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Growth Potential: The Key Lesson I Give My Clients to Achieve Growth

Raul Hernandez November 10, 2021

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Growth Potential: The Key Lesson I Give My Clients to Achieve Growth

Growth seems to be a law of life.

We operate at our best in a positive, growth mindset. 

We want our bodies to grow healthy. 

We want our families to grow well, in their future

Even when we express our love to someone, 

It is giving, expanding to the other person. 

And, undoubtedly, as entrepreneurs we want our business to grow. 

 But it isn’t the sexy strategy

 Or latest hack 

 That will allow you to actually grow. 

 To grow

 Not only in your business 

 But in all areas of your life that matters to you

 You must focus on 

 How  you show up daily and execute

 Moving one step closer to reach your growth goals. 

 Here’s an uncommon fact: 

 Most people will reach their goals…

 … given they put in the consistent work to achieve them. 

 Showing up daily

 Whether they feel like it or not. 

 The trouble with this is that as humans, 

 We exist in time

 And we live through every passing moment 

 Staying consistent 

 Over time

 Can become a struggle. 

 Which is why it’s important to focus on how we show up to our day. 

 Here is the key lesson that I give my clients

 To succeed in their work

To have more peace of mind

To have more clarity 

To work at their best

To lower stress levels

To be happier at work… 


It’s called the 80/20 Day Optimization 

 It’s an exercise that we are going to do together right now. 


Take out a piece of paper and pen. 


From now on, your day will be broken down into 5 separate segments 


  1. Your Morning Routine
  2. Your 80/20 Time
  3. Your Daily Work
  4. Your Build Up Time
  5. Your Evening & Night Routine


We are going to walk through this exercise 

I encourage you to complete it 

And also to improve upon it

Testing it in your day

Finding ways to make it better

To fit your lifestyle

And to not be discouraged if it doesn’t work out perfectly for the first week

Or month

But to continually improve upon how you show up daily. 


Here is the 80/20 Day Optimization exercise

A framework that will allow you to create a MAP for your day. 


Your Morning Routine: 


You call the shots here, 

What time you will wake up (daily) 

If you meditate, pray 

If you exercise or go for a walk

This is your time. You set the flow. 

My only rule 

Is you do NOT check the noise of the world (emails, notifications etc) 





For your 80/20 TIme: 


Here we will begin our work 

To PUSH the most important projects you’re working on forward. 

Ideal length for this segment is 2-3 hours. 


In the morning. 

While your energy levels are high

And your mind is alert. 

Focusing on 1 to 3 important action items

To make progress on your goals. 

My only rule here is you come prepared (I’ll show you how)

And you shut out the noise of the world. 



Your Daily Work: 

Here, now you can get your cortisol rush

Open that email

Open those messages

Turn on those notifications

Get your first intake for the day 

And address the work of the day

Address the opportunities 

Solve new problems 

My only rule here

Is you have a SET TIME for when you take your meetings and calls

And be disciplined to only take calls during those times

If not, you will be at the mercy of someone else’s schedule 

Sometimes it’s prudent to accommodate 

But you’ll be surprised 

that asking others to accommodate to your schedule

Isn’t that big of an ask. 


Before we go to your Build Up time

Do another check on the world

Get that email intake

Look at those notifications 



Your Build Up Time: 


You’ve made it. 

To the time that can take anywhere from 15 minutes 

To 1 hour 

Where you focus on recapping the day 

Focus on preparing for tomorrow (including pre-scheduling your 80/20 time)

Prepping for tomorrow’s meetings

And also buffing up on research you need to do to best show up at your peak 

For tomorrow

My only rule here is you quiet down your work notifications for the evening. 

Limit your notification exposure for the evening. 


Evening & Night Routine: 

Do what you love

Focus on what is important to you

You set the rules here

My only advice here (not rule) is you be intentional with your focus

Intentional with your conversations 

Intentional with your screen time

Because if you executed the day according to this 80/20 Map 

You shouldn’t need to bleed your work over to time dedicated to others

For those you love

Or the activities you find passion in. 



Investing in yourself. 

In your mental health

In your physical health

In your relationships 

Will allow you to perform better in every area of your life. 


Start today. 


Learn more at DoGoodWork.io

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