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Vaginal Rejuvenation with Lana Kerr

George Grombacher April 21, 2022

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Vaginal Rejuvenation with Lana Kerr

LifeBlood: We talked about vaginal rejuvenation and woman’s health, how to preserve youth, the history of vaginal rejuvenation and how it’s changed, and how to get started, with Lana Kerr, CEO of Lumisque and Woman’s Health Advocate.  

Listen to learn why the time to start thinking about anti-aging is now!

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Lana Kerr

Episode Transcript

Come on

Leffler This is George G. And the time is right welcome. Today’s guest is trying to power off a lot of Carolina. Are you ready to do this? I am ready. All right, let’s let’s go. Lata has devoted her life to health and wellness. She’s a wellness coach, speaker best selling author, the CEO of Blue misc and a women’s sexual health advocate. I’m excited to have you on tell us a little about your personal lives more about your work and why you do what you do. Okay, nice question. I’m first of all, thanks for having me on your platform.

Lana Kerr 0:44
I am a woman. I am, I’m married. But actually, this year, we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary, graduation. And thank you to kids 21 And going to be 19 this year.

You know, I’m a big I’ve always been I mean, my background is in accounting and finance, but I’ve always had a passion for, for beauty, for wellness for, for health. I think it really started actually, when my brother got sick,

he had ITP some blood disorder, then develop colon cancer. And then so he was at the time 16. And I’m about eight years older than him. And we just started looking for solutions for him. So that’s what started our journey. But I was always I was at that time in business, decided to go and pursue nutrition, started weight loss clinics about 23 years ago, and and then eventually came upon the the carboxy gel which we created the first gel carboxyl, which I guess we’ll talk about that was back in 2015. And in 2016, we launched blue misc. And that’s really where my focus is. Nice. I appreciate that.

george grombacher 2:02
Is your brother still with us?

Unknown Speaker 2:04
Yes, thank goodness he is he is we it’s interesting. He had to they were recommending that he gets a CH changed. They recommended that he had to do something here the spleen, we found out how to help him just address the root cause of what he was suffering with. And fortunately, he still live with us today.

george grombacher 2:28
Wonderful. It’s getting to the root cause that is certainly something that we talk a lot about. women’s sexual health. That’s a is that an extremely broad topic?

Unknown Speaker 2:43
I I think it it isn’t, it isn’t. I think when I really became more into advocating for women’s health is like most things that I’ve been involved in and I have a lot of passion with it started with my own self needs. With weight loss, it was the same thing. When we started our weight loss clinics, we found a way to to help me to get to my ideal body fat. And we just helped after that another 15,000 individuals with that, when we started Loomis and getting into carboxy, you know, I was at the age where aging was, was something that was on my mind preventing it. I’m 50 to 51 this year. And so at the time, so do the math on that. That’s age when I unfortunately, I find most Americans in my generation really start looking at aging later on in life like in their late 30s and 40s. I find that today it’s definitely changing more younger and younger. Women are looking at a way to preserve youth, which I really think that’s a great, a great way to start thinking about it. Because if you look in other countries, in Asian countries, for instance, they start at a very early age. So anyway, so I started with looking into that getting into the skin. In my 40s I started having my own challenges with enjoyment of intimacy, and went to my gynecologist and she said to me, you know, Lana, you’re just getting older. And as you get older, you you know, these things happen. She had a device that she was recommending it was a laser treatment, that she said, You know something, you can do this, and we can set an appointment for you to get this done for your you know, for your vagina. And when she said that, and the whole protocol that she was recommended, I recognized that we had something already that addressed skin regeneration for the face and for the neck and the body. So that’s when we just looked at that started our clinical studies on that. And you know, fortunately and we had great success in terms of safety and efficacy. After the clinical tried it all myself, my mom, my aunts and a It was like, I forgot what a 2021 year old vagina felt like. So, you know, my mother, you know, she was she’s in her 70s. But she went from sandpaper to butter, if you understand what I’m talking about, okay? Yeah.

george grombacher 5:18
So fascinating by eye, skin is his skin, our largest organ,

