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Motivated Sellers with Chad Keller

George Grombacher December 10, 2021

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Motivated Sellers with Chad Keller

LifeBlood BRAND: We talked about how real estate investors can find more motivated sellers, how to effectively use Facebook and Instagram ads, how to develop an SEO strategy, and how to commit to doing it long term with Chad Keller, Real Estate investor, Facebook and Marketing Funnel expert and CoFounder of Motivated Leads.  

Listen to learn why it takes time to create a sustainable and consistent lead program! 

For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 17:30! 

You can learn more about Chad at Motivated-Leads.com, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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Our Guests

George Grombacher


Chad Keller

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Come on. Life lead Rei and welcome our guests strong and powerful Chad Keller welcome Chad.

Chad Keller 0:18
appreciate you having me today man.

george grombacher 0:20
excited to have you on Chad is a real estate investor, Facebook and marketing funnel expert. He is the co founder of motivated leads a digital marketing agency that helps real estate investors expand their portfolios quickly by generating quality motivated seller leads Chad, tell us a little about your personal life more about your work and why you do what you do.

Unknown Speaker 0:43
And definitely, definitely so I’m a I’m a dad of three. I got into real estate investing probably about five, six years ago. Before that, though, I always own digital marketing agencies in e commerce startup, built out on the back of Facebook and Google got into consulting for startups and created a digital marketing agency that was very broad, working with fortune 500 100 companies, all of that passively got into real estate investing with Brian started doing the bur method. So we’ve been doing that for about five, six years now. And then just realized how much we loved it really got out of that agency life and started working with real estate investors because we were finding all of our houses, Facebook and Google. So we brought that to real estate investors that we’re doing more traditional things like mail and bandit signs and all that. And now we work with about 100 100 plus investors nationwide. So it’s been pretty exciting, an awesome growth over the last two years or so.

george grombacher 1:41
Nice. I appreciate that. Good to find something that that makes sense and sort of feels like a good fit.

Unknown Speaker 1:49
Yeah, no, it’s just talking with investors. They’re more like us than having to do big corporate pitches and all these decks and presentations. It’s like, Hey, guys, this is what works for us, we can do it for you if you want to. If you’re down, we’re down. So we’re very informal about it, but it works awesome.

george grombacher 2:06
Nice. Okay. So the the main challenges that investors face tell us a little bit about that.

Unknown Speaker 2:16
I would say finding high quality motivated sellers because there’s such a difference between just a normal sell on a motivated seller. And a lot of people will be bidding on broader keywords or not have their ads targeted to people trying to sell their house fast or for cash, just people trying to sell their houses or they’re trying to attack so really finding those distressed high quality sellers that will actually answer the phone when you call I think is like the number one issue that you see investors come to us with that we help them solve

george grombacher 2:49
so distressed high quality What is that? How do you sort of define that?

Unknown Speaker 2:56
Yeah, so typically the sellers that that we’re finding are people that hate to say if they’re in a rough point in their life they’re either going through maybe it’s death in their family divorce they’re a hoarder they’re behind on their mortgage so those are the our ads are all positioned towards sell your house fast sell it as is don’t pay realtor fees no repairs needed and to get the to vet them very well we we sent him through like a 12 step form. Where it’s not we’re not just asking name, email, phone number address. We’re going way beyond that we’re asking Why are you looking to sell the house? How long have you owned the property? Is the house listed what repairs need done to the house is the house currently occupied. So we’re sending them through a whole list of questions that they manually have to fill in to show their motivation. And this isn’t something where we’re just trying to grab their information just call cold call these numbers these people are actively reaching out to our investors to sell their property so it’s a much different type of lead than cold calling or texting or anything like that.

george grombacher 4:02
So that 100% 1,000% makes sense to me that you would want to work harder take extra steps to qualify somebody on the front end. Why don’t other people do that?

