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My Code: A (Family) Values Workshop

George Grombacher February 25, 2022

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My Code: A (Family) Values Workshop

To live a truly fulfilled life, you need to follow a code. Your code clarifies your most important values so you can live them everyday.

Explore your most important values and prioritze them

Question why they are of greatest importance

Determine how you’re currently living them and where there may be opportunities for improvment

Development a plan for ensureing you and your loved one are living a life aligned to your highest values

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Our Manifesto

We’re here to help others get better so they can live freely without regret Believing we’ve each got one life, it’s better to live it well and the time to start is now If you’re someone who believes change begins with you, you’re one of us We’re working to inspire action, enable completion, knowing that, as Thoreau so perfectly put it “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Let us help you invest in yourself and bring it all together.

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