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Human Design with Kayla Mason

George Grombacher January 23, 2022

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Human Design with Kayla Mason

LifeBlood: We talked about Human Design, how it works, the value it can bring, how to apply it in your life, and the steps to get started with Kayla Mason, Holistic Health Coach and Human Design Practitioner. 

Listen to learn how to figure out your human design!

You can learn more about Kayla at her WebsiteFacebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Kayla Mason

Kayla Mason

Episode Transcript

eorge grombacher 0:12
Well, my blood This is George G. And the time is right welcome. Today’s guest strong and powerful Kayla, Rebecca Mason. Kayla, are you ready to do this? Yes, I am here and I am ready. All right, let’s let’s let’s go. Kayla is a holistic health coach. She’s an integrative nutritional coach, and she is a human design practitioner. Again, kale excited to have you on tell us a little bit personal life some more about your work, and why you do what you do.

Kayla Mason 0:41
Yeah, so one of the things that I feel I was called to this space of helping other people better their lives, one of the things that really calls to me is the idea of bringing others into alignment with their purpose, in order to ultimately bring the entirety of the earth back into alignment. I firmly believe that we are moving in a in a good direction, we are kind of evolving as humanity right now.

And a big part of that evolution comes from diving into the inner work, figuring out what we were put here to do, and doing the work that is that we are called to, rather than the things that we were conditioned to believe we are supposed to be doing.

Unknown Speaker 1:33
And so one of the things that I use, in my practice, I am a holistic health coach, and I work with people,

Unknown Speaker 1:40
essentially, to figure out how to get out of their own way.

Kayla Mason 1:44
And one of the big things that I’ve been using is human design, which is a system that gives you like an energetic blueprint of the way that you specifically based on your time of birth, were made to show up in the world. So it takes away all of the concepts of how you were raised, who raised you, what kind of people you were around as a child as an adult, the society you grew up in, and just gives you the bare bones of who you are. So you can start to figure out, where did I unlearn? The things that are neat? Where did I start to feel shame about the things that make me who I am? And where can I now find a deeper truth, and therefore, find success and satisfaction through who I am, and what I have, rather than what I think I am supposed to be?

Unknown Speaker 2:45
I love it.

Unknown Speaker 2:47
And I always I always appreciate, and I appreciate ambition. And, you know, I think that the more that we can help an individual to get aligned to feeling good about that I am doing the work that is more purpose driven, mission driven, whatever we I’m happy with the work I’m doing. And that will in turn feed into the collective and help with all of that. I think that that’s an awesome thing. So I appreciate that. Thank you. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 3:18
In terms of human design, I’m fascinated by it. I know I scratched the surface of it. I know that I’m a generator. But tell me

Unknown Speaker 3:29
tell me a little bit about more, just just a little bit more about it.

Unknown Speaker 3:34
So the bare bones of human design are that it encompasses a few different, mostly ancient traditions, and kind of puts them into one space. So we’re working with astrology, we’re working with the eaching. There are bits of the Kabbalah in there. Quantum physics is a huge part of the whole thing. So the idea is that the moment you were born, there were neutrinos, which are tiny quantum physics particles moving through you in a certain pattern. And when that was happening, the stars were in a certain alignment. And the eaching gates were in certain spaces based on those stars.

Unknown Speaker 4:20
And we put that all together into two different lines. There is the unconscious line, and the conscious line. So the conscious line are eating gates and traits that really show up in your life you can see them whereas the unconscious and the way that human design works, it considers the timing when the unconscious Gates came to be to be about three months before birth, this moment where supposedly the soul enters the body.

Unknown Speaker 4:53
So those are unconscious gates, and that’s something that throughout your life, you begin to

Unknown Speaker 5:00
to let that unconscious side of you become conscious, and therefore become more aligned with your existence.

Unknown Speaker 5:09
Oh, and in the benefit to me living my design.