Unknown Speaker 4:17
A lot of people that that we see a lot of investors and everyone they don’t understand the acquisition costs when it goes into digital and they’re looking for the cheapest and the mostly there’s awful with them. Can I get 100 leads for $1,000 like that’s what I’m looking for. I just want volume, volume volume. And we mean Brian personally we run the agency full time so we always need investing was always pass up to us. We got a house every 45 to 60 days. Awesome. So what we did was we built these longer forms and we’re paying anywhere from on the low end investors will pay $50 a week on the high end investors in some areas pay $250 per lead. And that’s because their markets more competitive. You favor splitting those areas so paying more for that lead will save you a lot of time and that’s that’s the biggest difference that we found is that you can either have all the leads that you have a 1% conversion rate on or you can have leads that you’re getting a 10 to 15% conversion rate on

george grombacher 5:19
how have to think that anybody who’s ever worked leads would would get that but for somebody who hasn’t that’s just not going to connect

Unknown Speaker 5:30
correct Yeah, I mean there’s a lot of guys that come to us and and I’ve never done this before but there’s also a lot of guys that have came to us and they’re doing the cold calling the text message DBAs all that or they’re running Facebook ads and they’re just not asking enough information and they’re just wasting their time

george grombacher 5:53
Yeah, it’s one of those you have to pay your tuition kind of a thing to actually learn Oh yeah, you know, a penny of a penny for a lead isn’t it’s just going to be really a waste of my time and a waste of a penny and we’re just going to be kind of driving ourselves crazy and driving the homeowner crazy as well and nobody’s gonna have a good experience kind of like teaching a pig to sing

Unknown Speaker 6:18
correct? Exactly.

george grombacher 6:20
Alright, so you are what when when when somebody comes to you walk me through that process I am an investor I say okay, I’m interested in I have money I would like to invest How can you help me to do that

Unknown Speaker 6:39
so yeah, there’s a lot of investors I would say 50% come to us without like a brand site or anything at all never ran ads in the past we had some people that come to us that have ran ads and have a brand in the site if you have nothing at all, you’re like hey I’m new to this I’ve just done direct mail I’ve sent referral leads we asked you to go buy a domain name and like a www dot and Joe Buys Houses or I buy houses Pittsburgh or Pittsburgh community homebuyer however you want to want to position that in your area you give us that domain we make you have the logo we make you the website we make you the ad account the pages everything we do it under neath a personalized brand because if you’re spending that money it’s building that credibility in your area is gonna lead to a higher conversion rates. So we really build everything for you and then build the ads and then people click the ads they come to the website they fill out a form and they fill out these forms are automatically emailed and texted to you so when you guys and the investors to call them and set that appointment go view the property and close the deal

george grombacher 7:43
that makes a ton of sense. How important is it to be specific to a region or a city area

Unknown Speaker 7:53
so it really depends. So for us for instance, like we only buy in Pittsburgh and two zip codes really so for one two houses is on brand for one to desire echoed it makes sense for us to be super local. We have some guys that come to us and say they’re in Georgia and they do it at Atlanta, they do Fulton and they do all these other outstretched sides around the cities. We tell them to position themselves as Georgia homebuyer or ga cash offer go more go ahead and keep it up still have that local field in Georgia but go broader so you can attack the whole state then you get people that do multiple states you’re doing multiple states then you keep it maybe it’s like one of our brands is USA cash offer we also have family homebuyers, which isn’t specific to an area can go anywhere. So it’s just really dependent upon where do you want to travel Where do you buy and hold What do you flip where you wholesale just really dependent on your areas how you build that brand?

george grombacher 8:50
Nice okay I appreciate that. So, challenge and opportunity is is getting the high quality distressed lead somebody who is just in a position for whatever reason that that they are interested in actually taking action and making a move and then you are able to acquire this and help people to then develop a process for for following up on everything or does does your work and

