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Sustainable Growth with Dr. Travis Parry

George Grombacher June 16, 2023

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Sustainable Growth with Dr. Travis Parry

LifeBlood: We talked about sustainable growth, how to find balance and scale your business, the importance of reciprocal relationships, and the three-step process for finding the success you’re looking for, with Dr. Travis Parry, speaker, podcaster, best-selling author, and Founder of the Make Time Institute.      

Listen to learn how to consistently grow without selling your soul!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Dr. Travis Parry

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:01
One blood for this is George G. And the time is right welcome. Today’s guest struggle powerful Dr. Travis Perry. Dr. Travis, you’re ready to do this.

Dr. Travis Parry 0:08
I’m ready. Thanks, George.

george grombacher 0:10
excited to have you back on. Dr. Travis is an international speaker, best selling author. He is a podcast host and founder of the make time Institute. He’s helping entrepreneurs achieve balance while also growing and living the lives that they want. His newest book is balanced growth. Travis, great to have you back on the show. Tell us a little bit your personal life’s more butcher work. And what made you put pen to paper for the new book.

Dr. Travis Parry 0:34
And man, I appreciate you and what you do your voice and you know, just spreading the word. I’ve always been a fan of your podcast and it’s great to be on here again. So a little bit about me. My wife and I have been married 20 years we have seven children and one on the way. And I think that’s the first time on a podcast I’ve ever revealed that. So

george grombacher 0:58
revelations man.

Dr. Travis Parry 1:00
It is, you know, this is great. We you know, love our kiddos, we have children who are going to be serving missions in Australia and Peru. And we homeschool. So that’s a little bit about our life, it’s very much focused on our kids. So when I started this business to help really financial advisors try to have better balance with it, many of you know my achieving balance book. And the nighttime Institute is meant to help them with the Muay Thai method to basically get out of the workaholic trap. I you know, love this message. And I’ve coached spoke to literally 1000s all over the country and even across the pond. But I had a couple of people who came to me and said, Travis, I love what you’re doing. I love what the book has done for you. You’re just like, You’re everywhere. And people will contact me like I see your posts, skiing and mountain biking and hanging out with your family and traveling like, do you work? Like, you know what? Can’t be a hypocrite, I’m a sinner, okay, and I’m a believer, like, I’m a sinner, I, I fall short of balance every day. It’s not a perfectionism thing for me. However, I’m not a hypocrite. I do not want to be hypocrite. So when I built this business, and we did six figures in our first year, we did multiple six figures the second and then we tripled the year after that, you can use your imagination, we’ve done over a million dollars of sales from this movement of this book that you can balance. I wanted to not work 90 hours a week while I was doing it. So how did we do that? Well, I people asked me, What are you doing? How are you having what I call balanced growth. And then I said you know, it’s time, it’s time to write about it, it’s time to help other people about it, it’s time to bring the world this message because if they’re struggling, because they’re trying to grow the business, they’re pulling their hair out trying to figure out the marketing behind, you know, essentially mainly client focused businesses, advisors, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, coaches, speakers, authors, all of the above. If you’re if you have clients, and you’re struggling with keeping the balance that you have, then balanced growth is the message that I want to give you.

george grombacher 3:16
I love it. Seven kids and one on the way, way to go, man,

Dr. Travis Parry 3:20
that’s my wife. She’s incredible.

george grombacher 3:22
I just read I was reading about how how the number of kids in America is going down. But you and I, me smaller parts. I only have three kids. Travis said I don’t have seven and one on the way.

Dr. Travis Parry 3:36
You are above though, like 1.9 2.1 average in the United States. You know, and it’s not a competition people give me all they want. But But I will tell you, you know, everybody’s in a different position. And they have a different physical, spiritual, mental emotional capacity. And you know, I have family members who can’t have children they’re adopting, and they’re excited to have those two or three children or even one. So I’m with your brother in it. You know, there’s a if you want to go sidetrack on this just a little bit, there is a video I’d highly recommend people watch a documentary series called The demographic winter. So came out by academics I found out about when I was in my Ph. D. program. I showed it to all my classes. And it is a it is a struggle. But should you bring that up?

george grombacher 4:28
Yeah, well, for sure. So it’s something that’s that’s certainly on my mind. So I imagine that your that you and your wife are are constantly working on managing expectations and constantly making sure that you’re rowing in the right direction, because that’s completely out of necessity. And so I don’t want to spend a lot of time on that. But unless you’re interested in I imagine that that’s got to be part of your only the whole balanced growth.

