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How to Get to Know Yourself with David Schwerin

George Grombacher May 20, 2022

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How to Get to Know Yourself with David Schwerin

LifeBlood: We talked about how to get to know yourself, how negative events are nudges and reminders we need to get back into balance, how self-interest stops us from getting what we truly want, and how to find fulfillment in life, with David Schwerin, MBA, Ph.D, author and speaker.  

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George Grombacher


David Schwerin

Episode Transcript

Come on

Unknown Speaker 0:11
Bob Leffler. This is George G. And the time is right welcome today’s guest strong and powerful David square. And David, are you ready to do this? I am reading as you are. Excellent. David has an MBA in finance PhD in religious studies. He’s the author of two books, conscious capitalism, conscious globalism. He’s an editor of seeking truth, a renowned thinker and speaker excited to have you back on the show, David, tell us a little about your personal life some more about your work and why you do what you do. Okay, happy to do that. I just mentioned, I have a third book called Know your soul bring joy to your life, which was published about a year or two ago. So I’ll cover that maybe a little bit more as we go forward. Right now. Well, my career started in finance and investment field several decades ago,

David Schwerin 1:07
worked for larger bank and then started my own investment firm. And then I’ve sold my business to start doing some writing.

And all along my interests, besides the world of finance, has been

Unknown Speaker 1:23
to understand ancient wisdom.

Unknown Speaker 1:26
And I’ve received a lot of help in that respect. A lot of mentoring

Unknown Speaker 1:31
points, four years, I’ve been

Unknown Speaker 1:34
getting help from my Spirit Guides and

Unknown Speaker 1:38
and so

Unknown Speaker 1:40
I’m here as we all are to be of service in some way.

george grombacher 1:45
I love it. And apologies, I own and have read your book know your soul. So I don’t know how I managed to leave that off the list. But hey, these things happen. All right. So we are living through interesting times turbulent times? I don’t know if they’re unprecedent or not, what is what is what is on your mind?

Unknown Speaker 2:06

David Schwerin 2:08
we are, as you say, things are a little bit chaotic and upsetting many people.

Unknown Speaker 2:16

David Schwerin 2:18
what really is the bottom line is we’re out of balance, both socially, environmentally, and financially, to name a few big areas.

Unknown Speaker 2:29
And so we have to get back into balance. And this is going to take time, it took us time to get out of balance and until we

Unknown Speaker 2:40

Unknown Speaker 2:42
get reoriented.

Unknown Speaker 2:45
We’re going to live in a sort of a crisis atmosphere, because a lot of people resist making changes. And we all like the status quo, but that doesn’t, that’s not going to work anymore. And so these crises that we’re going through, whether it’s a pandemic, or climate change, or whatever it is, are here to help us to wake up and realize that we can’t continue along the same path, it’s unsustainable.

Unknown Speaker 3:16
So that’s

Unknown Speaker 3:20
a proactive, positive way to look at negative things is this is a teacher and it’s telling us that we are doing things a little bit incorrectly that we are out of balance, and that we can use this as an opportunity to correct course.

Unknown Speaker 3:42
That’s, that’s our opportunity. And so long term, things look bright,

Unknown Speaker 3:48
when we correct course, and

Unknown Speaker 3:53
bring ourselves back into balance. But it’s going to be a rough road until we get to that end the light at the end of the tunnel.

Unknown Speaker 4:04
And, you know, it’s been a long time coming we have we have been missing the boat for a long time are thinking our beliefs have been

Unknown Speaker 4:16
distorted by the misconceptions. And this leads to behavior that

Unknown Speaker 4:24
is not in harmony with the way things really are. So it’s going to take some time to

Unknown Speaker 4:31
reorient and that’s really why I wrote my latest book, know your soul, to help people to know who they are from a deep level. And when you do that, you realize you’re a spiritual being. You’re having a physical experience, whereas most people think it’s the other way around.

Unknown Speaker 4:51
So to the extent that we can reorient our thinking, and put priorities where they belong, we can make the changes that need

Unknown Speaker 5:00
to be made.

Unknown Speaker 5:02
So tell me more about how I go about or how a person goes about reorienting their thinking?

Unknown Speaker 5:10

Unknown Speaker 5:12
you’ve got to come in sort of with a clean slate, forget a lot as much as you can of what you learned. Because that’s, that’s really the, that’s really the process here is unlearning, rather than learning we, it’s things are really very simple. Life can be very easy and simple. But we’ve complicated it because we’ve brought in misconceptions and wrong thinking.

