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Living in Alignment with Bryan Wish

George Grombacher October 13, 2022

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Living in Alignment with Bryan Wish

LifeBlood: We talked about living in alignment, how to think about and clear on priorities, why following your heart over function makes sense, and how to get started, with Bryan Wish, CoFounder and CEO of Arcbound. 

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Bryan Wish

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Hey what’s up? This is George G. And the time is right welcome. Today’s guest struggle, Paul, for Brian, wish, Brian, are you ready to do this?

Unknown Speaker 0:22
I’m ready. Let’s do it.

george grombacher 0:24
Let’s go. Brian is the co founder and CEO of arc bound. He’s the host of the one away show. He’s working with some of the world’s leading founders and CEOs and investors to help them align themselves authentically to who they are and create their brands and messages accordingly. Brian, tell us a little about your personal life’s more about your work and why you do what you do.

Unknown Speaker 0:47
Yeah, great to be here, George, and excited to dive in me a little bit about my personal life, I’ll start where it gets a little juicy. About 14 and a half months ago, I picked up my bags from the East Coast and sold everything and went to Denver for two months having no idea where I’d end up, figure that work from different cities out west was going through some personal things, and just kind of find my way. I landed in San Francisco, there was something about it, that really spoke to me. I just knew it’s a place I needed to explore further, I officially settled here actually, though, about three, two and a half weeks here, it took me a while to really route. But so I did the city for a while and I couldn’t be more excited for the next chapter. What’s ahead? What wealthy want to know?

george grombacher 1:51
Well, certainly congratulations on that it’s good to get to find some place where you can set down roots. So tell us about arc bond? And then give us your why.

Unknown Speaker 2:03
Yeah, absolutely. Arc bound is a full service platform to help experts in their individual spaces, build their thought leadership. It’s, you know, a lot of service companies out there, there’s a lot of people doing different kinds of personal branding. For us, it’s really about working with these. See CEO, as investors and authors are top executives in their space, and creating a path and arc for them around where they want to go and why. And building that roadmap for them and then helping them get there. That started out of my desire to build my own path and create my own arc in my life. You know, growing up, it, never really fitting into the common mold of things. And I think that always pushed me to try and venture into different industries and find a purpose to who I am much very much earlier in people’s life, but I also this deeper knowing that, you know, when things were right, and things were not, and he just tended to follow that which, you know, was hard at times. But it all came together through arc bam, where I was able to package all these experiences from sports, and then working on investment funds and working with an author and how do you bring all that under one roof, to then go support the people that we get to serve. And it’s been the most incredible four years, spans of my life, by the heart a lot, a lot of downs. But we’ve come a long way and really believe this is just start. I love it.

george grombacher 3:50
So the opposite of being, knowing my authentic self, and then expressing it through every aspect of my life. The opposite would be everything’s compartmentalized. My work life is here. My personal life is there. Why is it better? To to to live authentically?

Unknown Speaker 4:12
Yeah, you know, it’s funny, I I used to really think of everything as very black and white. So maybe more the opposite. You know, I did my work life here. And my personal life here actually, you know, is in a relationship with my early 20s or, you know, great person, but, you know, it’s felt like this whole separate part of my life that I had to, you know, kind of give in the same way. And then I was trying to figure out, the purpose might really break through with was now arc bound. But that wasn’t so fully formed in a way Um, and then, you know, I don’t even think I was maybe present certain things to realize, hey, that’s I wasn’t living authentically to I was right. So I don’t think you just wake up one day and you’re like, Yo, I’m gonna like live very early on to like, what makes sense to me to think you have to go through a lot of different pains and hardships to and following that inner voice that creates this discomfort. I’m actually reading a book right now it’s called Secret contracts by Carolyn mice. And it’s about falling your care, Kurt Brisbane, it’s like ch ARISM. And as well like that divine energy, which is really just like the knowing of like, what you should be dealing and the messages that come through. So I think we go down this wrong way for a long time. And something inside of us just doesn’t feel right. And we can either keep on that track and it gets worse. Or we get on there’s some short term discomfort for a while and you figure out what’s right, because you know what’s wrong? And that though, in that that’s kind of been the journey to figuring out what does feel right. So living in ethical alignment for me today is just really focusing on my health and making sure I have the capacity to show up every day for something I believe in, it’s about so short, and then showing up in that environment, doing it while so having more priorities in line of like, you know, where am I spending time with certain people? What am I doing, you know, how am I investing in my family? What, you know, what are what are different areas of my life and what is true for me today. And I think that gets easier to do the more you know, the other way. And I think it takes a lot of introspection in the writing and self discovery and conversations with other people to do that. So you can really live out that path or that arc for yourself. And that’s where a lot of the beautiful moments might happen.