Dr. Travis Parry 4:57
I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you this at the End of achieving balance, I talked about the connection between spouse and family and yourself, because there’s no way you might be able to get out of the workaholic trap is what I call it. But likely you fall back again and again from time to time, because you are trying to just be focused on your own discipline. And I know that breaks from time to time. I know that, you know, if we look at any addiction, and workaholism, to an extreme can be an addiction. It isn’t the DSM five, however, even if it’s just a bad habit, then who is supporting you? Who’s helping you? And if it’s not your spouse, then who? If you’re not married? Do you have friends? Do you have you know, friend group or family members that can help you to keep from becoming this workaholic. So I mentioned that in the book, so we’re balanced growth comes in, is actually starting right there. It’s starting at that point of who is your support, and I believe your spouse is your number one support, I support her, she supports me and our goals and our dreams. Without her, there’s no way I would be able to do this business. She knows it’s my passion. And quite honestly, without my support of her, there’s no way that she could homeschool, like she can’t homeschool and work a full time job. That’s insanity, because it is a full time job with our seven children. So you know, we need each other. And I think that’s a great place to start, quite honestly.

george grombacher 6:25
I totally agree. And it’s something I’ve been spending a good amount of time on. I am such a person who believes and it’s so important strength and power of the individual. And we’re seeing people burning out all over the place from professional athletes at the top of their sport to world leaders have everybody else. And frankly, I think that that burning out is more selfish than it is anything else. And you come to a recognition that what we need are reciprocal relationships where you have people consciously and choosing to enter into reciprocal relationships.

Dr. Travis Parry 7:04
Yeah, 100%. And, you know, we our strength is only so, so strong. I mean, we can only last on our own discipline for a period of time. And if we have those habits, think about smokers we did, there’s a ton of research on smoking cessation, if you want to give up smoking, you have to stop hanging out with smoking friends, is if you do, it’s like hey, you know, I know you’re not smoking, but you’re smelling it, you don’t go down the road where all the bars are, if you’re an alcoholic, and you’re trying to quit, right, I have that caveat to trying to quit. Like, it’s important that you change your surroundings, you change who you associate with, or you ask them to support you, in this endeavor, good friends will support what you are trying to accomplish in your goals in life. And I think your your spouse should be your best friend, they should be the one to help you accomplish what you want to. So that’s where the book starts. And that’s not where it ends, though. But that’s the support, that’s the foundation piece, stay out of the workaholic trap how to, again, this book is and I’ll show you a little illustration. For those that are watching on YouTube, this is a that’s gonna be hanging on the wall balance growth, how to scale your business while keeping your balance. So if you already have great balance, fantastic, you already had that foundation, no sweat, then you start working on the next three principles that we’ll talk about, if you don’t. And you just jump into these next three things we’re gonna be talking about, you’re gonna, you’re gonna, you’re gonna do well in business, but you’ll actually still end up likely back into workaholic trap. So that’s the caution. And I think that’s a great place to start George on these next three topics of how how this, this method really can help you know, if you want to work less and, and make more and take more vacations, you know, we take 16 weeks off a year. We homeschool are flexible, I can go and travel with my kids teach them about the world. You know, and I don’t necessarily want to work most Fridays unless I’m taking a week or two off and I’ve got to come in for something but I don’t you know, have appointments on Fridays or work about 25 hours a week to each his own. Okay, and so like Travis, you’re crazy. I love what I do. Well, sort of why. But I love spending time with my kids. And I love spending time mountain biking. There’s other things besides work that lights me up. And if it if it doesn’t, then I’d highly recommend try. Find a hobby. Go out with friends. Do it and then see how it feels.

george grombacher 9:41
I think that that’s I think that that’s well said. So let’s start with the first of the three principles.

