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Vibroacoustic Therapy with Craig Goldberg

George Grombacher January 6, 2023

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Vibroacoustic Therapy with Craig Goldberg

LifeBlood: We talked about vibroacoustic therapy, how best to deal with our body’s fight or flight response, how to get emotionally triggered less, and how to tap into the benefits of meditation even if we have active minds, with Craig Goldberg, relaxation expert and CoFounder of inHarmony Interactive.

Listen to learn what happens to our bodies when our nervous system is triggered!

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George Grombacher

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Craig Goldberg

Episode Transcript

Unknown Speaker 0:15
white blood. This is George G. And the time is right welcome today’s guest strong and powerful Craig Goldberg. Craig, are you ready to do this? I am. All right, let’s go. Craig is a relaxation expert and technologist he’s on a quest to help humanity achieve a deeper sense of inner calmness through vibro acoustic therapy. He’s the co founder of in harmony interactive, it’s technology assisted company that is creating meditation cushions to help people relax and improve mental health. And overall well, being great excited to have you on tell us a little about your personal lives more about your work, why you do what you do. George, thank you so much for having me here. I follow and have been following lifeblood. And really the tips and tricks that I’ve been able to pull from what you’re already doing is absolutely, Brian, it’s an honor to be here and to be able to share this message. Personally, I have a two and a half year old and beautiful wife and home here in Las Vegas that keeps me unbelievably grounded into the present moment as only a two and a half year old could. She’s actually sleeping right behind that wall right now. And the chaos that ensues when she’s awake, and the whirlwind is just an unbelievable amount of energy that I absolutely love. So that’s a lot of my focus in my personal life. I like to RV I like to get out in nature, I like to travel. And I like to spend as much time in nature as I possibly can. Professionally over the last six years, we’ve been building in harmony interactive, and a predecessor company with the same products called Holistic Health Science. And we’ve been focused on evangelizing and teaching people about the power of sound, and vibration, and then creating technology and content that allows people to experience the benefits of a common relaxed mind, body and spirit. And I’m sure we’ll get into some of the details and some of the benefits of our technology. But it’s been a whirlwind and a ride over the last two years, it’s really seen an uptick in how many people are searching for us versus versus how often we’re reaching out to people. I think it’s a timely conversation and, and really, when we start to understand exactly the impact we have on our physiology, our nervous system, and our mental health, it’s something that’s unbelievably timely, something I’m very excited and passionate about. Excellent.

Unknown Speaker 2:36
Kids have a way to, to bring things down to the absolute realist.

Unknown Speaker 2:42
And they also, she’s just two and a half, but her ability to just flick every nerve, and just push just a little bit further. It’s really remarkable. My wife and I are pretty conscious and pretty aware and

Unknown Speaker 2:57
somehow just it’s really just it’s a constant learning environment of it. Yeah, that’s, that’s the absolute truth. I’ve got a six and a three year old and one of my favorite quotes which I’m going to get wrong is if you think you’re enlightened, you know spend the weekend with your in laws and then report back the same can be said of a boss is actually credited with that, quote, it’s one of my favorites. We’re in the holidays, as we’re recording this, I don’t go home for the holidays anymore. Because I bless my beautiful family. They’re gonna watch this I absolutely love them, but

Unknown Speaker 3:28
not stick tight. I hang here.

Unknown Speaker 3:32
So, all kidding aside, it’s very real thing. And, you know, I think Craig that modern living is really eating our lunch as as, as human beings, what are some of the what are some of the problems that y’all are working to, to, I guess, solve slash improve? Yeah, well, first of all to kids is impressive. Right now we’re debating whether or not to have a second and and we’re leaning towards No. So anybody that’s got more than one for me is is that’s why I kind of bowed down to a little bit. It’s it’s very impressive to choose to back down that road.

Unknown Speaker 4:07
Let’s talk about what’s happening in the world today. And you really mentioned that this society that we have co created is a raunchy one. It’s It’s difficult. It’s challenging kids aside just day to day life. The trials and tribulations that we go through day in and day out, is challenging. And what we have identified as probably one of the biggest issues that we’re dealing with today, is a sympathetic nervous system response, a triggered nervous system response, a nervous system response that’s keeping you in stress, and anxiousness. And unfortunately, many of us, myself included, are walking around in that triggered sympathetic nervous system response, either under false pretense, or for reasons that are outside of our control, or frankly, reasons that are inside our control, but we’re simply reacting to

Unknown Speaker 5:00
It instead of thinking through it, and when we go through life in the day to day, in a sympathetic nervous system response, we’re actually ill equipped to handle this regular day to day challenges. And I’m not even talking about when things go awry. I’m talking about things like getting to your parked car, like driving on the road, like ordering coffee and getting groceries, the simple stuff that seems relatively routine, that when you’re in a sympathetic nervous system response for other reasons, and I’ll list a number of reasons why we can get into that sympathetic nervous system response.

