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How to Be More Productive with Angela Taylor

George Grombacher January 23, 2022

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How to Be More Productive with Angela Taylor

LifeBlood: We talked about how to be more productive, how negative childhood experiences can hinder our performance in business and what to do about it, and a framework for finally enjoying the success you deserve with Angela Taylor, Creator of the Productive Flow Mastery Methodology. 

Listen to learn why the best thing to do when you don’t feel like working is to stop working!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Angela Taylor

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Come on blood blood. This is George G. And the time is right. Welcome. Today’s guest is strong and powerful Angela Taylor. Angela. Hi. You ready to do this?

Angela Taylor 0:20
Yeah, absolutely. All right, let’s

let’s go. Angela is the creator of the productive flow mastery methodology. She’s on a mission to help ambitious purpose driven entrepreneurs and sales professionals overcome stress chaos, so they can create the life and the businesses that they want to get excited to have you on Angelo. Tell us a little about your personal life some more about your work and why you do what you do.

Sure, yeah. So I’m excited to be here. Thanks, George for having me. Here. I am personal life. Let’s see, well, like I was just telling you, I’m a Florida native, I grew up third generation Florida native, not something you often hear and moved to North Georgia a couple of years ago. Absolutely love it. We just this year got into rvng. And so we bought like this amazing 43 foot fifth wheel that we’ve been going out in for like four day weekends, every weekend. We spend more time there than we are in our house. But we love it so much that it’s been exciting. We have five kids for our grown, and I’ve got a and an eight year old will be eight years old tomorrow, actually. So I have an eight year old left. And we have homeschooled all five of those kids. And we have two dogs and married my husband, Joe. And yeah, so why do I do what I do? Um, you know it, it started out I think because I had a mom, who was just very type a very organized very meticulous, her dinner recipes were on a three month rotating schedule. You always knew what you were having down to the type of bread was on the frigerator for the entire week. And so everything was clean her wardrobe was by outfit and hanging up so that would she take one down and put it in the back. And I just was so opposite of that. And I was always a disaster, I was always such a mess. And I just my room you couldn’t see the floor, you know. And then as I got older, you know my car, you couldn’t see the floor. And it just it just compiled as I got older, it just got worse and worse and worse. And I came to realize at one point that I was I was working in the real estate industry, I started out in the real estate industry when I was 19, I bought my first house. By the time I was 22, I owned four, I was managing three rental properties on my own and then living in one and we would buy one, renovate it and then rent it out after we were done and move to the next one. So I was doing this very young. And I realized that I was very strong and capable and able to do almost anything I put my mind to I can make happen. And that was I thought amazing. And I had no problem with taking risks, I was no way risk averse. But when it came to being able to follow through, or getting as much done as I would like to I found that I had a big problem because I was so disorganized. And I I would spend half an hour or more sometimes just looking for shoes or keys in the morning, it was crazy. And I realized that I was going to try and I wanted to be more like my mom. But I didn’t want to be to that extent because I thought she was like way overboard. She was like OCD would be there. And when I tried to become a better kind of my version of her, it just would fall apart. And I couldn’t maintain it. And that’s when I’m kind of in my business. I started segwaying from working as a realtor to running a company that did marketing things for realtors, all over the country. And that was when I realized that all the other realtors that I was talking to all my clients had the exact same problem I did. They were really driven, very motivated, they could accomplish almost anything they put their mind to, but their motivation would kind of ebb and flow based on how they were feeling. And I realized that that was my problem, too, that it was, you know, the productivity wasn’t something that was based on our ability to get things done, because when we wanted to and we were lit up and fired up, we could get anything done. It was like amazing how productive we were right. But when it came down to I’m not having a good day, or I’m tired or I don’t like the way my hair looks today or I feel fat today or for sure you know, whatever negative You know, thought was going on in our mind that it would shut us down. And then I realized that there was a lot more to it. And it was related to the chaos and the clutter. And that when you really dug deep into it, and this is, this is years of psychology, therapy and trading and, and all that stuff talking, but eventually I came to the point of realizing that