Unknown Speaker 5:25
skin is our largest organ. And, you know, many people disregard the skin between their legs, which is, you know, you take care of you put so much emphasis and focus on the face and the neck. And you kind of forget what’s going on there. And I think it’s because most we don’t, we just don’t know, you know, we just focus on there. And I always say, this gets your partner, this keeps your partner that Eric user partner, and so we need to focus on it. And we don’t really talk about what happens as we get older, we all we know that as we get older, our skin gets thinner, and we focus here, but it’s the same thing that’s going on down there. And so when our skin gets thinner for a woman, when vaginal tissue gets skin or sexual health, sexual intimacy, sex can become more uncomfortable. So we start, you know, we can start experiencing painful sex, vaginal dryness, and just lack of arousal or enjoyment. And so generally speaking, you’ll scare women, as we get older, just kind of disregard that area and just think, either not maybe not so much into it. And it affects a lot of relationships, a lot of marriages, you can see, you know, as women get older, they don’t want to, they don’t really are not really into that so much. And it’s just simply because of the fact of that area’s aging. And that’s a natural part. However, like anything else, technologies change, we can address it, and we can actually regenerate that area and make it youthful and in improve the functionality of that area. So we can enjoy that, which I think is, is important, especially, you know, as we get older, and we have so much confidence is so much experience, why not allow that area, or that part of our life to also expand and also just become greater than it was when we were younger?

george grombacher 7:18
Yeah, I appreciate that. So you, you’re having a conversation with with your doctor, and and they’re talking about laser protocol, and you’re thinking, Well, we already have a product, we’ve already created this wonderful formulation, which is helping with other parts of our body. Maybe it will work on the vagina as well. I have to imagine though, that internal versus external that that was an issue or no.

Unknown Speaker 7:48
Okay, so let me just kind of step back then George and tell you a little bit about what the product is. So it’s a carboxy gel. So for about 85 years, we have physicians have used carbon dioxide to regenerate the tissue, the only way to put it into the skin was through a needle. So it’s there was pain involved, there was downtime involved and you had to go to a physician to do that. We created a gel delivery system. So it’s if you think about testosterone, for instance, you know, people going to hormone replacement therapy, testosterone, or any kind of hormone can be administered through an injection or it can meet with a gel through the skin. It’s just another delivery system just one has less pain was the same thing with carbon dioxide carboxy gel delivers carbon dioxide to the skin and what happens when that takes place is that the body is will naturally rush, oxygen to that area is going to naturally open the your capillaries will widen to bring oxygen rich blood to the area that is applied. And so what happens is is that your skin regenerates very quickly. For instance, the carboxy gel can heal nonhealing diabetic ulcer, if you think in as little as eight days, that’s how quickly it can be it on so many you know you think of other products that can bring about increased circulation to the skin and increase hydration to the skin. But I often compare that to taking a boat to Asia, you’ll eventually get there. carboxy therapy is a jet plane, it gets there very quickly. And so when you put it on the skin, it’s just allowing the body to heal itself. So, so you talk about internal notes so we skin on the face and neck, the body. They’re using it. Plastic surgeons use it after they do surgery to help heal. dermatologist use it to prepare the skin before a procedure and post to help heal. So what we were thinking about if it’s something is regenerating the tissue on the skin very quickly on the face and the neck, what’s the difference with vaginal tissue, it’s the same thing. And the carboxy gel can be put on just sensitive skin. So mucosa. So thinking of putting it internally, we were like, that’s what we just wanted to know if it was safe, because we already knew that it would be effective. So when we did our clinical trials, that’s what we’re looking for both safety and efficacy. And we did questionnaires, and then it ended with biopsies. And when the pathologist looked at the tissue of these women that were in their 60s and 70s, after 10 treatments with the co2 lip V, which is what’s called their tissue look like women who are in their 30s. That’s amazing. Yeah. So that’s how we knew. And so it’s in, they’re going to increase natural lubrication, because as we get older, we lose estrogen, and we, it becomes drier. And so that’s going to improve naturally. So we’re not talking about a lube that can be used pre sex, we’re talking about a treatment that’s actually changing the tissue is changing the skin. So that skin is just more conditioned and softer, inside, so that it naturally produces that as well as the sensitivity is going to increase. So you’re going to feel more because blood flow, you’re going to have more arousal. So you think of blood flow, like Viagra for a man, for instance, was used that that’s just bringing more blood flow to that tissue, right? This is the same thing with the vagina is bringing more blood flow and so therefore more sensitivity. And so therefore, it’s going to become more top of mine, you’re going to get more rows and more desire, which I think is really important, especially in a relationship.

george grombacher 11:52
Yeah, amazing.