Unknown Speaker 5:15
So the benefits you live in your design is that you are going to feel more in flow. Essentially, you’ll be able to depending on your type, there are different themes. That kind of kind of work as guideposts to let you know if you are living in your design or not, for yourself, and for actually 70% of the population are either generators or manifesting generators. So for most people, this is going to apply. When you are living in your design, you feel satisfaction, you feel a sense of gratitude, a sense that where you’re going is satisfying for you, you’re happy where you are. Whereas when you feel frustrated, when you feel like you can’t accomplish the things you want to. Often that means you are not living in your design, you’re stopping yourself at a point. So learning to live within your design gives you that space to be able to go further into that space of satisfaction.

Unknown Speaker 6:17
And it’s different for different types. There are five different types. For projectors.

Unknown Speaker 6:23
The self theme is success.

Unknown Speaker 6:27
For manifester, is the self theme is peace. One of the things I really like a lot about human design as as I’ve got exposed to it, I thought that sounds really interesting.

Unknown Speaker 6:40
I’m not somebody who, over the course of my first probably 41 years of life had really delved into things like this, but I did find it to be accessible. One of things I like once I started learning about it was that I don’t need to guess what kind I am. You can actually figure that out. And then just I’d be curious to get your take on? What does it really take to start living your design?

Unknown Speaker 7:07
That’s an awesome question. And I I completely understand and align with you on on that face of it where you don’t need to take a test. There is no space of I actually just did an Enneagram test, because someone told me about Judy, a friend of ours told me about the Enneagram. And answering those questions the whole time you’re thinking, Am I answering this? Because I do I really like is that really it? Maybe I would have said something different. The whole time you’re feeling like I don’t know if this is real. And then you get to the end? And the answer doesn’t quite align with you. And you think, Oh, well, this must just be stupid.

Unknown Speaker 7:48
Whereas when you use something like human design, you’re coming into it with a knowledge that this is this is your human design. Once I do say okay, this is it’s a fascinating idea that there’s an actual blueprint for living in flow. That’s great. Now, now that I’m aware, sort of taking that first step of figuring out what my design is, then how do I go deeper into it? Get the most out of it? Yes. Okay. Yeah. So the first thing that I would do when working with somebody to try to get into what their design is, is to look at

Unknown Speaker 8:28
their defined and undefined centers. Because

Unknown Speaker 8:34
in the human design chart, it’s broken down into almost chakra like centers. And each of these centers controls a different kind. And very often, if we have an undefined center, there is conditioning that has taken root in that center. Because with undefined centers, we don’t create reliable energy from them, we absorb energy from others. So, if for instance, you had say, a defined emotional center, and you have an undefined emotional center, then when you are not with that parent, you might be kind of chill emotional way, you might

Unknown Speaker 9:22

Unknown Speaker 9:24
active was more able to be present in a situation from a analytical perspective rather than from an emotional state. But if you had a parent who was very emotional, who had a defined emotional center and to conditioned you with the concepts that you should speak your emotion, or you should tell,

Unknown Speaker 9:46
feel deeply, then you are likely to feel shame for not feeling deeply. So when you see other people crying when you see other people feeling things, you create a sense of shame within yourself.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Follow that you don’t have that same feeling. So with human design, we go in there and say, hey, what if you don’t have to express your emotions the way that your mother did? What if that’s not part of who you are, and you get this permission to dig into who you are. And from that point, you begin to find yourself in more flow. Because with awareness comes understanding. So as soon as it’s, I always like to use the analogy of putting an ice cube in the sun.

Unknown Speaker 10:39
Awareness is like putting an ice cube in the sun, once you put it there, it’s melting, it is no longer going to be the same. It doesn’t matter if you do a dance to try to make it stop. Doesn’t matter if you put it back in the freezer, it is going to melt. And it’s going to be totally different from when it initially came out of the freezer. Because you have now hit it with awareness.

Unknown Speaker 11:02
So yeah, I love it. I think that that’s really cool.

Unknown Speaker 11:07

Unknown Speaker 11:09
Sometimes, probably, and I think myself included it, people, we as human beings are apt How about that for the most qualified statement any human beings ever make sometimes some people sometimes me sometimes other people, we resist going to pain, we say I don’t want to dig into that I’d rather leave well enough alone. And this sounds like it could be sort of you take the ice cube that you put in the sun. This could be like a step by step or a mechanism. It’s it’s it’s showing you things you probably could be addressing, and gives you the reason or the mechanism to do that.