Unknown Speaker 5:34
We’re just ill equipped. So unfortunately, that sympathetic nervous system response. So we’re talking about our autonomic nervous system and our ability to react to our environment, the sympathetic nervous system response is automatically triggered by our environment. And it’s done through the reptilian part of our brain, one of the oldest aspects of our brain. And it was really designed for fight or flight, it was designed for sleeping in a cave. And all of a sudden, I hear twigs and sticks break somewhere outside, and I’m awake, and I’m now alert. So I go from sleeping 20 to protect my family. And that triggered response, it’s automatic. And four things happen when you drift into that sympathetic nervous system response. The first is cortisol and adrenaline flow through every blood cell, you know, through your bloodstream. The second is the brain turns off rational thinking. So even though we’re making decisions, we’re not thinking rationally, this the third thing is it turns off digestion, you no longer need energy diverted towards digestion, the second most expensive behind your brain from an energetic perspective, you simply need to fight or flight. And the last is, it turns off your immune system. So you no longer need to fight off like viruses and bacteria, clean cleanse and detox, you just need to deal with whatever’s right in front of you now. That’s right. If you’re dealing with a stick that just broke outside, or your dog is freaking out, because there’s somebody outside your house or insert scary situation here. The most applicable I think, is you’re walking down the strip, it’s late at night, and all of a sudden, your spidey sense starts to go off because there’s a not so nice fellow or or woman behind you, and you start to get a little stressed and anxious. That’s what that sympathetic nervous system response is designed for. What it’s not designed for, is I have a meeting with George at 1pm or 1230. And I’m running late because there’s traffic and, and congestion. And there’s never traffic here. And I’m always on time. And now all of a sudden, just send Georgia text and just tell him that you’re going to be running late, roll down the windows, play some music and chill. But instead, we get all worked up around that situation. Another great example, which which is one of my favorites and just happened to be at the airport just a few weeks ago, that person checking out in front of you their debit card code isn’t working. They’ve tried four different types of payment, you just want to check out and get one thing and get back in your car and get going and what is this person doing? And why can’t they just take a deep breath and just relax. There’s no point in triggering that nervous system response because it’s, it’s going to throw you into a nosedive for the rest of the afternoon, unless you have a way to reset it. And coming back to that baseline of parasympathetic when you’re in any of those situations. Look, it gets triggered by family. One of the reasons we share that rom das event, our families trigger us that is deeply ingrained in how we grew up. We all have trauma from when we grew up, whether it’s very blatant trauma, or whether it’s simply our negative self talk that has been telling us about how we were raised, how we were groomed, how we were handled and dealt with, at a young age, talking father to Father, this is something I think about all the time with my daughter, I don’t want to trigger any trauma in her I don’t want any long lasting traumatic psychological impacts to the things that I’m doing teaching or or parenting. We all have this. It’s an unfortunate reality of just living life. So all of that is a very long answer to talk about one of the things that’s really plaguing us and that is walking around in this triggered high stress, high anxious nervous system response that was designed to protect us but leaves us ill equipped to handle the day to day trials and tribulations. If we’re in that state too often, and many people are walking around in that state from the moment they wake up and check their phone until the second their head hits the pillow at the end of the night. And think about not making rational decisions, not digesting any of your food properly and not really having a properly functioning immune system all day long. You do that enough days in a row and you can find yourself in a lot of trouble. So our focus is on resetting that nervous system and bringing you back to parasympathetic or calm and relaxed state as often as needed.

Unknown Speaker 9:52
Nice. That’s a really excellent explanation of if we are not careful this

Unknown Speaker 10:00
state that we will find ourselves even if we aren’t careful, we still find ourselves in that state. But when we become aware of it