Unknown Speaker 11:52
Actually neutral. Yes.

george grombacher 11:54
So the the reality of aging for our skin is it gets thinner, drier all these problems through 10 treatments. It’s it’s actually it’s actually reverse that. So it’s not like a momentary, I’m not just applying lube, it is it is reversing it to around. I think you mentioned age 50 to around age 30, something like that. How long does it last for?

Unknown Speaker 12:25
Great question. So once you do, so, the minimum treatment is five. So so many women today are Wednesday, many lot of women today, they will go into their their gynecologist or their dermatologist ignore plastics or Med Spa. And they may do a laser for that area or some type of energy based treatment. A woman like that, generally, a box of five will help to increase and improve the result that she received. If you’re doing it as a standalone with no other type of energy, then you probably going to require 10, which can be done. It’s a it’s a gel that you insert inside and then on on the vulva to the perineum, it’s left on you can leave it on overnight, and it takes off in the morning, you may want to do a treatment every three to five days for 10 treatments. So it happens very quickly. Once you complete that series, whether it be five or 10. If you’ve never did another one, your symptoms may return in another eight months. That’s why we recommend a monthly treatment to maintain. So I personally have been doing it every month. And it just keeps it keeps the results. I also recommend and love to do it before a sex weekend. For instance, just you know you’re going on a marathon, just prepare for it. So that’s another time that I would recommend doing it. But you mentioned something and I just want to make it clear. It’s not only for women aging women, because well aging actually starts from 25. So we think of pre menopause or perimenopause or menopause women I’m in the age of that but women after just giving birth after having a child as another time that this is great, because it’s going to help repair that tissue that she may have torn from giving birth. Also to it just brings back more sensitivity to that area after child after the trauma of giving birth. You want to just bring that area back. So she may need possibly three to five treatments just to bring her back. It’s great during breastfeeding because when a woman is breastfeeding, she is going to be drier down there. So this is something that she can take do on a monthly basis. Post student while she’s breastfeeding to make that area as pleasurable and as comfortable as possible. When women are on medication, for instance, if you think about allergy medication, you think it’s drying out your passages, your nasal passages. Well, vaginal passage is another it’s going to get drier too. So this is something that will help to counter ROK that or she’s on antidepressants, that can also affect that area too. So it’s not only for Paramount’s menopausal but really any woman, as you get older, you want to start preventing age, I like to think of it, when you think of when I mentioned Asian skin, they actually start in many in that culture, they start from 15. And that’s why they can kind of freeze their skin, so they can look young for a very long time. So the same principle, if we want to keep that area, or the face or body that start younger, so that you can delay aging, you can delay the effects of aging. And that’s what this is doing for the face, the body as well as for the vaginal area.

george grombacher 15:48
Well, that certainly makes sense. How has How long has How long have treatments like the lasers or just other interventions? How long has been around? And I guess my question is, I imagine some people are a lot less comfortable having a conversation about this just sex in general. But how has that shifted over the last 510 years?

Unknown Speaker 16:14
Great question. So for instance, carboxy therapy administered through with injections with a needle that has for vaginal rejuvenation, for the last 50 years, has been done in Europe. I mean, in countries in Europe, they’re very vaginal health and vaginal is very important. I mean, in some countries, even after when a woman gives birth, they start bringing that area back her pelvic floor, bringing it back in the United States. We don’t talk about things like that. It’s true. I mean, I can say that growing up, I never even I think the first conversation I really had with my mother on sex. I mean, like real good, real. The bread and butter of sex was actually when I brought that up to her. I was just about to turn 40 I think. And I asked, you’re 40 I’m 50 When I was when I was 51. But when I was going into my going to

george grombacher 17:17
be 40 That was the first time you talked about with with with with your mom. Well, real sad.