Unknown Speaker 5:37
We have to look at our beliefs, Are they accurate? What is the truth? Are we really separate beings? Are we all connected?

Unknown Speaker 5:48
To many people still think, even though they are becoming coming around to the idea that everything’s connected, they still act like everything’s separate. And that has to change. We’re all in this together. And if one wants to

Unknown Speaker 6:05
take advantage or gain more than the others, it’s not going to work.

Unknown Speaker 6:10
So we have to do some reading, to understand things better talk to those who have gone through this and have studied and been perhaps mentored, and

Unknown Speaker 6:25
be open to, to new ideas. Right now, there are many people, there are many beings here to help us get through this transition period. But we have to be open to them, we have to be receptive, because we have free will. And if we resist or reject them, there’s no point in getting in the receiving the help that they can give us. So we have to be open and receptive. So that we can receive guidance as to where where we need to change and what we need to do.

Unknown Speaker 7:03
So it’s a question of changing our beliefs, changing our orientation. And

Unknown Speaker 7:10
this is, you know, this is going to take some time, but you can see in our, just in our country, there’s a large divergence between people who are resisting what’s going on and unwilling to accept anyone telling them anything.

Unknown Speaker 7:28
And until that breaks down, and it’s going to break down because of these crises. People no rejected climate change for a long time, even though it was obvious to many,

Unknown Speaker 7:42
until they are affected by severe weather, for instance, then then they begin to say, well, I better pay attention to this, while the same thing is happening in other spheres. And

Unknown Speaker 7:54
we need to pay attention and be willing to be receptive and open to new ideas, new new things. And when we are, we’ll get the help we need.

Unknown Speaker 8:09
So I certainly agree,

Unknown Speaker 8:14
we do find ourselves I find myself

Unknown Speaker 8:18
consuming information about how one side is right and the other side is very wrong.

Unknown Speaker 8:26
And it’s more trying to win. And all of these victories that we’re attempting to win are these small, little battles.

Unknown Speaker 8:35
Although and it seems like nobody’s really keeping an eye on the figurative war, you’re winning the battle, but losing the war and war, when we’re all our throats trying to just pick up little wins here or there, we’re losing sight of the greater picture that we are all in fact, all in this together. And that’s the only way forward and out of the messes that we’ve created is, is coming to that realization.

Unknown Speaker 9:01
And I appreciate reorienting our beliefs and or changing our beliefs and then changing our orientation.

Unknown Speaker 9:10
Tell me more about it. And I think I’m probably going to gonna be asking the same question over and over again, these these beliefs is it what what what are some of them that that that we’ve got to stray from?

Unknown Speaker 9:24
Well, the first and most obvious one is that we’re all separate and

Unknown Speaker 9:30
all do in battle, so to speak, go trying to get the same thing.

Unknown Speaker 9:35
That’s at the root of most things and, and be actually underneath that as fears. We all have a lot of fear. That motivates a lot of what we do.

Unknown Speaker 9:46
fear failure, fear of losing control. And the truth is we have no control. We’re not in control. And that’s good because we don’t see the big picture. We don’t know what is right and wrong and that’s why we have to listen to those

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Who has access to the big picture?

Unknown Speaker 10:05
And, and we’re, you know, we don’t, we don’t agree to that readily.

Unknown Speaker 10:14
So it’s, it’s it is belief in

Unknown Speaker 10:19
that we can do things impatiently, selfishly,

Unknown Speaker 10:26
we can do things that are for that will benefit us, and the hell was everybody else.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
The all these things have consequences, everything we think we say, and we do create our reality. So we have to observe ourselves and see, what are we thinking? What are we saying? What are we doing? Is this? Is this going to contribute to life? Or is this going to cause more problems.

Unknown Speaker 10:53
And that’s actually why I wrote my latest book, know your soul, which is to help people understand who they are, at the deepest level.