Unknown Speaker 10:08
is it possible to, to limit the response or to shorten the the the amount of time that we spend there. So that’s where I am. Now, I’m six years using my technology. I’m six years getting on my cell phones, when I first got my technology, and it was first introduced to my world, I was on it three times a day. Now I’m on it three, four or five times a week, depending on the day, depending on what’s happening, and depending on where I’m at. And that is to say that the more often you use it, you are teaching your nervous system how to stay in cool, calm and collected. It’s not to say I’m not triggered, we were just talking about my beautiful daughter harmony, she triggers Atomy. Right, like, like, I don’t know how she knows what she’s doing. I don’t even know if she’s doing it on purpose. But my wife and I will be at wit’s end in trying to negotiate with a two and a half year old, only to realize that we’re exhausted. And it’s just not worth the fight, right, like, Fine, you want to pop go have a pop, right? It’s organic cane sugar, and you know, checks all the boxes, just one another pop have another pop, I’m not, it’s not worth it. So it’s not just a two and a half year old, it can be your mom who’s doing that thing. Again, it can be your best friend who won’t listen to what you have to say and is still doing that thing. And that it could be a significant other, it can be any number of triggers. Using our technology doesn’t stop the outside world from operating in the same fashion that it is you can start making better decisions, no doubt. But instead, it puts you in a place where you can rationally think about that same scenario. So given the same inputs, and given the same external influences on your world, you’re simply cool, calm and collected you’d like to Fonzie, right? How’s the Fonzie the Fonzie is cool. Doesn’t matter what you throw at the Fonzie, it’s not lack of caring. It’s this mild, Ill mannered demeanor that he had that was just like, it’s cool, we’ll handle it. No worries. And when you’re coming from that place of a parasympathetic nervous system response, and you have rational thinking at your, at your in your toolbox, you can make better decisions, you can handle things, and you’re not so quick to go off to go off the rails. And I’ll give you a great example. Driving and construction is one of those scenarios. If you get in your car, and you’re particularly triggered, and you hit traffic or construction on your way, it’s going to throw you off the rails and it’s going to drive you nuts. If you’re getting into your car, and it’s one of those beautiful days where everything went well, in the morning, you didn’t spill your coffee all over you and have to change your shirt right before he walked out the door you left early with enough time you’re not stressed and anxious. All of a sudden you hit traffic. And what do you do, you roll down the windows, you crank some tunes, you put on a podcast, you sit back and relax and you go, it’s cool, I’ll get there. But when you’re stressed and anxious, that same scenario, obviously just throws us into that tailspin. So

Unknown Speaker 13:00
using our technology on a regular basis, teaches your body how to spend more time in parasympathetic. And to handle the day to day trials and tribulations a lot better and more effectively. It’s not to say those scenarios in those situations aren’t going to come up. If and when they do, you’re that much more centered and grounded to handle them. I would even and this is a totally different conversation. As you begin doing the work, the universe might actually start throwing more at you just to test quite how grounded and focused you are hence that rom das quote with you think you’re enlightened, go spend seven days with your family and, and really test exactly how grounded you truly are. Yeah, I appreciate that. So one of the objections that that I have made myself and that I think is commonly given regarding meditation is you know, I just I can’t sit still for that long. I feel like my mind is just going crazy. Crazy. Crazy. So you are you are solving for that problem as well. Totally. Look, I’m one of those people. Okay, George just getting to know you. You’re an A type personality, you’re a go getter, right? I know you’ve got multiple interests and multiple things pulling at you not just two kids, a family and business and a podcast and everything else you’ve got going on. And and most of us are the same way especially those of us that are looking for and seeking out optimal human performance. And when I sit down to meditate, the first thing I start thinking about when I’m supposed to be clear in my mind, is how many other things I could be doing. And this task list that sits in front of me on this screen and this iPhone and

Unknown Speaker 14:44
there’s a half a dozen things that I could be doing and probably should be doing right now not to shit on myself. But that is the mentality of of right and at the same time. There’s a reason why so many overachievers and and folks that are seeking optimal human

Unknown Speaker 15:00
In performance, our elite athletes, unbelievable ly talented and successful business people, they all carve out time to meditate every single day. And they don’t miss it. Because they know if they miss it, they’re not going to be on point for everything else. And I think that’s, that’s the juxtaposition, right? Where we’re kind of pushing and pulling around slowing down for 10 minutes versus that, when you sit on our tech, the beauty of it is that sound and vibration is distracting and guiding your mind. So the only instruction and directive when you’re on in harmony technology is to lose yourself in the music. And that by itself occupies your mind, it’s a little bit misleading. On our website, we say say goodbye to a distracted mind on our website. The reality is, sound and vibration is distracting your mind and your body. We have mechanical receptors in our skin that are constantly sending signals and feedback back to our brain, we obviously have our auditory nerve, which is sending signals to our brain. When you’re sitting on the meditation cushion laying on the sound lounge or the practitioner, you are your your brain is receiving signals from every McCanna receptor in your body, it’s also receiving the same frequencies and the same signals from the auditory nerve. This creates a little bit of an overwhelming three dimensional immersive experience that begins to unfold where your brain is processing all of these similar inputs. And it does just that it guides your body into that meditative state. I’m using my tech for a long time. And even though I can sit now on a 33, four or a 66 minute or even a two hour session, when I’m on my meditation cushion, I do 11 minutes for me 11 minutes on my meditation cushion in the morning, mid morning, mid afternoon or evening, sometimes I’ll have a day where I want all three, all four, sometimes I’ll have a day where I just get one of them. Some days, I don’t get any of them. But the reality is when I need it, and I know it, it’s right behind me. And I can hop on and I can grab some of that. I’ll give you a great example. I was up this morning at 5:30am. Eyes open, wide awake, ready to rock and roll. I might have been sleeping on my couch last night at 9pm. But either way daughter went to bed. I was like I’m going to bed I woke up this morning at 530. I got my sauna. And I usually do a 2025 minute session in my sauna and 15 minutes and I was like tapping fingers like, I’m ready to get my shower. But I know how important it is for me to be there. Once you have a vibratory experience, and I didn’t I don’t my sauna. But once you have a vibratory experience, it captivates your mind and body and keeps you there. And that’s one of I think the most important aspects of what we do in serving the meditation market is really talking to people that can’t meditate. And I certainly fall into that category until I experienced my meditation cushion and our sound tech. Jim.