Dr. Travis Parry 9:45
Yeah. So here’s, here’s the mistake that I’ll start with the mistake that most people make is they think, Well gee, if I’m going to grow my business, I need to really have Have a I guess, a plan that will take me in the direction of, you know, marketing and sales? And do I do I have a, an awesome plan to to get you there? Well, I think that’s important. Don’t get me wrong. Don’t get me wrong. But really, you’ve got to be able to have a balanced plan first. And I talked about this as the foundation is lift principle that I haven’t in the book achieving balance. So make sure you have that as your balanced plan. But then know what is. What is your your system? What is it that you’re actually giving to someone? Is that system valued correctly? Okay, so that’s, that’s really the first part, once you have balance, the first thing that we talk about in the book is what are you giving? Is it of value? Will I sell this or I have, you know, a coaching program, or I’m a financial advisor? Fantastic, that’s what you are. But most people get lost in the jargon, they get lost in what it is you’re doing. Now, George, you know, if I, if we switched roles and said, Hey, what are you involved in? What is it that you actually do for people I know, like, you can tell me right now, I know what your value is. And you’re able to systematize that. So that first step should be have balance and know your own value. Okay? Those go hand in hand, as the foundation. Okay, Travis, I already have value, I know what it is I provide to people fantastic. Then step two, is have a system. Now, again, let’s mark it, LET’S SAIL, let’s let’s get it out there, that’s fine. Financial Advisors, coaches, real estate agents. If you know what your value is, and you’re confident with that, you’re not under selling yourself, then secret number two is a transformational system. When we’re financial advisor, or a real estate agent, or a coach, whatever it is that you’re running your business doing, if you’re selling people on you, there’s no way it can be scalable. It’s impossible. You can only scale so far. And this is why I talk about secret. One is to know that value, because your ideal clients, your ideal clients will latch on to that value. If they’re not ideal. It’s okay, let them go. They don’t have to be a part of what you’re doing. Also, in step two, ideal clients will see your system as their solution. They’re not going to come to Georgia, like Georgia, you have to do everything for me. They know. And they’re prepped, and they understand the realistic expectation that you can’t be there every step of the way. I’m involved in real estate transaction right now. I know that my mortgage broker is not going to be able to do everything for me during this process. He has assistance. He has an online portal where I can upload all my documents, right? If I expected him to do everything for me, he’d probably say See you later bow like, you’re not ideal. And I don’t want to answer all your calls and all your emails, I think we need to put ourselves in where the client is, because an ideal client will expect that you have a system and that it’s valued correctly. Does that make sense? It does.

george grombacher 13:40
So we want to make sure that that we are we’re trying to scale the value that we’re providing not trying to scale me.

Dr. Travis Parry 13:51
Exactly. Yeah. Because we can’t carbon copy us. We can’t copy paste. And we can’t just say all right, you know, there’s 10 of me, that will put us right back into the workaholic trap. That fast, boom, done. Okay. And I think this is where a lot of marketers get wrong. They’re coming from a marketing perspective, and they’re saying, you need to do Facebook ads, you need to do outreach, you need to be on social all day long. You need to do, you’re going, if that’s scaling, shoot me now. Like, that’s insanity. But if instead, you really follow the principles of balance, and you identify your value, and who it’s for your ideal client, and I’m sorry, George, I should have mentioned that. Who is your ideal client? That’s really still part of secret number one, nail that down, know their demographic, and know their psychographic. What’s the difference demographic is you know, where they’re located, how much income they have, on paper, what they look like, right? psychographic is what are their values? What do they really care about? Because I can tell you right now, I know if I asked you to Are two do you not like working with you tell me, I don’t like we’re gonna get that right, these people don’t like you up. But the ones where you see a phone call coming through or a text message or an email you like, Oh, so cool, I’m glad they contacted me. You want to work with those people all day long, don’t you are sure those are the kinds of people that you want working with you. So what the last thing that you do not want to have is filling up your pipeline, your lead system, your fulfillment, with clients who train you, then you won’t want to work. And that’s a different problem. That’s an opposite end of now, you’re gonna have to either fire let go re think your business. But if you have in step two systems in place, then you can serve. At scale, all of your ideal clients, you simply add more to the system. And you hire or use automation, or you use programs or software, whatever it is that you can do to scale you build without Travis Perry having to do it all without George grombacher having to do it all. So I also believe, though, that these systems need to be transformational. Now, what’s a transformation, it’s a word that’s been thrown around for the last 20 years, and most people don’t really understand. When I go on social media, and I see someone that’s had a transformational, I know what it looks like. It looks like the guy who used to weigh 150 pounds more than he does now. You know, he’s got this big, you know, picture of him, weighing under 50 pounds, more big gut, whatever. And then the next picture is him holding his pants out like three feet in front of him. You know, I’m exaggerating. But that’s a transformation. When I asked my clients, percentage of your clients currently right now who have had a transformation, if it’s not at least 80% They have a systems problem. Because I might say, Listen, I help people to make more time so that they can live their highest priorities. But if, if George you came in and interviewed all my clients, and they’re like, Yeah, it really hasn’t happened, or Yeah, I saved an hour or two. That’s not a transformation. It might have been a nice service, it might have been even a good experience. But it’s not transformational, didn’t shift their entire world changed their life completely. But the ones that have come through and say wow, I’ve saved $40,000 a month, I now run Iron Man’s, I can work anywhere in the world. I’ve tripled my business. Those are transformations. They’re not just great experiences.

