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Overcoming Negative Thought Patterns with Tony Wall

George Grombacher May 14, 2022

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Overcoming Negative Thought Patterns with Tony Wall

LifeBlood: We talked about breaking negative thought patterns, how much of our thinking has been embedded from every prior generation, why blame has no utility, the role of empathy and compassion, and what the way forward is, with Tony Wall, Founder of Noesis.  

Listen to learn why we are blameless but need to be striving for improvement!

You can learn more about Tony at NoesisProject.com, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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Our Guests

George Grombacher


Tony Wall

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Come on

Bob Leffler. This is George G. And the time is right welcome today’s guest strong and powerful Tony wall. Tony, how you ready to do this?

Tony Wall 0:19
Man? absolutely ready. Thank you very much. Sure.

george grombacher 0:22
excited to have you on. Tony is the founder of Gnosis. It’s a nonprofit worldwide Educational Network aimed at enabling humanity to replace the churn of conflict with the gift of clarity. He is all about the process. Tony, tell us a little bit about about your personal life’s more about your work and why you do

Tony Wall 0:39
what you do.

Thanks, George. I’m a very fortunate man. I’m the father of two, two college boys, lacrosse players, and they play on the same team. So I’m living that dream.

And I come from a family of nine, we were born and raised in western suburbs of Philadelphia, where we still live. And I’m a graduate of Lake Forest College in Chicago, Illinois. And I retired as an investment advisor at 56 years old, I was very fortunate to do that. And that’s when I got busy creating nutritious.

george grombacher 1:23
Nice, I appreciate that. So it is I was I was on the website this morning in advance of our conversation. And what you are working on and doing is, is is very ambitious. Is that a fair way to describe it?

Tony Wall 1:38
It’s very, very fair. Some people say, you know, what, what are you doing this for? B, the answer is a quick, quick answer that question is because no one else will.

george grombacher 1:51
Okay, and so I saw that the mission is to identify and describe the machine like actions of evolution, which is inside all of us against which we are largely powerless. So break this down for me?

Tony Wall 2:08
Well, you know, thank you, and it’s gonna lead in human beings, we are told there’s kind of a cliche that we are arrive in our mother’s arms as a blank slate. With I can I concur, in fact, that the fact is that we have, all of us in the present moment will have the the weight and the evolutionary weight of 200,000 prior generations that are woven into our DNA, a wound around our bones, if you will, when we are born. So 200,000 generations, equals 7 million years. So the idea that we are not pushed around every day by compulsions and impulses, impulses that come with 200,000 generations, is preposterous. That what I’m saying is that these compulsions and impulses that activate 20 times faster than the thinking brain are not only problematic, they’re actually making the rules. Until we understand them, we will not be able to, we will not be able to evolve into a sustainable future. Because these things override thought, you know, they’re all Red Hat. They’re all cousins of the broad category for fighter flight, which never got the memo, when a kinder and gentler reality settled in for human beings, if you understand

george grombacher 3:52
so it’s not that I have a blank slate. And the way that I am is because not from a little bit of DNA from my mom and my dad, and then not just from the first six years of my life that downloaded all the hardware and software, it’s 7 million years and 200,000 generations are imprinted on me and overriding a lot of my conscious decision making. So have have Have you identified you mentioned fight or flight? Have you identified other of these traits or characteristics that we need to be aware of?

Tony Wall 4:24
Yeah, there are. First of all, I come here having after after having spent three years building notices, the fourth thought that went into it was double what the three years dated we our website is robust, very robust videos that explain these phenomena. But in the short version is this. I want to use a if you don’t mind I want to use a metaphor or an analogy. Consider a horse pain that, that blows through a town to something we can all relate to. And after it’s gone, and after the we go to the wreckage, and what we do is we begin to look for survivors, and we, somebody hears a voice underneath the debris and we get busy stripping it away. Because we want to get to that survivor. That’s precise. It’s kind of a precise analogy. Here’s why. Human beings are buried under aeons in eons and eons of evolutionary baggage. Evolutionary debris, that baggage is what we need to strip away. We need to strip away all of these things in order to find a sustainable future. Because remember, these impulses and compulsions from our past are non thinking mechanisms. I sit there making the rules, I mean it quite literally, after all. We are misinterpreting threat. We’re seeing threatened by in parts of our brain that are not consciously available to us. So we misinterpret threats in the modern day. And that would easily explain why all of our responses are tend to be misaligned. And they put us into conflict and keep us there. We need to break that chain or else we’re not, we’re not going to be able to find sustainability, we won’t be able to find a future while chained to our evolutionary past.

george grombacher 6:39
So the things that served me 5 million years ago, that protected me from getting eaten by by bought by a predator are still there today, but aren’t necessarily serving me in the way that they did 5 million years ago.

