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Pure Essential Oils with Adora Winquist

George Grombacher January 23, 2022

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Pure Essential Oils with Adora Winquist

LifeBlood: We talked about pure essential oils, taking a natural and integrative approach to our wellbeing, how many remedies are available to us at no-cost, and how to incorporate them into our lives with Adora Winquist, world renowned alchemist and coauthor of Detox, Nourish, Activate. 

Listen to learn why pure essential oils can be an effective intervention for stress and anxiety!

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George Grombacher


Adora Winquist

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Come on

wobbly play this is George G and the time is right welcome today’s guest strong and powerful adore when Cuesta Dora Are you ready to do this? i Sorry I’m jarred right let’s let’s go door is a world renowned Alchemist she’s working to awaken and evolve consciousness. She’s the co author of detox nourish, activate, planted vibrational medicine for energy, mood and love excited to have you on adore tell us a little about your personal life some more about your work and why you do what you do. Hmm, okay, well, wonderful. Thank you so much, George.

Adora Winquist 0:46
I would say that the focus of my work is connecting with the natural world, and ancient traditions, philosophies and alchemical interventions to cure modern day desire to reconnect with ourselves with each other, and with nature. And so working with essential oils, working with crystals working with vibration has been a passion of mine for over 20 years in professional practice, but I think it was seated at a very young age, and I spent much of my time in the woods or in the water, or collecting stones, or collecting crayfish or even worms for a period of time, who

I know is a little bit peculiar. But nature is where I always felt most connected, secure, comforted and alive. And I think that there’s something so potent in that that we are all in particular right now finding an inner calling for reconnection, and the remedies of the natural world provide that in an incredibly vast and versatile way. So I would say that for my personal life, I have two small children, two young daughters, Lily and violet, two flowers are two gems, I have a wonderful partner, and ally and not just life and and family, but also in creation, we have a different to create a project outside of the adore linquist platform. And you know, in terms of my passion, I deeply love creating things, creating these formulas, which I’ve been doing for over 20 years, and these beautiful blends to heal, to awaken to evolve the consciousness of humanity and in ways that are, I think, not only empowering, but also accessible for people. And so along that journey, the creation, or the authoring of my book that just came out in July, has really been something that has been calling within me to come forward. And so in the writing of that I went through 20 years of journals of formulas that I’ve created and working with clients and working with the plants and the crystals and the energy consciousness and things like sacred geometry, and meditation, and of course, my own healing journey. And I think that so many of us that find our true calling our passion, or what I like to call our sole purpose, because I believe that our soul work truly is our soul work. And when we can embody that and align with that, our lifelines up in this incredibly synchronistic and vibrant and abundant and harmonious and delightful way. So, you know, in the writing of the book, I was able to go through all of these time periods of my past. And it was really powerful to see how much I’ve shifted these, I think that we all, we’re all we all tend to be over critical of ourselves, and impatient and myself in particular with that. And when we have a desire or something that we want to create in life, we often don’t acknowledge how far we’ve come. And I like to call that the over the shoulder moment where we can really be mindful, connect with ourselves and look back at our life’s journey. And to know that every step we’ve taken has brought us directly perfectly in an imperfect way, here and now. And when we can see how far we’ve come, it’s incredibly empowering to be able to create the next steps of healing and empowerment and connection in our lives. So I would say that that’s a circuitous snippet of my journey and my work As well as my personal life.

george grombacher 5:03
Nice. I love it. You mentioned accessible. How do you think about that? Can you tell me a little bit more about that? Mm hmm.

Adora Winquist 5:12
I think that right now, especially through the past year and a half, we’ve had to ask ourselves some really profound questions. Who am I? Why am I here? Am I living my best life? Am I healthy? Am I happy? And if these questions provide answers, when of course they do, they also try to provide us with direction. And when we can make connection with the natural world and the remedies from an essential oil perspective, which, of course, is my great passion and specialty, working with crystals, of course, to working with aspects of nutrition of meditation, and we can do it in a way that is accessible and practical. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Right. And I think right now, in particular, as we’re looking at so many changes and shifts in the world, we’re called to a deeper sense of self responsibility and self for liability for our own health and well being, and accessibility and practicality. Even when we’re talking about perhaps alternative medicine, or New Age philosophy, or metaphysics or psychodynamics. These two aspects of accessibility and practicality are imperative for us to be able to take sometimes the first step, sometimes the second step, and the habitual steps on what I like to call that stepping stone pathway, personal transformation and personal growth. Because we all know that human nature, if if we say, Okay, I want to make these changes in my life, I want to be more successful in my career, I want to have more intimacy in my relationship. I want to have more energy and vitality or better sleep. And we put forth this incredible list of either requirements, practices, supplements, what have you. If it’s overwhelming, what do we do? Get over? Yeah, we do nothing. So accessibility and practicality are imperative for those first steps, which seem like tiny footsteps, but they can lead up to a quantum leap, in terms of a shift out and awakening, garnering new levels of awareness of who we are, why we’re here, and how we can live in a more harmonious, benevolent facet of life.

