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The Benefits of Glutathione with Dr. Nayan Patel

George Grombacher July 7, 2022

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The Benefits of Glutathione with Dr. Nayan Patel

LifeBlood: We talked about the benefits of glutathione, the danger of free radicals, how to slow aging, how to get more naturally, and how to get started, with Dr. Nayan Patel, CEO, pharmacist and author. 

Listen to learn why it’s easier to prevent disease than treat it!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Dr. Nayan Patel

Episode Transcript

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Come on

Unknown Speaker 0:11
Bob Leffler This is George G and A time is right welcome. Today’s guest struggle powerful Dr. Nyan Patel. Dr. Patel, are you ready to do this? Yes, I am. Thank you. Thanks for having me. excited to have you on. Dr. Nyan is a CEO. He is a pharmacist and the author of the glutathione own revolution. Dr. Patel, tell us a little about your personal lives more about your work and why you do what you do. Absolutely. So

Unknown Speaker 0:40
even a very long time of personal life, I was asked about what do you do, it’s always good to be as Oh, I’m a pharmacist, but more importantly, I’m a dad, I’m a husband, I’m a son. And what we do every single day is trying to make a difference in everybody’s life. That means in my personal life, which is, which is what I start from, and then my immediate family life, and then of course in my patients lives, if at all possible. And we do that by making sure that we have medications or treatments available to help them.

Unknown Speaker 1:14
I appreciate that. Did you always know that you’re going to be a pharmacist? Um

Unknown Speaker 1:22
No, I did not. I did not. I started off with electrical engineering,

Unknown Speaker 1:28
in electronics. And of course, my goal was to go where Elon Musk is going right now is in the space of play something away from the Earth by figured out that you know what I need to to help the people here first, I guess,

Unknown Speaker 1:43
before I go and help the other beings living in our solar system, I must first help my fellow Earthlings. I appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:52
Is there is there crossover between electrical engineering and what you’re doing now? No, it’s not. It is not and, and even though my passion was physics and math, my my next best passion was chemistry. And especially organic chemistry is all critical thinking. And it’s not straightforward answers physics. And math is kind of liberal, straightforward. It still requires some critical thinking. But chemistry drawn to me with second year in undergrad, and the professor over there kind of told me that you know, you might be good with great researcher for my team, would you like to join my team? As well, if that’s the case, I can pursue that career so that I changed my career bittermens?

Unknown Speaker 2:40
Well, life is a funny thing. So I don’t I’m 100% Sure. I never took organic chemistry. And so therefore, I want not that I’m surprised but somewhat surprised to hear that, that there is this critical thinking involved in everything. But tell me more about how you use critical thinking, using organic chemistry and then how you came to

Unknown Speaker 3:08
focus on understand and then really want to emphasize glutathione longest question ever. Yes, that’s okay. So, at that it’s a it’s not an easy question, but I have a I have, I have a path of God that I came through here, right. So, beginner organic chemistry, of course, the path of success was either either chemical engineering, or go into more towards pharmacy, and I chose pharmacy, again, I had my family, friends or pharmacist, I have some,

Unknown Speaker 3:41
some some mentors that guide me to the process of hey, this might be better feel for you, because you can use the knowledge that you gain not just to use the chemicals correctly, but also to develop products that can help the future generations. So, that was the thing that came out of this whole journey as to how I went from organic chemistry to being a pharmacist and eventually working, researching glutathione molecule and getting patents on not just stabilization, the chemical itself but also delivering it through to your body in a in an on

Unknown Speaker 4:22
what is it called and differentiated are are adulterated for to your body.

Unknown Speaker 4:30
So how many

Unknown Speaker 4:34
glutathione is an antioxidant? It Well, again, you ask the question about what he does, right?

Unknown Speaker 4:42
But you asked me what it is what it is, it’s a protein. It’s the most abundant protein produced by human body. But what it does it it crunches, free radicals out of your body, all those free radicals that damages the body. That’s how you ate

Unknown Speaker 5:00
shots at a different pace, everybody has a different pace than the free radicals, blue tide will quench all these free radicals and get rid of the out of the body. So you can always stay, hopefully young and healthy. I

Unknown Speaker 5:13
think most of us would prefer to do that for as long as we can. Yes, sir. There’s some people out there that that are sick of it, and they want to be old, as fast as possible anyway. So it’s the most abundant protein in our bodies. And does my body always produce the same amount?