Unknown Speaker 5:28
everything that we had experienced as children, and I mean, the trauma experiences. And by that, I don’t mean it has to be child abuse, although it could be. Sometimes it’s just having a parent or a sibling, or a teacher or a friend or somebody that they just don’t know, the right thing to say to you. And you hear the wrong thing, and then you utter interpret it even more wrong. And, and then it affects you and stays with you your whole life. And it’s those little everyday little traumas that build up and create those, those negative thought patterns inside of us. And we’re trying to overcome those thought patterns by filling up our lives with stuff. And we can’t get it together because we don’t believe in ourselves enough, because productivity truly is rooted in emotion. So, as I wanted to help myself, I realized I wanted to help others. Realtors quickly became entrepreneurs in general. And I realized that a lot of the reasons that we really truly wanted to become an entrepreneur breakout and do our own thing was really rooted in the fact that we didn’t want somebody else telling us what we were were not capable of doing. Or how or when, or any of that. We didn’t want to be under anyone’s thumb. And so as we decided to take that, that leap into believing in ourselves, it was also the not believing in ourselves that holds us back. It’s, it’s quite the conflict.

Angela Taylor 7:07
No doubt. Nice. I appreciate you sharing all that. So let me make sure that I understand that productivity is rooted in emotion.

Unknown Speaker 7:18
Absolutely. 100%. Yeah, and it’s the thing that we don’t usually look, look, look to.

Angela Taylor 7:26
So, knowing that, and I think it’s 100% True, I know that you’ve in a lot of ways described me, and probably a lot of people who are listening versus your versus your mom, because I am not that person. I respect the heck out of it. But like you, I would just like a little bit more of that, but certainly not all of it, because I think I’d probably lose my mind and it would probably kill me. Alright, so productivity is rooted in rooted in emotion and a lot of the wiring for lack of a better term, our patterns that we’re running today, we’re sort of implant imprinted on us when we were little, not maliciously, but they just sort of were.

Unknown Speaker 8:07
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. You know, I, I had a client who she was just this beautiful woman, and you would never think she would have a problem being on video ever. And she was very strong, very confident. And she knew that in order to really build and grow her business and connect with her audience. She needed to be on video. And she knew this. And for months, we were working together and she was just fighting it and fighting and fighting it. And she would say she would do it and then something would stop her every time. And then come to find out that when she was growing up, and this is as we dug deeper, dug deeper, dug deeper, and she just had a brother little brother, you know, told her she was fat, ugly. Nobody wanted to listen anything she had to say. And it was just a brother video brother, right? It it definitely stopped in your tracks. And it it once we identified Hey, this is what happened. She was like, oh my god, I can’t believe that. And then it was easier for her because she knew that nothing bad was gonna happen. This was just some old wiring, like you’re saying just wiring that just told her that if if she went to show up and use her voice to speak to other people, that was going to be their response, because that was something that her brother told her when they were kids. That’s kind of stuff that stick with us.

Angela Taylor 9:44
Yeah, it’s crazy. Just just the littlest thing, right? The whole Princess and the P deal. So So Okay. Oh, yeah. Great. There’s so much wisdom in in in in those old Golden Book stories. I tell All right, so figuring out what, what patterns that that we’re running, how do I recognize? If I like, like, how do I figure out?