Unknown Speaker 9:25
now we have like a process that we can implement to do like text messages and emails and all that typically what you see even like when you qualify a lead this heavily stay out of eight leads. Two of them still might not answer to who might want full price for the house where okay if you have a realtor who are relatively new somebody refer that to her you can list it yourself. Go you have a higher conversion rate. And then the other four you might set appointments with and one might be the opportunity for you. So a one in eight leads. You will get a deal typically We’ll be seeing, but from a follow up standpoint, like there’s not a lot of follow up that we need done if you are qualifying these lady right on the front end. Now granted, if you have a text message email campaign that pings them for 90 days, you might get one or two of those leads come back to you two, three months later. It’s always good to have that. But if you qualify them right on the front end, they’re ready to sell and ready to take action.

george grombacher 10:24
Got it nice. And what you mentioned Facebook, is that still one of the primary places that that this takes place? Or are there other mediums? How do you think about that.

Unknown Speaker 10:39
So Facebook and Instagram are one within their own, we also run Google ads. And we do SEO, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, it’s just more of a long term organic strategy that takes a lot of time. If you’re doing paid ads on Facebook and Google, there are a lot quicker. Facebook usually has the highest volume, cheapest lead cost. There’s only a point in every area that you can push it down to like in Pittsburgh, we can only spend about $3,000 a month on Facebook before we see diminishing returns. So then we open up Google send some clicks from Google into the funnel, they target them on Facebook, and you kind of have the two platforms working together in some areas do is just so expensive, from a cost per click and a competition standpoint, because you’re competing against ibuyers, Zillow, realtor, some of the biggest players that have a lot of budgets that can just click you out. So Facebook can help strategize, because it’s you buy the ad space on an impression basis, you’re just paying for them to deliver your ads, you’re not paying per click on Facebook. So it really dependent upon your area, how much you’re willing to spend on ads and all that can really build the right strategy for you.

george grombacher 11:46
Yeah, well, it certainly does make sense. Now, okay, so I am an investor. And I, this is not something that I’m just going to dip my toe in, this is something I’m serious about, I have with your help set up this this this domain, I am I am Arizona, cash buyer, George calm, we start running, you know, X number of dollars, $3,000 a month doing Facebook ads, and I say this just you know, I want to be doing more. So that’s where it makes sense to while I’m doing the Facebook ads also be developing an SEO strategy.

Unknown Speaker 12:28
So yeah, SEO is a long term game, what you’re doing with SEO is you’re trying to rank organically on Google, if someone searches, sell my house fast and Phoenix, you’re trying to rank on that first page. So you’re doing blog content, rewriting all the all the content on the site doing backlinking? So yeah, SEO is a good long term strategy. If you’re just like, Hey, I just don’t, this is something I’m gonna be doing forever. So I want to, I want my brand to show up on the homepage, on the first page of Google. So yeah, once you tap out, Facebook and Google, once you tap out those those areas, or once those platforms, I should say, then going into SEO is always good, good strategy. But also, something to consider is just opening up your area more broad, like if you’re just doing Phoenix, and say you’re 20 mile 20 mile radius around Phoenix, we want to expand, go 2530 open up a lot of opportunity for you. So you can always just expand your region that you want to attack as well.

george grombacher 13:26
Got it makes sense. Is there a compelling reason why I wouldn’t be working on SEO, while I’m doing everything else.

Unknown Speaker 13:36
A lot, a lot of investors are just nervous to make that upfront investment. Because like even for us for SEO, we charge 15 $100 a month to do all this for you. But SEO you’re not going to see leads from SEO until four or five, six months down the line. And it’s just because to get those signals to Google to get it’s really easy to take you from not ranking at all to ranking 50 to 100. It’s a little bit more difficult to hear from 20 to 50. It’s harder to take you from 20 to 10. And then 10 to one it’s very competitive. So it just takes time. So it is a big upfront investment. Say you’re spending 16 $100 a month for six months. What is that? That’s like $9,000. before you’re really starting getting a good bead flow from there. It’s just nervous. So it’s something that you got to have the right mindset going into this, like, Hey, this is something that I’m investing in my business in the long term, and it will have an ROI on it. I just got to give it time.

