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Mastermind Groups with Rupa Patil

George Grombacher January 23, 2022

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Mastermind Groups with Rupa Patil

LifeBlood: We talked about mastermind groups, the benefits of joining one, how they work, what problems can be solved by joining one, and what you can expect to get out of one with Rupa Patil, Certified Mastermind Professional, Business Mentor and Coach. 

Listen to learn what it means to be a well-prepared mastermind facilitator!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher


Rupa Patil

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Come on one level, this is George G. And the time is right welcome. Today’s guest is strong and powerful Rupa Patel Rupa. Are you ready to do this?

Rupa Patil 0:19
Yes, George, let’s do this.

george grombacher 0:22
Let’s let’s do this excited to have you back on roof as a certified mastermind professional. She is a business trainer and author, speaker and coach. She has been a business mentor for rural women entrepreneurs of India, which is a Google accelerator program. She served people from over 16 countries, and she is just getting started. Ripple Welcome back, tell us a little bit about your personal life some more about your work and why you do what you do.

Rupa Patil 0:50
Thank you so much, George, it’s such a pleasure to be back on one of my favorite podcasts. So thank you very much for that lovely introduction. That’s pretty much what I do in my professional life. Personally, I’m a mom. So that takes up most of my personal time. And, and it’s fun to be that if I if I were to relive any moments from my past, I would go back to my child’s birth and as babyhood. So that’s, that’s something that I’m very passionate about in my personal life. And the reason what I do a and first of all, what I do there is I am basically on a mission to serve heart centered entrepreneurs grow their income and impact. And the reason I do that is because when I got started a couple of years ago, was pretty much trying to figure it out all by myself. So now that I’m in a position to serve and help, I’m doing exactly that. I hope that answers your question.

george grombacher 1:53
Yeah, certainly does. And I appreciate I appreciate wanting to work and help heart centered entrepreneurs, folks who are, are in fact heart centered, are wanting to do positive things, and to really help people and oftentimes think that sometimes well, sometimes it can be difficult to necessarily monetize that we want to be able to do good. And we also need to be able to earn an income and how to actually make that happen. And something I’ve been thinking a lot recently is about mastermind groups and, and how coming together in a group can can help not only me, but can help the other people. And it’s just seems like it seems like something that that I want to be thinking more about and and talking more about. So that’s why I wanted to bring you on today.

Rupa Patil 2:49
It’s such an honor, and I’ve been passionate about mastermind very recently have got into it a couple of years ago. But wow, I feel like I have been a lifetime in this mastermind zone as I call. So let’s get started. And I’m happy to help your audience get maximum information filled with value. And also hopefully to answer that question of yours. You know that that comment which you passed about heart centered leaders wanting to serve and yet to monetize? Stay tuned listeners? Because I’m going to answer that as well on this show. So let’s begin, George. Thank you.

george grombacher 3:32
Yeah. So why, maybe maybe just talk about why masterminds or the values, the benefits?

Rupa Patil 3:41
Sure, sure. And let’s talk. So for that, I would love to start with a beautiful quote from Jim Rohn, where he says that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. I’m sure you’ve heard of that. And this is one of my very close to heart quotes. Because when I first read this, I was like, Where do I find those like minded five people because it’s not easy, especially if you’re a business leader or corporate leader, you’re not really surrounded all the time with those like minded five people. So where do I find those? And then a couple of years later, that is when I discovered masterminds. So so first of all, a very, very, very simple definition of mastermind, is when two or more like minded people come together, in perfect harmony, to help each other grow and succeed. That’s one of my favorites, super simple definitions of mastermind. And going by that the beauty of mastermind is you can easily access those five people or even more, but at least those five People who you can spend your most time with, and therefore become an average of them or even more. So that is where the excitement of mastermind came along. But George, do you know that, you know, on one of my podcasts where I was interviewing mastermind hosts from all over the globe, one of the questions that I asked everybody was, do you get this question a lot, that mastermind is the new shiny thing. And guess what they said, George?

george grombacher 5:30
I don’t know. Yeah, what?