Unknown Speaker 11:52
100% I actually was just speaking to a client who had done a lot of digging, had done a lot of work with a therapist figuring out how their life had been affected by their childhood, how their parents had affected them. And they’ve done all of this intellectual work. This concept of Ah, yes, I lived in this type of house. And I felt this way or I lived in this type of house. And I did these things because of it. When we looked at her human design chart, she had undefined mind centers, which means that taking in that information intellectually, was not landing. And I asked the question, but how did you feel about it. And her defined emotional center

Unknown Speaker 12:43
hit her, it hit her in a way that she had not felt before. Because she had a very intense defined emotional center, and had never considered the concept that maybe those things that she had discovered were made, you know, the things that had made her who she was, we’re not intellectual concepts, they were emotional.

Unknown Speaker 13:05
So, so often those kinds of things just live somewhere else in the body than where we expect them to be. So when it when we talk about uncovering pain, uncovering all of these things, a lot of times they live somewhere that we don’t even realize they’re building up, we don’t even realize that that’s what’s happening. So human design can help us to figure out where to look. So that you’re not doing a kind of beating a dead horse, work on yourself.

Unknown Speaker 13:37
I love it removes the trial and error kind of thing. Yeah, fascinating. So does it cost money to figure out what my design is? How do people access that.

Unknown Speaker 13:50
So I actually pull my charts from a place called free human design, which is run by Karen, Carrie Parker, who is phenomenal, and does all sorts of training and such on human design. So I pulled my charts from there, and anybody can go and pull up their charts. The information past that point online, is pretty scant, which is why it can be a really great choice to work with a coach like myself,

Unknown Speaker 14:20
or to find a course through like Karen curry Parker, if it’s something that’s really calling to you as possibly a career.

Unknown Speaker 14:28
But I would suggest the first thing to do would just be to set up a set up an initial reading, I myself do readings, I charge $95 for the first hour long reading,

Unknown Speaker 14:40
to just kind of dive into the fundamentals. And then from there, you can decide what you want to do with it next.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
Nice. Yeah, it’s fascinating. You’ll, as as you go and you look at your chart, and like the basic information, you just need to know your birthday. It’s the place you were born and

Unknown Speaker 15:00
You also need to know the time of day you were born. Yes, you need to know the exact time, I’ve actually seen charts change pretty drastically throughout a day. So the exact time is very important, which is interesting. But then it’s gonna, you’re gonna look at the thing and you’d be like, What in the world am I looking at? So I think, certainly, if it is something that you’re interested in, I can’t encourage you enough to speak with somebody like Kala and just to make that small investment and to really figure out how to how to better live your design, how to more fully live your design, because I do think it’s such a big opportunity. So love it.

Unknown Speaker 15:41
Kayla, people are ready for your difference making tip, what do you have for them?

Unknown Speaker 15:46
My tip is to look up your chart

Unknown Speaker 15:50
to go to free human design, chart calm and put in your information, generate a chart for yourself. Look at it, absorb it. See if you can find anything about your strategy, or about your type online. There’s a little bit of information about those things. And that’s a great place to start.

Unknown Speaker 16:10
But yeah, be curious. Be curious. Whether that is great stuff that definitely gets come up.

Unknown Speaker 16:17
Thank thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How How best can they engage with you? And so the best way to get in touch with me is to shoot me an email. My email address is Kayla, Rebecca And we can start the conversation. Let me know what you’re looking for. And we can start back and forth. Perfect. Well if you enjoyed this as much as I did, so kill your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas. Get in touch with Kayla shoot her an email Kayla, Rebecca With that the notes of the show and also go to free human design chart calm and figure out

Unknown Speaker 16:59
what your design is. It’s gonna say figure who you are. But that’s that’s not going to tell you that Kayla, she’s gonna get you started. So

Unknown Speaker 17:07
thanks, thanks.

Unknown Speaker 17:09
Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much. This is such a joy. And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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