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Vision Board Examples: Taking Inspired Action to Reach Your Goals

George Grombacher June 15, 2022

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Vision Board Examples: Taking Inspired Action to Reach Your Goals

Having some vision board examples can help make creating your own vision board more real and accessible.  


What is a vision board?


Creating a vision board involves the process of thinking about and visualizing what you want in a certain area of your life, and creating a visual (or digital) representation of it.


Why create a vision board?


As the saying goes, seeing is believing. Going through the process of creating your board will help you clarify and focus on the things you want.  We all know how important it is to write down goals; this is essentially visual goal setting.  


Taking the time to think about and create a vision board signals to your brain this is something you’re serious about.  Your brain will begin working to help you get what you want even though you don’t realize it’s doing it!  


How do I create a vision board?


Once you’ve decided on the things you want, you find images of it.  You can use magazines, newspapers, anything you can cut pictures out of.  You can find the images online through sites like Google images (simply searching “free images” will bring up many sites as well), print them and cut them out.  


You can use a poster board, cork board or magnetic board to affix the images on-there’s not a right or wrong way to do it- it’s your vision board after all. 


You can also include motivational or quotes, words or phrases that resonate with you or represent the thing you want.  


If you want to create your board digitally, websites like Canva are very easy to use.    




How many vision boards can or should I have?  You can have as many as you want, it comes down to your personal preference.  You could have one board with everything you want on it, or you could have multiple boards for specific areas of your life.  Here are six key areas of focus for you to consider creating a vision board around.


Family. When thinking about family, consider your closest relationships, how you spend your leisure time and the physical spaces you live in.  


Community.  When thinking about community, consider your ties and connections to others outside of your family and the activities you’re focused on.  


Learning.  When thinking about learning, consider what you’re working to gain new knowledge or skills, what you’d like to learn simply for the sake of learning.


Health and fitness.   When thinking about health and fitness, consider what you’d like to be doing more of and what your priorities are for you and your loved ones in order to have better physical, mental and emotional health.    


Money and career.  When thinking about money and career, consider your most important financial goals, what your dream career is and what your life will be like when you’ve achieved these goals and you have that career. 


Peace of mind.  When thinking about peace of mind, consider what you’d like to have or do in order to feel more happy and content. 


Examples of vision boards


Again, you can certainly have one vision board that incorporates all of the things you want.  Here are some specific examples and prompts to help you decide.


Family vision board


  • Relationships.  Relationships you’d like to have or you’d like to improve.    
  • Kids.  If you’d like to have kids or strengthen your relationship with your kids.
  • Vacations.  Where would you like to vacation and what you do while you’re there. 
  • Family meals.  How often you eat together, what you eat, what it looks like.
  • Activities.  What you do for fun as a family.


Lifestyle vision board


  • Personal style.  What clothes you wear, how you carry yourself, what jewelry you wear. 
  • Possessions.  What car you drive, what toys and technology you have.
  • Experiences.  What you do for fun, what your days and weeks look like.


House vision board


  • Actual house.  What style and size house you live in.
  • Location.  Where you live.
  • Yard.  What the yard looks like (if any), what features it has.
  • Rooms.  What the kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, living rooms look like.
  • Furniture.  What style of furniture you have.


Body vision board


  • Physique.  What your body looks like. 
  • Grooming.  What your hair and face look like.
  • Habits.  How you maintain and improve your body. 


Kitchen and cooking vision board


  • Kitchen.  What your kitchen looks like.
  • Appliances.  What appliances you have, what they look like.
  • Accessories.  What plates, utensils and other accessories you have. 
  • Food.  What food you prepare.  


Career vision board


  • Dream job.  What you do. 
  • Your clothes.  What you wear at your dream job.


Money vision board


  • Personal finances.  What your money goals are, what you’ll buy, what you’ll invest in.


Well being vision board


  • Spiritual.  What you do to have greater peace of mind.
  • Mental.  What you do to improve mental health, to challenge yourself and to grow.
  • Physical.  What you do to strengthen your physical body.  


Taking inspired action


Taking the time to think about, locate images and create your vision board(s) is a wonderful and powerful thing to do, and I hope this provides you the inspiration to make it happen.  


Now that you’ve got inspiration for what you want, the next step is to take action towards getting those things!  What can you start doing to make your dreams a reality?  


For each item on your vision board, think about a small action you can take everyday to get closer to making it a reality in your life and make a habit of doing it. 


You can have everything you want, get started!  


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