george grombacher 7:29
Think that’s really well said, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about priorities. And maybe it is just a function of that I’m 43 years old, and and my life is

Unknown Speaker 7:41
30 by the way.

george grombacher 7:47
So that a lot of time on priorities and what is true. And these are big questions. And I to your point, I don’t think that we just asked them on our own right, we don’t maybe it’s not a natural thing to step back and say what, what what is really true for me. So engaging in a process, like you’re talking about, I think is wildly beneficial.

Unknown Speaker 8:12
Yeah. I mean, I would say there’s this the functional way I used to do it was all functional, right? It was I should do this for my workout. So I should call my mom and grandparents this many times I should take my girlfriend out this many times I should you know, it was like this. They’re very much a head Durbin equation. And part of my journey over the last year has really been a year and a half has really been like listening to inside, like what’s in the heart. And I think all along I’ve always followed the heart. I think it’s becoming faster and easier to today. And so I’m not as rigid or black and white in those priorities. It’s like you know, I wanted to get into tennis. I just had like something hit me last spring I go out on a walk at night at like 10 o’clock I find the tennis court I like mesmerized by this polish instructor. Next thing you know, I’m like taking group clinics like two weeks later and like love the sport so it’s just it feels more natural. And having like general priorities maybe yours is travel or what do you know how are you like fulfilling that but do you need to be so rigid in that planning of it? I think that’s where I used to do it and everything was like in my head versus okay, what’s like, my body or my heart one? And then how do I? You know it I heard a quote one time it’s like the heart sets. The direction or the heart is the compass and then like the brain sets the direction or so Something like that, though. It’s like, first acknowledging the landscape of what is important and why. And then, okay, then what’s the kind of plan or the more functional way to achieve that? And so I think it’s, it’s evolved to be much more of a blind if this is making any sense.

george grombacher 10:20
It says what I just wrote down as said, You want to make sure that the dog is wagging the tail? Not the tail wagging the dog. Yeah, most important is what you should be focused on versus the function, which is what you’re sort of talking about.

Unknown Speaker 10:35
Yeah. Interviewer You do the same sum up? Answers really well, I can do the same, because it keeps the conversation on track. So I gotta say, good job.

george grombacher 10:46
I appreciate it. So I imagine when you’re dealing with, with high achieving successful driven people who have gone through it and worked hard and built something that or is, is it hard for them to, to, to, to incorporate this into that business?

Unknown Speaker 11:10
hard for them to incorporate? This, like what I’m talking about? Yeah. So I mean, I think two things. One, is they’re coming to us, right? You know, when you build a brand, like we are with our man, you can’t give away what you don’t have. So if I’m telling people, or sharing with people, Hey, here’s this journey is arc that we’re gonna go to, that we’re getting on together, that if I hadn’t done that, myself, there’s just an emotional level, it has to be that fragile. Right. And so a lot of people, those people are coming to us in search of that arc, that were taking them down, right? And will functionally bring in the services that enable that journey to happen. So these people are super high achieving and motivated and relentless. It’s, uh, you know, imagine you’re, you’re serving 40 Very high achieving type A people week in and week out, you know, he really wrestling laurels. And so they’ve found a certain direction in their life that they come and they realize, hey, there’s something more for me. Or I found what more is, for me, I just don’t have the time resources, ability to put it all together myself. Because this isn’t easy. Like to just communicate well, you know, I was podcast out to write a book to inspire an audience and their full time jobs and their families and or they’re running for businesses, you know, the those kinds of people, which doesn’t make them better, it’s just different a different breed. So if I have been able to really try and build an ark, for myself, that’s truly why I am well, it’s our job, part of our job is to help do that for clients, you do the same, so they can go do that. And the more times we can do that over and over again, with clients, more successful will be because it’s how we’re truly helping them serve their unique purpose. And so that’s how they answer that. Nice.