Unknown Speaker 10:15
Yeah, so, you know, I think it’s, you know, we all know that, you know, we had difficult relationships with somebody in our, in our background in our childhood, and it can extend back, you know, beyond that, because sometimes, you know, you, if you’ve had a lot of that, and I did, as a kid, my parents were young, and I was the oldest, so I was the guinea pig, you know, and my parents were very both of them very, very different people for me, and they did not know what to do with me a lot of times, and I was like, the, the wild child. And so, you know, it’s really starting to identify, hey, who did I have? Kind of difficult or conflicting relationships with growing up? And how could some of the things that happened with them, or some of the things that they said, create some of the beliefs that I have? And so sometimes, it’s, it’s just identifying, Hey, what is stopping me? Where do I get stopped? So for instance, if you realize like, like, that one client did, hey, I struggle putting myself on video, or, you know, every time I have to go speak publicly, or or speak something that I believe in, but I’m worried, maybe other people don’t, you know, that that is really just speaking our truth, right? That if you feel like every time you get ready to go do that, that there’s this, like, you know, something inside going, No, I can’t do it, I can’t do it, you know, and then you don’t, or you delay it, procrastinate over and over and over again, then you get it, write that down, make a note of that, and say, Okay, this is something I have a block with, why don’t have a block with this, you know, sometimes you recognize a block, because instead of doing that thing, and this is a form of procrastination, you go out and want to buy something, you’ll have the urge to buy something, or do something else. Or, or you start getting that form of imposter syndrome, where you feel like you need to learn more, or you need a new tool, or a new system or something, there’s a block there, okay? Because when, when, when we don’t have a block with something, and this is how you compare. So you recognize the difference, when you don’t have a block with something, you are on fire, and you are just like a steam train, like plowing through whatever obstacle, nothing is gonna stop you. So when you see that there’s a little something that just stops you in your tracks, you got to write it down, make a note of it, and say, Okay, there’s something on here, and then look back through those past relationships. And think, where’s the connection? Where’s the connection here? Where’s there a connection between why I’m stopping here and something that may have happened or something I may have experienced or heard when I was a kid?

Angela Taylor 13:17
That makes sense. So anytime that these two things up? Anytime that you find in resistance, no matter how big or small, look at just pause and say, Okay, well, this seems like a sticking point for me. And so I need to go kind of dig in a little bit and go back through my past relationships in history and to figure out how this sort of limiting belief Scott got, or thoughts or whatever it might be got put it in my head.

Unknown Speaker 13:45
100% Yeah.

Angela Taylor 13:47
Nice. Is it possible to be totally for lack of a better term unblocked?

Unknown Speaker 13:54
Um, I think eventually, and I’ll tell you that I mean, I’ve been working on this stuff for gosh, oh, 30 years. And I still run into blocks. And one thing that’s interesting is that blocks work in layers. And so you might feel like, okay, I worked through that one, I’m good. And then you elevate your business. elevating your business is like the fastest way to uncover blocks. And so your business takes like this big growth pattern, right? And you’re really getting stronger, you’re doing better, like things are really happening. And then all of a sudden, that same block that you worked on before shows up again, you’re like, why are you here? Like I already dealt with you. Yeah, you know, and so that’s when we realize that we’re having to uncover a deeper layer of that same block. And, and so we just keep working on it. But the great part about that is that as you continue to elevate in grow and mature in this, that working through those blocks becomes much easier. So you know what to do? Because you’ve done it before. Right?

Angela Taylor 15:10
Yeah, I think that that totally makes sense. So just embracing and accepting that, that this is just, it’s, it’s a practice that just being aware and recognizing when these things pop up and to your point, it gets easier.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
Yeah, but you know, it’s, it’s, um, I always say that there’s there’s four elements of productivity. And that’s emotion, energy, time and focus. So we’re really trying to get productive and do the things that we know we should be doing. But we’re not, then it’s, it’s really important that you, you first understand where it is that you want to go. So I always I talk about that as setting your GPS, you know, you get in your car, you, you know, you turn on Waze or Google Maps, or Apple Maps, whatever, you set your GPS, so you know where you’re going, you know, every turn, right? A lot of the trouble that we run into as entrepreneurs is that we don’t know exactly where we want to go, we just say, Oh, well, we want more business, or we want more clients, but we don’t know actually how we’re going to go after it and do it. And so a lot of times, that’s a big stopping point. Because we are sometimes afraid to dream. And that can come from those same experiences. If somebody told you, you couldn’t do this, or you couldn’t do that. And so sometimes the things that we dream up and create, and are absolutely capable of creating in our world, we let those old thoughts stop us. Because in our mind, if we actually do it, we’re proving this other person wrong. And sometimes that’s an inner conflict, because these are people we love, usually, right? So and that’s interesting. But when you really set your GPS and you understand where it is that you want to go in your life, it’s easier for you to get there. And then you can then take that plan. So your your directions, right for where you’re going to go. And create that into a time blocked schedule, for how you’re going to utilize your time, how you’re going to spend your day. And I really talk about curating your time and your ideal day. I mean, one of the things I was telling you guys earlier was about how we just got into the RV thing, right. And we’re taking these big four day weekends. And, and we’re doing this almost every weekend. Well, that’s because I don’t, I don’t work that much. And I have pretty amazing business, right? And I don’t have to work that much because I curated my ideal day, knew where I wanted to go, and how much time I wanted to spend in that business, right. And all the other things that I wanted to do. And then you’re easily once you have your focus and your time together, then it’s about making sure that your body has the energy to do what you want to do. So it’s you know, taking care of your body and moving your body and feeding it well. And then anything that’s left, that standing in the way is an emotional block. Anything that’s left of you’re taking care of your body, you’ve curated your ideal day, and you’re living that time that way, and you know exactly where you’re going and how to get there. Then the only thing that’s left is an emotional block. And that’s why it’s it’s, it’s easier to identify when we break it down that way. It’s easier to understand what we need to do to fix it.