Unknown Speaker 11:03
And, and how they’re all connected, and how, and not just in theory, but in actuality,

Unknown Speaker 11:12
so that we can start living that way. So knowing yourself,

Unknown Speaker 11:19
knowing your purpose,

Unknown Speaker 11:22
these are all important that we’re all here to contribute to life in some way. It can be in small ways or larger ways that we’re, that’s, that’s really why we’re here to make a contribution. So you have to look at how am I contributing where what are my skills and talents, so where I can contribute, because that’s where you find your fulfillment? When you contribute it, you really feel good. When you’re taking things selfishly, at some level you don’t. And what goes on the thoughts and beliefs that go on within us, our create our world, you see the tremendous conflicts going on around the world? Well, there are those conflicts within us that are creating that. And so we have to look at ourselves and really

Unknown Speaker 12:12
know what’s happening, what we think most people don’t know why they’re thinking, what they’re thinking, or why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 12:20
Which is actually something, it’s startling.

Unknown Speaker 12:26
We would just do things by rote.

Unknown Speaker 12:29
Her instinct takes over, we’re conditioned. And we have to step back and really think is what I’m doing. Gonna bring me the kind of things that I want in the world. It’s just, like, going to make the world a better place, by the way, I’m acting or thinking.

Unknown Speaker 12:48
And most of us, including myself, at times, just go on automatic. And that’s, that’s the crux of the problem that we face.

Unknown Speaker 13:02

Unknown Speaker 13:04
you know, get to know yourself better know why, why you do what you do, why you think what you think. And

Unknown Speaker 13:12
you’ll start gradually changing some of your beliefs, some of your actions, and gradually will will bring things back into harmony and back into balance.

Unknown Speaker 13:24
So, hopefully, I answered your question. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:29
These are these, these are big questions. And I think you did a, you did a great job of of helping me to get closer to this.

Unknown Speaker 13:39
I, we are certainly myself on autopilot a lot of the time, why am I doing the things that I’m doing? Why? Why am I choosing to spend my time the way that I am, and a lot of it is just because, well, I need to earn money. You know, I’ve got bills to pay, I need to put food on the table, I need to, you know, do these things. I want to be able to watch football on Sunday, or whatever it is. But when you start asking those questions, it’s like you start peeling the onion, like, Okay, why am I doing that? What do you mean? Why am I doing that? What are what are some of those? Are the questions just that simple? How do we get started? And how do we just sort of go maybe a series of questions I can ask myself, well, you want to observe everything you think everything you do everything you say? And then test those things. Maybe even before you do and before you say them before you do them. Is that what the consequences of my thoughts and words because everything has consequences?

Unknown Speaker 14:45
So being observant of yourself, is the first thing Don’t Don’t worry about other people. They have to work on their own stuff.

Unknown Speaker 14:58

Unknown Speaker 15:00
looking deeply at

Unknown Speaker 15:03
your own actions, your own thoughts, and

Unknown Speaker 15:09
being self critical, so to speak, is this Roy will this create the kind of world that I want

Unknown Speaker 15:17
the create harmony or will create conflict.

Unknown Speaker 15:23
And where you catch yourself where we always know, there’ll be things that we can’t catch yourself on that we, at least

Unknown Speaker 15:32
at first,

Unknown Speaker 15:33
take some time to do this.

Unknown Speaker 15:37
But when you start to look at it, you say, wait a minute,

Unknown Speaker 15:43
this is going to result in things that I don’t want. Let me back up and, and change how I’m approaching this, how I’m acting on behaving.

Unknown Speaker 15:55
Now, that’s when we start to get real, positive

Unknown Speaker 16:01
outcomes. So it’s a process, it takes time we got here, over time, we have to get out of here over time.

Unknown Speaker 16:10
But until we do, we’ll be in crisis mode. And the crisis gets worse as this crisis is not an accident, the pandemic,

Unknown Speaker 16:21
the climate problems,

Unknown Speaker 16:25
they are here to help us to wake us up and to force us to look at things both within us and how that affects everything around us. And to say, you know, is this what I want? Is just making my life better? Do I feel good? I feel fulfilled?

Unknown Speaker 16:47
Is this the kind of life I want from my family?

Unknown Speaker 16:52
So it takes time.

Unknown Speaker 16:56
But it has to start. This is so start yesterday, but we can’t do it yesterday. So we have to start now. And make start making changes, you can start with the environment?

Unknown Speaker 17:10
It because that’s the most

Unknown Speaker 17:14
practical area maybe we can look at

Unknown Speaker 17:18
is what I’m doing sustainable?

Unknown Speaker 17:23
Can I keep using the amount of resources I’m using without it causing problems?

