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How to Heal Naturally with Teresa Bruni

George Grombacher March 1, 2022

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How to Heal Naturally with Teresa Bruni

LifeBlood: We talked about how to heal naturally, combining the best of Western medicine with other available methods, taking back our ability to heal, and how to deal with the reality that over 60% of Americans are living with a chronic condition, with Teresa Bruni, genuinely passionate healer and spiritual warrior, Founder of Less Fear, More Flow.  

Listen to learn how to take your power back in terms of your healthcare!

You can learn more about Teresa at, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Teresa Bruni

Teresa Bruni

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Come on one leopard, this is George G. And the time is right to welcome today’s guests strong, powerful Theresa Bruni Theresa, are you ready to do this? I am. Alright, let’s let’s let’s go. Theresa is a healer. She’s the founder and owner of less fear more flow. She’s an international best selling author believing that everybody deserves physical, emotional and spiritual healing. excited to have you on Theresa, tell us a little about your personal life’s more about your work and why you do what you do?

Teresa Bruni 0:41
Well, I’ll try to make a long story short, as as a child, all I ever wanted to be was a teacher. And turns out that that’s exactly what I did. I worked in corporate America, I worked in technology. And I taught people how to use the technology to make their jobs easier. And that was always the best part of my job. I love helping people learn. And so now that I do this work, I you know, I teach people how to improve their health. And that came from my own personal journey, where I was a chronically ill and on full disability for over a decade. Wow. Yeah. Yeah.

george grombacher 1:32
Tell, tell me about that.

Teresa Bruni 1:34
Okay, so. So let me tell you a little bit about my, my business practice that will help lead us into that conversation. The basis of my practice is that the body is the messenger. And so our body is, is constantly sending us signals that we need to pay attention to. And so most of us know, the most common signals, like if we get a headache or eyestrain, we know we need to step away from the computer. But if we continue to ignore the signals that our body is sending us, those signals will get louder and louder. Now, for me, I had a very abusive childhood between the ages of two and 13. And consequently, that, you know, led into an abusive marriage. And so when I was in my early 30s, and breaking away from from that, my body just broke down. And there was a lot I didn’t know, back then that I know now, there was a lot that I needed to learn. Life, life truly is a learning experience, right? So I lived it up in the Northeast Corridor, it you know, between Philly and New York, so I had some of the best doctors in the country. When I when I became ill, I’d never been sick before. So I just, you know, depended on them to teach me how to get well. And seven years into that journey, it was not going well at all, I was pretty much stuck, unable to regain my health. I was on they had me on a pharmaceutical cocktail for my symptoms. And those drugs, were actually changing my personality. And, you know, a very close friend of mine noticed that I wasn’t the person that I normally was. And so that was my epiphany. And at that point, I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands to get well. My healing journey lasted three years, I had to do a lot of looking inside and I had to deal with all that trauma that has settled in my body and had caused me to become sick. I went back to work in 1999 full time, I rarely get sick. Because I know now you know what it takes to stay well.

george grombacher 4:22
Wow, what a journey. So it turns out those doctors on the corridor weren’t that great after all.

Teresa Bruni 4:28
Well, you know, they they, they were really good doctors, but they were doing their doctoring, and our system. Our system here in America is is pretty messed up. If you go out to the CDC website, you’ll you’ll see that the statistics show us 60% of all American adults have a chronic health condition, and 40% of those have two or more Further research will show you that out of the wealthiest countries in the world, the US ranks number 11 in health care, yet we have the most expensive health care system in the world. So I truly believe that doctors are good people. But the entire system is a little messed up. And what we don’t do here in western medicine is, you know, look at the body as the messenger, our system treats symptoms. So if you go to the doctor for knee pain or back ache, you know, rather than addressing what the emotional root might be, you’re medicated, you’re taken into surgery, band aids, big band aids, expensive band aids. So the,

george grombacher 6:00
I think that when people hear, what do people say to you, normally, when you say, we need to get to the emotional root of this,

Teresa Bruni 6:08
it frightens some people, because that’s very deep work. And it can be frightening. Some people are ready, I find that the clients who do the best in my program, have one of two fears. They are either afraid of dying, or they’re afraid of becoming a burden to their family. So you’ve probably heard that expression when the pain outweighs the gain, that’s when you’ll make a move. And so that’s what it takes. Change scares people. And a lot of people you know, will stay exactly where they are, because they know what tomorrow is going to look like. And I experienced that, you know, let me be clear that when I when I was on the road to recovery, and I was ready to go back to work, I had all those what if questions, you know, I’ve been out on disability full disability for nine years. What if I go back to work and have a relapse? What then? You know, what if I lose my medical insurance? What if this what if that, so it’s as you know, change is scary. But I can guarantee you life on the other side of change is a beautiful thing.

george grombacher 7:40
Change scares people, we’d rather stay where we are. Because we know what tomorrow is going to be. Even if we know that tomorrow is going to be painful. It’s at least predictable pain. And it’s that whole the devil you know, versus the devil the don’t kind of thing.