Angela Taylor 18:40
I love it. What a powerful framework that is. Thank you. Nice. That’s easy to understand. Good. I love it. Nice. I love it. Well, Angela, the people are ready for your difference making tip even though that was an awesome one right there. What do you have for them?

Unknown Speaker 19:01
Yeah, let’s see, I’d say anytime that you’re feeling like, you don’t want to do something. And it’s, you’re pushing yourself through, you know, like you have a deadline or something and you’re just pushing yourself through, you’re like, I gotta get this done and got to get this done and, and you’re really just dragging and nothing you’re making is anything you’d want to present to the world. It’s time to stop. And a lot of times, that’s the hardest thing for us to do is walk away and do something different. Do something that we enjoy something that makes us feel good in that moment. But that’s the thing that we need to do to jumpstart our creativity or our our focus, because you can’t get anywhere if you’re just the old adage you can’t get we can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. That’s basically what’s happening in that moment. Right. And so it’s really, really empowering. In that space to stop what you’re doing, and say, Okay, what would make me feel really amazing right now, go do that. I used to have this thing I called a happy list. And I wanted to find the things that made me feel really good instantly, as I wrote all these things down on this list, and then I started making sure that I had these things around me. I mean, some of it was just like down stuffed pillows or a candle that smelled a certain way that made me feel good, you know. And so when I had those moments, where I was just felt like I was just spiraling and nothing was was happening and it wasn’t getting anywhere that I can go look at that happy list, and then choose something and then go do that. And then that would put me back on the right track, I would feel so much better. And then I could go back to that project a that work that I was doing, and accomplish way more in 1520 minutes. Then I had an hours of spinning my wheels sitting at the computer, forcing myself to be there. So when you have those moments, stop, fix it. attitude and your mentality, and then get back to it. That’s the most important thing.

Angela Taylor 21:18
Well, I think that that is great stuff that definitely gets come up. Angela, thank you so much for coming on. Where Where can people learn more about you? And how how can people engage with you?

Unknown Speaker 21:30
Yeah, sure. So go to Angela Kristen Taylor calm that’s the new website that is right now it’s it’s still shows a coming soon, but it will be up next week. So that’ll be up next week. So I’m sure by the time this is this airs. It’ll be up in live so you can go take a look at that. And you can also go to productive flow group calm that is my Facebook group. Productive flow for entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

george grombacher 22:00
Excellent. Well, if you enjoyed this as much as I did, so Angela, your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciate its good ideas go to Angela Kristin Taylor calm that’s a NG La ke r i s t e n, ta y and the productive flow give us that one again.

Unknown Speaker 22:21
Group productive flow

Angela Taylor 22:23
productive flow group comm I like it. Thanks again, Angela. Thank you. And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. It’s we’re all in this together.

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