Unknown Speaker 5:31
It starts out with the highest amount when you’re young. But as the time goes, you know, it requires three amino acids to produce fluid, it requires two enzymes, and a sequence that it takes to produce the one molecule of glutathione. And any deficiency in either one of the enzymes, or the amino acids can reduce the production levels down over time. And, you know, it’s so funny, right? When you I have three kids, and when my first kid was born, he was fed all organic foods and vegetables, we cooked all the meals in homes, healthy as a horse, chubby little kid, right? But then when my third kid, she was eating.

Unknown Speaker 6:16
Let me put it this way, not the same, but I fed my

Unknown Speaker 6:21
and so about nourishment changes over time, over our needs changes over time. And, and so our amount of a body produces also changes over time. And it’s never increasing. It’s always decreasing. Right? So a body has its does the best it does at very young age. And in form, there is a gradual decline some of the steep decline. But it’s a deep claim regardless.

Unknown Speaker 6:52
And I imagine that also there’s environmental factors, or are there environmental factors that can cause my body to slow or even stop the production of it? Oh, my gosh, absolutely. We just are right before this call, we’re talking about his modern day society and how we are plugged in with every single thing in this life. Now.

Unknown Speaker 7:14
We are exposed, we have been exposed to sun only for eons since the birth of mankind. But lately, we have been exposed to a lot of pollutions and toxic chemicals in the environment.

Unknown Speaker 7:28
The foods we eat, the coffee we drink, the water we drink. Everything that we do today has some sort of chemicals mixture that is affecting your body. And what it what is really doing is creating this oxidative stress is more than just the amount of pollution. It’s also our own stressors in our life has increased more than anything ever before that we have seen. And there are so many unknown factors there that there are not even studied yet. For example, all the Wi Fi signals, yes, we are hooked on this all this network. Anywhere we go in the world. We don’t even know how it’s going to affect over oxidative stress in the body. I know there’s some researchers in California working on it right now. And look at all this all these effects on the human body. But we were just trying to figure out how much body is been exposed to it. Once we know that part. We are hoping that we have solutions to to neutralize it. And so Eduardo factors are a huge thanks for asking the question.

Unknown Speaker 8:38
Yeah, I really have to imagine that spoiler alert, that Wi Fi flowing through our bodies 24 hours a day, seven days a week is probably not going to be optimal for my overall health. But we’ll just have to wait and see how the science pans out in that deal. So free radicals. I first learned about free radicals. I smoked from age 16 to 26. And I read about how when you’re smoking, it’s creating free radicals in your body and just doing bad things to your body creates free radicals. And I’m sure that’s not the most technical way that I could describe it. But if you would tell us about sort of the danger of free radicals, and if we just if we don’t do anything about it, what what could happen. So, to me, I always look at free radicals as something that has electronically electronically charged molecules in our body. And to give you a visual effect of what it does, imagine

Unknown Speaker 9:35
a steel rod

Unknown Speaker 9:37
you put some water on it. Water is a charged molecule, and they’re still always on rusting. And rust will will never stop as long as they have water exposure to it. And a water the oxygen in the water molecule is charged molecule for the for the steel. Now imagine that same

Unknown Speaker 10:00
type of molecule inside a body is constantly rusting. So to speak from inside is actually rusting the body, but it’s it is it is chemically altering the body from inside. Now a little bit of oxidative stress is good for you because a little stress makes your body more resilient. So a little stress is always not so not such a bad idea. But chronic stress and overproduction of this free radicals, without having a proper mechanism of, of neutralizing it is absolutely the biggest concern we have today. So we see, physically, we see eight spots right on our skin as we start aging, or 40 or 50, inside seeing all these eight spots coming on your skin. And we can think, oh, this eight spots. What is eight spots? Is that is that the rest that we just talked about right now? isn’t part of that. Also stress causing that eight spots on our skin? Is there a way to neutralize those things? And if we do neutralize this, does this go away? So where do you think you’ll find out? If you have enough glutathione levels, I mean, you will be physically seeing those eight spots kind of diminishing over time. And that’s kind of telling you that hey, if things can happen on on the surface of the skin, how much how many eight spots you have on your organs, your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, your spleen and and everything else inside? What a fascinating way to think about it. And that’s a great, great, I suppose that’s that’s an that’s an analogy, maybe a metaphor. I always get confused between those two things. That’s beyond our scope of conversation today. So how do I how do I get more? How do I get more glutathione? Oh, boy. So there’s multiple ways of doing things the best way and by far, the most important ways to make sure that your diet includes

