosing how I feel about something. But I love even more. The idea of prioritizing how I feel about something, which is similar but very different.

Tracy Litt 16:46
Mm hmm. Yeah. Well, because that’s one of the most magical things to know about yourself, when you start to go within, I get to choose how I feel. And I can feel

Speaker 3 16:54
that way all the time. Yeah, yeah.

Tracy Litt 16:58
And I can recognize that when I stopped judging my emotions, I can also express the ones that need to be felt. And that creates the highest energetic frequency possible, because the misconception is, well, if I, if I feel the anger I’m feeling,

Speaker 3 17:15
then I’m not high vibe. Yeah, that’s wrong.

Tracy Litt 17:19
That’s wrong. It’s misinformed. And it actually goes right into another one of the paradigms, which is moving from emotional congestion into emotional expression. When you allow yourself to feel all the feelings on the spectrum, with willingness and non judgement, then what you’re doing is you’re not holding or suppressing the emotion. You’re, you’re noticing, like, I’ll give you an example I we’re doing a lot of big things are changing things. And we have a huge debut coming in the fall. And I’m running a team, and it’s bigger than anything I’ve experienced before in my life. So I’ll be sitting at my desk just like this, and having a nice morning and into my meditation and local law. And I’m sitting and all of a sudden, I can feel my body like tighten, tighten, tighten, and the team mess something up. And I forgot to do that. Yes. And I can feel the anger and the frustration come upon

Unknown Speaker 18:05
me. That is not the moment to suppress it.

Tracy Litt 18:10
That is not the moment to say, well, those aren’t high vibe. Let me just let me just think of something I’m grateful for. Absolutely not, that’s bypass. That’s the moment where I then push away from my desk, I go outside, or I go into the garage, whenever my body wants me to do and I go in the garage, me and my body wants me to punch the punching bag or scream and I do that. Or my body says no, just put your feet in the grass and each sun on your face, right? And I do that. And then it helps the emotion process out. Like we want everything up and out. And when everything’s up and out. Our bodies are clean and clear to allow the real potency of our electromagnetic field to come out.

george grombacher 18:52
bypassing it is not going to work. Just go right into it.

Tracy Litt 18:56
Yeah, yeah. And that requires a big, big shift in paradigm because it is a rarity. For any of us to be raised to allow

Unknown Speaker 19:05
the discomfort of emotion. Right. Yeah, it’s huge.

george grombacher 19:13
Well, Tracy, thank you so much for coming back on. Thanks for writing the new book. Where can people learn more about you? And where can they get their copy of expander?

Tracy Litt 19:21
Yes, thank you so much. And thank you for having me. I adore being here and I’m so grateful. So expander is being distributed, the ebook is free. So it is yours to grab at the expander So it’s the expander grab your copy and it’s a beautiful ebook. It’s very like artistically designed. So it’s an easy read 57 pages, and then you’ll have an option if you choose to, to grab the audio book, which is basically a private podcast feed where I read the entire book to you, which is very helpful if you’d like to listen to audio.

Unknown Speaker 19:56
Move it

george grombacher 19:59
if you enjoyed this much As I did so, Tracy, your appreciation and share today share with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to the expander And I know it’s hard to hear me today and understand what I’m saying. But it is the expander Pick up your copy and check out the audiobook as well. And Tracy can people get in touch with you on that website as well.

Tracy Litt 20:22
You can get in touch with me at the lit So the lit li TT And we are at the lit factor on Instagram, which I am in the DM so message me anytime,

george grombacher 20:33
awesome. Definitely take advantage of everything that Tracy has to offer. And this is your third or fourth time on the show. And obviously I always enjoy the opportunity to talk with you and I love your perspective. And so many of us in fact, I’d go so far as to say most of us are, you know, fallen victim or have fallen victim to something one of those seven paradigms that you’ve talked about. So the more we can be doing the work and consciously jumping into it, the better our lives are gonna be. So now is the time, go to the expander and get your free copy of it. For goodness sakes. There’s absolutely no reason not to do that. Thanks. Good, Tracy. Thank you so much. Until next time, remember, do your part doing your best

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