Unknown Speaker 17:53
Love it. Here’s another quote that I’m going to get wrong. I think it’s from Russell Simmons, he talks about how if you feel like you don’t have time to meditate, then you don’t have time not to meditate kind of thing. Yeah, it’s something along the lines of if you don’t think you have time to meditate, you need to meditate. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:08
you are the person. And it also made me think about stoicism, which has been an for all the right reasons, very, very popular.

Unknown Speaker 18:19
And the whole idea being we don’t have control over what happens to us, but we do have control over how we respond. And from my perspective, what you’re working on, enables us to better respond and better move through those problems. BUTCHER another quote, as long as we’re butchering quotes, right, Viktor Frankl, he’s got a quote in the book he wrote about being a survivor of an Auschwitz and, and in that he basically says, between a stimuli, and our reaction, there is a space. And it’s in that space. I think he says that we find our freedom. But the reality is, we’re basically elongating the amount of space that you have in between a stimuli and our reaction. And the great example for me is we’ve all consoled a friend that went through a breakup. And we all know that right after it happened, they’re distraught and broken up. But how do they feel a week, a month or a year? Or a decade after that breakup? And do they feel the same way and of course you don’t, right time heals all wounds. And, and again, this is simply elongating that space and basically jumping the timeline. So in a cool calm collected, parasympathetic nervous system response to a stimuli which inherently is going or could potentially trigger that sympathetic nervous system response. The faster you if you are triggered, the faster you can go from sympathetic to parasympathetic will give you that perspective shift on what just happened, but also using our tech on a regular basis and being a regular meditator

Unknown Speaker 19:52
and stop you from triggering that sympathetic nervous system response in the first place. And instead, rationally thinking about this. This

Unknown Speaker 20:00
stimuli, whatever that might be, and, and possibly thinking your way out of it, possibly putting it in a compartment that allows you to deal with it later, or frankly, just it not being as big of an influence on your day to day as it otherwise might have been, which leads to that Tailspin that I’ve mentioned now, on so many occasions, because we’ve all been there, right? We’ve all been in that place where it’s like, I’m pulling out every last hair, and the universe just feels like it’s kicking me when I’m down with one more thing, that it’s growing on top of this list.

Unknown Speaker 20:35
It’s really thrilling tomorrow. I was just thinking of my cousin Vinnie, when he’s like, one more think we put one more thing on top of me right now. Right? Like we’ve all been there. And,

Unknown Speaker 20:48
and our tech and meditation and having a regular practice gives you the tools you need to handle that more efficiently, more effectively, and hopefully in a more positive light. Love it.

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Well, Craig, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? And where can they learn about about your technology and in harmony interactive? Absolutely. I appreciate that, George. So we’re gonna put a link in the show notes that’s going to take you to our website and a specific page that is going to gift your viewers free 90 day experience in our app. And then we’ll also offer a 5% off coupon with links that they can click through to learn more about the meditation Cushnie and harmony practitioner in the in harmony sound lounge. And, and I’ll give a link back to our website where they can learn more, as well. Awesome. If you enjoyed this as much as I did show, Craig, your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas, or that person in your life that is constantly running around with their hair on fire, like most of us, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 21:52
What is the website just just one more time? Absolutely. So I am in And again, there’ll be a specific link down below with a 5% off coupon for life blood listeners. Thank you so much for having me an absolute honor to be here, George.

Unknown Speaker 22:07
And until next time, remember, do your part by doing your best

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