Unknown Speaker 11:59
everything that is there to help not just increase the glutathione levels, but the decrease the use of tire. Because keep in mind in a good time detoxifies your body and detoxifies the free radicals, it detoxifies all the chemicals, if it can reduce the chemical exposure to your body, the need for glutathione reduces so whatever you produce is an extra so your bank it and use it whenever you need to. So that’s the number one thing in my book, the global revolution, I have 14 day plan to boost glutathione level. But to me, that is not a 14 day plan. It’s a good marketing gig to give you a 14 day plan. But to me, that has been my 25 year plan as of right now. I follow the diet every single day for the last 25 plus years. So it hasn’t changed yet. And so it’s to me it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s a way of life, not just a boost in life at this point first, that’s the number one thing. Number two thing is is that if a body cannot produce in a good time, then you may have to supplement that. And then you have a lot of choices in supplementation. But choosing the right supplementation is was always been a critical factor. Because we have known for glutathione for over 100 years. But it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that we just launched the first product that actually raises your serum glutathione levels in your blood cells for the first time. And even though the patterns we receive were a long time ago, and we had discovered this molecule 1314 years ago, it wasn’t until two years later or two years ago, they will release the products because I had to make sure the science was sound before I did that.

Unknown Speaker 13:44
Fascinating that you’ve had the patents for this for a long time, but not necessarily. Is it just because you can’t just take a pill and then you swallow it and automatically it’s going to work great. So it’s a matter of figuring out the right delivery mechanism and how it actually absorbs into our body app. Just it’s way more than that right? Deliveries first absorptions. Next dosages third, how much can I can I give you what kind of effects? Am I going to see? How long is going to take the duration of the time, how frequently we should give you this medication. I mean, there’s so much things that goes inside, inside this one thing that it takes years of time and effort especially if you’re self funded, and we know agencies helping you or nobody’s trying to help you with this thing. It becomes even more difficult to get this work done in a timely matter. I had the blessings of so many doctors all over United States and the world that came to my rescue to help me that believed in me that what I was doing was sound and said that hey, we will help you get this data and so we will be working with you with our patients. And that’s how we get all the data for the last four

Unknown Speaker 15:00
The first 11 years amazing, just evidence that you’re doing good and important work? Well, yes, it’s it’s a trust that we have developed over the last 45 years and physicians that I’m working with, I have worked with them for long periods of time. And, you know, in medicine, you only get one or two chance to really mess it up before the you lose trust in anybody.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
And in medicine is so hard because it’s a lot of guesswork in there, right? You’re trying to figure out what’s happening in sideways when you cannot look at what’s going on inside your body right there, all this cameras and all this X rays and every single thing. But we really cannot see what’s happening inside the body. And so

Unknown Speaker 15:45
working with physicians working with at the healthcare team members is critical. Try to evaluate because no one person can see everything, there is no way. So Tim is is very critical for me to make sure that we all work together. And there’s a trust developed within this team members that you cannot be treated trust, you cannot say, hey, this bug is great. And you start selling them making some money. And then you later find out that it was just just smoking something over there was not the right thing to do. It’s very, it’s very critical to have the trust. That makes sense. Do you have a, you’ve mentioned that it’s a lifestyle, and you want to be incorporating these. I appreciate 14 days. That’s great. But as you mentioned, it’s more of a lifestyle decision moving forward. Do you have a favorite food that provides the most bang for the buck from a glutathione standpoint?