george grombacher 17:39
That makes sense. Give us number three. Okay, number three,

Dr. Travis Parry 17:43
last one is now use a book, use a book, to increase your influence to get clients and get on stages. This is key you may not want to get on stages, you may not want to be a speaker, you may not want to be an influencer. But I will tell you that a book is the best marketing piece I’ve ever used in my life. I’ve tried literally everything else. And when I figured out how to use the book, and what I mean, is use the book use it even before you publish it. You know I saw with your last book, George, you were telling people, Hey, this is when I’m going to drop the book, it’s going like you built up some of the anticipation. I take it even a step further. And I will use social media, my email campaigns to actually interview people for the book. And maybe you’re listening to this going yeah, I’ve got a message from Travis on LinkedIn or one of his assistants, I actually reach out to Gesu ideal clients only. You can use LinkedIn, it’s the most powerful business social media tool out there. Yeah, Facebook, ads can nail down a lot of things. Instagram is getting better. LinkedIn is the best has millions of users, and a very, very professional platform. You can use that platform to reach out and interview people for the book, we have done 250 interviews for achieving balance. And now we’re up to 750. For this guy for balance drove

george grombacher 19:15

Dr. Travis Parry 19:17
And what we did with that is why we interview them. A lot of times we’re asking them, what are their challenges with growing their business? What are their challenges with keeping their balance while growing? And they’ll tell us so I’m getting research. And I may feature their answers in the book. I may help them if they want help. And a lot of times they asked me Well, you’re the balance professional. You’re the balance expert, can you tell me what I’m doing wrong here? And that’s when I say sure, why don’t we schedule some extra time. And then we’ll do a free consult. The ones that aren’t great fits, it’s fine. I’m still getting good feedback. And I got research for the book. So before I write the book, and publish it, I know if it’s actually going To hit the audience that I want it to. So many people make this mistake all they see that people who are very successful have used a book, but they don’t know how. So they write it, they rush it to publication. They don’t do any pre anything. Maybe they do like an email or something. They say, Hey, we’re gonna hear it is it’s ready by it. But they don’t even know if it’s going to reach the ideal audience that they have selected, they may not even have an audience selected. So I’m saying do the homework, do it bass ackwards the other way around, and really figure out who’s your ideal client, have great balance, make sure your systems are in place. And then make sure you’re using the book even before it’s ever published. Now we do self publication. I think it’s very, very easy nowadays use Kindle. But we will do a pre sale, then we’ll drop a paperback. Later on, we’ll do an audiobook. Later on, we’ll do a hardback, then we’ll use all of these to continually bring the message of the book and get us more and more organic reach. We’ve done over $1.2 million in sales from achieving balance with zero Facebook ads, zero Google ads 100%, completely organic through the outreach, which I call invite ology. I’ll explain it more in the book and how to do it and all the systems and all the steps. But essentially, you invite somebody to an interview to a podcast to an event, and you interview them. They get recognition. They’re able to be on your show, they’re able to be in your book, and the ones that need help, they will self refer.

george grombacher 21:42
super powerful. I love the three steps. I love. I love a good framework. I love invite ology. Perfect. Well, Travis, thank you so much for coming back on. Thanks for all the words and sharing all of your wisdom. Where can people learn more about you? How can they engage? And where can they get a copy of the new book balanced growth.

Dr. Travis Parry 22:02
So June 22, we are dropping this for everyone. For free, they can get a copy of the book, we’re doing the pre sale like I show everyone how to do on June 22, go to balanced growth balanced with the D growth Sign up. If you’re on the waiting list. Great, we’ll send it off to you, we’ll let you know how to how to get that book for free. We’re also doing a webinar that day. So if you want to learn more about these three secrets, I’ll show that to you then. And love to connect with you on LinkedIn or all over the place on the hat. So check us out Travis Perry there on LinkedIn. Excellent.

george grombacher 22:40
Well, if you jump switches I did show Travis your appreciation and share today. share with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to balanced growth and get on the list. Get your copy, learn the three secrets and figure out first and foremost what balance means to you. And then next, figure out how to grow in a way that is going to keep you sane and happy and doing all the things you want to do instead of just feeling like you’re running around with your hair on fire. Thanks. Good Travis.

Dr. Travis Parry 23:13
Thank you, George.

george grombacher 23:14
And until next time, remember, do your part but doing your best

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