Unknown Speaker 17:29
If I throw stuff away, waste away, will be disposed of in some reasonable manner? Or is it going to is it plastics and other things that are going to be around forever, and it’s going to harm the environment.

Unknown Speaker 17:46
So all types of things that we can do from a very practical standpoint,

Unknown Speaker 17:54
by examining our actions and how they will, what the consequence consequences will be. And is that what we want.

Unknown Speaker 18:04
It’s a really a simple process. It seems complicated, but

Unknown Speaker 18:10
it’s the complications are our own making. Things are simple. If we look at what is out of balance, our finances are out of balance. With most people, a lot of people certainly

Unknown Speaker 18:27
are willing to go into debt to get what they want now, which means they’re not willing to save for it. But that only can continue for so long. Our finances are out of balance and environments out of balance, our social structure is out of balance, that is the widening spread between the haves and have nots. That’s unsustainable, though, you know, we will have major conflicts as a result of that. We keep putting putting it off thinking we can, you know, that’s not our problem. And, but it’s all we’re all connected. So it is our problem. What I do for another I do for myself, and when I fail to do for another I fail to do for myself, said another

Unknown Speaker 19:12
rendition of the golden rule.

Unknown Speaker 19:16
If we follow that, we’ll have a kind of world that we want. And if we don’t, crisis will continue until it forces us to make the changes that need to be changed need to be made.

Unknown Speaker 19:32
That makes sense. examiner actions view the cause, consider view the consequences make change.

Unknown Speaker 19:39
And certainly, yeah, we are. We do go into debt to get the stuff that we want today. And we are so we’re broke. We’re overweight, we’re all exhausted. So it is certainly not working.

Unknown Speaker 19:56
But how extremely human of us, David

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Yeah, we all make mistakes. Being Human, we’re going to make mistakes. But the beauty of this is that

Unknown Speaker 20:08
when the mistakes become extreme, as they have now

Unknown Speaker 20:15
a crisis comes up, that helps us, wakes us up.

Unknown Speaker 20:21
And when we get this critical mass of people who see the light and are willing to step forward and start making the changes, it’ll bring others along. It’s not, it’s not as overwhelming as it seems. Because as more and more people and there are more and more people who are are getting getting the message, as more people get that message, it will encourage others.

Unknown Speaker 20:48
And we have a choice.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
We have free will, we don’t have to, you know, we can continue on our merry way, and see what see what the results are. And we won’t like the results we don’t like, I don’t think we’d like the results at this point. And if we continue doing the same thing, the results will get even more ominous. So we have a choice.

Unknown Speaker 21:12
But enough people are getting the message and starting to make changes. And that will hopefully draw in others. I think it will. And we’ll we’ll write the ship.

Unknown Speaker 21:25
But we have to make we have to start now. And we have to there’ll be some sacrifices

Unknown Speaker 21:31
and some changes that need to be made in your lifestyle. And most people don’t want to do that, understandably.

Unknown Speaker 21:38
But that is necessary.

Unknown Speaker 21:43
That is well said right there.

Unknown Speaker 21:45
continue on this path. Going to continue getting what we’ve always done, but more people are

Unknown Speaker 21:51
are recognizing and the more people that recognize it start to make those changes we will draw in others ship will be righted, sacrifices are required to make it happen. So

Unknown Speaker 22:06
David, thank you so much for coming back on where can people learn more about you? And where can they get a copy of know your soul?

Unknown Speaker 22:15
Sure, well, probably the easiest way is going to my website, which is called Conscious CLN SC IO U ‘s conscious

Unknown Speaker 22:32
And there’s links to my book there which can be bought in many bookstores, online or in paperback. Amazon is probably the easiest way to get it but there are others

Unknown Speaker 22:46
and I think people will will begin to understand themselves better and

Unknown Speaker 22:54
begin to make some changes that we need

Unknown Speaker 22:59
well if you enjoyed this as much as I did, so David, your appreciation and share today share with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to conscious How long have you had that URL? David? That’s a really good one. I’ve had it a while

Unknown Speaker 23:17
not giving it up.

Unknown Speaker 23:21
Pick up a copy of Know Your soul I can I can attest to the value that you will get from reading it. So thanks again, David.

Unknown Speaker 23:32
Appreciate your opportunity. And until next time, fighting that good fight because we’re all in this together.

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