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What We Owe to Each Other

George Grombacher May 24, 2023

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What We Owe to Each Other

I owe. You owe. There’s so much that we owe to each other. 


Memorial Day is a wonderful time to revisit your perspective. To consider your place in the world and to honor those who have made your life and way of life possible. 


George talks about how live a purpose driven life and how to honor those who gave everything so you can. 


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George Grombacher

Episode Transcript

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How you look at something makes all the difference. If you think that your life is, is good, if you think your life is, is crappy, you think your situation sucks, didn’t have a profound impact on quality of your life, your enjoyment and everything else, I’m not telling you anything that you don’t know. But perspective is such a massively valuable thing. I think it’s a superpower of ours that we have the ability to, to think about the circumstances of our life. And we have the choice to be able to, to feel and think and respond, however we want. And a lot of that is based on perspective. I used to, when something bad would happen to me, if things didn’t go my way, or whatever, little stuff or big stuff, it would have a dramatic impact on my whole day, I would let it ruin my whole day. And once you recognize, once I recognize that I have the ability to, regardless of what’s happening to me, to to not let it wreck my day, to not let it influence the way that I think or feel about situations or anything else. That’s a really, really powerful thing. Now, it’s still not easy. But once you’re aware of your ability to do that, once you know that you have choice, and you choose to exercise that choice and to put it to use in your life, they could see a huge shift can happen. And when we talk about what our perspective on our lives, is, what is yours? How do you feel about your life? Do you feel like things are happening for you? Do you feel like things are happening to you? Do you feel like you have a good perspective on life? Or is your perspective bad? It’s how you look at something makes all the difference. And this is true of every aspect of our lives, from our physical bodies, to the work that we’re doing to our family life, and whatever your hobbies are, up and down. Everything, you have the ability to decide how do you want to feel. And that’s really what perspective is. So, on Memorial Day, I wanted to talk about how I owe I owe so much. And I owe so much to so many people. And the reality is so to you. And it’s so important to me to remind myself of this fact, every day that I Oh, there’s so many people who came before me that made life that I have possible today. And there’s so many people that came before you that make the life that you have possible today. We have in the United States, we’ve had over 40 million Americans serve in our armed forces, but an amazing sacrifice.

And we’ve had 1.3 million more than that, serve and pay the pay the ultimate price and give their lives in service of our nation and, and, and and in the lives that that we have today. Right now, there are over 680,000 police officers who are serving and protecting our communities, there are over a million firefighters who are keeping us safe. So many first responders that are making our lives possible. And for that I owe and for that you owe. Think about all the different people who have touched your life and helped you to become the person that you are today. Parents, family, grandparents, great grandparents, just your family alone. Then think about your teachers, the bus drivers who took you to school. The list goes on and on. And you can make it a really long list and I think that each of us should. We ought to create a really long list of all the people who played a part and setting the stage for you to have the life that you have today. And we owe those people I owe all the people that have helped me to have the life that I have to make my life possible. And I owe for other people who cannot. Who, because of disability circumstances of their lives, are unable to not to do the things that I do, that don’t have my physical gifts, or my mental gifts. Not that there are any kind of special gifts. But I have the ability to think any thought I want and to take any action that I want. I’m a healthy person. And so for the folks, the people that are not do not have those gifts and those abilities, I owe them. That means I need to do the best that I can. That means that I need to work hard to accept personal responsibility for my life. I don’t have responsibility for the things that happen to me. I don’t have control over that. But I have absolute control over how I think about them how I feel about the circumstances in my life, and how I act. I have the responsibility to lead a good life to lead a purpose driven life. I believe that I am so incredibly fortunate to have been given the gifts that I’ve been given. I talked about a second ago. It’s not like I’m a genius by any stretch of the imagination. But I’m smart enough. I’m not. I’m not a world class athlete by any stretch, but I’m strong, I’m healthy, I can run, I can lift weights, I can pick things up. And I’m grateful for all these gifts that I have. And I believe, because I’ve been given these gifts. And because so many people that have come before me, so many people did come before me. And there’s so many people out there who are working hard on our behalf, that the world expects more of me. Will expects more of me than it does of other people. Because I accept the responsibility. I recognize that I owe. Because of that I choose to examine and explore what’s most important to me, what matters in my life, what matters, what is important for my family, what matters what is important for me as an individual, what matters, what is important for me and my community. What are the opportunities that exist for me to accept responsibility to observe and to see there’s an opportunity right there that nobody’s doing anything about that, I will do something about that. I will I will do it as necessary. So I understand what matters, I do what matters. And I recognize that because I have the ability to do that. And because so many people set the stage and have allowed me and set the circumstances for me to be doing this. This by me my life that I oh and on Memorial Day. I encourage you to think about who in your life made the conditions possible for you to have what you have

do your part by doing your best

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