Teresa Bruni 7:57

george grombacher 8:01
And it’s only when the pain gets so unbearable, that we say Ah, now it is really time for me to do something. And then it’s a function of okay, I’m going to stop just going along with what I’ve been doing and what for lack of a better term traditional advice has been or traditional care has been. And now I need to take personal responsibility for this, I need ownership of it.

Teresa Bruni 8:29
That is you hit you hit it dead on. We as patients, we need to be empowered. We need to take back our right to heal. And healing requires a well rounded approach. So in addition to looking at the messages that your body is sending you, we also need to look at nutrition, exercise, fresh air, prayer, meditation, whatever, you know, whatever suits you take the best that Western medicine has to offer. But always, always, always do your research. You know, I’m not opposed to pharmaceuticals. Sometimes. Pharmaceuticals help us to what I call level the playing field. So for instance, sometimes I work with clients who I believe are clinically depressed, and I will highly recommend that they see their doctor and maybe take some antidepressants short term, you know, get a diagnosis. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t diagnose those things. But I can recognize when someone might be clinically depressed. When those serotonin levels get so low. Sometimes it’s nearly possible To back up, without pharmaceuticals back up, then we have a better chance of doing the healing work. And hopefully that pharma, pharmaceutical use will be short term. Same with pain, anyone who has experienced chronic pain, it is debilitating. I mean, you can’t even think straight when you’re in chronic pain. So that’s another instance where pharmaceuticals come in real handy, because they allow us to level the playing field.

george grombacher 10:39
We need to take back our ability to heal. That’s really powerful.

Teresa Bruni 10:44
Yeah, yeah. So it is my personal belief that Western medicine has taken away, our ability to heal, we’ve been brainwashed to think we cannot heal without them. Now, that’s also a double edged sword. So you know, I am I come from a very large family. I’m the youngest of six, when my mother was a little girl. There were no antibiotics, people died from simple things like pneumonia. Okay, and then here comes this miracle drug, the antibiotic. And so we, as patients have come to expect that miracle pill. And I’ve had conversations with doctors that I respect and admire. And they’ve told me Yeah, if I don’t write a prescription, sometimes my patients get angry with me. So you know, it’s a double edged sword. We’ve been taught that we can’t heal without medical science. And we’ve come to believe that as well. And so we think, when we become ill, we can just go to the doctor and be handed this magical pill that’s going to make everything better. And it’s not always like that.

george grombacher 12:07
No, probably more often than not, if 60% of us have one chronic condition. 60% That’s crazy. But like, we’re almost we’re almost half of us are almost obese, 60% of us. And perhaps that’s a chronic condition, I’m not sure. And then 40 of us have two or more. And I mean, staggering, staggering. So when when the pain finally does get, or we get fed up with it, we get sick and tired of being sick and tired. How how how to start?

Teresa Bruni 12:40
Well, I’m, I always recommend that everyone do their research. And you know, what’s different for people today that I didn’t have is the internet. Again, I went back to work in 1999, the internet, you know, was just coming on the scene. I spent a lot of time in bookstores, Barnes and Noble, you could pull half a dozen books off the shelf and sit at the coffee bar and read. And I spent a lot of time in libraries. And I’m also a really good networker. So I was always fishing for information. And so that’s what people need to do. They are welcome to call me Of course, and and look at my resources on my website and my YouTube channel. But, you know, start figuring out so So let me talk for a minute about the word surrender. Okay, I’m going to just back up here just a little bit. One of the biggest shifts in my healing journey was surrendering. Now, again, I had some of the best doctors in the country, I was being treated at a medical school. And I would read information. And, you know, it was all about, don’t give up the fight. Don’t give up the fight. I’m going to tell you right now that that is the wrong philosophy. When we fight anything, we’re putting our body into a state of fight or flight that is shutting down the immune system. So it’s only when we surrender and I use the example of a military pilot that gets shot down, okay. He, he gets captured by the enemy, that that would be your illness. And he surrenders. He’s got two choices. You know, he can either surrender or he can get killed. When you surrender, it takes the pressure off. And now it allows you to create a plan. So for me when it when it finally hit me that I needed to ignore that information that was being pushed at me keep fighting, keep fighting, don’t ever give up. And when I surrendered, it was like being in the in the shopping mall and coming upon that big kiosk that says you are here. Okay? And once you know where you’re at, then you can plan your escape. Does that make sense? Does. So that’s the first part, surrender to where you are. And then you know, whatever your belief system is, with some prayer with some meditation. We’re going to jump right over hope and go straight to faith. The answers will begin to come.