Unknown Speaker 17:21
I mean, we, I mean, obviously went, you know, shocked What are pure, you know, the whole sex conversation. Okay, but talking about like, intimacy and with my husband. And I asked her, I said, Mommy, how do I know that I’m having good sex. And she really said something, Georgia, it actually changed my life, because she said that good sex is like playing tennis, it’s just a different set of balls. She said, just focus on hitting the ball. And what it really meant for me was that sex was more about connection, not only connecting with yourself, but connecting with your partner versus performing. I think that, because when I got married, mommy said to me, you know, the best way to keep your relationship is to feed your husband, and to give him sex every day. Like that was what she said. So I always looked at it more as something for him, you know, for you’re doing it for him. And I think a lot of women kind of maybe look at it that way. That’s why it’s to do you know, it’s like, Oh, my God, I have to do this, as opposed to looking at it as a way to really connect with your partner connect with yourself to kind of refresh Jen, to plug into each other. So when she said that, to me, that’s I kind of shifted my whole perspective, and saw that as a way to kind of reconnecting with him every day. And so no, it was it was just different. Because no, I saw the benefit for myself, and the benefit for our relationship together. So with that conversation I have, from that point on, I’ve really started focusing on that aspect of my life. And I’ve seen how it has add such more flavor to not only my life, but my life with my husband, we’re just in a different space because of that regularity of connection. And it makes it more enjoyable. So you just it’s not a time set on it. It’s just a more of I always think of it as Netflix sing into it, you know, you kind of just relax into it. This is our time together. And, and so that conversation, you so you’re talking Okay, so the question was the vaginal rejuvenation, how young is it? So in Europe, they have these conversations, and they understand how women’s health and women’s sexual health is important in the United States. I think that conversation in my age group. What we didn’t really have it, we’re now talking about it. I think more younger women are more comfortable talking about it. So here in the United States, even with many physicians, gynecologist in particular just because we’ve We also focus on helping them, I think the change is happening. Because when I spoke with after I gave birth, you know, 20, my last child is 18 to 19 years ago or eight that when I gave birth, my gynecologist doesn’t have this conversation with me. In fact, I remember talking to her and telling her that I didn’t feel to be intimate. So Can she write a note to my husband that to extend the six weeks? You know, she had a solutions, Ilana, you know, something, this is something that’s very natural. Here’s, here’s a solution. So that time, we didn’t really talk about it. However, I understand for the last maybe some. So we’ve been in 2015. When I got into the skincare business back in 2016, we launched I remember at a DERM meeting, they actually had a session on using energy for vaginal health. And I just kind of thought, I thought what the hell is that about? In fact, I didn’t even pay attention to it. Until it was something that I need if I was for myself, and then I thought, let me look into talk to my gynecologist, and she actually had a laser device. So it’s still relatively new in this country. However, it’s not new outside of the United States. The first new tool of gel, the gel is new, because it was only created in 2015. And for the co2 V is really only two or three years old. However, that technology of carboxy therapy has been used for vaginal rejuvenation for over 50 years. Got it wonderful was a long winded way to answer that question.

george grombacher 21:42
That’s great. Thank you. A lot. Thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? And how can they learn more about this protocol and actually get the product?

Unknown Speaker 21:53
Awesome. Well, we actually created something for your listeners, we created a lifeblood 15 So it’s gonna be lifeblood 15 for 15% discount on really any of the products they would go they would visit co2 Lift, like co2, like carbon dioxide, but and at checkout, if they put lifeblood of 15 they would get receive 50% And on that website, co2 They can look on the product look on vaginal rejuvenation, hear from other women, hear from physicians, because it is physician recommended, but you can get it straight from there. And you can get more information and certainly if you have any questions also check out our Instagram co2 left. There’s if you you know we have the bubbles and have more information on each of the products. And you can see from other testimonials of how women are are finding the product as well as men do, or their

george grombacher 22:49
perfect. Well, if you enjoyed this as much as I did so love your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to co2 and use the promo code lifeblood 15 for 15% off and go and find them on Instagram as well co2 lift and I will list all of those in the notes of the show. Thanks again, Lada.

Unknown Speaker 23:14
Thank you so much for having me. Thank you.

george grombacher 23:17
And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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