Rupa Patil 5:34
It was very funny. Almost everybody said, Yeah, you know, the first time when somebody hears about mastermind, they all feel that, wow, this is the new shiny thing. So for those people who feel that way, I have a special use for you. If you have read this book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. mastermind was mentioned in that, if that is not enough, if you know who Albert Einstein is, if you know who Henry Ford is, they used to mastermind together and that is one of the first documented mastermind sessions evidence in that book as well. So that’s the beauty of mastermind. And to answer your question, what are the benefits of this mastermind groups? I would say there are five core benefits. The first one is by the virtue of being in a mastermind group, and masterminding regularly, we get access to multiple, not just one, but multiple solutions, perspectives and directions to the problems that are the most pressing issues or challenges that is keeping you awake. But you get all this information in the shortest possible time. So that’s first. Second is you save 1000s of dollars, on consultations and coatings, by investing in this high level mastermind with experienced business owners and leaders who are eager to assist you, wholeheartedly. So that happens. So yes, you save a lot, and lot of money. I’ll be giving some examples of this probably later. But the third benefit is, wow, we save time. Because the truth is, you know, George, nobody, even the wealthiest person can not buy time. But the truth is, we can buy shortcuts. So the third benefit, which is the time saving the time, is because we get the best possible tried and tested shortcuts that we can implement in our life. And in our businesses, by being in mastermind. That’s one of my favorite benefit. The fourth benefit is consistent growth. Because George who may be knowing that, you know, so many of us, we sometimes get crippled, and our momentum goes for a toss, by the virtue of being in a mastermind groups that meet regularly that could be a fortnightly or a monthly mastermind. But these mastermind, bring in the much needed discipline, consistency and momentum for growth. So that’s my fourth benefit for mastermind. And the fifth one is my favorite, because this is all about heart centered networking. Imagine meeting those heart centered leaders and business owners month on month, probably more frequently than that. Imagine over the years over the months over the decades, the kind of long term alliances strategic alliances friendships that come out of it. This according to me, George is networking on steroids. So that is that these are five very big benefits of being in a mastermind group as per me.

george grombacher 9:04
Yeah, I think that that makes a lot of sense. And, and certainly, Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich. That’s if it’s not the Bible of personal success literature, it’s got to be up there. And and I think that if you look around, there have been mastermind groups for a really long time. Maybe we just have not thought about it. Here in the United States. We’ve got lots of organizations like rotary and UX club and, and certainly BNI. And now we have Vistage and he Oh, and those are all examples of of mastermind. So they come in all different shapes and sizes. And yeah, I guess maybe that’s that. That’s, that’s, that’s a good lead in. Are there masterminds for just about everything.

Rupa Patil 9:47
Oh, what a lovely question. Thank you for asking that. Yes. If you look at the price of mastermind, it is all about the common interest groups. So it could Be like, you know, some of the professional mastermind groups are marketing masterminds bloggers, mastermind podcasters, Moz, mastermind, and even a little more conventional professionals like doctors, community owners, realtors, they have their own masterminds, they may or may not refer to that groups as mastermind groups. But he has as long as two things as long as first you have a common interest. And second, an intention to serve in order to grow together, I think there could be a mastermind for about everything. So what a lovely question. Thank you for asking that.

george grombacher 10:39
Yes, certainly. And so this is, the way that I’ve, it sort of strikes me is that you talked about how you can save certainly time and save money, because I could just go and hire a one on one coach, but that would be considerably more expensive, and I could DIY it, I could do it on my own. I sort of look at this as almost a middle ground. Oh, and it’s

Rupa Patil 11:01
a beautiful middle ground, because the fun part is those coaches and mentors, whom you would hire one on one, and by all means I’m a big fan. I personally have three coaches as of now. So I’m a big fan of one on one, coaching and group coaching and getting mentored myself. However, the beauty is, if you are in the right mastermind group, for all, you know, some of those best in class coaches and mentors are actually your colleagues, your peers in that mastermind group. And just for pennies on dollars, you get to pick their brains, and the other way around. So that’s the beauty of a very well facilitated mastermind group charge.

george grombacher 11:47
So well facilitated. What does that mean?