george grombacher 7:43
Nice. Yeah, I think that there’s, and this is my myself included, certainly human beings, we do have a tendency to say, Okay, I’m going to do this, this and this, and this, and this, and I’m going to find new information about it, I’m going to get it. And then I for a variety of reasons, like we’ve been talking about, then it just doesn’t happen. So it needs to be, it needs to be sustainable. It’s just got to fit in into my life. And that first step of actually taking action on it and starting to implement it is such a massive one. People come to you I imagine it’s in for me, I’m interested in being healthy. I want the vitality and the energy and everything that you just described. And I imagine that that that’s pretty common. And I’m also terrified of all the plastics that I’ve been reading about how there’s just plastic and everything and I’m essentially not made of plastic and it’s gonna kill me. So what what are some of the starting points to that you’re helping people with?

Adora Winquist 8:44
Well, again, I think we have to come first step back to accessibility, practicality. Are you breathing deeply? This is such a profound and sometimes revelation for people, that deep breaths are a way to feel grounded to energize the body or calm the body. And so often we you know, mental health right now globally is at the forefront of our consciousness, right? Anxiety, depression overwhelmed. These we see so often and experience so often myself included, but when we are practicing deep breathing, anxiety cannot be present in the body when we’re able to take those deep breaths from the lower belly. So that’s one having clean water that you take is so imperative to cellular health, and which is the health of off in our entire physiology, nutrition that is healthy, that is clean organics. Again, this is such a primary important because this is what feeds our cellular level. And our cellular health we know is directly correlated To our emotional health, our mental health, and then taking it a step further, connecting with nature, again, very simple practices going out even when it’s, you know, starting to get cool here in Asheville. But being able to get the sunlight even as it diminishes this time of year is so important for our vitamin D levels, our emotional health, our vitality. So these are simple steps. And what I like to refer to is that that stepping stone path, each step that we take, that allows us to garner a greater sense of well being feeling good, feeling good, is really so underrated. And I don’t mean feeling good of you know, it’s an immediate pleasure. I mean, feeling good from a very healthy perspective. And when we’re taking care of our body, and we’re taking care of our emotions. And we’re practicing self forgiveness, self acceptance, kindness, self love. Again, these are also steps on that pathway of higher evolution, higher health, higher experiences, of life, alignment, flow, and synchronicity. And, of course, for my perspective, as a healer, and aroma therapist, I’m incredibly passionate about using essential oils. And when I say essential oils, I mean, the pure essential oils that come directly from the plants, to via inhalation to modulate our emotional resilience. And this is a real profound

intervention that we have all around the world because the oils do come from global farms, right. And so when you have a pure essential oil that you can pick up and that you can inhale, right and different essential oils. And you know, we’ll talk about right essential oil, right context, if we don’t have time for that there’s tons of information on my website. However, to make the point that using the essential oil via inhalation, because of the proximity of the nose to the brain, and the power of the limbic system, and amygdala that regulates so much of our physiology, we can literally lift and shift our mood in the moment. Right, so think about that, in moments when we’re anxious, we’re overwhelmed, feeling down feeling disconnected, feeling a sense of uncertainty. And these are feelings and emotional experiences that we have not only every day, but in the you know, a range of a moment, we can experience all of those emotional responses. And so when you’re inhaling the essential oil, you’re able to not only transform your feeling and mood in the moment, but the more that you use them, the more that you can shift the trajectory of your emotional response. Right. So as a response to stress, to PTSD, to just the general feeling of disempowerment, that so many people are experiencing not just now, but through lifetimes of adversity, right, that we experienced challenges throughout our life, this is a way that we can further align those stepping stones. And you know, think of it the better that we feel in each moment. And we’re able to build on those moments, the more it becomes a bridge to allow for the highest expression of who we are to surface in the world. Right, in terms of our relationship with ourselves, how we care for ourselves, how we love ourselves, and then how we engage with everyone in the world around us, whether it’s our family, our co workers, or colleagues or community and the world at large.

george grombacher 13:59
I love it. So we can use essential oils, when I am feeling anxious or stressed. And I recognize that I’m getting that triggered response from something, I can use an essential oil as an intervention at that time.

Adora Winquist 14:21
Yes, and then the more that you use it, the more you’re able to retrain your neural pathways and create this momentum for greater emotional resilience. healthier, emotional response.

george grombacher 14:36
Nice, okay. And the super interesting

Adora Winquist 14:38
thing too, is the essential oils because of their lipid nature, the fact that they’re fat soluble, the molecular size, they are able to pass through the blood brain barrier and offer the full gamut of their phytonutrients not only to our brain but to our blood, and then therefore our entire physiology

george grombacher 15:01
fascinating. I’ve never even thought or considered that, that. So I’m breathing in through my nose. And that’s going right into my brain. It’s the actual molecules of the oil.