george grombacher 14:35
that strikes me as a Yeah, I think that that 100% makes sense. Do you and it’s just having a frank conversation. You talked about how you know, this isn’t some really uptight corporate buttoned down environment, you’re talking to investors, you say, hey, here, here’s the deal. It hurts to spend nine grand but once you do that, you know six, eight months from now. Well, there’s no guarantees out there, you can be pretty sure that you’re going to be towards the top or on the first page of Google. And then things are going to be a lot more smooth, or they’re going to be easier, your chances of being successful are going to be greater. Or people concern that that that Facebook or other social media might change the way that things are operating.

Unknown Speaker 15:22
Yeah, I mean, it’s always, it’s always a big scare and a concern, we’re always very transparent with everyone about that, like, hey, look at us, like we’ve been doing SEO in our region for for six years. And the most leads we ever get from SEO is eight, like the most I’ve ever seen organically a mom with eight leads. But the conversion rate on those leads is literally like 25%. So you have a higher conversion rate, because those people kind of know that they’re looking for somebody trusted in their area, that people that click your ad underneath, click your website underneath. Like, when somebody searches in Google, the first three listings, they see your ad. So if someone doesn’t click those ads, and comes down to the organic sites that rank, they’re looking for somebody trusted in the area. So they kind of know they’re a little bit of a smarter seller where they know, okay, I want to click somebody that’s trusted local in the area, you naturally have a higher conversion rate on those leads. So while it is, it is scary, that is kind of like the return that you get from it.

george grombacher 16:23
Got it. That makes sense. So when when

Unknown Speaker 16:28
that goes, that goes for any platform to I want to make sure that we we get that across that like this, like when you’re going to do Facebook, Google or invest in digital, you can’t just throw this up for one month and be like, Oh, the first month was so slow, I spent $1,000 on ads, and I got nothing in return I’m shutting us down, the more and more data that you get, like you’re paying for data to get data back to see what ads work, what headlines work, what images work, what have you in the cheapest clicks from as you get that data back and make adjustments, the more optimized these campaigns become, and the more leads you get, so you got to spend to get that data back. And then the more data, the better analysis you can do. And the more reads are just naturally going to get so this is something you have to invest in and be willing to give it a three, four or five months shot to see the return on it.

george grombacher 17:19
To make sense. Yeah, answer my next question. So well done, sir. Sure, other people ready for your for your difference making tip, what do you have for them?

Unknown Speaker 17:31
I would say the number one tip is just like when you’re going into digital I what I just said, give it the time, like you might not be getting the leads in the first month, you naturally should get some leads but you’re not might not see the flow that you’re you’re wishing for hoping for. But give it time your brand’s getting out there and people are seeing who you are, you’re naturally going to get more referrals, it’s not going to hurt you the form of advertising that you shouldn’t be scared of, and shouldn’t look at as a as an investment that’s going to produce ROI in the future. So just don’t be scared. Take the risk. If you’ve been thinking about it, go headfirst into it.

george grombacher 18:10
Well, I think that that is great stuff that definitely gets Come on. Come on. Dad, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? And how can people engage with you.

Unknown Speaker 18:20
If you go to motivated, dash leads.com motivated hyphen leads.com. Check out the website. Me and Brian are on there. We’re both the founders that we actually we have a team that we work with all of our clients and our investors one on one won’t be the ones on the first sales call on everything. So just feel free to go check it out. There are a forum, you’ll go chat with one of us being brought in pretty much the same person so you don’t want to buy CDs, you’ll be in good hands there.

george grombacher 18:50
But well if you enjoyed this as much as I did, showed your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to motivated dash leads.com and check out the great resources and information that they have on the site and get in touch with Chad or Brian. Thanks kitchen.

Unknown Speaker 19:10
Thanks, George. Appreciate it.

george grombacher 19:11
And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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