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The Benefits of Liposuction with Dr. Bilge Gregory

George Grombacher September 15, 2022

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The Benefits of Liposuction with Dr. Bilge Gregory

LifeBlood: We talked about the benefits of liposuction, how to make a whole-person transformation, how changing your physical appearance can lead to benefits in other areas of life, and how to get started, with Dr. Bilge Gregory, same-day transformation specialist. 

Listen to learn why if it doesn’t make you glow, you should let it go!

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George Grombacher

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Dr. Bilge Gregory

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Come on let’s do this George G in the time is right welcome today’s guest strong and powerful. Dr. Bega. Gregory Bega. Are you ready to do this?

Unknown Speaker 0:18
I’m ready. All right, let’s

george grombacher 0:20
go. Dr. Bega is the same day transformation specialists providing liposuction, hormone replacement, injectables, IV therapy and a spa like environment. Helping people not only feel great, but look even better. Dr. B could tell us a little about your personal life some more about your work, why you do what you do.

Unknown Speaker 0:39
Thanks for having me, I appreciate you. Um, so let’s just say I am a specialist in High Definition liposuction, but with a twist. My passion also lies in mind body healing, spiritual healing, personal development. So I squeeze that into my consultations or my engagements with my patients, I think it helps me stand out. And it helps me connect to people in the purpose that I’ve created, which is essentially to help people transform inside and out. And a lot of people come to see me for liposuction. But you know, it doesn’t start with vanity. It really does. And a lot of people that come have spent a lot of time giving to others, and they finally realized it’s time for them. So it’s really exciting for them to come see me for that particular purpose because many people have gone through their own life transformations prior to even meeting me things that have been traumatic to them or causing fear or suffering in some way. And this is kind of their breakout. And that’s actually how I started my clinic. I I was a board certified emergency medicine doctor for 20 years, I’ve graduated medical school in 2000. And I finished I finished being an ER doctor in 2018, the burnout was real.

Unknown Speaker 2:02
Part of my story was that I was getting signals from the universe that it was time to make a change, but I wasn’t listening. So um, unfortunately, one night in September of 2015, I found myself facedown in a pool of blood. And it turns out that my heart had stopped from a sleep aid medication that I was being given a prescription because my sleep cycles were always messed up with the ER. And I had crushed my face in four places, my bones and I was concussed, I was kind of a vegetable I couldn’t rewrite spell I couldn’t do much for what little while my balance was off. And then I was thrown right back into the ER about a month later. So it was a pretty hard thing to go through. And then less than a year later, my I felt a real pain coming down the side of my neck, which I thought it was because I had slept wrong. But it turned out it was a weakness that was created from my original injury. And my disc shot out into my arm and compressed my my nerve in my arm. So it was like having an art a heart attack of the arm with the nerve. So within 24 hours, I was in my emergency surgery trying to release the nerve because I couldn’t barely use it was like a stroke almost I couldn’t even lift it off the bed. That was probably the most painful thing I’ve ever been through. But anyways, those were big wake up calls for me in terms of my life and what I was doing with it. And I was just going through a lot of questioning of my my life and my purpose. And is this where I’m going with this. I’m in a happy, happy marriage, you know, we weren’t having any issues per se. But there were some things going on with my family of origin. That led to a lot of stress too. So all that compound compounded together, made me made some major choices. At that point. I was like, What am I doing with myself, I knew I wanted to be a doctor still. So I decided to ask around I had a friend who was actually working the same er I was and he had started his own side business of injectables. And I just wanted to get some advice on maybe offering concierge medicine and then having a little bit of that skill to offer people because it’s pretty popular, especially from where I live in Scottsdale, whatnot. And he actually had already been certified in this high definition liposuction. And when he posed the question to me do you want to learn how to do it? I was very intrigued because I’ve always loved art. I’m painter, I’m singer. I love right brained activities. I used to tell people that I make money with my left brain but My hobbies are all right brain. And now I get to do the opposite. All My hobbies are now my work. It’s my purpose. I do lots of transformations of people and I’m really really excited to do it because it changes your world. It really does your perception changes your reality. And a lot of people gain a lot of competence and self worth out of, not specifically the light bulb even but actually making a choice that’s only for them. You know, the little light bulb becomes the sock, you know the bonus, where they have like straight up body transformation, and they look feel look and feel different in their clothes. Maybe they have a waistline, they’ve always wanted, maybe they have a flatter tummy, they’ve always wanted, maybe we are augmenting parts, which we do to in the face, in the buttocks, sometimes the breasts too. So those are all places that people can opt to enhance. But what it does really for people is it changes your perception of your body, but it also changes how you present yourself to the world. And that’s why I do a lot of the mind body. Because I’m a man, imagine what, you know, we are our biggest and worst enemies. I call it like self sabotage. That’s, unfortunately, a habit many of us have. And it does, it does limit us in terms of approaching people or situations, especially new ones, we might approach things with more fear. And for some of us that can be pretty paralyzing. For some of us, the obstacle is the way and I’m one of them. But I guess my point is when you start perceiving yourself in a in a more positive light, whether it be physically sometimes mental starts first and then physical and sometimes the other way around. But I certainly make a very