george grombacher 15:51
Jump over hope and go straight to faith. It’s another good one, Teresa. Thank you. Okay, so well tell me more about that.

Teresa Bruni 16:06
Well, you know, hope is exactly that. I hope I get better. I hope I win the lottery. You know, I hope dinner is good tonight. Faith is believing that you that you can get well. Okay. Faith is is knowing that you have the answers within you. And that is another part of my practice. I don’t have the answers for my clients, I help them find their own answers, because we all know deep down inside what it is that we need to heal.

george grombacher 16:52
Nice. And what

Teresa Bruni 16:53
I found out on my journey was that a lot of those things are instinctive. Okay, so again, I didn’t have the internet. But I started visualizing, and I started meditating. And one day when I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, I looked in the mirror, and I realized that I didn’t recognize myself. So I hopped up on the bathroom counter, and I started doing this thing called Mirror work, okay. And now there’s, you can buy a course on Miracle on mirror work. I didn’t know, you know, that. I, I thought I made all of these things up. And so about 10 years after my recovery, my cousin turned me on to Louise Hays book, you can heal your life. And I’m reading this book, and I’m reading about visualization, and I’m reading about mirror work. And I’m saying to myself, Well, wait a minute, I did I develop these things 10 years ago. And so, right. And so putting two and two together, it I realized that we all have that inner knowing it’s not magic, what I do is not magic. It’s an inner knowing your body is so intelligent. It knows how to get well.

george grombacher 18:22
That’s such a powerful thing, right? And just going back to that idea of taking back our ability to heal, and trusting our instincts and the pings that the universe is sending us or our bodies are sending us and it’s all inside of us. And it’s just a function of allowing it to start healing again, and to really listen to what it’s trying to tell us. Because for half of us, if not more, it’s absolutely screaming, stop it. Stop doing what you’re doing.

Teresa Bruni 18:55
That’s exactly right. So if you don’t listen to those signals early on, they’re going to get louder and louder and which in my case turned into a full blown chronic health condition that landed me on disability for nine years. While Yeah,

george grombacher 19:13
with Theresa, people are ready for difference making tip, what do you have for them?

Teresa Bruni 19:17
So my difference making tip is to take your power back, make a commitment to take your power back. Do your research, pick the best western medicine available and incorporate alternative therapies? Anything that might help and won’t hurt? Give it a try?

george grombacher 19:47
Well, I think that that is great stuff that definitely gets come up. Anything that what that might help and won’t hurt.

Unknown Speaker 19:56

george grombacher 19:57
Nice. I love it. and how good does it sound to go to a Barnes and Noble and just pull a bunch of books and read at the coffee bar? Teresa,

Teresa Bruni 20:06
you know, that was really good old days. Honestly. Life was so much more peaceful.

george grombacher 20:13
I gonna I might go do that today if I could find a bookstore that’s gonna go do that. Maybe it’s awesome. Oh, Teresa, thank you so much for coming on where where can people learn more about you and how can they engage with you?

Teresa Bruni 20:27
Thank you so much for having me. It is my mission to encourage people to really take empower their health. The easiest way to reach me is just to go to my website, which is my name Teresa And you can also go to less fear more flow calm, they both go to the same spot. There is a ton of information and some free resources and there is a link to my YouTube channel. Lots of videos out there about healing and can also contact me through my website as well.

george grombacher 21:07
Wonderful. Well if you enjoyed this as much as I did show Theresa your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to Teresa Bruni, calm that’s t r e s a Bruni, b r u and or less fear more flow calm and take advantage of all the resources and get in touch. Thanks again, Teresa.

Teresa Bruni 21:30
Thank you so much.

george grombacher 21:31
And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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