george grombacher 13:38
So it’s a feeling of, there’s more that I can have this is great, I’m not dissatisfied, be like, be like, there, there, there is more. And if I’m able to incorporate that I’ll get closer to serving that unique purpose. I think that I can certainly resonate with that. We talked earlier about thinking about time, who you want to spend time with family, and that you need to be writing and it’s self discovery. It’s It’s It’s conversations. What what does that process look like? How how do you engage?

Unknown Speaker 14:17
Yeah, I mean, I spend probably going on a couple of walks a day in journal. And I really try and just tune in, like I try and be aware of like, what’s going on inside. Right. And I think that problems never go away or, or those thoughts never stop coming. It’s just part of the human experience. But I think having the awareness of those messages and then kind of tuning into them or having conversations around them, you can with people, maybe you have experiences, things that you’re facing You know, it enables you to, I think, live in a more of a Elyon path, because you’re exploring the things that are important to you. So that you can, I think stand out and air force expression, which is what we’re encouraging our clients to do. And so let’s just say, you know, I mean, like the business, right? I mean, for instance, I, at the beginning of, you know, the business I, I knew the why, and the purpose was so clear. But I just knew that I couldn’t get it without a partner, the business partner that can complement my, my weaknesses. And so I was always looking out, I was having conversations around it, and that person just kind of shows up at the coffee shop, working the cash register for the five years, and was 19 years old at the time. And, you know, that, that’s just kind of happened. But so I think it’s like having an introspection, you kind of know what you want, when it shows up right in front of you, you know, you know, because I think sometimes if we don’t do that, in our workforce, we’re gonna miss those moments that present themselves, because we’re in a home now. And I’m not saying this is perfect, gonna be perfect every time. And it’s that simple. But I think it takes a lot of consider continual discovery, and then leaning in to maybe what’s hard to show you where you need to walk. I love it.

george grombacher 16:54
And it’s just kind of writing down notes and thoughts, and you have to start the process you, you, you, you have to be willing to allow things to come in to position yourself for serendipity. If you hadn’t been thinking about these things, then you wouldn’t have noticed the person that became your business partner. If you had been engaged in introspection asking these questions, then you just wouldn’t be in a spot where you could let it in.

Unknown Speaker 17:21
Yeah. Right. And, again, there are so many times, you know, I think we can make those decisions quickly. And sometimes they they need some time. It’s like the pimple. You know, the it takes time to pop, you gonna go rise to the surface and act on it. And I think you kind of have a need to have a pulse on who you truly ready to make a decision. You ain’t no you need to it may take a few months at Meo. So there’s no right or wrong way to do this. I just think having that awareness and working to build it. I think it becomes easier over time. Because again, it’s not the easiest thing to do. Yeah.

george grombacher 18:05
That’s well said. Well, Brian, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How can they engage?

Unknown Speaker 18:12
Yeah, I’m on LinkedIn. I’m on just Brian with a why wish, Twitter and Instagram which is Brian wish with an underscore our website’s Park bound AR c b o u n d. Now you want to write an incredible book or have a platform where it will hit a server hit up to get the message out there so happy to be there on that journey.

george grombacher 18:43
Well, if you enjoyed this as much as I did show, Brian your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas. Go to arc ar and find Brian b RYAN wish on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and I’ll link all of those in the notes of the show. Thanks again, Brian. Thank you. And until next time, remember, do your part by doing your best

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