Unknown Speaker 6:42
pointed choice when I’m choosing or selecting patients for lipo, it has to be people that are ready to help themselves to they can’t just, that’s a big difference. It’s kind of like bariatric surgery, you know, when when when patients really want to lose a ton of weight. But it doesn’t just start with a stomach stapling. It starts with the mind and the heart, right. So I certainly investigate into the patient’s desires and intentions in their mind and in their heart. And that’s so there, just because they have a body doesn’t make them a candidate. So But nevertheless, when somebody does make that choice, I feel like example, I say this a lot to my patients, you look in the mirror or you walking down and you have this sensation of your pants not fitting right and you start adjusting them and whatnot. And then somebody near you asks you a question right at the moment that you’re doing that self sabotage and you’re like, what do you need? What what what, you know, you’re putting off that bad vibration, I use vibration, a lot the term and and of course, that could happen. I say 50 100 times a day, you know, maybe not that engagement. But certainly those thoughts, right. And it’s hard when you’re distracted in that moment to go back into your be present to what you’re doing at the time. And in that same vein, you’re not doing it with pleasure, because again, your perception of things is negative. So that’s one thing I do love about about lipo in general is because you can make some tweaks and changes. And then suddenly your perception changes, but so does your confidence level. So it is your energy, your vibration starts to increase. And then you’re a little bit more outgoing, you’re a little bit more chatty, you’re a little bit more positive, and it can be anywhere, it’s like the butterfly effect, right? Whether it’s at home or at work, when you start spreading that sort of positivity, it definitely affects your surroundings. So

george grombacher 8:41
yeah, yeah, there’s, there’s, there’s no doubt about it. And you’ve said a lot of really, I think, super important and, and, and impactful things. So thank you for that. You know, I never went when when I think about cosmetic surgery, liposuction, I think maybe I just default to to vanity. But you have helped me to take it to sort of that, that several kind of additional layers or levels talking about a lot of the people that you’re working with, have been putting everybody else first for a really long time. And so this is something they could start putting themselves first. And that might be the physical manifestation of doing that. But once you make the decision psychologically, then it it impacts everything you’ve been talking about from your perception and how you’re presenting yourself in the world and how you feel about yourself, which is gonna make you more available to show up for all those people that you’ve been showing up for all this time.