Adora Winquist 15:14
Yeah, which are filled with chemical constituents, you know, and essential oil can have over 100 chemical components, rose oil, in particular, has about 300. So they are rich biochemically. And they are also rich vibrationally, because they are the quintessence of the plant, the vital life force, the energy, the consciousness.

george grombacher 15:42
So super important that the oil that I’m using is not made in some kind of a lab.

Adora Winquist 15:50
Yeah, because the, you know, it’s interesting and not often discussed that if you don’t know the point of origination, or the oil where it’s grown or distilled, think of all of the points that it traverses before it becomes a product at your health food store or boutique. Or whatever your your vendor vendor is. And so, you know, the art of adulteration is a multi million dollar business, it is a science on its own, because there’s only so much plant material grown every year. And because of that distilled Yeah,

george grombacher 16:30
so how do I, obviously, I can come to your website and and find the products there. How else do I know that the product that I’m looking at is, in fact, good?

Adora Winquist 16:44
So this is a great question. So A, the best way to do that is to start to build a relationship with the plant with the essential oil to create your own lexicon of purity, right? And then we’re we’re working with our organoleptic senses of sight of smell, of touch, and sometimes of taste, right to be able to determine what’s quality. But in the beginning, it’s it’s part of the exploration and the education. When I started over 20 years ago, I had really no idea. I thought everybody said their oil was pure, and that it was pure and natural. And so it’s a it is a time of study. Now there are some baseline parameters that you can look at. But a knowing your supplier is key. But seeing you know, does the essential oil have the common name and the Latin name that are part of the plant still the country of origin, the method of distillation, these are all some basic requirements, is it in a darker bottle, because if it’s just packaged in clear glass, that’s a huge red flag, right? Because essential oils do break down with the sunlight. But ultimately, it’s you can spend a lifetime exploring different essential oil companies. Or you can go to someone that you know that you trust, or that’s done the work put the time in and the finances, right because the exploration of all of those oils is very costly. There are some oils like this happens to be a seaweed absolute that I just adore right now because seaweed is so rich and so many nutrients. But, you know, a bottle of rose oil like this is easily over $100 If it’s pure

george grombacher 18:57
for somebody just let’s just use me for an example. What what would be is, is there a gateway oil or the great starting point?

Adora Winquist 19:08
I love that question. Is there a gateway oil? Um, I would say first, instead of saying Is there a gateway oil, I would say what emotional response is a core go to have your patterning. Right and so so then you’re really looking to address your unique needs and your unique field physiology. Because ultimately, true aroma therapy is creating something that would address on an individual’s specific basics from a holistic perspective. So if you are going to say to me, I tend to be a little more anxious. I might say patchouli oil is an incredible oil that helps us connect with the earth with our bodies. One Careful for addressing mild levels of anxiety. They’ve got some done some research on that, in particular, but it’s one of my favorite oils because it’s like, it reminds me of being in the forest. And I always say that those that think that actually is reminiscent of the 1960s hippie area era, then you probably haven’t smelled truth actually. Because it is just an incredible essential oil and it’s very, very full, very rich. If you said to me a Dora, you know, I tend to feel down maybe especially during the winter, I would say try some blood orange essential oil because it’s it’s that oil Joie Devi it’s incredibly uplifting and full and just delightful. If you said to me, I sometimes don’t sleep really well or I have challenges around relaxation. Of course, lavender is many people. It’s gateway essential oil, but even the lab a lot of the lavender that’s on the market is either a hybrid or adulterated to some degree as well.

george grombacher 21:18
Got it. I love it. Okay, perfect. Well adore thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you and how can they connect? We’re working to get a copy of the book detox, nourish, nourish and activate and where can they get the oil?

Adora Winquist 21:35
Well, thank you, George. It’s been such a pleasure being on the program chatting today, you can visit a door when quiz my website where you can buy a signed copy of the book. From there, you can buy the full range of either our curated essential oils or the products that I’ve created. You can also find out about our events. Every week I lead a complimentary meditation it’s every Thursday all this this week with the holiday it’ll be tomorrow. Wonderful way that we work with an essential oil and a crystal in each guided meditation that I offer. You can also if you like meditating our YouTube channel at adore wind quiz has a whole library of complimentary meditations our Instagram at adore when Quist has wonderful tips and inspiration and alchemical interventions and we write every week about crystals essential oils of the week visualization so it’s a some great tips for empowerment there. And you can also purchase the Barnes and Noble if you’re in Europe, through my publisher eon And I think there’s probably many other locations to depending on where you are in the world both physically and online.

george grombacher 22:59
Wonderful. Well if you enjoyed this as much as I did so door your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to a door a wind quest calm that’s a Follow their YouTube channel and Instagram and you can find on the website the information for the weekly guided meditation as well. So I’ll list all those in the notes and show thanks gonna door

Adora Winquist 23:29
thanks towards the wonderful holiday season

george grombacher 23:32
as well. And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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