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Who Am I? How to Write Your Next Chapter

George Grombacher February 2, 2022

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Who Am I? How to Write Your Next Chapter

I’m not intending this to be an existential conversation where you question your place in the universe. 


What I’d like it to be is the catalyst for you to start doing that thing you’ve been wanting to start doing. To help you lean into the question of “Who am I?”


What’s been on your mind that you’ve been procrastinating about? What’s the thing you’ve been wanting to do, but for whatever reason, haven’t been able to do?


Put another way, “if anything were possible, what would you like to be doing?”


I want to help you answer these questions and to write your next chapter. 


I’ve been someone who has reinvented himself several times, and who continues to. Here’s the process I go through when there’s something new I want to do: 


  • Who do you want to be?

  • What do you want to do?

  • How will you make it happen?

  • Preparing yourself for resistance


Let’s get started. 


Who do you want to be?


I’m not asking for one definitive answer. What’s the thing you want to start doing, but haven’t yet? Perhaps you want to become an athlete again. Maybe you want to become an author,  musician or artist? Or you want to take your passion for food or wine to the level. 


Like Nike says, Just Do It. 


There’s never going to be a perfect time, and the final result may never look the way you see it now. But without getting started, nothing will ever happen. 

Identity first, then achievement. 


Becoming a published author can take years. Leaning into your identity as an author can happen today. 


Waiting until your book is for sale on Amazon to think of yourself as an author is backwards. You need to start seeing yourself as an author now. And all your book sales down the road are just gravy. 


This is true of anything you want to be. If you want to be an athlete, start thinking of yourself that way now. Don’t wait until you finish an Ironman. 


What do you want to do?


Now that you’ve established your new identity, what will you do with it? Sticking with our author example, perhaps you’ll start a blog, or write a book. 


As an athlete, perhaps you’ll work out five days a week and start competing in your favorite sport again. 


What will the manifestation of your new identity be?


How will you make it happen?


What, if any, new learning will you need to solidify your new identity? What resources will you need to gather to make it your new reality? 


Where can you get what you need? When will you do it? 


How can you make it real and sustainable? Are there systems or new habits you can implement to ensure you’ll stick to doing what you need to do? 


Preparing yourself for resistance


The natural byproduct of change is resistance. You’ve gotten to this point in your life doing what you’ve always done. As we talked about in the previous section, change is probably required. 

To help you anticipate and overcome resistance, write down your answers to these questions:


What’s the biggest thing you’ll struggle with?

How have you tried to make this happen in the past? 

How did you go about it (be as specific as possible)?

How long have you been feeling like you want to do this?

Have you tried anything that worked? 

What will be different this time?


That last question is the big one. Why will anything be different this time? 

I submit that your commitment to a new identity is what will make the difference for you. 

Becoming the desired version of yourself now will carry you through the resistance. 




You and I have one shot at life. 


Why waste any more time? Get started. 


Let us know how we can help you as you write your next chapter!


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