Rupa Patil 11:51
Ah, I love that question as well. Because the fun part is, if you choose just right now even I’m speaking with the listeners, right now, if you Google mastermind groups, chances are you may come across some of the upcoming webinars who are which are being termed as masterminds. Some of the trainings, they are being referred to as mastermind, networking events. Oh my god, how many times in how many continents Has this happened? networking groups are referred to as masterminds. Whereas you need to be in a mastermind group to really know what that is all about. But the truth is, mastermind is a kind of over abused term. So therefore, a trainer, a coach, a mentor of business networking group, or just a webcast is being referred as mastermind. However, the moment you actually invest and you get invited to a high level mastermind, you will instantly know that a mastermind group a high level mastermind group or a high level mastermind session is is totally different by leaps and bounds as compared to those other so called mastermind sessions. And the reason behind that is a very well established facilitator who not only appreciate what a mastermind is, but is seasoned in hosting a perfect mastermind. And, and, and therefore, without a good facilitator, I think there can not be a good mastermind. And think about it, some of the best brains, and some of the most kind hearts are there in that room. And if I as a facilitator, if I fail, to bring them together to have well timed sessions, and sections of my mastermind to leverage the most of their time, then I fail as a facilitator. And most of the people who host the so called masterminds without understanding, understanding this aspect of well facilitated sessions, that is where the disaster happens. So therefore, I believe that you know, anybody who would like and the beauty is anybody who is specially a subject matter expert can host their own mastermind, provided they take time to understand the nitty gritties of the facilitation part. And for example, George, I personally train those some of those subject matter experts like coaches, and mentors and trainers to host their masterminds and as less as 30 days, but it is certainly a process to make sure that everybody’s time is honored. And every single person after every single session of mastermind, walks out with way more than They had ever experienced or could have figured out on their own, if that makes sense.

george grombacher 15:06
Yeah, it definitely does. And, you know, the last thing I want is to be in a crappy meeting, because we’ve all sat through crappy meetings, and I don’t like to have my time wasted. And so yes, if I’m going to be involved with a mastermind, or I expect that somebody would be involved with a mastermind that I was associated with, I would need to just need to be a really exceptional facilitator and to be super organized, and to be able to make sure that everything that you’ve just described actually does happen. So So I appreciate that. Is it A, is it a function of? Is it me doing work independently? And then coming together? How does or is it depend? How does the actual structure of the mastermind usually work?

Rupa Patil 15:59
Oh, great question. Thank you for asking that. Given the scenario right now, there are so many different ways that a mastermind could be done. Depending on where you’re coming from where you have learned your masterminding from, or what, which masterminds Have you been a part of. But essentially, a very good High Level Mastermind should have a couple of these elements. First is shared wins. Because let’s face it, all of us, especially the higher achievers, or people who are, you know, driven by passion and mission, we are so focused on our goals, our end goals and our milestones, that we tend to be kind with almost everybody on this planet, except ourselves. Have you been there, George, of course. I thank you very much for the honesty. And yes, I have been there too. So very unkind and nice and generous with everybody around me, I am absolutely brutal to myself, I can only pick in you see things that have not done or how far away I’m from my goal. However, in a well facilitated mastermind, one of the very important elements there is shared wins, where we take time to, to see and talk about how far we have come from last week or last month or last fortnight and identify at least a couple of wins, if not at least one big win. And then we celebrate that together. So this very section, although it looks and sounds like a very simple one. But this actually encourages this, just so many things, not just to our own brains, like you know, releasing all those feel good chemicals, but it also encourages us to do more, be more have more. And that this just a small thing of you know, shared wins is one of the aspects that every High Level Mastermind will have. So that that could be a good identifier, if you are considering one of the mastermind. So that’s one second, of course, is the actual brainstorming, or the mastermind session, also called as the Hot Seat session or the spotlight session, depending on where and which part of the world you’re coming from, and which profession you’re coming from. But this is a section where the role magic happens, where all the amazing brains. And you know before before I could share that, let me just let me just read out this amazing quote, because Napoleon Hill does a beautiful justice to what I’m about to share. So again, in his book, he has quoted that no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third invisible intangible force, which may be likened to the third mind, also known as the mastermind. So in other words, this particular leveraging, you know, brainstorming and leveraging the the, the experience and expertise of every single person in the room,