Unknown Speaker 9:41
Exactly. You got it. Yeah, exactly. I am so excited to offer that to people like how exciting is that but I can make a little change in their body and they can make a big change in their life. I know because I’m I’m a patient have liposuction twice, in fact, and one of the big things I worked out I eat lean pretty, I mean, I do like my junk food. Sure, me wrong, you know, but But I, I’m, I’ve been in the fitness for many years, I love having muscle tone and whatnot. But as a doctor who’s seen many, many bodies and been many shapes, that people have problem areas, period. And it doesn’t matter how much you diet or exercise I’ve had people tell me, they shredded down to 9% body fat, yet they still had love handles. So it’s not the size, it’s the shape sometimes. And sometimes when you’re living that restrictive life of diet and exercise, making minimal exceptions, because when you do, you have an impact physically that you don’t appreciate, will that grow a body part that grows will that become somewhat obsessive after a while and I don’t and not sustainable in my opinion, either. So it does take a little bit of the extra work out, for instance, my, my problem areas were my look love handles planks. And then I had a tummy like right around my bellybutton. And it was more, it was more difficult to to lose or flatten. After I had my son who’s now nine, it just, you don’t get the same like six pack look, you used to whatever. So I tell people, you know, bigger, small, even people who are on the thinner side have small problem areas, the outer thighs, the inner thighs, love handles, bra line for women can be a hard one. For Men love handles is a big one. And like I said, once you get rid of that one problem area, and especially not with a significant amount of downtime, the access points for where I’m doing the procedure are really small. They’re like, you know, maybe a quarter of an inch. And so of course, you’re not dealing with major scarring and sutures, nor downtime. To be honest, I’ve done this on a Friday with the patient back to work on Monday. So it’s not impossible to be quite productive. It soon after your experience. So yeah, so when you have that one, it problem area change, and it’s gone. I say, I make your shape, you make your size. So here’s the cool fun fact about fat that many doctors don’t even adults don’t make fat. They grow it size, like so let’s say an adult has 5 million fat cells. That’s what they’ll have for the rest of their life unless it’s suctioned out, of course. So that’s what I mean by I make your shape and you make your size. Because I’m also a living example of somebody who did gateway after lipo. And where did it go? It goes pretty much everywhere it because it can’t go to the place that you’ve had lipo essentially. So despite the fact that I had gained weight, and I was like, yeah, like probably 30% of my weight I had gained, it was a lot and but it didn’t go into my love handles, I didn’t have love handles. And when you look at the example, like you just see a bigger version of me. So that’s, and then you can’t ruin it either. Because once you lose the weight, you go back to the shape that was created for you. So again, adults don’t make fat children do so that’s why childhood obesity is a huge issue. Because imagine a two year old that’s obese versus one that’s not double the fat cells, let’s say I’m not, I’m just making up a number. They’re gonna fight that for the rest of their lives. If they maintain that level of fat all the way through about age seven or eight. That becomes a struggle for the rest of their lives. So that’s why it’s super, super important to you know, make sure that the kids eat healthy and make sure their time is pretty low for this particular procedure so that people who are active and physical, they don’t feel like they’re stuck in bed for six weeks, whatever you can do that you can’t drive. Nope, none of that. I want people to get back in the gym like, ASAP. I really don’t make them wait very much. I’ve actually to tell them to do it based on their level of comfort I’ve had, I’ve had people ask me, Can I do Pilates the next day? And I’m like, I don’t know. Can you?

Unknown Speaker 14:37
I’m so surprised. Yeah, if you can, I mean, it’s got to feel right. Don’t push too hard. But yeah, then it’s not like you’re busting open sutures or whatnot. So that’s why I encourage people to start moving soon after because the way we numb them is through a solution with saline and lidocaine. And that that’s a lot have fluid to infuse into a body, which most of it you’re suctioning out during the procedure. But, of course, there’s a percentage of it that remains. So the more you move, the more you can get that fluid to come out of your lymphatic system, which is why we also have a really robust post operative care program in our facility, which is pretty much one of its kind one of the one of the one of a kind in the west coast for what it does. The country of Colombia, for some reason Colombians tend not to go to the west coast that they tend to go more in the East Coast. And there are certain countries in the world that are highly experienced in liposuction, it’s just happens to be one of their most common cosmetic procedures. So examples are Colombia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico, and all of them offer some sort of post operative care experience, because as you would know, you don’t go get a knee replacement without physical therapy. To them. It’s the same concept. You don’t go have LiPos and and just throw it you in a garment and say, See you in three months. That is how it works in the United States. Unfortunately, for the large part in my first lipo, that’s exactly what happened. But for my second lipo, I actually went to a surgeon who happened to be Colombian, so he had the whole program going to, and I was very grateful to see that whatever he was offering me was what I offer my patients, because he was on the East Coast, and I’m on the west. And so that’s a really important aspect of the lipo procedure that I actually will not perform without is that they that they also engage in the post operative care. Here are the main benefits of it. One lipo is is a procedure where you’re suctioning out through a cannula, right? Well, it only does so much of the work, it takes manual lymphatic drainage and movement of the fluid and the tissues and kind of some animation of that area in order to get the results most optimal, when I mean by optimal is kind of the skin is sticking right where it needs to and it’s smooth looking. That’s kind of the results I’m referring to. So that’s the biggest reason, but also it allows for us to adjust accordingly. Meaning is the garment too tight? Is it pinching certain areas, because again, those can leave permanent results, if they’re wearing the wrong type of garment. And it’s creating a crease, for instance, somewhere that it shouldn’t that kind of thing. Other is that we also it creates a what do you call it a good amazing relationship with the practitioner, and so that their relationship with the office is not blunted right after their surgery, like, thanks, thanks for the surgery money like see, it’s not like that we really keep an engaged experience with them. So they’re constantly under our watch. And if they have questions to the patient, then, you know, I might review some of their images and whatnot, if they’re in still in the immediate post op, or I might have to go in and talk to him and get an understanding of what their needs are. But that’s certainly not what was offered to me the first time around. And that is one another way that we stand out is we are very engaged with our patients throughout their journey, usually for the first few months. And so that’s important to me.