Tony Wall 6:53
Not only are they serving us, but the mother of paradox exists. What got us here, the very very component the very, very gifts of nature that allowed us to get to our present day, paradoxically, are now just allowing us to evolve. They see enemies to di D on Ziggo. George in areas of the brain not consciously available to us. I say we misinterpret threats, not a tough sell there. Remember, these unthinking mechanisms didn’t get the memo. They’re unimpressed with our kinder, gentler present day reality. I think that’s a good way to put it. You said you kind of hit it like, so I’m being overwhelmed by the saints. The fact is you are you, not you, we are all all overwhelmed by non-thinking mechanisms that didn’t get the memo when their ancient enemies failed or cease to exist. They didn’t get the memo. So they’ve reinvented in the modern day. They have many brilliant disguises. You talked about us payroll like a couple examples. Let me give you a broad example. I make a we made a video called negative information. Evolving humans needed negative information to survive. To survive every single day we were plotting strategies of survival. So the bearer of bad news had more value than the bearer of good news. Bad news meant that we could determine where a pack of hungry boars were hiding out in order waiting to ambush us. So the bearer of bad news had more survival value. That has reinvented in the modern day, as human beings continue to seek negative information. We don’t understand it. The tribes that we needed to protect to no longer exist anymore. We no longer we no longer have to protect ourselves against enemies that died aeons ago that we continue to see in areas of the brain not accessible to any of us. So this is a mathematical approach. It’s a socio mathematical approach. Rather than blame or judgment. Neither of those have utility. In fact, blame is a threat to the human life. And that’s why we tend to reject blame. So this dynamic dynamic of blame and blame rejection is all over us today. We monetize to what’s killing us anyway. we monetize it, we know better. Again, there’s no fault or blame here when we’re educators. We monetize the things that will have always destroyed human human cultures because we didn’t know any better we are acquisitive behavior places us in a conflict. And now we’ve arrived to a place where we literally depend upon conflict. It’s the mother of irony for a lot of species. We need to evolve past conflict. And yet we’ve monetized it. So this is a fine mesh. And there it is. So

george grombacher 10:28
yeah, I, I can certainly see that that we’ve monetized conflict. And just from an I’m not an expert in any of this stuff, but you look at things like the military industrial complex, if you believe that that is a thing. Well, that would be directly monetizing conflict. If you look at mainstream media that only brings us terrible information and news. Well, that’s certainly monetizing conflict. And I’m sure that you could tell me 100 different ways that we’re also doing 100 Additional ways that we’re also doing that. But that’s really does make sense to me. And now with social media, were able to spread and get super pissed off about all this stuff in 10 seconds, if I was really interested in doing that. And I had to get off of social media and spend less time because that’s exactly what it was doing was making me mad. My wife is like, can you not do that? Because you just get mad. So I can certainly look out across the landscape and see it everywhere. And I can also look inside myself and also see it.