Unknown Speaker 16:40
Well, my daily things and I can show you a fridge right now, but I haven’t have a condo in my fridge right now, I pretty much eat this almost every day. I’m pretty sure that if I eat it every single day, I probably get allergic to it one day, because you buy tends to get allergic to foods that you eat every single day. And so, so I eat moderation of force. But then I always I’ve mixed with some some raw nuts and

Unknown Speaker 17:08
and I just turned vegetarian about six, seven years ago, I tried to be wasted almost 90% of time, there’s always there’s 1% chance that I may have not find the food that I want to eat. And if I can go hungry for more than a day that I’m going to eat something. But a lot of meat sources that have

Unknown Speaker 17:26
gluten as well, that’s not my favorite, of course, because you get a lot more other proteins as well that your body Samaya to digest them or break it down into various amino acids to be used up in the body is that does very efficiently all the time. Whey Protein is another way of increasing glutathione levels. So if I’m not if I don’t have access to good food, I’ll probably drink a shake. And I’ll make sure there’s whey proteins inside and whey isolates have cysteine is one of the amino acids that is not abundantly found in you know food. So having cysteine alone in the diet will help increase glutathione levels with the help of glutamine and glycine. So those are the three amino acids so cysteine is the one that is the least in the food sources. So yeah, between those two three do three things I have plenty one one nut that you can take it everyday will help you the most is Brazil nuts

Unknown Speaker 18:28
and but with Brazil us you cannot eat more than four per day. That is very critical because Brazil it’s can be toxic to your body if you too much because a lot of selenium inside but it’s it’s the again, everything in moderation is great. So I always recommend if you’re in Brazil that please enjoy yourself but do not eat more than four. Four gives you the all the benefits you need anything more than for you just excess calories.

Unknown Speaker 18:59
Fascinating. So you just said that if I eat something every day I’m like get allergic to and I got terrified. Could I get allergic to coffee? Dr. Oh my goodness, you can? That’s a sad part. Right? It’s a sad part. But more than allergic to coffee, your body gets used to the stimulation every single day. And so anything that body gets used to it that it has to have it to me that is a no no.

Unknown Speaker 19:27
And so I always tried to see what what am I getting used to? Is it a good habit or not? And drinking a cup of coffee a day is not a bad thing at all because it is a lot of Zen peas in there that are good for you. So I’m not as opposed to coffee at all, but I’m just opposed to having a habit that I have to habit every single day.

Unknown Speaker 19:48
Fair enough. That’s conversation for another day. Yes. People are ready for that difference making tip even though you’ve given us a lot What do you have for them?

Unknown Speaker 20:00
I tell this to everybody. It’s easier to prevent

Unknown Speaker 20:05
diseases than to treat them.

Unknown Speaker 20:11
It’s really hard to prevent something because you don’t see the benefits today.

Unknown Speaker 20:16
But at the same time, on the other end, I see a lot of bad thing that happens to everybody when was trying to treat something when there’s no treatments available. Glutathione is absolutely the must for Prevention’s have all sorts of issues because of what it does and detoxify your body and keep your body clean. So to me, it’s prevention is the most important thing that you can do. Even though you don’t see the benefits until the day you die. It is you know what, I died while I was jogging at the age of 99. I think I had a good life.

Unknown Speaker 20:54
The good Ron, I think that that is great stuff that definitely gets come up.

Unknown Speaker 20:59
There’s no doubt about it is easier to prevent disease than it is to treat them. So I appreciate that very much. Well, Dr. Nyan, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How can they engage with you? And where can they get a copy of the glutathione revolution?

Unknown Speaker 21:14
The copy of the book is available at all your favorite bookstores, they have print copies, electronic copies, Audible is available as well. For the same book.

Unknown Speaker 21:26
You can go to my website, it’s it’s That’s a u r o wellness. W e l l n e. S I try to write a blog article at least once a week to educate everybody right now writing a blog article for summer, how to keep you sober travels safe and things like that. So I’m I was trying to give some tips to stay healthy. But yeah, you can pick up a copy of the book over there as well. If nobody else had it in stock at that time, so yeah, love it. Well, if you enjoyed as much as I did, show Dr. Patel your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas. Pick up a copy of the glutathione own revolution and figure out how to incorporate this important master antioxidant into your life and how to increase it. Go to oral It’s a u r o And check out the great resources, read the blog and start getting in front of our aging and everything else. Thanks again Dr. Patel. Thank you. I’m glad I was here today. And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. It’s we’re all in this together.

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