or on the call, depending on how you’re doing the mastermind, if if we cannot do that, then a mastermind feels tremendously but this, on the other hand, is literally where the magic and therefore the transformation happens. So this is another section of a beautifully well facilitated High Level Mastermind, where I may just walk in with one specific challenge that I want to get some ideas thrown upon. But I actually walked out with way more than what I had come in from I could have got multiple perspectives, multiple solutions, multiple directions. And that is, again an identifier of a fabulous mastermind group. And there are a couple of others but I will leave you with one last, this is my favorite, and that is the spirit of harmony and growth. Where the master mind although the session, you know, the session may happen just once in a fortnight or once in a month, but a truly connected and welcome aberrated mastermind group will never stop masterminding they will continue to engage and assist each other and support each other beyond the walls of the mastermind session, or the call. And that’s the beauty. This is where the real magic happens. Because this spirit of helping each other, creating a better version not only for ourselves, else, but also helping others do the same. Now, this is what the world needs. Because even if I as a person who is attending a mastermind, even if I take an accountability to help one other person, and like that, if if this continues and there are more and more people becoming a part of mastermind groups, the world certainly is going to be more generous, and more smarter and more better place to stay. There are so many aspects of mastermind, but I think these three are some of my favorites.

george grombacher 21:39
I love it. I think that’s great. Beautiful. Rupa, thank you so much for coming back on. Where can people learn more about you? And how can they engage with you and mastermind groups?

Rupa Patil 21:52
Oh, fabulous. Thank you very much, George. It is a big, big thanks to you for calling me again on your show. I love this show. And to answer your question, you can just visit my website that is www dot roupa That is our up a PA ti And that is where you will find most of the information including the mastermind groups that I host. And if you are a subject matter expert, you could be an coach or mentor and author, a speaker, a trainer, consultant advisor. Investor, if you are interested in creating a larger impact by serving your community by offering them and an incredible environment filled with growth and support, then you should absolutely consider hosting your own mastermind. And if you need help in that just reach out to me I can help you do that within the next 30 days. So all that information you will get right there. And you could be one like brands so are George’s Is it okay, if I share somebody shared about somebody? This is one of my favorites, short stories regarding mastermind, of course. Thank you. Thank you, I would like to give a shout out to brand rock arrow who is from Philippines. And this was one of my early masterminds at the literally the first wave of COVID. And she only had an offline business. But she walked into this mastermind session and I’m just talking about one session where she talked about how do I digitize or you know, monetize my offline business and convert that into online. And at the end of just this one session, she got so much to implement that within the next couple of time. Not only did she convert her offline business into online, but she also got her first paid client even before even during the corona time. So this is this is the power of attending just one mastermind session. So imagine what happens when you know somebody stays consistent with that growth environment. So therefore, whether or not you attend my mastermind or chores, mastermind or somebody else’s, but I invite you to leverage the power of mastermind with whoever that is.

george grombacher 24:24
I love it. Perfect. Well, Rupa thank you so much for coming on. Again. I appreciate it. If you enjoyed this as much as I did show your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas. Go to Rupert That’s and dig deeper and everything that she’s been to sharing with us and talking about today. Thanks Ken Ripa.

Rupa Patil 24:50
Thank you, George. Thank you for rocking this show. And thank you for calling. Sure it is a pleasure serving you and your family. Amazing listeners

george grombacher 25:01
and until next time keep fighting the good fight we’re all in this together

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