Tony Wall 11:27
Yeah, thank you very much. You’re one of the first people I’ve I’ve seen actually, that can just directly go right into, like, I see this, I see this, I see this. And once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And by the way, I don’t mean to be rude on the phone that I thought I turned off contacts. Okay. Sorry about that. Um, but this goes back to negative information, I want you to see something differently I want the entire world to we’re going to ask the entire world to look humans to look at themselves forensically. And to view ourselves with empathy. Right now, we’re a self loathing species. We don’t like what we see in America. But you know what, this isn’t who we are. We were born to assist one another and to be assisted. It’s in our DNA. So the self interest of inquisitive behavior is at war with our need to be together and to help others that’s in our DNA. We needed it to get all over the globe when we were in our migratory phase of 300,000 years. So this whole thing is explainable, scientifically and mathematically, as opposed to blame and judgment, which human beings will sit still for neither. So I want to go back to negative information here, what you’re talking about, what you’re looking at is an ocean of a reinvention of the human need to find what’s wrong. Remember that survival was in the details for evolving human beings. But those those prayers don’t exist anymore. So we’ve reinvented now and to our feverish need to find whatever is wrong, and then pounded into oblivion. So thank you very much for chuckling because I mean it comically. I mean, that’s it, look at social media different now. are we arguing about politics? Or are we finding survival strategies? For our tribes, the ones we stopped needing? 50,000 years ago? We say it’s a ladder. So I don’t look about out on this social media. Ocean, I look on it was empathy. I do I do. I’m way past the anger, but I can certainly understand it. It’s tragic. Human beings. We’re not meant to do any of this. We didn’t sign up for this. Yeah. But it’s not survivable. So we need to find a future. While we’re in the dark, we’re searching for one another in the dark. As we continue to be chained to our evolutionary past, we need to strip away we have traced the evolutionary mechanisms that drive all modern behavior church. And that’s a good way to start. We can learn who we are for the first time. And that’s something that no last culture in the past ever had the advantage of. I mean, 200 years ago, we didn’t even know we evolved yet. Yeah, we think about it. We who knew we were encountering other groups of human beings and clashing with them, not knowing that they are our clinical brothers and sisters, who know. Again, this isn’t a bad point. So You know, made. Let me ask you questions. Here’s another one of my metaphors. Say you were in a bar fight. Stay with me here, sir. And I walked, walked in, I said, Hey, you two guys are in a bar fight. But I want to explain something to you. Do you know that this man is your brother? And let’s say that that person was your brother, but you had never met them. And I said, you know, this, this guy’s your brother, you had to find him. But this is your brother? Well, his way in the world wouldn’t say you’re actually again are probably hug. Okay? So it’s quite precise. This, this analogy. Human beings don’t know that we come from the same place. It’s no longer conjecture, human being started in Central Africa. We are clinical brothers and sisters. It doesn’t make sense in our DNA to win conflict. That’s why it’s so troubling. When it doesn’t trouble us anymore. Now we worry. Okay, so we’re here to explain the entire thing. Not to judge or blame, and nobody’s gonna sit still for this.

Lastly, I would like to mention what’s called the human injury, this is a book coming out here to anchors what we do here. When human beings crossed over from collaborative behavior to acquisitive behavior. When we settle down into much larger populations, that ignited a constant that we’re going to fail. And that is the creation of lesser and greater beings. Greater being in any meritocracy, a financial meritocracy in this case. It’s always failed and very, very machine like use that word, machine like failure, when the presence of a constant we’re making where we’re any precision or machine like action is when the presence of a constant, it’s a mathematical thing. was ignited by acquisitive behavior. So we’re acting out if psychic injury, human heart is broken. If that makes any sense.

george grombacher 17:37
It does. Everything you shared does certainly resonate with me. And I have a page and a half and notes, but that we are wired to know, because we needed to know that I’m not supposed to eat this. And I’m going to be wary of strangers because I don’t know who they are. And now that we’re sort of wired to, to still find what’s wrong, and you marry that with. We’re not very empathetic to ourselves. And we carry around a lot of guilt and self loathing. It strikes me that one of the remedies, although I don’t know that, I need to suggest that is just to be more empathetic with ourselves which which, which is what you said and to be kinder to ourselves and give ourselves a little bit of grace and patience.