george grombacher 18:33
makes a ton of sense. Yeah, we’d like to be good that people are ready for that difference making tip. What do you have for them?

Unknown Speaker 18:40
Oh, this is a great one. Okay. So again, we talked about personal development. And I think a lot of us have issues with boundaries, we have a hard time saying no to people, and we want to make people are happy. And so one of my life lessons for me is to no longer be what I call a show pony or a people pleaser. To the point where I was being inauthentic, that I would have to perform in some way or create some sort of value for somebody in order to be seen and heard. And so I’m working hard on that one. But nevertheless, here’s a wonderful piece of advice. I could tell somebody, when they are asked or posed with a proposition, whatever it is, if it doesn’t make you glow, you have to let it go and go with your flow. It’s so important and literally it takes a millisecond of understanding meaning somebody asked me Do I want to go golfing tomorrow? Okay, that’s my least favorite sport. So just sorry golfers, but it doesn’t make me go so I’m gonna have to let it go. You know, I’m not gonna say those words quite, but I’d be like, you know, I got some other plans. Now if somebody said to me, do you want to go to a waterpark? Yes, yes. Yesterday

george grombacher 20:00
I think that that is great stuff that definitely gets Come on. I think that that’s great. If it doesn’t make you glow, you got to let it go and go with the flow. Love it. Dr. Berger, thank you so much for coming on where can people learn more about you? How can they how can they check out the process and find out if a same day transformation is right for them?

Unknown Speaker 20:21
Well, I do virtual consults, too. So we have patients coming from all around the country. So don’t be don’t be afraid to give me a call even if you’re not in the state of Arizona, but nevertheless personal or in person consultations. Our phone number is 480-223-9323. But you can definitely see a lot of me on Instagram, that’s where my most visibility is where I have a lot of before and after images, but I’m also doing my video log called Dr. Gregory’s meta moments which I try to get in at once a week but sometimes I’m just not. I’m just not I’m like for instance, now I’m not even in town. So it’s I don’t always get those in. But it’s a lot of personal development. Some of it’s about me and my life. Some of it’s just people talking in general, but it’s certainly information for everybody to hear kind of like what we just said if it doesn’t make you glow, I’m really much into teaching people how to feel better inside and out. And with more of universal advice, you know, somebody it’s something that could be applied to various demographics, religions, all sorts of things. Awesome.

george grombacher 21:32
And what’s the website

Unknown Speaker 21:33
The website is www dot vital connection And the Instagram handle is vital underscore connection underscore MD.

george grombacher 21:45
Perfect. Well if you enjoyed this as much as I did show Dr. Bega your your gratitude and share today share with a friend who also appreciates good ideas find her on Instagram and vital underscore connection underscore MD and then go to vital connection And give her a call Schedule A in person or a virtual consultation and find out if this is the process that will help you make the transformation that you are looking for. Thanksgiving Mega.

Unknown Speaker 22:16
Thank you. Appreciate you.

george grombacher 22:17
And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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