Tony Wall 18:25
Yep. And I’m happy to put a finer point on it. So basically, we are blameless for our presence station, our failures descend from dynamics from our evolution that we don’t understand. So the idea of self loathing is can shift over to empathy, when we realize that, that we’re driven by things that are now highly understandable where before, even 50 years ago, the human journey on this earth was way more conjecture than it is now. Now, it’s a vast field of crops that we’ve harvested here to explain the evolutionary mechanisms of all modern behavior. Every single thing we do every single action we take in the present day, springs from a past reality. And so these things push us around. They don’t just act on it. No, they push us around. They’re making the rules. misinterpreted threats are going to invite misaligned responses. And that’s what we see everywhere. Go back to social media now. You’re seeing strangers pounding on one another. But there is no threat is there? No, we are. We are misinterpreting our environment. So when I look upon this thing that you explain, I arrive at empathy and tragedy very quickly, I abandoned anger long ago, when somebody’s telling me that I’m a worthless piece of junk, I can pretty much override that. I mean, I I’m not, it’s so easy, it’s so easy to get ridiculously angry at it. But here’s another, here’s a way to look at it forever, you’ll never look at it the same again, annihilate of behavior of any kind means necessarily, that someone is in their primitive mind, inaccessible to them, and that they actually feel that their lives are in danger. So when you have an annihilator response from someone like your opinion means nothing, you have no value whatsoever, the annihilate of nature, we deduce easily they come to a place where somebody thinks they’re in danger, in the absence of a threat. So I want you to understand now that look at it differently forever. Wherever there’s any escalation. In the absence of a threat, you’re looking at someone who’s left their present moment. Because between me and you, even if we began hurling insults back at one another, both of us would be able to say like, this is ridiculous. I mean, where’s this rat? Why would we be escalating into what? Where is the saber toothed tiger that we saw 30,000 years ago, I’ll tell you where it is. It’s dead. So we’re seeing enemies or minds that no longer exist. If we can learn that, worldwide, which is where we’re going, we can abandon self loathing, and we can begin to look at ourselves with empathy, deserving to preserve ourselves, because who we are at heart are loving creatures. Very loving creatures. That’s where we come from. I love it. I hope I didn’t hijack that.

george grombacher 22:22
Not at all. No. I was gonna muddle my way through it.

Tony Wall 22:26
So I appreciate you know, you might appreciate you

george grombacher 22:29
explaining your work properly to me. Thank you. And I’m super grateful for you coming on. Tony, I wasn’t sure where our conversation was gonna go. But I’m really, really happy with where it ended up. So well. Thank

Tony Wall 22:42
you very much. I never I’m the I’m the last to know if I’m doing any good. So I appreciate compliment

george grombacher 22:49
him. I’m here to help you make sure that yeah,

Tony Wall 22:53
this group is here to help. We are friends. However, we are strangers is going to take time. Because humans don’t trust strangers today. No. But I knew that in advance. So you know, we’re gonna get kicked around a little bit, but I’ll get up and continue.

george grombacher 23:10
Amen. Well tell us where people can learn more about you and how they can engage with NOESIS

Tony Wall 23:17
Thank you very much, we are at no leases project.com. New leases project.com. By the way, new leases is a word that a Greek word that means the arrival place of understanding and intelligence. So if we apply these things correctly, we arrive in a state of than we use is what does it mean? Not much. Where the real meat here is. It website is packed with videos that explain all of this. For instance, there’s one called normalization very long to make a long story short, human beings have normalized everything that troubles us. I mean, we’ve come to a point where we’re stepping over bodies in the street is this normal normalization has grown to the point where if we continue with it, we will we’re seeing escapism to. Again, these are the arrival places of helplessness. Our growing helplessness is making us retreat. And what comes after escape as you get normalization, you’ve got escapism and then what comes next is surrender. And we don’t do surrender, and neither do you. So this is the first group that ever is coming in human sustainability as a scientific asking human beings to understand themselves because we can and because we must. The research project calm is our website. The human injury is a book in progress. It will explain all of this We are fact based and we better be because human beings need answers not theories.

george grombacher 25:08
Well, sir well if you enjoyed this as much as I did so Tony, your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to know Lisa’s project comm that’s n o e. S, i s project calm keep an eye out for the human injury. And why don’t we plan on having you back on when that book comes out? Tony? Thanks again.

Tony Wall 25:29
Man, I make a an agent. Statement. Yes. We put everything we have into this go to the website, you’re gonna see a standard of quality there a standard of quality that where you will be highly impressed at what we put into this. I explained that we are a nonprofit, we can’t do any of this without without the help of, of people who see this and say, hey, I want to get behind this. Do it for the right reasons. But we are a nonprofit and it saving the human race. I say this commonly is expensive. So that’s our way of saying please donate, please watch and get involved with us. Give us a call. I will answer.

george grombacher 26:19
Excellent. Again, the website is no esus project.com and o e s i s project comm check it out. And we’ll look forward to learning more. Thanks again, Tony. It’s been a real pleasure, George. Thank you. And until next time, keep fighting the good fight because we’re all in this together.

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